How to Install an Electronic Air Cleaner | This Old House

How to Install an Electronic Air Cleaner | This Old House

this unit can filter particles down a hundred times smaller than what you had in there before well sounds high-tech it actually is it was actually developed through the submarine industry with a recirculating air day and night now it's pretty simple though okay first there's a pre-filter just slide that I flinch okay so air goes across that and any big particles cat hair will be caught here okay but the key to it is right here the cells is two of them inside this case and inside you can see there are fins and there are small wires you see the wires yeah the wires are charged positively and any air that goes across those wires and the dirt particles with it will become charged positively and they'll be attracted to the negative charge which sits in these fins so as dirt goes through you'll hear goats and just sort of get zapped where along those fins and stay right on the fence that's right okay how do we maintain it well that's that's really a beautiful part of this you can take both of these cores and the pre-fill to put it right in the dishwasher and when you're done it's like it's a brand new unit Wow just are sitting in the dishwasher that's right okay so now first thing we got to do is to get some gasket material here we get started why'd you guys do that take that pull the tip sticking put on the inside edge right here all the way around all righty I'll hold one side just makes it close to the back side okay okay all right so now we're going to attach this to the side let's pull the other cell take that cast away okay and now a couple of zip screws on each side be careful don't cut yourself okay now I need you to just guide those two corners in right there I'll get this side say when you're close don't cut yourself Oh careful good I got it in there there's that one that one I got my side you good in the back there yeah I think we're shop good I tell you I love this flexible adapter because now we can both make this connection also negate some of the sound that might transmit upstairs okay okay all right okay you could ban with a screw gun yeah yeah I'm off a screw and so doesn't pop out on us are we up all the way yeah okay okay okay why don't you take that foil tape and go right around these scenes okay all right let's put together the final parts of our filter now with any filter there's a clear direction of flow and there's an arrow on here showing that we want to go this way and on those cells there's also arrows so let's be sure yep there's that one perfect all right check the other one too you good excellent that was this way – good it was actually one on the pre-filter believe it or not – good excellent yeah three four three all right so now that's the filter portion but this is an electronic air cleaner so this is the final part which is the electronic portion what I love about this unit is that it is air activated your activated means that when air is blowing across it there's a switch inside that feels the air going by and it brings it on okay what it means for me is it's a very simple wiring job for me or for you actually you plug in 110 volts it means I don't have to try and find the right wire here it also means that this air cleaner will work with anybody's furnace great plug that anibal pull the door shut careful your fingers you ready listen yeah yeah there goes a little piece of dust getting zapped oh there's another one that's great another one but that's another one when she does I wish I thought of that one you


  1. My air handler runs on 240V and there is no convenient source of 120V near the air handler. Do they make units which will run on 240V?

  2. We have very hard water here. It creates real problems. In fact, after taking a shower, it is necessary to use a squeegee or towel to dry the glass shower door else mineral deposits will quickly build up on it. I'd be concerned that if the electronic filter were washed in the dishwasher, minerals could build up on it thereby causing it to become ineffective.

    Does anyone know whether that could be a problem?

  3. these electronic air cleaners produce ozone, a lung irritant and possible health concern. I took mine out of my house and replaced them with high quality disposable filters

  4. Did you have the baffles installed in the bottom of the duct adapter ? Love to see a real setup vs the drawing

  5. Richard is very concerned about her fingers in this and her not cutting them. I guess he knows she needs them for other things

  6. The unit used in this video appears to be the Trane Perfect Fit Air Cleaner…..

  7. What brand is this Electronic Air Filter? And where can it be purchased? I presently have a Honeywell Electronic Filter installed in my A/C Heat air intake located in the hallway f my home – it is housed in the the forced air system return vent. Installed in 1977, but continues to work just zapping away at particles. The fin or grid system looks very much like the one you installed except the fin housing loads in the front rather than side entry as the model you installed. Each 90 days for the past 39 years I remove the units and wash them on my driveway..never thought of the using the dishwasher.

    The wall opening is 24 X 24 and the electronics occupy the upper 4 X 24 and each grid panel is 12 X 20

    So where can I find the unit you used? I don't know how much longer my Honeywell will last. The electronics has been replaced once but I bet there is little chance it could be replaced again…Response to [email protected],com would be appreciated—MichaelR

  8. I just added a Carrier Electronic Air Filter to my unit. I installed it at the base of my air handler, in a horizontal position, per instructions. However, my system now has a "Turbulence Issue " that apparently is not uncommon. What exactly to do about it is where I am now. I don't have the knowledge to assess this correctly and unfortunately, my HVAC guy is stumped as well. I think I'll have to change the duct work as it leaves the unit. It currently (and by the way, worked perfectly before I installed this EAF. only 8 month old 3.5 ton Carrier Heat Pump) has a straight 90 coming from the air handler outlet and into the main duct system. I'm going to fabricate a 90 with a radius at the intersection. Instead of the straight 90.
    I have lost most of my air volume as you get to the fartherest vent.
    any comments on Air Turbulence related to an EAF would be appreciated.

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