1. Please do more videos on acne dr. Greger for all of us following your evidence base nutrition program and still suffers from mild acne 🙂

  2. I don't think this video gave options on lowering lead. from what I saw, it gives scenarios on how to minimize ABSORPTION when drinking lead contaminated water.

    any recommendations on chelating lead from the body?

  3. Does blending cause nutritional loss due to accelerated oxidation? I've seen some claiming that blending accelerates oxidation in fruits & vegetables.
    So in order to minimize the damage you'd have to blend as little as possible
    Would really like to see some scientific studies on this since I drink smoothies everyday and don't want all the nutrients destroyed!
    Anyway thanks for another wonderful video Dr. Greger

  4. But Dr. Greger! When I was a kid, my mama always told me "Asbesto… What's good for the rat testicle is good for the human child."

  5. So, literally all of those impoverished kids in Flint that are still being exposed to lead….are even MORE screwed because they're likely not even getting balanced nutritional meals. I'm so fricking disappointed in my country. It's disgusting.

  6. gregger can you maybe do a vid on fighting low blood preassure sometime soon? there are several videos on nutrionfacts.org regarding fighting high blood pressure but nothing regarding the other side of the spectrum that im aware of :/

  7. Unfortunately we get most of our lead from the tap water and air we breathe. All heavy metals are fat soluble but listening to heavy metal raises your metabolism. 🙂

  8. I love your channel. We eat food everyday until we die so we should make healthy choices every time we need to eat.

  9. With sunflower seeds being high in thiamin why not compare MLB players lead levels who eat seeds consistently with athletes from soccer or football who don't. I'd like to see their lead levels in their bones or body in general

  10. Just eat raw food and forget all this nonsense, but keep listening to Dr. Greger because he is cool.

  11. Dr. gregor might tell you a lot of things that are not true , all the so called stats he keeps mentioning are made up by the elite and he keeps eating it up , i bet he feels shitty about his own diet but then goes on to promote it to others what a douche this guy is . learn to be honest , try some grass fed cows milk , butter , ghee , milk has said to have anti aging properties and is one of the most sacred things , now if dr gregor reads this , he might come back with a study he read somewhere , saying that 70% milk consumers died of cancer or something , to that i say , it was a made up stat and keep believing what u wanna , but dont be untruthful to these vegan who are impressed by u cause you sound like you know your stuff but in real life you dont .

  12. Hello Dr. Greger. I eat between 2500 and 3000 calories a day from whole foods. I get between 300 and 350 mg of Choline a day. I can't get the minimum intake of 550. What can I do?! Some people say 550 is to much. Anything to say about Choline? Thanks!

  13. all these studies and references​ y'all refer to ain't hitting on nothing. They are almost never accurate, and it sounds like you don't know anything but some studies

  14. This study just shows how little the medical profession understands about human anatomy. Studies like this don't help at all.

    Of COURSE supplementing with IRON in its organic form isn't going to improve human health. Humans have frugivorish digestive tracts and our bodies can only recognize and utilize nutrients in raw tender leafy greens and fruit and and sea vegetables. We can't digest metals, like iron or rocks like so many other minerals unless they are first broken down for us by plants.

    If people want to supplement, they need to begin to learn about medicinal HERBS grown in Nature and avoid the medical professions so called "expertise" about their man made supplements. Instead seek out experienced Naturopathic Doctors or experienced herbalists. Dr Robert Morse is an excellent place to begin to find the truth about human health on YouTube. He has a doctorate in Biochemistry as well as a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and is a Master Herbalist.

  15. Dr. Greger, with all due respect, cooked legumes should NOT be catapulted to the top of the "health" food list. Anything you have to cook, shouldn't be eaten. Sure, if you are eating raw bean sprouts that is one thing.

    Also, perhaps the reason mammals don't respond when given thiamine is that there aren't any Thiamine plants grown in Nature.

    Mankind for some strange reason has become so arrogant, he thinks he can IMPROVE the remedies provided in Nature by isolating the components of plants and minerals. Yet he fails to recognize that the human digestive tract can't recognize or utilize the isolates without all the other components that make up the whole herb [ It also hasn't dawned on him that man can't digest nor use, metals or rocks without them first being broken down and filtered through plants.]

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