1. Bro i have asked u to make a video on faa cpl to dgca cpl conversion..you have said that we have to do general flying test and signal reception test should be done only in india and it ll cost 3 lacs.. But i have seen dgca website and got the flowchart pdf of conversion.. Acc to that pdf.. We can submit gft and signal reception test carried out in a flying training institute approved by regulatory authority of icao contracting state… Please provide genuine information. Make a video if possible bro

  2. The DGCA rule of physics and maths at 11th and 12th std, is it applicable only to freshers or even to those who never had these subjects but have completed their CPL and Type rating from abroad and are now awaiting license conversion from DGCA ?

  3. Bro What if my Hand Shakes a little bit when I get nervous or little scared is it normal or not good for becoming a pilot?

  4. You will stop masturbating once u realise that your goal is more important than this temporary pleasure/orgasm…..✈✈✈

  5. I can just hope that the video on those ones "who don't have any scholarship and support and etc."will be released soon
    Thank you

  6. Hi
    Bro I am overweight so what medical checkup I will go to you have any idea for class 1,2 medical check up

  7. Why am I not able to change the playback speed for this video…??
    I can't watch a youtube video in normal speed😥😥😥….

    Btw Nice video as always….

  8. Bhai mein abb 12th mein phad ra Ha hu. Par cpl kaunse school se Karna he mujeh kuch samhaj mein nahi aa raha he. College mein bhi isi ki chinta hoti he. Class mein concentrate nahi kar pa raha hu.

  9. as always kafi informative video bro
    one qsn for you bade bhaiya
    Nowadays Indigo Airline is ongoing internal conflict between it's 2 co-founder Rahul Bhatia nd Rakesh Gangwal is there any chances of collapsing of Indigo in future like Jet Airways all though indigo is doing great in Indian Aviation sector . The conflict is all about engine deal with CFM which was formerly with P&W you must be knowing this matter in detail more than me so here qsn arises that we are the 3rd largest Aviation market in the world but the so called 3rd largest market is going in a very bad Time there is shutdown of jet airways , Indigo is ongoing internal conflict nd Air India is going for sell or may be shutting down in October and before many years some airline also cremated so bro what will you say ?

  10. Bro ,you said in one of your video ki polytechnic student v eligible hai DGCA exam dene k lia agar maths and Physics include hai jaise civil branch, toe kya after Passing DGCA exam and Completing my CPL + TYPERATING + MEDICAL kya at the time of Hiring Airline Company wale reject karskte hai polytechnic ko issue bana k ya unhe Sirf DGCA,CPL+TYPERATING+ MEDICAL se matlb hota hai.

  11. What is the minimum height requirement for cadet pilot programme…my height is exactly 5 feet which is 152cms

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