How to Make Vegan Bread – 4 ways

today we’ll be learning about an
essential how to make four types of incredible vegan breads. Four. almost nailed it (upbeat music) yeahhhhhhhhhhhh welcome thank you for tuning in
before we start let me get something out of the way first so to all of my people
trying to trying to eat gluten-free or low-carb out there I’m sorry I am sorry
this video is it’s gonna be like watching gluten and carbohydrate porn
you can watch it but you can’t have it so in this video we are gonna be making four
different and incredibly delicioso bein breads yes delicioso
I’ve been working on my espanol so while you’re watching food porn I’m on some
Swiper no swiping Swiper no swiping “oh mannn” the four vegan Breads we’re gonna be
making today are a basic loaf an artisan loaf or a Dutch oven loaf if you
want to call it that also we’re gonna be making naan and lastly focaccia. I love
saying that word the best part of all this is everything is going to be made
with all the same ingredients in order to compose your dough and guess what
kind of dough it is you got it right our infamous everything dough y’all don’t
listen when I say this dough makes literally everything like everything
depending on when you’re listening to this you’re probably out on the streets
looking for I don’t know toilet paper let me solve that mystery for you in two
ways right now the first way is going to be you heading out back and going to the
tree and pulling off one of those leaves that you’re probably gonna be raking up
at the end of this year right and you got it
wax on the set whay is watching this video until the
end I’m gonna show you how to make dough or make bread rather that’s soft enough
that you can use in order to wipe your (BLEEP) okay so five simple interchangeable
ingredients flour yeast sugar milk and salt technically you can do away with
like two of the ingredients they’re not necessarily required but they’re
recommended as they make it really delicious but either way you could still
get away with making this without anyhow guys enough of the talk I’m gonna stop
let’s get in the kitchen and drop it like it’s hot alright so let me give you
a quick rundown of the ingredients to answer how and why they are
interchangeable and let you know which ones you can ixnay still create a
masterpiece so the flour which you use to start is a necessity
ain’t no bread being made without flour if you see some it ain’t bread and it
damn sure ain’t vegan you could bring this bread together and get the same
texture using any of the basic flours such as all-purpose, bread flour, even
wheat flour which we’re going to be using in this recipe while you could use
a gluten free one-to-one flour mixture the texture will be incredibly different
you’re also going to need yeast I won’t bore you with the science but this helps
the dough rise no yeast no rise. sugars used mostly for the taste when making
bread it does have the added benefit of feeding the yeast but it’s not a
requirement you can use any sugar you want I’m using agave here to mimic a
similar taste to a honey wheat bread as for salt it’s your other non-essential
ingredient it really just helps boost the flavor lastly is milk or even water
like I’m using here I typically use vegan milk for a little added flavor but
to save you the hassle of not being able to find milk or just save money water is
clutch. umm, clutch means it’s very handy for some reason if you haven’t heard
on any of your other food porn channels I guess you could say I just popped your
cherry once you have everything in the bowl
pretty much just start bringing it together I’m using fancy equipment here
but you could bring it together without it which I’ll show you later on in the
video while this bread recipe makes a no knead dough you want to knead it for this
type of bread the more you need the more gluten will form this will help the
gasses produce by the yeast helping the dough rise and be spongy it also helps
later when shaping the dough kneading can take a various amount of time and
can require a little more flour and water to get a dough that doesn’t stick
to the bowl or your hands which is what you’re looking for when making this type
of bread knead for about eight to ten minutes in the mixer and when you think
it’s ready push down on the dough and if it bounces back you’re in good shape
from here put the dough back in a bowl cover it up and allow it to rise for
about 60 to 90 minutes after that get it back on the table with a little
flour that’s if it’s sticky and shape it into sort of an oval then place it back
into bread pan you’re looking for it to peek over the bread pan a few inches
once that happens you could toss in the oven and bake it to perfection. if you want
people thinking you’re a bread god make the artisan loaf before they come over
this bread is one of my favorites one because it’s incredibly easy in two
because it’s extremely beautiful I mean when you’re done you want to wrap this
thing up in a towel put your sunglasses on and bring it outside to show it off
like it’s your new baby I mean yes it tastes great and you can make it in
just a few hours but who really cares about that when it looks this good but
to make this dough you’re really doing nothing different and I promised you
where we’re going to make one by hand I’m gonna show you how to do this here
and while I love kneading dough this one there’s no need to knead
once again we’re gonna dump everything into a bowl and then we’re gonna bring
it together you could use a spoon a spatula your car keys it really doesn’t
matter what you’re looking for is that all your flour becomes incorporated into
the dough this dough is going to be really loose and really sticky and that
is exactly what you want from here you’re going to cover it up and allow it
to rise you want to cover it up with something solid so it creates humidity
so don’t use a towel use like a cutting board or a baking sheet but if you’re
into zero-waste try not to use any plastic wrap one pro
tip is if you want your dough to rise quicker warm up your milk or water
before dumping it into the mixture let the dough rise for about two or three
hours you want it to look very aerated and very porous about double in size
from here flour your surface and turn the dough back on to that but do not
knead try getting your hands underneath and fold the bottom to the top now turn
the dough back onto some parchment paper and put it in your bowl cover it with a
towel at this point and go pre-heat your oven while your oven is preheating make
sure your Dutch oven is already inside you want your Dutch oven to be rocket
hot before placing your dough into it when your oven is ready lift the dough
with the parchment paper into the Dutch oven and carefully place the Dutch oven
back into the oven with the lid on how many times it at just the oven I mean if
you didn’t follow rewind it play it back because I wasn’t talking fast you were
just listening slow with this bread I like to control the crust so after about
thirty minutes pull it out the oven and check it out if it’s where you want it
to be then good you’re done if not remove the parchment paper toss it back
in with the lid off and give it about another ten to 15 minutes so remember that Bread I was telling you
about in the intro that was really soft that would be naan. the dough for naan
is similar to the dough for artisan bread where there’s no knead required but
I would consider a little more flour to keep the dough to being less sticky
other necessities will be some vegan butter and some water after your initial
rise you want to get the dough onto a floured surface make it into a ball and
cut it into pieces also at this time get a skillet up to medium heat as you’re
gonna use that to cook the dough and not the oven you’re going to make little
dough balls slightly smaller than a baseball that you’re going to flatten
out you’ll need a rolling pin or you can just use your hands to gently press the
dough to get it out to its desired size now add a little water to dampen both
sides of the dough and carefully place it into the hot skillet you’re only
going to cook the dough for about a minute or so on each side I use a cover
to help build up some steam inside the skillet this really helps keep the dough
soft as you cook the dough you should start to see bubbles forming on the
opposite side once it’s done remove it and add it into
a bowl immediately add some vegan butter and cover it with a towel and you’re
done piece of cake right I meant piece of
bread all right our last one and probably the
most fun it’s foccacia man I love saying that when bringing this one together you
want the dough to be similar to the artisan loaf loose and sticky this bread
is extremely fluffy very savory and you need a good amount of oil to get it
right after the first rise you’re going to need a half sheet size baking pan to
put your dough on put a few tablespoons of olive oil in the bottom of the sheet
pan put your dough on the pan and begin to use your fingers to press it and push
it out to the ends of the pan if your dough is too elastic and it keeps
shrinking every time you push it out cover the dough for about 10 to 20
minutes and this will allow the gluten to relax and it should be easier to work
with when you come back if not just give it a few more minutes once your dough is
stretched out on the pan get a damp towel and lay it over the top and allow
the dough to rise for another 40 minutes or so also pre-heat your oven now the
fun part your dough should be about doubled in size uncover the dough and
drizzle some olive oil over top use your fingertips to basically put dents inside
of the dough make sure you’re pushing the dough all the way to the bottom of
the pan now bring this to the oven to bake for about 20 to 25 minutes you’re
looking for a golden brown color when you pull it out of the oven add some
olive oil to the top and get ready to enjoy alright folks thank you so much
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peace (music to end)

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