Yo, I’m back in the gym with Fabio to record a new video about the handstand! Today we will show you how to train the handstand press and planche press! In the previous video we talked about “how to do a perfect handstand” and now we are going to see how to press it! 1st we will see the handstand press (from pike position) and then the handstand press with straight body (planche press from support) Andrea: You need a very good amount of strength for this exercise! Fabio: Should we start with handstand press? Andrea: Yes, let’s see a few exercises to train it! First exercise… leans! Try to keep your legs close to your body! I’m going to hold this position 1-2” every time If the exercise is done correctly, the feet will automatically go away from the ground. Andrea: A lot of your body-weight is on your deltoids. Fabio: Exactly, we must learn the balance and conditioning the body for the press. Also, a very good exercise to learn how to avoid to fall. Andrea: The wrists will suffer a lot in the first days of practice. Fabio: Yes, a little bit. 2nd exercise, it’s similar to the 1st one, but this time I will bring my legs/feet near my hands. One step forward with hands then I lean forward I lift my feet I bring my feet near my hands repeat. Andrea: With this exercise you have to do more repetitions per each set! Fabio: YES! Repetition after repetition you will feel a lot of stress on your abs! Because the abs must press the legs near the body! Also it puts a lot of work on your delts! Now, 3rd exercise, same exercise but going backward! Starts with hand near the feet, push backward! Much harder! Andrea: This is the movement of the shoulder! Fabio: This exercise let you understand how to activate your muscles to lift your entire body while pressing. In this exercise you press backward! When you will be more expert, you must press the body upright (towards the handstand position) Andrea: The movement of this exercise is pretty similar to the final press. Fabio: Same activations. But easier. 4th exercise, you need a box or a few steps of this height. From this position we lean forward and close the body. Bringing the hips to a handstand position. Then comeback. Andrea: Like in all the other exercises, most of your weight is on your shoulders! Don’t forget it! Now, 5th exercise, let’s start help the movement with a little jump! From tuck position, we push a little bit with legs, and push with arms/shoulders. So, as you can see, I helped myself a little bit with my legs. How did I hold the position? I hold the position just by doing a tuck handstand with shoulders “closed” (as you can see from the video, the shoulders are forward compared to the hands on the ground) This exercise is good to conditioning the delts! So, we already talked about the strength and technique, now we have to see how to balance it. Now we are going to see a good exercise with the help of the wall. I go near the wall, lean forward with shoulders with closed body! If I don’t keep my body pressed, the wall will push me away and I will fall. So, I put my hands about 50cm from the wall and I reach the “handstand”. From this position I’m going down to a tuck position. (Most of the weight is on your delts!) This is a good exercise to understand the movement. Great to understand how to keep your body position and to conditioning the delts. Andrea: The wall can be a great spotter or a great enemy in this exercise. Fabio: Exactly, if you do it correctly is a great help because it’s easier to hold the handstand position. But if I don’t do the exercise correctly, the wall can be a huge enemy while going down. (It pushes me away) Done correctly, this is a good exercise to understand the movement for handstand press. So, we just saw a few exercise to approach the handstand press. Now we are going to see the planche press. Andrea: Handstand Press with straight body. Fabio: Straight body! Very difficult! Not suitable for beginners! 1st exercise: Lean forward and then comeback. Leaning Forward and back forward Andrea: It’s not easy, it looks easy, but it’s not. Andrea: Biceps and Shoulders will be KO with this movement. Fabio: Exactly, I’m pushing with straight arms (elbows locked out) so it’s important to be careful to Biceps capitungo and brachial tendons! Be sure to have a good conditioning, because the amount of stress on these tendons is immense! Andrea: It’s a stress to be minded. Fabio: Once per week is enough for this exercise. Especially at the beginning. The difference between this exercise and the previous ones…is the leaning! In this exercise we must learn way more and it needs way more strength! Be careful with the activation. Planche Press=Strength, Conditioning and Technique. Handstand Press=Conditioning, Technique. The eccentric movement of this exercise is important! It builds up the strength, the muscle fibers and the technique if done properly. So I’m going to show you 2 exercises! In the last video we talked about how to recover a handstand position, now we are going to see a even worst position. Hands far away from the wall. Andrea: This is the space you need. Fabio: From this position I lean forward and then push back up! Andrea: This is hard guys. Fabio: We are going to train this exercise step by step, by increasing the Range of motion, until we will be able to do a complete press. I’m going to work to this degree, so I will have enough strength to do all the movement…but only if I do add the previous exercise too So, now I show you the two eccentric part of the exercises. This is the handstand press (eccentric part) When I finish the repetition, the feet must be near the hands! Great exercise to understand the movement! Now, the planche press. The eccentric part of the planche press is hard! While going down, I have to keep my body straight and lean forward with shoulders! Let’s do it Once in Handstand, I try to keep my core activate. Don’t forget to keep the hollow position with core tight and scapula abduction. Control the movement! So, these were just a few exercises about the handstand press and planche press! Andrea: Of course there are way more exercises! This is just a video with the most important ones. If you need to learn something, just go to a calisthenics/gymnastic class or workshop! Fabio: Exactly, to take part to workshops and calisthenics classes is fundamental to learn these type of training. This was just a video to let you understand our work. Andrea: Good video to take notes about a few tips and drills. Fabio: Thank you guys for watching! Andrea: Thanks to you for the video. Fabio: Thanks to you for the opportunity and to the guys for watching! Andrea: If you enjoyed the video, please press the “like” button. Please, leave me a comment below, so we can have a feedback to understand what you would like to see in the next videos… …gymnastic tutorials, bodyweight exercises training etc. Also don’t forget to share the video with your friends! Especially if you know someone who must learn something new. See you soon. Fabio: You make it look easy! Can I say something? Andrea: Sure. Fabio: Holy f**k! Ahahahah


  1. Yo guys, here it is a video with some of my favorite exercises to start training the handstand press and the planche press!
    English subtitles are available by using the youtube option.

    Here you can find my Calisthenics Programs:

  2. Sei sempre stato un punto di riferimento per quanto mi riguarda. Con i video trasmetti la tua passione e si vede. Non smettere mai di credere in te stesso perché puoi arrivare ovunque.
    Un grande abbraccio da uno che per ora può solo ammirarti da lontano, ma che con il tempo e il lavoro spera di poterti conoscere 💪🏽

  3. I need to know what you did to make your biceps grow so much, I'm stuck, i progress in strength but not in volume 🙁 tips pls, good video as always.

  4. Bellissimo video Andrea complimenti a tutti e due . Quello che non è chiaro è come mantenere la “hollow” quando si torna giù dalla verticale. Quando faccio le presse da planche o da eccentrica perdo completamente le scapole ..

  5. Thanks to your last video with the hand stand I have a perfect hand stand so it’s the turn of the press hand stand than I want a lot since few weeks
    I love ur video and comments than you’re doing in this video thanks a lot teacher Andrea 👨‍🏫

  6. Hi, tutorial like that, how to training at rings, planche and iron cross on the rings. It would be awesome!

  7. I need help- how do I get the video to show English subtitles (YouTube Option)-
    I have no clue 😩
    Would love to know what this legend is talking about😊!

  8. Awesome video bro, I would like to see a How to Handstand video and the best exercices for push and pull for hypertrophy and a How to properly do Calisthenics basic exercices to get the most out of them, I would really appreciate it 🙏💪

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    And This Was Great Clip For Everyone Great And Most important Exercises🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪

  10. im a 19 year old boy i have been fascinated with gymnastics since i was a child i currently do calisthenics do you think it is to late for me to train proper gymnastics

  11. Video spiegato benissimo, l'unico consiglio è di prendere un microfono che puoi tenerti sulla maglietta, l'eco in stanze del genere può essere un pochino fastidioso secondo me, per il resto te e fabio siete delle bestie💪

  12. Aber selbst nur neben dran gestanden und dummes Gesicht gemacht, statt mal selbst Handstände zu probieren usw.! Möchte wetten, dass der Andrea kein einzigen Handstand beherrscht, weil er mit seiner schon erreichten Muskelmasse umkippen könnte?!

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  15. Complimenti a Fabio Camilli, è davvero bravo e molto competente ma soprattutto possiede la rara capacità di avere una didattica efficace e molto comprensibile. Merce rarissima.

  16. Grande Andrea.
    Complimenti a Fabio per la spiegazione chiara e professionale.
    Esercizi propedeutici eccellenti, veramente delle perle!!


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