How To Play GAMES and STILL Be Healthy

How To Play GAMES and STILL Be Healthy

we're gonna get one shot at this health did you know that one in four children in Australia are overweight and when we look at adults two out of every three adults are overweight over a few months ago I detailed that I go to the gym I take pride in keeping my health up and what do you guys wanted to take a look into how the yes-man keeps up his daily regimen of working so many hours every day but also still managing to go to the gym still managing to eat okay and still managing to keep everything in check so this is going to be a three-part series on how you can be a healthy geek in 2005 20% of Australian adults were obese they predicted back then that this number would balloon out to 29% and sure enough here we are in 2018 with nearly 30 percent of Australians being obese so today ladies and gentlemen even though it's 1:00 a.m. in the morning I am going to go to the gym because I've been working all day been cutting videos but I still have to keep up my energy still have to keep up my health so this is part one the workout regime let's go down to the gym and I'll show you what exercises I do and how you can implement even the basic ones if your time strapped time-poor to make sure you're getting that good exercise in your life so it's now 11 a.m. in the morning and what happened was last night I went to the gym really late I couldn't record there unfortunately because they're blasting music really loud to the point where there'd be no voice work coming out and so I got home I caught a video and then I went to bed at 5 a.m. I woke up it's now 11 a.m. and this is the life of a youtuber but the one point I'm gonna make is that I only got six hours sleep yet I feel really good and this is because when you do cardiovascular exercise it helps you sleep more efficiently if you're gonna go to the gym or you're only gonna do one exercise you've only got time for that then ladies and gentlemen do me a favor please do cardiovascular exercise they recommend three times a week 20 minutes I'd recommend if you can every single day me personally I always do 15 to 20 minutes cardiovascular after every exercise and I know there's some professional bodybuilders out there that are gonna disagree with me maybe but this is not a video for professional bodybuilders this is just a video on how I do things personally how I keep up my exercise how I keep up managing and more importantly how I keep up my game so cardiovascular aside what else can we do in our weekly schedule well if you're sitting in front of a computer there's also three more important exercises in my opinion that you should be doing at the very minimum the first of it is chin ups so chin ups will end up working out your shoulders your spine also your elbows and your forearms and then we can quickly turn that around and also combine some pull-ups into this mix this will work out the buys let you crank up a little bit and also make it look good on top of a feeling good now I generally do two sets of each the first set being 20 and then the subsequent three sets being three each and then I alternate them between workouts now the next exercise is very important if you don't have a whole lot of time but you're in front of a computer all day that is wrists because you're in front of a computer you're more susceptible to getting a thing called RSI which is a repetitive strain injury and this essentially can cause you a lot of pain a lot of ache well you should be doing at the gym is I personally get a 10 kilogram weight which I can hold with both hands and then I end up exercising my wrists I do this about 35 times one way and then I change to the other direction and do it about 25 times and then I do three sets of the first set and then two sets of the subsequent set but after this you should also feel the burn in your farms because it doesn't just work out your wrist it works out your forearms as well another bonus I throw on top of the wrist is I grab 2 2 kilogram weights and then I twirl them to left and right kind of like you're at a rave party and you're trying to show everyone your LED lights this will actually if you haven't done it in a long time or if you use a computer too much this should really hurt at first for me personally now it doesn't hurt one bit when I'm on a computer as well I can type really fast my wrists give me no problems whatsoever I do two sets of these for 25 seconds ago so now you've got cardio chin ups pull ups and also your wrists under control what else do you need to do ladies and gentlemen well I do recommend the last crucial exercise and that is simply sit-ups if you just get a nice little soft mat if you're like me and you go to the gym in jeans sometimes you can then just quickly take your belt off because that'll start digging into your back and then you can just do sit-ups I like to do 34 at a time and then I mix in two sets of shin raises so one set of sit-ups one set of shin raises one set of sit-ups one set of shin raises and then the final set of sit-ups so that is all areas to it ladies and gentlemen with the crucial workout if you were doing this every week at least three times a week in your workout then you should feel a lot better you should be sleeping more efficiently you should have more energy during the day but not only that you should be thinking more clearly and this is going to tie in with the other two parts of this series as well now before going on with some of the extra exercises I'm gonna throw in this video I will say one thing if if time is a limiting factor and I'm sure it's going to be a limiting factor for a lot of people out there try and think of it this way if you're going to exercise at least doing cardio three times a week for 20 minutes that's only an hour out of your week at the bare minimum and that's going to help you sleep more efficiently so then you're therefore going to save time you're getting a deep six hours sleep as pose to a sloppy eight and that's the time already saved every single day is you're gonna be sleeping more efficiently so you have to get to the gym have to keep up your energy and it's going to make you feel better in the long run anyhow if you find yourself going to the gym and you find you've got a little bit of extra time on your hands here's the next set of exercises you can do my gym I go to is 24 hours a day and they've got so many different machines for working out so many different exercises so of course a lot of people out there want to make that upper torso look pretty good they want to pump the buys a little bit want to pump the chest a little bit so the first machine I like to go to now usually when I do an upper chest workout is the lateral machine that works out your lats I do three sets with 16 reps each at 50 kilos after this I like to then move on to the horizontal benchpress where I do 34 reps at 45 kilos each don't ask me why I do these reps and I also do these amount of sets this is just what I feel good with and also more importantly when it comes to the gym guys don't push yourselves too hard especially if you're just getting into it I definitely take your time and ease into a workout that you're comfortable with and honestly don't listen to other people when it comes to working out I'm just giving you the guide on how I do things personally but let's move on now to the next machine that I use and that is resistance so now with this resistance machine I do a thing called reverse curls I also do them at two sets at 24 reps each on the first set I'll have my wrists facing downwards on the second set I'll have my wrists facing upwards so it's a different workout for your triceps in both cases so in total here we're doing 4 sets but 2 sets of each way and we're doing this at 45 kilo though I don't think this is actually 45 kilo I think it's 45 pounds I think maybe my gym has just mislabeled the weights in this case then the next exercise I'd like to throw in here is for shoulders because if you don't have strong shoulders then there's not a lot you'll be doing in terms of other exercises and so what we do here is a pulldown extension this is really good it'll work out your shoulders but also your forearms and also your biceps and triceps pretty much your whole arm in the process I do two sets of these as well at 16 reps each at 45 kilos after the initial four sets on my triceps and then if I still got energy I'll head over to the shoulder press machine and conduct two sets with 24 reps each at 36 kilo then the last exercise we're gonna go to is I guess the Holy Grail when people think of the gym and that is your biceps here there are so many different exercises you can do or at least so many different machines and tools you can use to work out your biceps here I like to use a variety of equipment so every few days I'll change up what equipment I'm using to work out my biceps but at the gym today we're going to be using the W shaped barbell this is really good gives your biceps a nice crunch nice workout we're using twenty two point five kilograms on this Bell itself plus you got the bar and so I'll be doing 24 reps three sets and you really want to make sure when you're doing these exercises don't push too much weight sure you can do a few reps at much higher weights but you risk ripping tendons and you do not want to do this because it's going to put you out of action for a while it can also cause you damage in the long run so I do stress this only lift weights that you're comfortable with and you've got control over if you don't have control especially when you lift things up and you're really struggling to let it go down that means the weights too heavy for you so just drop it down don't worry if there's guys at the gym that are massive don't worry about those guys you're only gonna be worried about you and how you feel and how you should work out and so the last exercise I'm doing here to throw into my buys is just the bicep curl machine and I just do 24 reps at 36 kilos and I do 3 sets on each arm you can also make it a little bit lighter as you go along because you really want to feel a burn in your biceps that means you're working out things really well and at the end of this workout you should feel really good you should still have energy hopefully but if you're just getting into the gym you may feel tired halfway through you may feel tired at any different time so just ease your way into a workout don't go full-on I've been going to the gym for 3 years now and I don't think I'm gonna be stopping because it just really makes me feel good it really helps me with my energy levels and it really helps me stay focused and the biggest take out of today's video is please guys definitely integrate some exercise in your everyday life even just the simple 4 exercises that I showed at the start will help you a lot now of course if you want to gain some muscle and look really good then me personally I do recommend if you're throwing in cardio and your time strapped always thrown in at the end of the workout I don't do cardio before I start my workout I just do 15 to 20 minutes after every workout and I feel great I still get the benefits of cardio but at the same time I'm not losing too much mass anyway in terms of my stature and weight I'm currently weighing in at 74 kilograms I'm 5 foot 10 inches and that's about it for today's health video guys with the exercise and in terms of pre-workout supplements and other supplements I take I don't take anything specifically for the gym if I do feel like I'm a little bit hungry and I want to eat after I go to the gym because I do agree with a lot of people that say you should be eating a nice protein packed meal after you go to the gym then before the gym I'll actually eat potato chips just no home brand potato chips from the supermarket they give me a nice burst of energy and I really find they help my workout every person you go to will have different recommendations on supplements like creatine and take protein and all this stuff before workouts me personally I just do it all natural and I just eat some potato chips if I need a pick-me-up before my workout anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the tech health city part 1 video make sure you stay tuned for part 2 and 3 because things are gonna definitely be getting a lot more interesting but in ways I know they all just tie together to make sure that you're living the best quality life that you can but anyway if you enjoyed this video then be sure to hit that like button let me know if you have any questions or comments and drop them in the comment section below and I'll catch you in another tech video very soon peace out for now they you


  1. Thanks or the comments below, hope you all enjoy, I know my form might be off etc, or you might have differing opinions on what's best – but ultimately find out what is best for you…!
    I don't really listen to conventional wisdom, and just do things how I do things. Also feel great in the process!! I go about 3-4 times a week, for 45 mins to an hour, so it doesn't take much out of my week as well!

  2. I thought the intro had something to do with nearsightedness. Guys, give your eyes a break… Don't end up like me or some other guys that can relate

  3. This is inspiration to a chubby geek like me. I will try and follow your routine Brian. Hope my body will turn out like yours. Liked!

  4. Now THIS is very respectable! You're the first Tech-focused channel that I have seen ( been watching since 2013) to cover the health side of things!! You're awesome! =D

  5. As a licenced gym instructor i can inform YouTube tyst You should NEVER do cardio before your workout. Cardio release stress hormones and if You after that then then workout your Body will burn muscle rather then building Them Up. Always Cardio after….ALWAYS if You do cardio

  6. As a fellow tech enthusiast and meat head, I really appreciate this series. I 100% agree with you that there is no "right" way to work out. Some people like endurance, some people like strength, and some people like a hybrid combination. Kuddos to you for mentioning correct form over weight and not worrying about what other people think. Everyone starts out at a beginner's point no matter how fast or strong they are. Remember you are there for you and not for other people. Cheers mate.

  7. Ha ha, potato chips are not a natural pre gym snack, lol. I can't tell if you are serious or taking the piss. Great vid though.

  8. This video made me unsubscribe. If I wanted advice on being healthy or how to do exercise, there’s a million other channels to search through. I came here for tech related content, NOT to have some random show me how to shred…

  9. lmao you doing crunches at high speed looks cool x)
    long time without checking your videos, nice to see you're doing good.. also the quality of your vids has gotten better I see

  10. Lots of people missing the point of this video. He said it like a broken record. "What works for him and its not professional advice".

    Another thing is that excercise and health is too often over complicated and scares people away or makes them fail to stay consistent. Spend less time worrying about excercising and eating like a professional athelete and more time keeping it simple and finding what works for you and most importantly sustainable.

    However one thing Brian didnt touch on was stretching. 5 minutes of stretching before and after is super simple and a great way to prevent injury. Personally i stretch throughout aswell and find it helps me stay focused. But thats what works for me.

    And for anyone whos not a fan of the gym. Take a look at swimming thats my go too and its arguably the best all round workout you can get if general health and fitness is your goal. Or if even thats not your style. Play some casual sport with some friends. I always enjoyed mixed basketball and some indoor soccer and its alot more fun then standing around a gym. Something is always better than nothing.

  11. I've been working out since high school and became a "gym rat" myself. It's very easy to keep up a good routine once you get into it.

  12. Altough a tip, you need to practice a bigger range of movement in your exercices 😀
    This ofc, if you want to. And maybe do them a little more controlled (not so fast)

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