How to Protect and Soothe Your Mental Health at the End of a Relationship…

How to Protect and Soothe Your Mental Health at the End of a Relationship...

how you guys thanks so much and welcome back we're back out here at the park we're going to start as we usually do at the water's edge I'm a national go ahead and close your eyes and make a wish all right I made my wish I hope you're doing great today check out nature subscribers the beautiful geese this is the channel that checks the boxes for you guys we walk every day we encourage we support one another and quite frankly I would not have it any other way I really wouldn't today I'm going to jump right into our content and I think Cynthia Cynthia for today's title and message and the title of the program today is how to soothe how to soothe and protect your mental health at the end of a relationship and you guys I have to tell you some of the best advice some of the best advice that I have received over the past decade has come from subscribers just like you just like you there's a lot of wisdom swirling around in this channel so today I'm gonna kick something off called community community wisdom and what I want you to do kind of after I finish the program and addressing Cynthia's concern I'm going to ask the collective community to chime in in the comment section and share your wisdom and advice with Cynthia because we're here to lift each other up I'm just one voice I'm more or less the moderator here but I really love to hear from you guys so chime in after with some information and your version of collective wisdom for for Cynthia I'd appreciate it so what Cynthia is going through relationship is ending after five years and the gentleman pushes and in the relationship has basically informed her that he wants everything back he wants to take the furniture out of the condo that they share washer/dryer everything he's being really nitpicky about certain things that she thought were gifts he wants to get all of that back and she's feeling really really distraught about it she wants to keep the stuff it's just turning into a very bitter bitter split so Cynthia I'm going to just share the information by best advice from my heart I have to tell you the end of a relationship can be particularly tough it can be particularly challenging let's just continue to walk on because it's nothing that you had planned for but my firm feeling when someone at the end of relationship they have shown love and support you've shown the same and they start this tally and pull out the financial ledger ledger this tit for tat the reason that I'm recommending is you give him his stuff back it's because it wasn't given from the heart in the first place things that are given that which is given from the hurt stays with us he wants it back because it was not given from the heart so darlin I'll go one better with you and I think that what you're doing you're in the process of making a tough situation even harder and the more you try to hold on to that stuff you are disempowering yourself so at the bottom of this video darling I'm going to get very specific I recommend today today I got a recipe attached to the video these are my favorite mint chocolate chip cookies I recommend that you tell him come and get your stuff baked these mint chocolate chip cookies for him you leave the apartment let him come when you're not there tell him to take all his stuff why am I telling you to bake something for him it's a touch of class just because he's not showing any class doesn't mean you you need to follow suit and quite frankly when he remembers you down the line I want him to remember yeah she told me to come and get my stuff she even packed some baked some mint chocolate chip cookies for me and I was on my way and I know it is hard I know it is hard but you know what you can start afresh he takes the furniture no you said you're going through a tough time financially that's fine a lot of places around the world they sleep on the floor get your pillow get your pillow let it be a cleansing rinsing time and go one piece at a time but I will tell you I would tell this man and no uncertain times you come and get your sh oh I meant stuff you come and get your stuff out of here and lady you keep striding and gliding as the classy as the classy woman that you are period you know I have to tell you there are things we can go through it's so emotionally challenging that all you can do you can't pick it up you can't analyze it and he's doing it in a nasty way all you can do really is give it to God so Cynthia I'm gonna sing the same song to you that my grandmother sang to me many years you know when I was devastated heartbroken and I hope that you will listen to it is that the worst memory let it be soothing to you you guys remember this old spiritual tune it goes a little bit like this that problem that I had and I just couldn't seem to solve well I prayed and I prayed and I kept getting deeper involved I turned it over to Jesus I stopped worrying about it I turned it over to the Lord and he worked it out telling you Cynthia turn it over turn it loose let the Lord work it out a lot of times we make it hard are you guys at the end it's tough enough you do not need to call on negativity you don't need to respond to their negativity at the end it is a time to comfort it is a time to soothe your soul I'm gonna reference my video depressed and productive it's a time to take care of your body eat good food if you have to cry let yourself do that but what you don't do what you don't do at the end is hook into is hook into the garbage the reality is nothing good together I've said it before I say it again nothing good together guys ever breaks apart when the relationships break apart it is for a reason and I have seen far too many times what the Lord will do is come in and clear out toxicity he will clear it out because he's trying to prep your life for something new for something new and better guys so it's a one step process let it go drop it Sheila how do I do that take your hands off of it looks a little bit like this take your hands off of it raise your hands let it drop let it fall surrender surrender to the process don't surrender to his nastiness but surrender to the process I'm going to ask everyone again please chime in what I'm creating here is a community it's not just me guys it's all of us a community of support if you have words of encouragement for Cynthia at this time please please attach them to this video in the comment section if you're enjoying the content go ahead subscribe there are daily messages of empowerment coming coming to you 24/7 365 we're gonna elevate we're gonna grow we're gonna slide and glide together so I hope today's message has been helpful guys let it go don't make it worse at the end your job is to soothe and comfort yourself see you tomorrow


  1. On a personal note ive lost 5 supposed friends in the past 3 months. I thought they were my friends for over 8 years. Totally different situations. Sheila thank you so much I needed these reminders. Nothing ever meant to be together ever comes a part.. Thanks to all the ladies. We really need community internet or not. 💕

  2. I'm so sorry you have to be a part of this reality. Only 5 years wasted with experience both and good and bad. To many times has a loving partnership just not worked out. And how dare he demand the stuff back. When that heart break has happened to me my classy way of dealing with it is " your stuff is on the lawn what would make you think I could care less about your crap." Give him a time between say 1-4 raining or not you chose and leave with the understanding that when you get back and his crap is still there with him the Salvation Army truck is coming at 430pm. You honestly do not want to see touch smell anything related to whomever that person turned into ;Nothing! I've given houses away. You are in Shock and Numb at this point but when you come down from anger to the Loss yes loss you want fresh things you have gotten for yourself garage sale or not. It takes 2 to Tango but I really don't want to waste 5 + years of your life any longer than necessary even thinking of this betrayal. I'm 59 years old if I get one of those types again I will be single at 64-66. Nope this time I know what love truly is and more of what it isn't. If his actions suddenly change to an angry ass he's found some one else. Lucky her , long term love takes time and angry people we thought loved us for 5 – 10 years is shocking and makes me look back and ask myself did I already know this could go sour, or one I feel many of us have struggled with " the fear of being alone". I feel for you however Live , heh some women get a Breast job , suggestion only but hey it's really Christmas just for you. I'll be keeping you in my heart and lastly I learned that the minute I met a new man I totally forgot about Mr. Coward. Bless you!!!

  3. Yaas! You dont really want him to think his stuff means that much, but if you bought half of these things he needs to compromise.Definitely will out class him in doing so, but i do not give back personal gifts like jewelry for example, oh no. But household items I would split. I dislike this trait myself( there is an old term meaning a person who gives gifts then ask for them back.)My son is in a break up now and i tell him over and over to be nice, but she was very mean. Its just so hard, will say a prayer for you.

  4. Move on. The bible says Jehovah will give you all the proper things of your heart. Let go of the garbage to make room for the new. End it clean & clear.

  5. Cynthia…sheila nailed it! I have gone through a similar situation with a malignant narcissit…so I can relate. Whether he's a narcissit or not he had shown you his true colors. .God is your provider…he will take only to give you much more. I know you feel as if everything is crumbling and you feel like you'll never recover. But u walk with your head high and let that man come and take his crumbs. Everything is replaceable, your well beign and self esteem not so much. By you agreeing to let him take his things you are telling him and showing him by action..I am a mature woman who is not easily manipulated by worldly things..this tactic he is pulling is intentional. He wants the upper hand to hurt you…and pretty much he thinks your dead without him that you need him to survive. .please if you love yourself and value your worth let him take his belongings. If u refuse I promise he will drag you to your demise . God will come through financially …I experienced it. God came through when I thought I had nowhere to turn to. One more thing. Make sure you document everything ,every details…make sure you date it. Change your locks , drop him off the lease or mortgage like now! Any credit cards you share with him or bank accounts or retirement money …you need to exclude him now bc he is already 10 steps ahead of you. Things you think he would never do you need to secure. God doesn't help fools, hes sent you a sign … smarten up before you become in a deeper situation. .cynthia I pray that God will make things easy for you , may he replace what he pulled away from you with something righteous and clean,may he open your eyes and intuition to see the ugly. This is the best place for you now and I say this because I was you. You need this to go on to the next level of greatness. Take care.

  6. Cynthia- Trust that God is protecting you girl!! Went through the same Tomfoolery…. I boxed his stuff, lovingly labeled the boxes with kind words and put them in his storage locker!! I’m moving forward with a clear conscience, and a knowledge that karma never loses an address lol. It hurts like hell I know, but you are NOT ALONE. God is with you and will see you through this I promise!! ❤️

  7. My first thoughts; how sad – these were gifts and now he wants them back because a split has happened…. Reminded me of small situation I had… I gave my ex an unusual stone in a shape of a heart that I found on a beach from years ago, just a little sentimental token for him at the time that I wanted him to keep….. when I finished with him, he gave that back to me! – Agree with you Sheila and all the community too…. make sure this man gets every single thing back… so he's got no excuse to come a knocking (if he's the yo-yo head mashing type)

  8. I totally agree that the stuff has to be given back.
    Cynthia be rest assured all will be well with you …
    To my mentor Shelia God bless you ….

  9. Where's the mint chocolate chip cookie recipe? Used to make bad relationship choices due to family of origin issues. If that is an issue for this lady, might want to consider "Transcending the Father Wound" by R.C. Blakes (a You Tube pastor). Have been going over it. Very healing/cleansing.

  10. I agree let him have His stuff, as long as its not hers. I dealt with similar and he ended up leaving stuff behind. I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag and had a lawn chair in the living room. I replaced anything reminding me of him as well. Takes time. But if he thinks its hurting you he will make it a big deal to take it away. Let go of any attachments so it don't hurt. Don't let him know it makes you feel any thing. Smile and let the trash take himself out.

  11. She should give all his stuff back and start over with her own new things. Make it a fresh start and move on to a better man.

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