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  2. Thank you for this info, im late to the game, but very good info, i am also bilingual/trilingual eng, spanish and portuguese.

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  5. This is the 2nd video and already I think you are amazing. Your voice and approach is amazing. I feel like I can hear your voice all the time like audio books or something.

  6. I’m a LPN and never worked from home, will I get the training and is it steady? I have no ideal were to start. Is it commission?

  7. Hi Krista, great stuff, always looking for either in-home opportunities or to help other people like myself with disabilities to gain employment working out of their home, would love to discuss this with you, you have some great suggestions, and as a disability advocate, assess mental health holistic therapist, as a clinician part of the problem that people deal with is income related or not being able to be self-sufficient when you have disabilities differences or or you have unique circumstances thank you would love to contact you, great stuff, thank you so very much and blessings

  8. I am from India with 4 years of medical billing experience from provider end, can I also get work from home

  9. hi Crystal my name is Monica willabus I actually would like to know if you still advertise part-time and full-time jobs work-at-home I'm looking for something in caregiving answering the telephone please help in the nursing field of course thank you I appreciate that keep up the good work I enjoy your shows on YouTube ♥️

  10. I am an LPN and I am tired of working for nursing homes and agencies… can anybody give me advice on what would be good for me to work from home. I've been in LPN for 6 years. I want to work on my own and I am soooo done going into the facilities to work

  11. I have a bachelor degree in Nursing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am a US veteran and bilingual. I am willing to relocate and take the NCLEX.

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  15. I am currently a nurse looking work from home. Ive been a nurse for 15 years. Thank you for this video.

  16. Hi sis! I'm an RN and currently staying at home I wanted to try a homebased job for nurses at home. Can give me details what and where website to apply?.Do they accept Philippine based applicant. Thanks for the reply.. I find your video a helpful one..

  17. Hey am looking for medical billing jobs can u plz suggest me jobs in USA or is there any way to contact u regarding job for MB in USA??

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