HSN | Tony Little Health and Wellness 07.10.2019 – 01 PM

HSN | Tony Little Health and Wellness 07.10.2019 - 01 PM

we have the best styles hand-picked just for you join us every Thursday night to see what made the list discover a world of beauty like you've never seen before beauty report is the insiders guide to getting gorgeous join me tonight for a beautiful new routine a fresh take on timeless classics for all women simple easy elegance style that works today every day on HSN it's that time for us to say do age in I'm a student during the day and I'm a waitress at night so I'm on my feet all day for super long hours and trying the cheek sneaker sandals today I knew that they would fit great into my lifestyle I love the velcro that it has right here in the toe tracks that it has I love the adjustable strap and the traction on the bottom whether I'm running or walking I know it's great and I love the design here because it's gonna go great with anything I'm wearing during work or at school so it's super cute I love them and I'm so excited to use them it's the perfect combination right it's their best-selling sneaker on the bottom combined with that light airy super soft adjustable sandal on the top so what you get is feet that look great they're nice and cool fashionable but they are resting on gel pads arch support a beautiful microfiber lining everything about this feels good for the health of your feet and we have got a fantastic feature price for you on this wonderful sneaker sandal 37 dollars and 35 cents we do have flex pay available and everybody who has an HSN card gets extra flex payments as well so if you're ready to treat your feet this is the time to do it and it comes to us from America's personal trainer himself Tony Little recently awarded the first and fitness award to bring personal training being the first to do it into our homes and it's not just about diet and exercise Tony it's a whole well-being thing and a lot of that starts with your feet as well right yeah everything starts with the feet I mean everyone I'll tell you that pretty much that's it right that's right there they support our knees they support our hips our back or everything so anyway you can we help to reduce impact to your feet you're protecting yourself well these are so unique because you basically took your best-selling cross trainer in the air infused yep that's right we use their number one selling cross trainer bottom that we sold four years this is off of one of our cross trainers you can see it you got your tread it's a track design so it kind of fits your foot as you move gives you more activity or abilities with it you also have the gel reducing the impact here you have the micro suede like you said but also you have a foot cradle in there as well Tobar varsity and flex and obviously this is adjustable and it's cute and it's airy and it's going to sell I know can loop too so if you have like a higher top of the foot or a lower and you need to adjust you can do that this color is beautiful this is called fuchsia and this is the lowest quantity we have is in the fuchsia is it and of course the one you pick neutral that goes really cute and I do want to say not to point out my own imperfections but if you have bumps or bunions or anything you have room for that and that's really important in a shoe like this and I love to Tony that even the underside of these straps is a very soft fabric so that's the fuchsia you have got to see this blue how gorgeous is that you've got the bright blues the chambray is the navy blue I love that the footbed matches so it's a very high-class look it's a classy looking elegant sneaker sandal which you would never think would go together right so that's the blue there's olive we were talking about also very limited the pattern on this is like a creamy kind of off-white color and then at the end we have the black and red now sizing on this is 6 through 11 and Tony gave us half sizes and medium or wide width option so you really get like a custom fit on that and what do you think of the price it's pretty amazing isn't it kinda great these on your heel kind of sinks into that gel cushion and you get this like spring back like you would get if you were wearing a secret knowledge– it's crazy it's where fashion meets science where fashion meets wellness do we have time to listen to dr. Marjorie Ravitz because she says she's a foot surgeon a podiatrist and she loves what we do and we love her let's take a listen I want to tell you about the inside of the sneaker sandal it has so many great features it has an arch support which makes you feel comfortable while you're walking it puts your foot in proper position it has a toe bar which allows your toes to hold on so you feel secure in the shoe itself and you can walk in it and you can run in it and do everything that you would normally do and let me tell you about the ankle strap it allows your foot if it's a little bit more wide or narrow this is adjustable so you feel comfortable and secure in your shoe can't wait to the summer I'm from New York I'm gonna wear it everyday you'll be wearing them and you get to enjoy some extra benefits one of the things I didn't mention that is coming with every purchase here is a one-year VIP membership to tony's exclusive VIP training membership so what that means is you will have access via phone via email whatever is convenient to you to fitness professionals who can give you tips on diet nutrition exercise maybe you just need motivation that's $150 value right there and that's coming in the box this is such a great gift idea more value if you follow me too much [Laughter] which I think everyone should if they can afford it sure I'd say you pay $60 an hour do you leave with the set of shoes right losing weight the right way this is just what I believe are the 10 easiest most understanding steps that you can take to change your life well and I love the idea that even when you're out and about and you're wearing your great sneaker sandals you're still doing something good for your health and that's that's what it's all about it's all encompassing so maybe we can walk through the difference with something like this and maybe what we would typically think of with a summer sandal right well summer sandals are gonna be usually flat right I mean let's face it this is called a sneaker sandal all right understand the difference here this is gonna have more athletic type of movement right this is gonna have more dynamic movement this is gonna have more shock absorption this has a sporty look yeah it is so when you come over here and you watch them watch when she watched went with the tread right should I'm saying what's the tread that's because that's a way straighter bottom right that's a bottom that you're usually running or you're going to the gym or you're doing Fitness in and everything so this has all the you know and that's what it was a big customer pick for with the bottoms so we decided to marry it into a sneaker sandal that's what everything your foot touches to it's like this micro suede lining yeah it feels so nice and soft and then the underside of the straps nothing is stiff everything is movable malleable stretchy and then you can adjust on the top there with hook-and-loop and you can't even see it yeah you wouldn't even know and it's very important to be able to just sandals anyway because a lot of people have a different issue with each sided that's a foot right but interesting thing here too is when she lifts her foot up she has a gel heel pad that's okay so right here you have not only this huge bottom you not only have the energy pad but you have another gel heel pad to help to protect the impact up into your body feels so good that's a very color okay that is one of our more limited if you like the look of that it's fuchsias and there's bits of grey and even little drops of purple and coral mixed in we only have about 600 left in that fuchsia that is it now Donna's rocking the blue she looks awesome she's got her Bermuda shorts her cute little t-shirt this is like our everyday outfit in the summertime right and look at how good these look and again comfortable flexible there's cushion on this you a little bit of lift it's about an inch high so you're not flat on the ground and pounding your heels into the pavement all day long let's move into the Olive this is our most popular for sure if you want to pick this one up again right around the 600 pair that's across-the-board all sizes for everyone its size 6 through 11 with half sizes medium or wide width and I love that you gave us that option again it's its comfort but it's also better for your feet so that's the olive and then finally we have the black and red and again very pretty bold this is a nice fashion statement here it's fashion and health of your feet so why don't we take a look at some more people who love these we've got Ruth and Caroline standing by to share their testimonial and why they love these sneaker sandals as an owner and operator of my own business implant production I'm on my feet long hours in the day so when I had an opportunity to try the sneaker sandal I fell in love with them right away the support and the gel cushion in the heel is absolutely amazing and they're so comfortable so soft I just feel like I could wear them all day long and so I'd have to say this sandal is a winner for me well I'm a mom on the go and I'm always going to the gems I'm going to the my training facilities and what I really appreciate about the cheek sneaker sandals is that I love the velvety surface and the cross-training bottoms that really grips to the ground I love how much room I get and also fits very snug with the straps going over the front foot I definitely will love these sandals okay we just came up with a crazy demonstration in that amount of time we talked about this gel cone and how much bounce back you get and how light and airy these are I want to really let people see what's happening when they wear this type of shoe and when they were yours obviously there's no there's no you know I'm saying that's your boy right and the same thing if you hit right there right yeah just back it's all impact there's no arch support there's no absorption of any of the impact to a bottom or protecting anything else so you've got all that you come over here now you look at the bot here you have the gel des moines Boing Boing Boing Boing you have Boing Boing Boing Boing here and you have Boing Boing Boing Boing all around so that's your whole foot right so you better get outta way okay I never know what's gonna happen to me all right but that's just just showing you the energy return that you're getting on the bottom of your sandals that you get it can only get possibly on any of our trainers goodness so here's the thing if you want to get these home there are thirty seven dollars and change today for something that looks adorable feels great and is better for the health the overall health of your feet and the rest of your body so if you want to try these out you can use flex payment by the way and that's how you break up your one payment into equal monthly installments there's no interest everybody can use that any major credit or debit card you can even use PayPal so you can get these home for $18 and change by the way if you don't have the HSN credit card I highly recommend you apply it's our birthday month and we're doing something special when you're approved you can use that card to take $25 off any single item purchase so you could get these for $12 I mean this is technology you cannot find anywhere else the quality is supreme on these they feel great they look good the colors are beautiful and you can choose half sizes and medium or wide anywhere from size 6 to 11 so it is like a custom fit even seeing it from the side Tony and the arch support and the shape that you get that support under your arch is everything you see orthotics like that that are hundreds of dollars you're right you know what you would never be able to put him in a sandal you had never had there'd always be stiff and they would never have attract bottom right right right it's a very cool product hundreds of these going we've only got about a minute left in this presentation so I do encourage you if you want to try them and you like the fuchsia or the olive but I've had on those are the most popular so you might want to snag those up Oh olive okay 500 left in the olive it's genius yeah any seeker your top-selling cross-trainers right yeah yeah we're a top-selling cross trainer for many many years and we just wanted to I just came up with the idea why aren't we using snicker bottoms on a sandal right and especially since we have so much technology yeah I want you to try them out you will enjoy them you will love the way that they feel we have more coming up this hour another one of your big hitters or micropedic pillows these are unbelievable number one pillow here so that's coming up in just a bit right now let's here we go I was incredibly impressed I had heard the claims of it that you know you're gonna love this the first night and I was skeptical but it works this pillow when you lay your head on it it shapes to your head and it conforms to your head so there's no tossing and turning and you can just fall right to sleep and you're comfortable right away after the first night's sleep with the pillow I would never go back to a regular pillow again it was the best night's sleep I had in about ten years the reason that this micropedic pillow works is the fact that it provides cervical support for the neck the key to any good night's sleep is to have contoured support for the neck and that's what this pillow provides this is a pillow for me the importance of a good pillow is probably recognized the morning when they wake up and they've been on a an improper pillow they can toss and turn they keep them getting a good night's sleep so you can't underestimate the importance of having a good supportive pillow for a good night's sleep prior to using the micropedic pillow a typical night's sleep for me would be waking up and swapping out pillows throwing one off the bed picking one up off the floor as I needed something that was softer or harder or looking for something cool I had been trying all these other pillows that I wasn't getting any change so I figured it was the mattress the night I took home the micropedic pillow I had realized that the mattress wasn't the problem to begin with there was the pillow it was just supporting my neck and then keeping my face and in the back of my neck cool throughout the night which gives me a restful and refreshing sleep every night more than one-and-a-half million of these sold here at HSN the only place that you can find tony little's micropedic pillows they are filled with thousands of tiny little beads that you will never have to fluff or adjust no matter which way you sleep I'm telling you your head your neck your shoulders everything is cradled so much so that people have started using these now for their entire bodies they're taking them into the living rooms putting them on the couch wherever you need that beautiful support they're hypoallergenic they come with the pillowcase and we're doing a set of two and this is the upgraded version 20% bigger than the originals that Tony brought us so many years ago so you get to choose what size pillows you want we have full size queen-size or King they come with also hypoallergenic the covers there are a stretchy it's just the coolest thing if you've never tried these we have reduced our shipping and handling and we also have flex payments available and again take advantage of applying for the HSN credit card if you don't have it you can take $25 off any single item purchase so you can use that in this instance as well so Tony you know we talk about health and wellness and fitness and exercise and nutrition but it all starts here with sleep right if you're not sleeping good I listen you can do a lot of things you can work workout exercise 24 hours if you don't sleep that's right listen I'm not an expert on pillows okay a long time ago you know I'm always trying to better myself you know I'm getting older and I want to take care of myself and I wanted the right pillow for support of my neck I just wanted support that's all I always doing this dance yes I just wanted to support and so I went out and tried them so the first poll I bought was a memory foam pillow and it didn't work for me and I think everyone out there can understand why because a memory foam is actually pretty stiff okay see where the chin is to the chest so this is forcing his head up you can see it right there in the movement suck it up you know but done what it is with this one was it's also heavy its dense and it's hot you know it didn't work and then somebody told me about you know obviously down right well what the hell obviously has a lot of problems for other reasons right its brothers right but that's not just a big reason they're by the way my guy washed his jaw I wish I hit him too hard poor guy let this happen to you so here's the deal with this is down his feathers folks down flattens out it flattens out all the way so you have no support at all you have a really hot pillow and plus our pillows are hypoallergenic and they're always cool to the touch so what we did is we worked with home medicine you know who all medics is right there leader in personal care I mean they're really a big big company and we went out and we developed a micropedic sleep power and the key here is the patent you have the bottom part here which is basically for your neck area then you have a three but the reason it works is because no matter where you go on this pillow it will move to customize to your bone structure moves where you go and even if this dude wanted to stay right there right and the dumbbell wanted to be there it could and even if he wanted to stay it's there still everywhere you're going know shifty nothing's shifting everything and automatically credos each one of my fingers so it's a cradling system it's a customization system it never gets hot and never gets hot which is also something you sleep cool so what happened is when we first started someone in here which sold only one pillow and then everyone was complaining because husband would steal her kids would steal and there wasn't enough so we're starting to put the two packs together cuz everybody but I can't tell you once you start you in at buying six sets right but here's here's another deal I found out that we all have expensive beds you can spend a lot of money on our beds right but sometimes your beds don't customize like see and I'm not saying this cures anything I'm saying see what it's doing here with your elbow yeah it's enveloping because you have a 90 million air infused cushions in this pillow right and everywhere you move at night if your elbow is bothering you is going to be cradled in soft support and then never got same thing here see your vertebrae it's more like this is now watch this it cradles and fills in customizes to your back you know to your spine and then the minute you move at night you don't have to fluff the pillow it moves wherever you move so that was really the concept and the same thing is with you know listen like this with me what do you see every part of the joint right is passive filling right and if you move at night you don't have to bend down and move it and fluff it it fluffs for you that's because all of this right here is what's in that right there there over like this one right here this up pull pillow size there's about 65 million air infused cushions in there and 65 million and I'm going fast because they know we don't have much time but I want to show you something else okay I'm kind of proud of all right so it's hypoallergenic right it's got a five-year warranty and everything like that well I want you to say that's I did this I did this before anybody ever thought about it you know what that is what do you think that's that spandex many years ago I said here you have a technology pillow right you have a pillow right there that's technology that is designed to customize to your body wherever you go right you can't put a cotton pillowcase on it because it'll just stand up so what am I gonna do I'm going to put cool breathable performance spandex that's kind of like your purchase if you haven't seen it seems to be the big trend now you're not with the trend with this like 12 years ago right because that's what this does this whole pillow right but I know we don't have I know we have a lot of testimonials you want to go to that before we go to bed or let's hear from some people yeah let's hear from those of you who loved this and why it's so great for them and how it has changed their life because if you're sleeping better I'm telling you it carries over into the rest of what you do take a look after being introduced to the micropedic pillow i found that that was the ultimate of pillows and have since bought about five or six more for the rest of the rooms in the house the micropedic pillow actually when you lay on it it actually molds to your neck in the back of your head your shoulders and when you roll over it conforms to each individual as they're sleeping it cools me and also relaxes me and I sleep like a baby and then the next day I wake up ready to go back to work in comparison to the other pillows that I've tried the micropedic pillow instantly just cradles your head and it's just very very comfortable we bought several of them loved them even bought a couple for the RV now we have them in every guest room so I can't say enough about the pillow it's great all right are you ready to experience these I mean this is a sale price point it's a set of two you get the pillowcases you choose your size we have full-sized queen size or King and with flex payment that is how you get these home now and pay them off over time interest-free so for instance the full size you can get home for $22 and seventy five cents the queen twenty five dollars gets them home and if you want to go big because you will we're gonna show you all the ways to use this the King a flex payment on that is twenty seven dollars and change use your HSN card you get two more flex payments and if you don't have one go ahead and apply because right now when you're approved you can use that card and take another $25 off any purchase so that would really make this an affordable way to experience what everyone is saying listen more than one and a half million of these have been sold here at HSN and there's a reason why and Tony what type of sleeper you are side back well you know that's the thing I think we've been you know we were ripped off with marketing in that area oh you have to have a separate side sleeping pillows every back so people well the difference here is because of the patent the customization system like so you're a back sleeper right I mean like this look what it's doing it's cradling here it's not messing up her hair it's cold it's cool to the face she doesn't have to use her hands if she wants to move her head over there she just moves her head over to the corners go all the way to the end go to the ends yeah so you don't have to no fluffing involved with this pillow okay and looking at your finger right there when you got each finger is cradled right and look what this doing here right so that's why people love it but take a look now if she wants to be a side sleeper I'm a side sleeper all right and you get a sore shoulder or whatever like that but here's the deal with this when she's when you sleep side was this see what's happening it's creative when your elbows it's it's supporting your core it's coming around and this feels like cool cold sack yeah to your face so you want that coldness on your face right yeah and then what you're doing is coming and supporting them easing right what pillow supports your neck as you're sleeping on the side and that's the thing then you don't have to stack them you don't have to stop and floss because you know what that means that means in the middle of the night you're waking up oh you're absolutely waking up and now they stomach sleeper okay okay I'm gonna move this pillow out of the way right there you go know what that's another reason why I love the you know the king-size look the king-size basically turns to judge a gondola around and again anything that touches this or comes in or it moves it cradles her it's the same way hope she doesn't have a pillow down there I actually usually have a pillow this show that something else wears I'm going to show you because it's a customization system so I do it you're getting two of these so anything when you can go ahead and put your legs up over it like you're helping because like when my back so now you have this which again is cool which cradles which is comfortable which is not hard yes and now you're helping to you know to stretch out your back as you're sleeping come over here okay now he's doing it right she's on a queen pillow look at the clink oh it's cradling her toes cretan were feeding cradling everywhere she was and anywhere if she says if I want to put my hand right here it cradles my two fingers it customizes that's the beauty of it and that's why we have it is the number one all-time record-breaking selling pillow well it's crazy what started happening is people got these home we started reading the reviews about them sleeping better feeling better during the day taking them out of the bedroom and onto the couch into the living room the desk chairs and I think that's what contributed to more than one and a half million being sold so let's hear from some more people who love these pillows whose lives have been changed we've got Jeff and Shelly's standing by to share their experience we've had the micropedic pillows for about five years we started off as one and that became a fight and then someone else wanted one and then and we got another one and then the two daughters wanted one and it's so on and so on and now the dogs sleeping on one it's just it just goes on because everybody wants one it's so funny as the girls grow they want a bigger pillow a bigger version of the same pillow and like they slept on the Queen and then he went to the Jumbo and then they went to the the body pillow now I'm laying on the floor and now now you can't find a dog and he's hiding in the corner and sleep it on the pillow they have in their room yeah so now they're like mom you know I'll stick over here another one I'm like yeah that's a really good excuse but hey it works on girls and the dog pillow then they were all taking it away from us so we have to hide our pillows it's kind of funny so if you're just joining us I want to explain to you the opportunity that you have here because if you're sick and tired of your neck and your head not being supported fluffing your pillow waking up with a sweaty you know head of hair because your pillows hot this is your opportunity to get that better night's sleep and what we're doing for you is a 2-pack so you're going to get two of whichever size you choose hypoallergenic again they're cool to the touch everything is cradled and supported they come with two pillow cases as well also hypoallergenic they are breathable they're gonna help you get a better night's rest you choose if you want to pick up the full size the queen size or our most limited the set of two King we only have about 1600 left total in the king-size for everybody out there if you want to get this home on flex pay that is the best way to do it you break up this price point it's interest-free you don't sign up for anything but you get them home now and pay them off overtime so for instance that king-size you could get home today for twenty seven dollars and 74 cents and if you have an HSN credit card you get two extra flex payments right now so 18 dollars and 49 cents to get both of these home and I mentioned this earlier but what started happening was one and a half of you have ordered these you get them home and you end up taking them outside of the bedroom because you start to realize you need that cradling and that support everywhere else in the home so we're gonna show you some examples of Tony of the feedback that you've gotten of how people are starting to I mean it's a customization system we spent so much money on our furniture but does our furniture fit or spying or better things right they're here what it does he can sit in taken and a chair that he probably spent a grand on or more and now he customizes it completely to his backpack he can win his head back and at the same time it makes the chair core because the pillows are cool you know that's the way this with the beats come on over here how many people on this pillow get a chance to try something in person you're already sold that's why you need how many suppose she's cradling her head customizing you want to touch it because it's always cold now the minutes that she you have a big couch here and she's watching television and she once came home from work what's he gonna do go ahead and put your whole back on this if he would please alright so watch what happens when she can see what it's doing look it's customizing to her lower back it's customizing when she comes back to her neck right custom I see him over here now Ghana that is like her chair into like a queen chair or something right here she's got an armrest he's making an armrest out of them it's totally customized into her people that are in their offices V this will cradle yeah well you know the statistics of people sitting for to over four hours a day it's not good statistic so here anytime she wants she's up filling in the back see there's your curve right then come over here and I can show you this real quick and then I'm this is a so for example this person right here yeah but she died but um before he did he was he was all of a sudden drinking one night and he any kind of leaned to the side and his wife didn't like that so she put him over here right but you can move anywhere you want you go wherever you go it's kind of cradle that's what the difference is and again I always think the cooling is a big part of it tell me about the inside all of these micropedic beads because a lot of times we pick up these pillows that are full they're they flatten out to nothing or they're so dense they don't move with you this is what's cool we only did this in the last two years we I wanted this I had that kind of the question so here you go this is a doubt our next to me this is a fiberfill okay vibra fill I consider to be probably the cheapest of your filt agent ones you find in the bin right yeah exactly so but I took two of these and I took the air out of them Wow and so this is two of these in here in here right let's face it air is the problem yeah okay so over here this is memory foam yeah it's pretty step you wouldn't think that error would be a problem with that right yeah okay here's two of them look at that took the air out of because you know why because there's air in that and what that means is there's no support no support and it's also gonna be hot here is down look at the size and that's a down pillow that's all you're gonna dump oh here's two of them I believe it right cuz down for sure is probably the most expensive pillow but it has no support and it's always hot and you always end up having to find other pillows to put under it what very reason and yours ours right why is our still like this there's no air in this yeah no none it's crazy right but why is it like that because all our air infused cushions are chambered yeah okay okay there is no air that all the air is in the actual cushion right it's not just air flowing so this cannot this cannot it moves wherever you move customizes to whatever you're doing and never flattens out on you or gets hot and you know what's amazing you believe in these so much she's had a five-year warranty well I know what you listen I don't can we believes in these it's amazing there's not anybody in our family that doesn't sleep on these and and want more and more and more and more and more pillows I'm just telling you well the difference in a product like this is you're investing in yourself you're investing in your family it's your sleep and you don't have to go out and spend a thousand dollars or more on a new mattress you know you can use these all over the body if you want to well what made you think we need to show people putting weight on pillows like this no just illustrating I'm illustrating it and not only support something that's heavy like that's probably the size duh it cradles it you can everywhere you go in this pillow no matter where you go it's gonna customize that's the key to it it's a customization system nothing like it anywhere else so anywhere you go on this pillow it will follow where you move and it will move wherever you move in it will support every part of your body and it never gets hot so what we're doing today for you is a 2-pack you get to choose if you want the full size the queen size or the king but you're gonna get two of these with the pillowcases as well which by the way is that super stretchy breathable material hypoallergenic also feels cool to the touch you can get additional pillowcases if you need them I know a lot of you have multiples of these I will say the King size is our most limited right now so and that's the big one and if you look at the difference in flex pay you're talking a couple of dollars so you may as well go bigger and get that support all around but if you want to get those we're down to about 1,500 or so left in the Kings I like the big ones we used to do a a big you know body pillow with that everyone's beating me up all the time now where's your body pillow we want them because you can sleep on the floor but the people are now using the king pillow because the king pill you get on the floor well Tony don't fall asleep yet because I've got more coming for you we actually are gonna help you get an entire full body workout without any weights without having to go anywhere without even having to bend down to change things out you do not want to miss it that's coming up right after this message we use goat milk because we had it and that's how our company started but what we learned over the years is how beneficial goat milk is not only for the skin but for your body go milk add moisture to your skin it's really the most amazing ingredient people really do notice the hydration of their skin the farm two skin difference only with Beekman 1802 it's that time for us to say we are going to celebrate and keep the party going months long because there ain't no party like an HSN card so tune is all this schmuck come join the party as we say I love using the easy shaper because it's a complete body workout in one unit and it's so compact I can really take it anywhere I can travel with it taking it use it in hotel rooms in my small home anywhere I was so impressed the first time with how the ease of use you know just roll it and go from 60 all the way up somewhere around 90 pounds going from the intermediate to advanced rolling up each time increasing the weight was incredible my arms I felt like they were going to explode and that's what I look for in my workouts I look for a pump get them get the muscles pumped up and with this the easy shaper was it was an unbelievable as an exercise physiologist there are so many reasons why I love the easy shaper 360 I use it in all my classes and with my clients because they don't have to bend down to grab dumbbells or change resistance all they have to do is load reload or unload in a heartbeat you can move in every direction in every plane so it's perfect for working upper body and lower body every exercise I can do with other equipment I can do with my clients with just one piece of equipment I love the easy shaper 360 well this is exciting who better than America's personal trainer to bring you a system like you just saw that can give you a complete workout head to toe men women younger older whatever your fitness level and it's all in one kit that weighs about two pounds that you can take literally anywhere that you want to here's the thing this is the lowest price we have ever offered this for you it's called a this day only which means at midnight that price point goes away big customer pick you can read the reviews but I just want to quickly walk you through everything that you're getting right at the top here this is what you're gonna put up on the wall it's a wall chart right it's the quick eight how you can get in shape and it's gonna help you see all the different exercises that you can do but don't worry you don't just have the chart you are actually getting 6 DVDs here and these are one on one workout DVDs with America's personal trainer we've got different examples of cardio hip-hop there's chair lip you can sit down while you do this fitness dancing you can work on your abs total body transformation whatever your goals you can do it with this this is the easy shaper Pro bar this is where the magic happens because this is how using the 2 chords that you get you can absolutely adjust how much weight you want to do you get an up to 60 pound power cord you get the 90 pound power cord you also get one year included of a VIP personal training membership this alone is a hundred and fifty dollar value right here and what it means is you have access to professionals via phone online they can give you advice on nutrition working out if you have questions they can give you motivation if you need it as well all of this will come with the travel bag too so as I mentioned you're taking this anywhere that you want and Tony full body workout no matter what your fitness goals no matter who you are I mean it's ridiculous more for one month at a gym this is this is one of the products that is one of my favorite and by the way feel free to go on hsn.com and look at do reviews huge customer this is my highest longest best review product that I have ever done other than the Gazelle and you know what it was across the board to every type of listen I could sit here and say you need to take one to two into your house for you today you only need one for house it cut for everybody got one so let me show you the concept which I was getting tired of always bending over changing weight like and it's hard on your back it's hard on your thing I was getting tired of buying all the separate cords which cost by the way when I went out and checked just for up to 60 pounds in cords it was $160 yeah then include a bar then include any six personal trainer produce so here's the concept pretty simple okay you have a bar by the way this bar breaks down which you saw right so you go like that super lightweight but it takes it on the road with you it has a carrying bag with it as well but here's the idea so if I'm gonna do a press right yeah and I want to get in shape I just go like that so I simply roll it okay every time I roll it I'm adding more weight roll it again add more weight roll it again add more weight roll it again not having to bend down and pick anything else then watch this back to zero Wow alright and I can do over a hundred and twenty exercises on this so kids so when you come over here and watch everyone you come over here and you see this little guy right here you know get small kind of wimpy yes he's using black cord the black cord goes up the 90 pounds of continuous resistance and what I mean by that when you use freeway and I love freeway there is a you lose more it's a momentum thing right right yeah I'm kind of like dropping this type of cord is this type of stuff used in rehab physical therapy and things like that because it goes with your body so add weight come on you come on go for it okay do a bicep curl wait on that with you okay see what I'm saying so he can do it and anyone else can do it because he comes with the cords and then I can say I'm not playing with you today I'm going over here come over here now it becomes where you can dance with it no radio Oh unbelievable cardio cardio muscle toning Pilates type exercises stretching anything you want to do right so she can do compound movement she's going down she's doing squats now she's adding an upper body movement it you come over here to barb right barb can do anything that you would have to do on a big machine barb is so much more flexible than me you have to get up and change the weight on a machine no she simply rolls it all right and his Barbara's doing that if I wanted to right and I wanted to work my ABS okay right yeah I could sit here and now makes the perfect setup look at that cuz it helps bring me up and make it perfect right yeah now if I bring it back the other way then I can do leg lifts I can come in with it I can do adduction I can turn this around and I can now do abduction and guess what else I can do when I take it back like this it helps me get up I want to point out if you're just joining us too I know we're doing a lot and it seems like what you can do but it is very simple you get six workout DVDs you even get the wall chart to show you how to do each thing so it's one of those things that yes you can do a lot with it but everybody from a novice to the extreme workout enthusiasts can do this this is why it's got so many great reviews I think you see a lot of people in there say they love the personal training programs because you're getting six personal training programs with three different levels on each program beginner intermediate advanced so today I take it like this right say you're in your hotel room right okay you take it in your hotel room obviously you remember this breaks down to that bag right there right if you take it in now all of a sudden I just go like this right I can use it as a PEC deck right or I can go back and forth like you would what you get two things or I could sit there and if I could and when I want to add resistance when I'm boxing I just go like that so it never ends with this darn thing it's crazy watch watch can you do my favorite she does a jumping jack like nobody's ever seen ok watch look at don't get there jumping jacks that's that's a genius behind the easy shaper Pro bar everybody I don't care who it is everybody can do it that's just the keep unit then she can just do squats into a compound movement just as quick as she did that so every time she twists the rope up like that she's adding more more just as we resistance that's the beauty of this you'll never stop to switch things out you don't need a whole room dedicated to weights and bars and you know the different pulleys it all comes included and you even gave us two different types of verses the orange cord by the way so and I know we have some great video that shows the change out of this as well but very simply when you want to change it out here's your thing so this is a 60 pound cord right that's it up to 60 pounds resistance you've got this is up to 60 pounds so if you're 10 pounds 20 pounds whatever then the black cord where's the black quartet and that goes up to 90 okay the black cords go up to 90 pounds and believe me it's continuous resistance is very important but here you look at this in the privacy of your own home by the way for people that are in condos and trailers in smaller areas nobody hears you unless you're giggling when you're doing you know I was just stone quiet right that's right and everything you're getting all breaks up it weighs about two pounds when everything's broken down and it fits inside a little travel bag so when we talk about living in smaller spaces traveling for a student you know anyone who wants to get rid of the obstacle of not having enough space or enough time this is it and because you're not stopping to switch out weights all the time you are doing this in a more efficient way remember six DVDs come with this each DVD has three different fitness levels and there's all different types you want to do aerobics do you want to work on your abs you want to do overall training it all comes with it a one-year VIP personal training membership and that's $150 value so that means you can at any time call or email and talk to an actual personal trainer a fitness professional they give you advice on exercises give you motivation nutrition tips if you need it that's coming with it two different resistance bands it's a lot of stuff and this price is less than one month at a gym it's a lot of good stuff okay crank this up but listen uh I believe personal training is important that's why I did it so I'm the one I'm the first person to bring a lot of personal training to the masses I was lucky to do that right and I was inducted into the national fitness Hall of Fame in 2002 warded the first in fitness but I was the first year to make sure that you weren't being ripped off too because people were doing beginner tapes right and then doing a separate intermediate tape and doing the end of this advanced and then we're getting three times money on you yeah I found out that I can do workouts with a clock that I developed right that allows you to go thirty seconds per exercise if you're a beginner sixty seconds if you're intermediate 90 seconds if you're advanced so enabled whole families to work out together at their own fitness goal if I come over here and obviously I'm gonna show you this because this was important this is actually where I developed it okay two different things I did and people know me and know what I'm telling what I mean obviously she can sit there and worker legs if she puts resistance on this more resistance she can actually do cardio bicycles Wow okay so watch this she was just doing the inside with ice the outside every thighs so right so that's the more weight so she has to wait and she can actually do cordial coming over here Steve is just you know working his upper body at the same time but seriously can you hop up just for a second right how I developed it yes was you know I had two babies and everything like that but the is I wanted to I wanted to sit down watch television and work my biceps I love this idea right yes I just wanted to do it and it was always hard to bend down and pick up a 20-pound dumbbell right and then go through a 30 pound or whatever it was it was like you know your back what alone you know the baby's walking around with dumbbells all over the floor yeah yeah yeah they are they're they're strong babies um but so the concept here was there's so much you can do sitting right so they said I you I even have a chair workout right but I was just sitting then I was playing and I had one made it's a prototype and I'm working my arms now do I have to bend down cutaway no I'm watching my favorite show HSN every time I want to add weight add weight when I'm done I go back to zero so it was the beauty of all this uh oh and I did I know how much time in the show and I know we have some great video and stuff like that but I want to show you this too because this would be when I'm in the hotel rooms it's very important okay so anything you want to do you can do right I mean it's no no the more you roll the more resistance more resistance so when I go like this right and I and I want to do this or if I wanted to do triceps I could go like that right what the biggest thing for me when I'm in the hotel is after I'm done with my workout is it helps me get up I think the reason that this has been such a huge easy huge hit is it encompasses every body every fitness level no matter what you need to work on men women younger older doesn't matter it all folds up all your obstacles are gone like the cost obstacle is right the time it's gone the room that you need everything loads up here and everybody can do this I want to show you some more people who have been able to use this system to completely change the way that they feel and the way they live the rest of their lives so let's take a look at Cameron and Lynette well the one thing that I did love about the easy shaper was that if I wanted a harder workout all I had to do was turn the bar and as I was turning the bar the chords would get tighter so it would add more resistance and if I wanted a little bit less I could just change it up it made the workout fast effective I didn't have to stop what I was doing it was just it was nice what I like about the easy shaper is because I'm a personal trainer and a professional level figure competitor I love how it really challenged me I was able to without stopping the exercise to adjust my resistance quickly and get back into the exercise I was able to do lots of combination moves and I really felt my heart rate up from beginning to end and I felt like it was a great challenge for me even at my fitness level and I'm thinking as a personal trainer with my clients I could use this for all levels of clientele it was just so cool but it matches your body but think about it for a second really seriously everything you're do everything I mean this is what I do these are I own personal trainer DVDs I mean that's why I was early on so rebuild is kind of like an anti-aging type program that I put together and my when I go was a little older for building more muscle because as you get older you better keep your muscle right that's one of the worst things as you get older total body transformation is for everybody that wants to you know lose fat you know total overall muscle Express ABS it's exactly what it is very quick ab workout beginner level intermediate level advanced level this is really fun this is called cardio hip-hop and so she does to all the hip-hop dancing and every time she wants resistance she just rolls the bar I love that so cool this is obviously a chair workout where you can do a complete total body workout in the chair and this is fitness dancing with Georgie who's an amazing dance instructor who put it together so there's so many people who love it this is one years of personal training so anyone that gets us everyone in their family can pick up the phone call my personal trainers daily during the work week and talk to them bring us no charge right for a year for a year then keep in mind you've got the travel bag you've got the 90 pound okay power cords a 60 pound okay it comes in this which i think is good for travel and everything so it opens your thing so everything's inside everything and then you also have another chart up here you have a get in shape a quick shape wall chart that goes with it so I mean here's the thing hire a personal trainer I mean even one hour and you know 50 60 dollars maybe for one or you've got an entire system with six different types of workouts for every level of fitness $34.95 that's just for today so at midnight that goes away but I want you to think about return on investment here for an entire family purchase that everybody can use everybody knows that even the DVDs about 20 bucks HSN card by the way if you don't have it you can take crazy okay so you know here's traditional right and don't get me wrong I grew up on traditional right wait well I'm gonna start to do it too but I won't scare you as much right amount of weight yeah so I can go to weight right now watch okay you little small guy you you add weight because I'm gonna add weight so watch me I'm adding weight right your dad I'm gonna get reps right right so I'm gonna add more weight right I'm gonna get more reps for exercises you know I'm gonna add more weight all right okay I'm done with my workout by the time he gets that thing pick it up and then where are you putting this when you're done oh yeah oh you're not gonna put it in a little bag and here's the deal and people know it so you go out there believe it or not that cost almost 1,200 bucks Syleena and there's only what about seven sets of dumbbells all right here everybody has exercise and they're all good but I just try to put more value in so you can do more things with one thing but if you had to buy a 20 ball and 18 pound ball a 15 pound ball Tim you've probably spent well over $150 $200 okay any of these the bars are all different see these bars here yes that's crazy to me because you have to buy a 10 pound bar a 15 pound bar or a 20 pound bar have no flexibility to customize ah so this you only need one I could sit here and say buy a whole bunch of these but I'm telling you one of these will work for your family and it will work for yourself like nothing you've ever have and I have another three workout DVDs that we can send you you know when you want to order them and the point is to you can do this any time and you're at home right I don't have to get in the car make a trip to the gym working into my schedule wait for the weights hope I I know what I'm doing because I don't have a personal trainer there just forget all of that and do it at home pop in a DVD on your own time well I mean it's amazing that you can work this into your life in such a simple way and again it's not it's not herky-jerky right it's gentle and the joints everything's really good you know I'm sure you don't want to be swinging something that's how you're hurt you can even sit down and do your workout you're sitting down I know you really do legitimately and that's another reason I love it legitimately you have cardio you have muscle toning muscle building you have stretching you have flexibility you have cross-training you have anything that would be doing to a dance body building muscle performance sports performance all of this are one thing and when we come back I'll show you some other things how many years have we been offering this I think this has probably been about eight almost a decade yeah you know today is the lowest we've ever offered in that whole time ever if you use flex pay too by the way if you have an HSN card eight dollars and 74 cents this is the most worthwhile investment today if I could say something that you know with that because really seriously we all need exercise our body needs exercise and I give you the personal training programs I give you the personal trainer and I give you something that really truly can go up to 90 pounds of consistent constant resistance and you or it could be five pounds or it could be a punch whatever you want yeah what a great gift this would meet you let's check in with some more people and see why they love the system so much we've got Jenny bita tell us more hi my name is Jenny I'm a certified personal trainer and fitness program partner and today i got the pleasure of using the easy shaper Pro and was pretty much blown away by how quickly I felt the burn for me compound moves are super super important because sometimes I have to cut my workouts quick so being able to work out two moves at one time is super ideal the second thing that was super appealing to this was how lightweight it was and how I could just pack it in my suitcase and take it with me because sometimes I have to travel to client's house and it would be impossible to put 15 dumbbells with this click it right together put it in show up pull it out we're ready to rock so I can't wait to bring this home and have my clients use this I think they're gonna be really excited another advantage that the easy shaper is that I don't have to switch from one piece of equipment to the other it could replace dumbbells and squat machines and everything because it's all-in-one there are so many ways to use it it's endless the possibilities are absolutely endless the easy shaper uses these bands to stretch and create progressive resistance to increase my resistance I just roll it up a bit I can roll it a little bit more and you keep on moving and when I need to I can just decrease it on the fly just let it unroll you just unwind it's as easy as that and you've got all the guides and DVDs that you need to help you out along the way and I was trying to count with Tony how many exercises and stretches you can do with this over 100 right let's walk through some of the cool things you can do with this we got a lot of people in here to show you examples yeah we're gonna go through it out quickly show you obviously I developed it in a chair okay so I can work my waist in the chair and when I want to add weight I simply roll it which you just saw right so I can do all that if I want to watch TV and work my shoulders to be on the cast right if I want to take this curve the reason I got the curve in the bar which so that you can go behind your head and do your triceps get rid of the flabby arms you know yeah that thing like that at the same time I add a little bit more weight I lean back and I can do biceps right add more weight biceps right and then when I'm done what happens you go back to zero coming over here she's over here she can do cardio she can do adduction abduction inside the thighs outside Steve over here is working total body he's gone ahead and using and so he's getting his strength back as smoothly he's moving again remember power cords like this are used in physical therapy and Rehab therapy and a lot of things because there's no herky-jerky movement it's a safe type movement you come over here see what see what's going on here is she's now standing on the bar and he's working he's doing his shoulders he's working to add weight anyway that's how okaynow bucks pretend you're actually gonna hit me because I beat you all the time anyway that's coming over here she's now doing this look at this dancer and weight good job I mean it doesn't matter if you want a little bit of cardio if you want to do some dancing there's a DV for that maybe you like to lay down and work on your stretching yeah well she's right now she's doing kind of Pilates like exercises and when she wants to add resistance and to her hips he have more muscle tone she just rolls the bar and that's the big deal nobody has to stop and get up and reach and Bend and add things she's doing a compound movement right she's doing a squat and in an upper body at the same time then we get rid of the dancing now how many people out there and I know what the women side of it for sure log dancing right log dancing yes what happens if you could dance have fun and this Court would follow you everywhere you went and you were burning way more calories way more muscle toning still enjoying dancing and there's a whole DVD for that oh yeah there is yeah you never have to guess what to do with this I know we show you all the versatility and all the options that's just to give you an idea of that no matter what your goal is you can do it but what I love is that Tony's not just gonna give you the equipment and then you're on your own you are seriously it's like having your own personal trainer anytime you need it oh look at the DVDs there she is so there's one of the other ones should I develop see what she's doing that women love this because this is very fun I can't dance with anything all right my wife's tells me that so then I come over here she again then here's another body workout beginner level is 30 seconds and then once it gets past this yellow and goes in the red now you're advanced so it encourages you that's what I did for many years in all my training videos so this is one on one total body workout and there's technique sections just so you understand that's another reason I got the awards I did yes because instead of just doing an exercise video I do a complete technique section showing you how to do the right proper technique of every exercise before you ever get into the workout with me how much you're gonna get Tony little into your living room to train you I mean this is how you do it with this system this day only means at midnight kind of like a today's special at midnight this price point will go away we've never had it at $34.95 before we have one minute left in this Tony I just overall is there anything you'd like to share with someone who's watching and thinking maybe I should try this finally you know what I think it's pretty simple Fitness you know anti-aging everything that every four people need to do you need to keep strong you need to keep flexible you need to take care of your body your body is your vehicle through the light you can drive a jalopy or a Ferrari you know what I'm saying all right you got to take care of it right this is a gentle way this is a way that has over a hundred exercises this is allows everyone in your family and it definitely doesn't bust the bank yeah and you're still getting basically ten to twelve sets worth of dumbbells that would cost you hundreds of hundreds of dollars in one machine and the idea that it is truly a family purchased yeah it's everybody who you live with no matter the fitness level or their age you just change the weight right there just by rolling it barb do that again because that's one of the hottest things going in the gym right well the thing you were doing before the lifts the pelvic whip right watch it this is very very popular now so I actually I've seen and I'm sure you guys have too right I've seen women taking a 180 pound delta weight do it guys try this out again the price only good for today Tony thank you so thank you so much in particular Sal just all around with our wellness you can always go to hsn.com and see more from Tony Little I had a great time shopping with you I will be back tomorrow at 12 p.m. for lunch rush I'll see you later I'm gonna do it

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