I Built A Chicken Playstation

I Built A Chicken Playstation

one of the features of this chicken playstation is it has fork a piece of the corn and this is their fort they sleep in at night and I call it fort night this is the Tomb Raider swing I've decided to take this little leg it used to be the horse run under when it would rain and stuff but I just can't tear it to him because I'd like it all the chickens love that thing when they're free-ranging and they go under there so I'm gonna turn that into a little chicken play station and just start adding a bunch of little chicken stuff and I made this cute little sign I painted so I'm gonna put that up to start with and then I'm gonna make a little swing a little chicken swing and hang it under there and then I'm just going to keep adding stuff so it's just like full a little chicken stuff okay so I also have this little old jumpy piece of log here I'm gonna use was a little chicken swing I just have to get this little bit of fencing off it and then I'm just gonna pound that one in good so I don't have to bother I always throw this stuff right away in the garbage because I wouldn't want my horses to accidentally like eat that out of the grass and you might think Oh that'll never happen it has happened not my horses but I knew somebody's forced it if they did an x-ray ate a piece of metal and it died one good thing about having my mule and my horses is you get good hate wine this stuff is this stuff is durable and it's cute this time cuz it's blue so it's gonna match my sign up there charlie so ornery when I go to get on him he pushes me off this he thinks it's so funny he gets close enough to push me off it's like his little mule joke his little mule sense of humor he is just so funny we need scissors and a poker to get it right through the hole little scraps around your yard from just over the years of doing projects like is perfect to do you know little chicken chicken town or just little stuff like that it's like don't waste your money just look around and get bits and pieces the animals don't care and you can save money it doesn't have to be perfect and still be cute and the animals will like it okay so what I'm gonna do is tie a couple knots and see if it holds it up I should have made sure both ropes were exactly the same length okay so it's like so I'm going to tie a knot right here so it can't go through the hole and it'll hold the log on the rope look you want to put one knot over top of the other knot like that it makes them not bigger let's say there see that so before I tie the second one I'm just going to double check again and stay that's about right oh what I like to do is put the grit under here so you know I feed them under here to when I call them so I just sprinkle this around you want to make sure you have plenty and they'll come up here and eat this when they need it I'm gonna go do one more of the crushed oyster shell I've gotta have the crushed oyster shell because that makes their egg shells really nice and hard and they don't break easy and I have quite a few chickens now okay so then we're gonna get the food they're like smell you later in the hot hot summers you cannot have like too many little waterers just have them everywhere so like every step of the way they can get a drink and when it gets in the afternoon when it's really hot they'll kind of hang around under the cover here in the shade I just want to point out if you live in somewhere south and it's very hot it is very very very important for those chickens to have dark dark shade to hang out in they need something like a cover like this they will go under my porch on my cabin or they will go in their own hen house over there now I'm talking later this afternoon when it's like blazing hot and wherever that place is they go you have to make sure you have several little containers of water I just have the stairs there because I was using them but you know there's two water cans over there little water bowls and that's because when you have quite a few chickens you just want to make sure like all of them have access to water at all times throughout the hot afternoons a lot of people will tell me their chickens have stopped laying and my chickens are still laying I'm still getting eggs every single day not quite as many but I'm still getting eggs every day so I think a lot of it has to do with you know just providing them with what they need to be more comfortable and then their egg production just continues all summer but of course dark shade and water are going to be two essentials if you'd like to learn more about chickens you can get my book Becky's guide to raising backyard chickens the link is in the description below thanks for watching see you next time bye bye


  1. Hey Becky
    Watched your videos before I got any chickens enjoy all the information
    I started a flock of my own
    A Plymouth rock , andalusian and silkie

  2. Hmm, I thought about having one of those covers with a south facing roof so I could put a solar panel on top. The solar panel could power a fan so at least the dogs could stay cooler.

  3. I love your videos, they are so relaxing! I can imagine my own future homestead while watching yours! 💗

  4. How fun! We just started out, we've been watching your videos and loving them! We just built a chicken coop/run for the first time. Definitely going to take some ideas from you on some fun for them!

  5. Huh? Chickens get bored? Hmmm, you must have been a chicken before you became a human. I love this idea, lol. I already have toys for them. I'm the same way when it comes to picking up stuff you don't want your animals to eat.

  6. I need to figure out a better solution for water for my chickens. Any standing water makes my current mosquito infestation even worse.

  7. Don't forget chickens are really descendants of so called "jungle fowl". I reckon if you made a tangle of beams and shelves they'd hang out there most of the day. They'd feel as though they're back in a jungle! In Australia we've had a controversy about free range chickens being unhappy. It's probably because we make them go out into bare paddocks where they probably feel totally vulnerable to predators. I could be wrong about this though! Great video – heaps of fun Becky.

  8. That’s why I love you… you’re in love with life! You inspire me! I love my chickens!

  9. We have waterers all over our yard but I guess this crazy heat we've been getting is to much for my girls. They haven't been laying at all.

  10. Hey becky your are one of the calmest homesteaders on YouTube you are very nice to your animals and take good care of your animals keep on doing what your doing and stay amazing! 🐴🐑🐔
    Also I never thought would get chickens but now I have chickens ducks pheasants and soon I am going to get quail and they are separated and not together

  11. Becky… LOL… You are such a hoot!
    Love your projects. 💚
    Today I just started another 'raised bed' for kitchen garden herbs and kale. What do you think about those rubber hoses for drip irrigation? Friend Faith

  12. Becky, last week you mentioned you were going to get rid of your scissors because they were dull. I forgot to post and tell you that : You can easily sharpen them! take aluminum paper , folded several times. Make it into a wide strip , the length of the scissor blade, and cut, cut, cut all the way down , as if you were making a fringe on fabric. It really works. I have tried it. Next time I am thinking of using an aluminum pie tin , which I keep as a water saucer for plants ( in a pinch ) but I never put those where the sun would cook the bottom un lease i need heat for propagation. I think those plates would work well. Then I can use those again by putting a hole in the middle and streaming them in the garden to frighten birds away. I love reusing stuff that would otherwise be trash.

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