I Had To Eat Dog Food Because My Dad Starved Me

I Had To Eat Dog Food Because My Dad Starved Me

Hello, my friends. I think of you as friends, because I am going
to share something very personal with you. My name is Jane and I am sixteen years old. I hope that my story will give you something
to think about after you listen to it through to the end. It will be about death, family, and veganism. A pretty bizarre choice of subjects, don’t
you think? But soon you will see how all these things
are connected to each other. As it often happens, my story’s roots go
back to my childhood – namely, to my parents’ divorce. I was only six years old, so I do not really
remember that period of my life. I vaguely remember that there was a court
hearing after which I stayed with my mother in her house, and my father left. But I have no idea what reason brought my
parents to court. I seriously doubt that it was because of me. For the next ten years, my dad did not take
any part in my life. He paid a considerable amount of money to
my mother in alimony, regularly and always on time, so I didn’t think he was some kind
of a bad person. But in order for you to understand what kind
of a father he was, I will only tell you one thing – I never saw my dad once during all
this time. You might think he moved somewhere far away,
like to Alaska? But you are wrong! All this time we lived in the same state,
of Los Angeles! Sometimes dad called me, but mostly just to
wish me a happy birthday or a Merry Christmas. My life with my mother… was normal and pretty
calm. And I did not notice that something was seriously
wrong in our life. The most obvious sign was that during this
entire TEN-YEAR-period, my mother did not grow her personal life. She absolutely refused to talk about my father,
as well as about any other men in general, so I did not try to interfere. Another worrisome sign was that she filled
this emptiness with hard work, which was stressful and consumed a lot of her time and energy. I could never understand why my mother worked
so hard – we always had enough money to live on. But, it was probably her work that seriously
undermined her health. My mother had suffered from insomnia for many
years. She went to various clinics and consulted
various specialists, but nothing helped her, so the doctors only gave her prescriptions
for sleeping pills. It helped, but my mother’s body adapted
to it and she needed to either increase the dose or switch to a medicine that was stronger. My mom did both. As a result … about nine months ago my mother
took so many sleeping pills that she simply didn’t wake up anymore. Never. Yes, now she is dead. And then I finally met my father. I had no other relatives, and when I, along
with social workers, informed him of what had happened, he volunteered to take me into
his custody. I was not yet in any condition to be fully
aware of what was happening, but he was my father! Who else was going to take care of me? I agreed to move in with him, especially since
at first I thought that my dad was a pretty nice guy. He was a tall, thin, middle-aged man. He was in good shape – he has been seriously
practicing yoga for a long time. Like my mother, my father also lived in his
own house. He did not have any family or pets. Dad worked as a designer and, in general,
was a fairly successful person. Sounds good, right? So what’s the problem, you might ask? The problem was that my father was a vegan. A pretty aggressive vegan. At first I did not even notice what I was
eating, I was so stressed. Dad was cooking for me – and that was good. In addition, although he practiced a raw food
diet, for me he cooked delicious vegetable stews with beans. But as soon as I recovered a little, and started
to get used to my father and this new life, I mentioned that I had not eaten fried chicken
for a long time. Oh, I think that these words, like a spell,
called out a monster. My father was unpleasantly surprised that
I still did not understand what lifestyle he was leading and explained to me that he
was a vegan (Vegan! Not even a vegetarian!). He also added that he would never allow any
meat in his house. Dad even tried to shame me, explaining that
such a highly developed creature as a human being (especially his own daughter) simply
could not eat other live creatures. On the one hand, I understood his position. On the other hand, I just wanted some fried
chicken!!! I love fried spicy chicken wings, I like juicy
burgers, I like pepperoni pizza, I like cheese balls, I like pasta with meat sauce, I love
fried egg and bacon sandwiches! And I had to abandon all of that because my
old man did not eat meat! I was not ready to make such a sacrifice. But dad was adamant, so we could not come
to an agreement My resistance was severely weakened because
I am an extremely lousy cook. When dad realized that I was not going to
become a vegan, he tried to limit my pocket money and personally cooked me vegan meals
for school. This angered me so much, because I was always
rational about money and never spent that much. And being left without any cash in my pockets
was humiliating. I quietly suffered for a few days before I
finally lost my temper and defiantly tossed my vegan dinner into the garbage can, saying
that if it went on like this, I would complain to social services. This worked, he began to give me pocket money
again and we seemed to forget about the conversation we had (much to my relief, because I felt
ashamed for my tantrum). However, now I could eat normal food, as long
as I did not bring it home. I tried to bring home semi-cooked products
or a bucket of wings from KFC, but dad was persistent – he took everything away, threw
out the wings, and gave the rest to the neighbors’ dogs. When I realized that my burger would be eaten
by our neighbor’s pug, I was terribly outraged and decided to make some kind of a statement,
defending my right to be a full-fledged meat-eating mammal. I bought canned dog food at a nearby store,
returned home, sat down at the dining table, opened the cans and waited for dad to see
me with them. Of course, I didn’t even think of eating
it, I just wanted to make a statement! It wasn’t long until dad returned home,
saw what I was doing, and began to patiently watch me chop a piece of canned meat with
a fork and put it to my mouth … And he didn’t stop me, can you imagine? I lost my temper again and as I was running
upstairs to my room, I heard him shouting something about the “animal.” But at that time, I was not really angry at
my father. That happened another day, after another incident. When I moved to live with my father, I went
to a new school, and of course, I did not have friends there. But still I managed to get noticed by a group
of cool popular guys. I invited them home to watch a movie and of
course we bought some pizza on our way home … This was the first time I had brought
friends to my dad’s house, and I could not even imagine that he would start his preaching
right in front of them. But I was wrong! He literally pulled the pieces of pizza, with
cheese and pepperoni, out of our mouths, and, squeamishly took a slice of pepperoni with
two fingers and began to explain to us that it was made from DEAD ANIMAL FLESH. And we just did not respect ourselves if we
allowed ourselves to devour dead flesh, like some zombies. After his lecture, he defiantly threw out
the remnants of our destroyed pizza, and added that he would now cook us some crunchy bread
with sesame paste. But the guys could hardly wait until he stopped
talking before they escaped! The very next day, a new piece of gossip was
born at school: Jane lived with her freak of a father. That was IT! On the same day after school, I packed my
things, went down to the subway, and after changing several trains, reached the city
where I had lived with my mother before. My mother’s house was still there, closed
until after I turned 18 and would be able to decide what to do with it. I knew that my father would easily find me
there, so going inside did not seem like a good idea. I also did not want to visit any of my old
friends, so I just spent the night in the park, making sure nobody noticed me. In the morning, I went to the local cemetery. I wanted to see my mom. I simply sat at her tombstone for a few hours,
when I suddenly realized that my father had appeared behind me. Anticipating questions, he explained that
he had secretly installed parental control software on my smartphone and apologized for
it. He said that he was really worried about me. I was so surprised that somebody was worried
about me so much that they would follow me with the help of software, that I did not
even get mad at him for taking my phone. I also wanted to hear what else he had to
say. And it turned out that he also missed my mother
very much. And that he loved her very much, and was ready
to give up everything for her except for… his vegan beliefs. And once, when my Mom came home from a long
business trip, she saw that I had become terribly skinny, because he was only feeding six-year-old
me fruits and vegetables. She started shouting at him, saying that he
was killing their daughter, and demanded that he disappear from our lives completely. Dad respected her decision then, but everything
turned out the way it was now. We talked for a long time. And, it seemed that for the first time, we
both heard and understood each other. Maybe it was because what we were saying came
from the heart, I don’t know. But now we have agreed that he will no longer
attack me for eating meat, and I will try to understand his position and at least taste
his food. And you know, dad really cooks his raw food
stuff really well! And in general I think that he is …a nice


  1. I’m so sorry but making u eat vegan food isn’t considered starving you don’t compare plz some people actually starve from there parents and btw no offence

  2. All these guys come here with boners bc ur thumbnails on ur video have sad girls with big tits and attracts perverts and then you give them sob story’s…that’s how ACTUALLY HAPPENED get their views

  3. This girl said that her dad doesn’t have any other family or any pets but then later on the video her dad is holding a freaking cat in their house I’m confused

  4. I love how she said "we lived in the same state of Los Angeles."
    It does feel like another state. I moved to America a few years ago. Or at least, I thought I was moving to America; I moved to Los Angeles. It's a short drive from LA to America.

  5. Does anyone else think that this girl is crazy, like seriously it’s not that hard to not eat meat or other things from animals

  6. Bruh this title is just for views. First of all, you weren’t forced to eat the dog food, you ate it yourself. Second of all, he never starved you because you clearly said he cooked for you. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  7. Hmm…so this is just because you wanted to act like a spoiled child and tried to get your father to cook you meat? You chose to eat that food, while yes, he should've done something to stop you, ultimately it was your decision to eat the dog food. You were old enough to make your own choices, so why are you painting your father to be a bad guy? I'd like to hear this from his prospective.

  8. Just because that Jane's father apologized at the end doesn't mean he'll go unpunished.
    So Jane's father must be pushed into a marsh in which his feet sink into the knee-deep mud and he gets stuck. Meanwhile, a llama comes by and spits all over his face and a bucket of potatoes gets dumped over his head.

  9. He didnt force you wtf is that title it makes it look like she was locked up in the house and not being fed so she had to to survive or something

  10. I just want to get this out on the table: I absolutely love meat. I especially love fried chicken and cheeseburgers. However, I know that there are individuals who do not eat these things and I think that they are still good people. It's okay to have your views on different subjects, but you shouldn't force your views on anyone else, especially your children. We all have been given free will to do whatever we want. As a society, we need to stop fighting people because they do things differently than we do.

  11. Same state of Los Angeles … lmao y’all same state of California but , they stay in the same city of Los Angeles 🤣😂

  12. Look up North Carolina pork farm pollution you’ll see that black people are affected by this and government doesn’t take any action because meat is what makes money in their pocket.

  13. Thumbnail:I had to eat dog food because my dad starved me

    Story:I have a vegan dad so I tried eating dog food in protest

  14. This girl is so arrogant can’t she understand that at least her father is feeding her? Yeah she might crave meat but still she’s being a brat not everyone has a father that can take them in and feed them well. 🙄

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