Hey gang! Welcome back to my channel, if you are a subscriber. If you are not: why? So today’s video is all about a kpop diet. That is right. I tried a diet. A lot you may not be aware that kpop culture doesn’t really have celebrities the same way that we do They have idols and those idols are Trained by production companies in singing and dancing and when they’re ready they debut as a band Or as an artist and they are kind of like perfect and the problem with that is that a lot of the time they feel pressured to have a certain image and one part of that is being thin. As a result of that, a lot of k-pop artists go on these insane diets. Recently, Jimin from BTS admitted that he went on a diet then, and he didn’t have a meal for 10 days That’s next level crazy But I have to say it’s not too dissimilar from the diet that I went on for this video the diet that I went on is the diet of kpop idol IU IU has been very vocal about having issues with eating and issues with her body image Which is probably why this diet is as insane as it is. So a lot of people in YouTube have started doing this diet for their videos and The thing that I found with that most of them is that they weren’t telling Realistic accounts of what it’s like to go on a diet that has such a calorie deficit compared to like the recommended daily average So this diet consists of having an apple for breakfast a sweet potato for lunch and a protein shake for dinner An apple is 70 to 100 calories depending on how big a sweet potato is 130 to 170 again depending on its size and a protein shake is around 100 to 150 depending on what you you know have it with mine’s about 100 Yeah, you’re looking at around a 300 400 calorie day, and that is hard because the recommended daily average is between 1800 and 2400 so it’s like “What?” So I tried this diet You know just because I thought I would like to give a realistic account of what it’s like to go on one of these diets And the science behind why they just don’t work. My body changed so much in three days it was insane But I will leave you to the video to see that. So the way I’m doing this video is I will start with by showing you my measurements from before this diet You will see the vlogging for the three days that I did the diet, and then you’ll see the after effect of the diet That was a mouthful. Without further ado, I will hand you over to past Ellbat to tell you all about it I’ll see you at the end of the video, bye! Obviously I need some way of measuring my change during this challenge And I’ve seen that a lot of people doing this diet have actually done it by weight I don’t actually weigh myself And I don’t advocate that you do weigh yourself because weight isn’t actually a very good way to measure progress at all It doesn’t take into account a lot of factors like your muscle weight because I’ve seen muscle is heavier than fat It doesn’t take into account, you know, your bone density. It doesn’t take into account, you know, your height And I think that people often fixate on weight far too much, so I’m gonna be doing it by measurements And I’m going to measure my waist and my thighs, and I’m just gonna see if there’s any change Motorcycle Yes, as was saying. I’m gonna measure my waist and my thighs And I’m gonna see if there’s any difference at the end of the… the diet. Obviously I’m not looking to lose any weight It’s just gonna be interesting to see where the weight comes off and that’s another benefit of Measurements is that you know you-it’s very specific it can tell you where there’s toning if there’s toning Where there’s weight change if there’s weight change. Where as weight is just a bit vague isn’t it really so yeah measurements. Let’s do it Got my measurement tape okay So my waist is 26 and a half And I’m gonna do the top of my thigh as well So that one is exactly 23 This one is also 23, but it’s like one bit a little bit bigger so Those are the measurements so I’m currently just like on my bed. It is day one of the IU diet challenge I’m already kinda tired. I woke up. I have, you know Done a couple of odd jobs, I’ve had shower and now I’ve got to go and have breakfast And I’m feeling kind of hard done by because usually I would eat like a big bowl of porridge with tablespoon of peanut butter, some some banana, bit of Stevia in there And now I’ve got to have an apple No joke so I’ve just come downstairs and like the fruit balls that and all my apples are gross Yeah, they were like powdery, so I’m not gonna eat them. I’m gonna whip to the shops and buy some more apples and some Sweet potato So my memory card just said it’s broken Essentially so we’re gonna see how long this records for before telling me it hates me again And also see if I don’t crash my car, that’s also on the list of things not to do today *Overnight by Logic plays over the radio* I’m literally just molting… it’s not There’s a byproduct of having hair- you just molt I swear, to go shopping when you’re hungry Is the worst thing ever. Like it’s just been Easter, so there are Easter eggs discounted, and I can’t go near them I can’t find the sweet potatoes They’re so tiny why are they so small I need a good sized sweet potato Gonna go with the pink lady, I think *Wassup by Logic ft. Big Sean plays over the radio* Such a tune! Do you ever do that, where you can’t get out the car until the song’s finish because it’s so good? I do that. Let’s go! I’ve got apple in my hair. Wow. Wow. Think the worst thing about this is that I’m a snacker like I snack a lot throughout the day Um I’m not really a big meals person um I mean I’m not snacking obviously on this diet you can’t snack It’s just like an apple, a sweet potato, and a protein shake and so I’m missing my snacks. I did make the right choice going with the Pink Lady’s though. they’re refreshingly sour, so Bonus. I have tried to make this apple last as long as I can but I mean after this I’m down to my last slice. I think I’ve made it last like half an hour Which is pretty good going if you ask me. THE FINAL SLICE Goodbye my lover Goodbye, my friend. So it’s about half one. I’m just studying I’m not feeling that hungry right now but studying is kind of difficult because I normally snack when I study and there’s no snacks to eat right now um Yes, I’m just gonna eat my sweet potato whilst I eat- eat food… wait what? I’m just gonna eat my sweet potato whilst I study um and We’ll see this. I like sweet potatoes so I’m kind of looking forward to it Now I have to study So it is- what time is it? Sharon, help me- It’s five to eight and bruh, I feel like sh*t been on this diet for 12 12 hours and I Have no energy can’t work out cuz I have no energy I can’t even move off the sofa because I have no energy and I’m feeling rather rough No I’m making porridge. I’m too tired for this I feel awful and I feel tired and I have no energy and I want to cry and I can’t study and I can’t work out and My tummy is rumbling and I feel poorly so you girls eating some porridge There it is now ready beautiful porridge Good morning so today is day 2 I’m already struggling- like I’ve woken up with hunger pains, and I even cheated last night I had a bowl of porridge before bed, and I am in pain in my stomach I have very low energy getting, out of bed this morning was hard as hell, but I have work so That’s where I’m going Got my got that work clothes down Something else that’s an issue for me is that I am working 10:30 to 5:00 today and I haven’t liked prepped a sweet potato to eat for lunch I work in a restaurant, but it’s unlikely they’re going to cook a sweet potato for me So I’m gonna basically be living off an apple all day at work running around At this point I’m just like questioning like why would people do this? It’s not even a diet like it’s okay for a three-day challenge But people who are doing this for a week people, who are doing this as an actual long-term diet It is not sustainable. It is ridiculous. I have no energy I have hunger pains that hurt like hell. I’m just I’m getting a bit hungry A little bit. Can you tell? I’m gonna go and eat my morning apple, and then we’re gonna We’re gonna head to work. We’re gonna see how he goes So you girl just got back from work. I am really tired I didn’t get a break of work today, which means I also haven’t eaten so I’m so hungry I’ve eaten an apple so far today And I have been running around for the past eight hours like running on my feet without a break Carrying heavy stuff, so I am knackered You know, I put my sweet potato in the oven and I’m gonna pray that I don’t pass out while it cooks so Haha, where are you mr.. Sweet potato? Ah, there we are, my sweet potato I am on 999 subscribers mum No My mom is sneaking me No dang guy. Don’t unsubscribe don’t do that, please So as of today by the time you see this video. I will already have a thousand subscribers. Hopefully unless y’all subscribe Thanks for your support mum I’m actually just putting on my sweet potato right now, and so yeah, this is really exciting for me So thank you for a thousand Gang, hey *Africa by Toto plays in the background as the subscriber count goes from 988 to 1001* Anyway, thank you gang. My sweet potato is almost ready, in other news. I’m gonna go eat my soup potato because I am hungry Living off a damn apple. It’s not healthy Sad-looking potato, this. I’ve added some ketchup for a little bit of a fruit of- I may have thrown Thrown some potato- thank you Sharon for that assistance I’ve got- I’ve added some ketchup here for a bit of a fruity taste Really love this sweet potato. Wow, I needed this Here’s my protein shake that I have just made. It’s umm Chocolate-y in flavor, which is nice So the protein shake that I’ve just made is made from chocolate almond milk and protein powder I don’t actually eat dairy like I’m not even supposed to eat chocolate, but you know a girl can’t help herself But you know I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere near milk in its raw form or cheese I don’t even have cheese on pizza, would you believe? So that’s all my protein shake is, which is quite nice because it’s kind of like creamy which means it’s kind of filling Which means I’m not as hungry as I would be if I didn’t have this protein shake. I don’t really understand How you’re supposed to have a protein shake for dinner because like literally if you can look at it. It is so small It’s a glass And I understand that like protein good for you But having protein as a meal replacement is ridiculous. It’s not enough to sustain you. It’s not food It’s just protein like if you’re gonna have protein powder and you’re going to make protein shakes They are not meal replacements, which is why this diet is so frustrating because it is not dinner It’s not- you’ll gain no nutrition really out of that, its just protein and it’s making me kind of angsty Yeah, I have also taken all my makeup off so So angsty about having to eat this for dinner- actually dessert because I didn’t get my lunch so this is technically My lunch no my didn’t I don’t see I’ve got no energy, so I don’t know what’s going on. Hahaha. Okay. Good morning Good morning, the last day of this stupid diet Honestly, I have been waiting for this for the last three days I don’t know how people have done this diet for longer. I think you’re crazy if you have done I just I think you’re insane because there’s no way you have any energy. There’s no way you feel good. It’s just- it’s impossible I feel like I’m just going to cry I might still cry a Morning Sharon Hi. Yeah, I’m just telling everyone why they shouldn’t do diets Because it’s stupid Exactly And exhausting Exactly It’s not anything, it’s just like I keep getting like these waves of just being really really hot and feeling really unwell really nauseous Like at work yesterday I was struggling so much to concentrate cuz obviously I didn’t have Like the means to get my lunch because obviously it was a sweet potato. I should’ve pre-prepped it, but I just didn’t and so I Survived until like half hour six, seven o’clock on only an apple And I was running around on my feet all day like that’s just not healthy and I felt so unwell I was miserable And that like that’s one of the things about restrictive dieting, is that Not only does your mood sink because you’ve got no energy you become a bit of a bitch Like straight up, you do But you feel really unwell, really tired, and nothing productive comes out the combination of those three You just end up being really miserable And nobody really wants that. I don’t- I just don’t understand the people that done it for longer than three days We’ve done it for a week. It’s just so I’m gonna go have my morning apple in a minute. I get it cuz Apple phone Apple Apple Oh God, I just feel like a lot of these videos on this diet haven’t really been accentuated. How hard it is like They’ve all been like oh yeah. I took this for a week “Oh, and I lost 11 pounds!” and I’m like yeah, but how horrible did you feel? And most be like: “oh, I felt great. I mean I didn’t even need to eat anything.” and I’m like No one feels great when they’re eating this much because you’re literally eating base calories or eating calories that are enough to keep your body Functioning, but there’s no excess so any extra movements you’re doing on top of basic bodily functions like breathing is burning calories, it’s burning fat and There’s no way people feel good doing that and I’d and the people in the videos Who’ve been making it sound like? This is a really good really easy diet like I’ve got a problem with them because it’s not. It’s horrible. And also not to mention the fact that none of them have done a follow up think about this Diets like this that are so restrictive It’s that your body will essentially just go into starvation mode which means that it will retain Every calorie it gets because it doesn’t know where its next gonna get food, and it just thinks oh god. Oh god. Oh god I need to protect my body so the minute you stop eating this way and start eating a normal diet again Even if you phase it in your body will just cling to those calories And you’ll store its fat because it needs to think oh I need to store energy So because I don’t know where I’m going eat again And it will take a while for your body to come out of starvation mode and by the time It’s out of that you will have stored all of that weight back on again in fat This is why Diets like this that are mass restrictive are not long term solutions if you want a long term solution you need to change your actual everyday diet not to go on a diet You need to just eat a bit healthier- fruits and veg, you know, protein. You need to cut down your saturated fat You know, get more healthy fats in your diet. You need to count You know your fizzy drinks- things like that. It’s just It’s a matter of changing the way you’re eating the way you look at nutrition not just restricting because restricting will never give you a long-term weight solution because Unless you want to eat like this for the rest of your life Which I’m sure you don’t you won’t be able to keep that weight off and also you’ll be miserable so That’s another thing to keep in mind. I’m gonna go get my apple now it is 20 past ten, and I am very hungry, so we’re gonna go Look how puffy my face is today I am so hungry Not gonna lie to you I have cheated today The last protein shake of the diet, and I am so freaking happy It’s not going down very well Yeah, okay so today I had some chocolate cuz I was struggling and I also had a bowl of puffed rice With peanut butter because- not being funny- I can’t sustain myself on this diet. I was getting headaches I was tired I was grumpy and I was hungry and that is not a positive combination So I am I’m so happy to say adios, au revoir, to this little Little bish. Think it’s just one of those things that it’s just like I’m still in shock that people would be able to do this for a week How? How does one do that? Somebody inform me because I can’t I really can’t. So tomorrow morning I get to wake up and measure my body and see if there’s any change And generally just give an overall assessment of how this whole thing was. I think if you’ve got to this point in the video You know how my assessments gonna go But yeah we’ll see what tomorrow brings on measurement – so the protein check wasn’t enough so I was gonna eat turns out I mean pizza Oh my god, the diet is done Honestly the level of happy that I am that this bloody diet is over is Insane like I can go downstairs. I can eat whatever I want I can eat like a normal human being. I can function like a normal human being. I’m not gonna be moody all the Time it’s just good guys Um So yeah, I’m very happy. I did lose a lot of weight. I look way too thin I don’t really like it. It didn’t really come off of my legs though It came off of my tummy, which I expected because that’s where my weight normally comes off But yeah, I get to go out for lunch now I get to go downstairs, have a big breakfast, literally go to town and have a big lunch, it’s great I love my life. My waist went from 20 six and a half inches to 26 And my thighs lost a quarter of an inch each That is so much weight to lose in three days. I looked so skinny. I looked ill I felt ill. I wasn’t strong, I didn’t feel strong. I felt ill and It wasn’t a nice thing to feel I just I hated it. So right now I’m working really hard to like kind of regain that muscle and that fat that I lost before Because I just I don’t think it’s good for you. It’s not good for you You know if you want to change your body, if you’re not happy with the way you are looking, make healthier choices Change your actual everyday diet- do not go on a diet Because making healthier choices and having a balanced life allows you to live and enjoy your life And enjoy your body as well without feeling ill and faint and disgusting all the time. If you liked this video give it a thumbs If you didn’t like it give it a thumbs down Free world. You do you, boo Let me know in the comments if you think this diet is ridiculous, of what you think of kpop culture towards, you know, image. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about it again. Thank you so much for 1k That is so cute And I love you all and I love all the support you give me from like the fan pages on Instagram To the really sweet messages you guys send me in the comments you leave on my videos Thank you, so so so so much. I love you very much, and I will see you next Monday with another video. Bye


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  5. 🔥🔥READ THIS PLEASDE!! ITS MY PLAN AND ITS WORKING RN!! Lauz Lalu to everyone wanting to do this! I feel ya man!! But there are better ways, you will gain more weight in the end doing this. (this is my plan) Instead do the military diet MAX for three days Every week for 2 weeks then every other week. (1000-1200 cals) Then for three days do 1200-1400, less calorie dense foods. Make sure to balance starch, fat, protein etc. zucchini, and sweet potatoes are awesome. Make sure to drink 60 liters of water and get enough fiber! Eating 5 small meals is proven to boost metabolism! Every day work out for 30-60 min ( I use 30 day fitness challange app) then every week do 2-3 times of cardio for 30 min on top of working out. But if you walk / run do the strategie of 30 sec run, 2 min walk. When exercising loosing weight is not JUST CARDIO, it’s also strength training!!! BTW YOU MIGHT LOOSE A FEE POUNDS IN FIRST FEW DAYS THEN GAIN BACK MORE!! MUSCLES WEIGH MORE THAN FAT!! BUT THEY LOOK HELLA FIREEE 🔥🔥 ALSO body will gain water weight!! Loosing fat, building up muscles, anything, will gain water weight too! Don’t panic!! WEIGHT IS JUST A NUMBER!! GET THE FAT DOWN LOWWww THOUGHH! do this for 30 days and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!! If ya want even use apple cider vinegar, but it’s all about little habits. Not just once in a while I’ll diet, NO!!! Make LIFE CHANGES!!! In the end it’s better! Make sure to get enough sleep and take Time for self care!!! I’ll edit this if I find anything better!! LOOSING WEIGHT IS 50% DIET, 50% FITNSS AND 100% CONISTENCY!!! 🔥REMEMBER IT TOOK YEARS TO BUILD UP FAT ITS GUNNA TAKE YEARS TO GET BACK DOWN💪💪 i was at a solid 123lbs, as a teen girl, hearing everyone at 90lbs and skinny, thought gap, etc, with good metabolism I bullied myself for it! I dieted, did IU diet too. Got down to 111. But gained it all back going back to normal meals. My weight fluxuted from 124-112 I didn’t exercise often, did a few inconsistent 20 min every few days weeks etc. but this summer I decided to do consistency! I went from an unhealthy 115 (all fat man no muscles) to a healthy 120. I’m starting to get abs!! (I’m 3 weeks in ( only 15 min exercising) to this 1hr exercising (1 week) and healthy meals) I have muscles, and starting to build curves! And really getting defines lines and I feel great, still a long way to go! I know a lot of you guys have it a lot worse than me, but it takes consistency and I know y’all can do it!! ❤️🔥🔥 LETS GET THIS GAME ON!! Edit 1: ps, one donut won’t make you fat, and one salad won’t make u skinny. Don’t eat a lot of processed food, and keep artificial sugar out. Don’t drink juice etc, keep drinks to coffee, tea and water, almond milk or low fat milk etc. BTW I RECOMMEND WATCHINF GABRIELLA WHITED!! Her vids are amazing and keep ya going, with little workouts such as abs butt etc for all ya ladies 😉

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  14. Before I write my comment i want to preface that THESE DIETS ARE NOT SAFE AT ALL AND SHOULDN'T BE CONDONED ok so with that out of the way.

    Whats even wilder is this isn't the full diet! K-pop idols are on these diets while doing an average of 10 hours of dance training a day and getting very little sleep especially when promoting they might sleep 2-3 hours a day if they're lucky. If they're in a boy group they'd have to work out on top of all this to get abs while girl group members get carboxy shots in their thighs to make their muscles even smaller when there's no fat left to lose, its all pretty dark. Something also not mentioned is the large amount of coffee idols will consume while on these diets with idols as young as 15 drinking 8 shots of espresso a day.

    If they don't lose weight they get shamed by anonymous people on korean forums if they lose the weight they get mocked for being twigs or skeletons. If they're not self conscious enough to diet its pretty quickly rectified through shaming on tv, by managers, stylists and more. Members deemed fat have to watch skinny members eat in some cases, they get called pigs, get hit and more. It's sad that I can name more than one story of a kpop idol unable to sleep/crying themselves to sleep cause the hunger pains were so bad.

    If anyone wants to see IU's story with her weight this is a great video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6dchfGcdSI and channel that touches on '''good''' and bad idol diets. Just be careful if eating disorders will trigger you as this video is goes in depth

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    Normal meal 4 pm
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    Precautions:don't drink water within 30 minutes after eating
    Drink water before eating
    Drink alot of water everytime
    If you want to know the work out … you can ask me

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