I WASN'T READY FOR THIS | The Ultimate Glute Workout ft. BusybeeCarys

I WASN'T READY FOR THIS | The Ultimate Glute Workout ft. BusybeeCarys

good morning walk goon to another video and I'm in Cardiff it's the morning I just had a shower so if you don't see me naked turn away in 3 2 1 sigh although you're all still watching what the hell are you doing I might actually be naked this would be the most awkward thing it would be like but when you're younger you're walking on Iran who'll make it after a shower and it's like from that point on every family a meal like you just make a small talk in your head you're thinking I've seen your wiener like it just ruins everything anyway today's gonna be a sick day like I said I'm in Cardiff got some awesome stuff planned and I'm gonna film a day because I'm a youtuber so took the video like subscribe if you haven't already and let's go okay we're in and my hair looks bad yeah we're in and I'm in Cardiff in Wales that's now the third time I visit Cardiff the fourth come up psychotic fifth time that's ironic I get to the mandatory hotel to hotel room do the whole frigging hotel this is the bedroom area pretty six a friggin huge bed nice chairs are quite old pretty cool view to be fair you can see like that whether that is Cardiff water area sick stuff around here more sick stuff my shoes than line little hotels nice balls a couple of big balls there my favorite thing bathroom that's me again let me clean it with that hotel sick baths it's shower toilet v-day quick mentioning only uses of V days and absolute dirty player that's going to help but it's on the wall my favorite feature it's fully an unknown fact but any hotel whenever I'm traveling I always request buttocks in the bathroom if there's no buttocks no deal as far as I'm concerned yeah so I'm in Cardiff for two reasons firstly to hang out the pro-mix because they're cool guys and secondly to hang out stuff strain with another YouTube at YouTube especially mister grandma called Karis gray she's like a gym shot athlete and she's a friggin monster that sounds that sounds rude actually she's not on one she's lucky she's got an impressive physique that sounds creepy friggin oh it's very hard to describe a woman without sounding like rude or like a friggin pervert but you'll see what I mean when I get there I'll put the links of charities Instagram and YouTube in the description so feel free to go and check her out at any point I need to go and get a brick first I'm gonna sit down as I'm doing way too much cardio and he's going to get breakfast because we all okay mister pro-mix is gonna come pick me up shortly probably on some clothes probably do something about this here seek I love you spend like five minutes doing your hair and it looks exactly the same afterwards so good basically I got my haircut like a month ago like three weeks ago I got a cut away to do shorts on is patiently waiting for it to grow back to a length I can actually style anyway let's go and get some breakfast oh hi right let you get some food huh convenience so I've got two boxes there boxes they're like miniscule of crunchy not called for a trying to keep it consistent now a banana and then some apple juice like I'm not really fast I'm not a big breakfast man to be fair plus I'm a vault anymore so I have no need to that forced calories plus I'm training in like probably less than an hour to run reloads and then feel sick you know service let some decent breakfast okay breakfast is done wolves gonna be here in like two minutes to get me so zero cell and we're here in pro-mix HQ aka the sickest office in the world health and safety violation transition yes I yell quickly I mean again I came a little while ago and gave you a little tour but if you're new to town I'll give you a quick clip again because so cool like how good is this again imagine if this was your office pretty sick right and so I guess omid around waiting for carrots to get here and then see what's going on and I'm joined by a couple of absolute how's it go and then we've got yeah it sounds that sounds like sounds like so I've got with my son I'll watch like watch like kids like a few kernels it does sound like you don't see some busy bee care it'll be like your dad and then James oh hi mate yes so so are you although you letting today yes this height difference is making this difficult whoa sick lights just came on welcome to it Starship Enterprise and what what's the plan to get this making it harder for me no so we're gonna start with squats and deadlifts I think you're actually gonna take me through doing some like heavier working our way up to the one rep yeah yeah it's a light so today will typically be like squats and deadlifts oh I'll work up to definitely four squats maybe then let's work up to a conservative single do some back offsets and then we're going to burn nice just just the name just the word booty is a ridiculous thing I've never trained Luke's specifically in my entire life so yeah got a switch I'm just gonna I'm just gonna avoid any steps or this movement for the next like four weeks I imagine so yeah I guess we'll probably keep it semi raw we'll see what happens till the vibe is yeah let's go okay so my god okay our three workers I've got to Briony and will gave me like this we found in the car but it's probably about 400 years old it's like was it called soldier soldier with the J a right if your brand so if your style if your brand is spelt soldier with the J a then you're gonna fail what's like a lucky charm you just please smell like maybe three and a half years and I wash them twice in the torso and I wear them like four times a week okay let's get serious let's get serious come on guys okay so I'm warmed up like semi warmed up without the single Sun basically this is 180 I'll do this for a single and it's worked my way up in maybe 10 to 20 kilo in converter till I get to a single that's like not a max like a conservative max you know maybe like an RFE 8 or 9 so you were saying you reckon your PB s maybe like ninety that was 70 I reckon it's definitely Oricon 100 coming out of your knife that'd be nice number to hit right top really should guarantee she's gonna squat three plates today so alright I feel great it was heavy so I don't know I'll maybe go to any I'll say I mean it's quite open so I could just dump me if I get started but we'll see we'll see it's a mystery big breath easy like yes obviously we've never seen go get heavy right like a heavier 30 30 fucking off e25 those conservative Oh anything so peppy hashtag I'm a pervert not like feeling of the floor must holding our for niche audience about their feedback [Applause] save it okay 220 like it's gonna be experimental I'm feeling rubbish so it's probably going to be slow and ugly I'll just I'll speed up the video till it's faster take you back I'm actually both stuff that was easy okay squats and deadlifts done sat it off because like hey I couldn't be asked any more one beer for that we should conserve some energy for booty building burning today okay so we're gonna do our TLS gonna start with that's fine nothing that you're on yeah Romanian deadlift yes non Romanian viewers then we're gonna do some curtsy lunges you have little curtsy lunge this is called a curtsy lunge indicates that I'm probably not gonna be very good at can you show me what what is that so it comes from the curtsy which is that so it's like a lunch but you go back like that but now that I'm gonna fall over doing that with my certainly yet with a barbell on your back yeah you can do bah bah okay yeah and then we'll anywhere some glute bridges classic absolutely classic classic this is ready security so major we lose that's a key component of a glute workout is make sure they're on display I was gonna get this fine up a little warm-up set and I've shown you now my glutes are going to be absolutely ruined the next like week it's good he renders like it three times a week for years and Scott that I guess going pull down we found out who survived basic say I've never done this before in my life really yes okay so if you just push the bar down although it's yeah that's perfect too bad to me feel I thought you worked okay okay let you polish up with your glutes and you squeeze at the top surface okay sick sick the best thing is my bloom so I'm so yet so brilliant I'm gonna be nice or tall too my god he says I hope one child's enough for you because fresh or crucial is game over okay session is over a change because I was absolutely sweating out I'm an absolute wreck like my glutes and hamstrings are obliterated so I'm pretty sure over the course of the next week I'm gonna just regret just being alive so that's gonna be good but um we have food because he's gone will your hero you've brought like look at all this stuff oh my god so we have like a huge variety of sushi and then I'm not a sushi like expert deal this the Fisker I thought the names are make them look the rice rolls okay right thrones porn stuff rise Association walk talking about this is just like so somebody said prom there's no prize either this is prawns salmon oh my god there's a perm no no no that's prawn what is it no I mean that's a massive porn if it is yeah he's reporting it's been köppen that is a prawn any for experts okay if we were sent if any poor yeah so I'm just gonna eat those are stuff Paris how're you feeling feeling good I'm feeling very sore from me to you you were quite like kind to you and you know we didn't do that much blue stuff like we could have been just doubles that volume Lord opinion like yeah yeah obscene so I feel you really won't work right so you hit a squat and deadlift pb-1 yeah definitely booze not double baby yeah that's good right yes okay let's just like eat some stuff [Applause] is a black worry have you ever seen a front without bags well I get accused of being on steroids these robberies are on sale right yeah someone's injected these backwards of growth hormone okay what a friggin toys of that early [Laughter] [Applause] finished the session last day such hangout is done it's over it was sick like it was really fun meeting characters a very nice person James realized it as well pro-mix are awesome at they're always very good to look off me it was a good day I have no idea like I normally edit my videos as I go I haven't also I have no idea how much footage I have I've no idea whether the video is any good if the video sucks and I apologize but you've got this far so unlucky yeah but I'm gonna wind up here got a train to catch in about 20 minutes I'm gonna try and edit the whole video on the train is that ambitious probably am I gonna do it probably not I'm gonna try and do it probably yes but yeah for now I'm gonna end the video so I sincerely hope you guys if you have enjoyed it please give a thumbs up and I'll see you tomorrow


  1. Carys def has a crush on Matt, but then, who doesn't? I love it that he teases us with his sweet booty in a lot of his vids.

  2. If that was you playing “Mr Tambourine Man” at 3:17, then big up Matt. Anyone else listen to Bob Dylan in the gym?

  3. This is sad because u never really show ur wife in many videos, but u tend to have a few girls that u flirt with. Smh

  4. I like how she gradually took layers off the entire Video. I get you get hot working out but he managed to keep
    His shirt on. She got down to her bra..

  5. Subscribed mate, watched loads of videos and great Content but one thing I'd like to say. Don't let her squat without proper shoes on. You could lose probably about 20-30 percent of the result it could have been of it was with shoes. Unbelievable.

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