Impact explains why Team Liquid's arguments are healthy and Jensen's health issues

Impact explains why Team Liquid's arguments are healthy and Jensen's health issues

well it is the sixth week of LCS I'm joined right now by impact from seemingly with coverage brought to you by alien we're to talk a little bit about their game against CLG just now so first off doublelift was saying in the postgame interview that he thought that CLG was going to be a tougher opponent did you agree with that did you thought think that they'd be tougher oh yeah if you're not meeting only I think they're like late-game combo and they have a good team fight mechanic so I just worry but I was worried about that they won well what was it like in the top lane because I felt like it was pretty rough for you at the start of that game Oh only I think I beat that guy because because he don't know it's better stir one Laberge if you want so I'm meeting and I'm realizing or should actually take and just push me it and tie me so when I turn the court outside I just tell Jake – I'm looking I'm looking like Oh II Peter can see me you need to cover me and Vic try this and work Vic you like turn after I mean I problem because my after the pushing wave so they can get me again but that's fine because I borrow meeting so I mean better better bottom means Oh better bottom wins there you go yeah so you're okay losing in the top lane if it means that bottom line is succeeding I mean that's why I play GP – you know GP care for other line and he not get dope you know he not get too much dye and in lane and that to me is pretty good if you and I get by you not get freaky too much what did you think actually I'm kind of curious did you watch the first game the TSM clutch game does you have any opinions on Kiana cuz Quintana got picked oh I think ken is I don't know it she looks like mid laner she can't help but have a hard shell to subside 30-meter I'm better but I don't that's a bit looks good when to play play you know when I think I'm better I've good mechanic player I deployed it at the champion looks really good but the champion can make play so much but I'm not sure general is good because that's a pure problem lane and if we have a TP she have TP problem is don't have damage – one shot so have a whiskey it's kind of like office in you know Harlan so we need thee more do you have any strong Turks you have any interest yourself in wanting to play her and trying to learn her I know you said more middling her but I mean I don't like that champion too much because not have to have lame page she only option wooden into top two so I was like Buddha Kaiser but only any been mordekaiser so I getting fed beaker I mean two day three day only play body Kaiser in scream and after rifle or what has you been so after okay i'm i think attack I think waste time so do you think you it'll get brain tomorrow as well I think there keep reading because some chess player player complain today one champion because a poppy is going down make but I never happened to me so I don't know but they're here that a player for player up from Freya so that I've been in an NHS factory yeah oh that's rough I'm sorry to hear that other than that how do you think Team Liquid is doing right now I think you guys are now in first place since you beat CLG so do you feel like you'll be able to maintain that for the rest of the split Oh ding hi Jeff and also we're doing good really good to keep play now but in one problem is we land only now we land early going and early I didn't I didn't know the Jensen key easy there after he said that I need to have he just daddy in the business icon Torres I didn't know that I won and I mean so many happen random die but I think if we fix that I think we should pine and we not try aggressive to too much I think we need a more aggressive when we have Baron we doing good or a second Bereshit we know one diaper problem is when battery is gone timing we can just type with try that you know even even we die we did not get it get to it so we we didn't try the other one so we naturally aggressive we can crush game only two so we need a more not cocky you know here the moment him now but I think possible other team can win boys – because passed over one so we focus more and she we are we can mean summer have you changed or have scrims or a backstage conversation changed at all for Team Liquid recently because I like the reason I asked this was that rift rivals there's this clip from my show where doublelift is talking to the European coaches and the European coaches are saying players kind of call each other out or say things about each other and North America it seems to be mostly the coaches so has anything changed behind the scenes with Team Liquid recently in the way you talk to each other yeah I'm worried I'm actually I think if you play bad I'm always complaint it if it looks really bad to me and yeah I mean something can fight but I think that's better are they arguing better they just you you just think you are I don't want making hurt and stop talking I think that's more bad to in play when you play league team game you know I think when you play a team game at the you need to complain each other so can better can better you know do you uh but has that changed at all are you arguing more are you guys discussing more now between each other or is it the same as always I think they're just agree the more you know if we mistake that I think different play better and say okay my best we can better than a better than you know situation are blah blah please now we'll just try the more agree you know it because it looks really bad anyway right so played out understand Peter and me most like more understand you know me and pure inspiring no money in scream but now he's not biting too much we just give me imp empower just opinion so we get better okay you guys used to argue a lot now you're not okay with oh the other thing I want to ask about was Jensen because I heard Jensen's not feeling well is that affecting his play at all or is that an issue for the team yeah I think he didn't talk game to me I actually called to do it today not bad but I think three days ago start he getting sick I mean one thing because he gets sick through his time or more yesterday he didn't took anything he can he looks are literally dying but I mean I name it just not talking so it's bad well hopefully he gets better I hope so uh he related TFT I said at 2:00 a.m. he played EFT team fight tactics it's gonna ruin our teams in North America are you worried you playing team fight tactics I'm stuck so I mean yeah I just think you may be professional catch it looks good and also when you aside this selection you know what about just you fight actor yeah right side selection yeah that's very good that's it looks funny you know good well we're only a couple weeks out from playoffs so hopefully everything goes well for you is there anything you want to say to any of the fans out there Russ Vick we we know that our problem because we doing really good too only came and problem is we're not doing tape game and so now we try to try to lift that that mistake so I think we did make sure there are team strength pop ones so capture grows upward thank you guys thank you so much impact for the interview for everyone else you can check out the rest of my coverage of all things these sports right here on my youtube channel thanks so much for watching that interview i want to show you guys something very special I'm gonna take this off wait I can't okay there we go so this is a Balenciaga shoe I would never normally buy these these are triple asses but they were a gift given to me by some friends and kind of a complicated story but two of the friends were rode in weight three of the friends Kobe Broden and Peter doublelift and it's these are really expensive I would never buy them but you know how they were kind of able to afford them well Kobe gets paid by riot which is sponsored by Alienware and Brodin gets paid by me and I'm sponsored by Alienware and Peter gets paid by Team Liquid who's sponsored by Alienware so in a way I have these really fancy shoes because of Alienware so you guys support them because I got hooked up for my birthday for my friends who will got hooked up by Alienware and you can go to Alienware dot-com / Travis and use code Travis 10 off to also get hooked up by Alienware there's a long outro


  1. He's speaking so much better now, he finally seems be getting a commanding grasp on the English language.

    Impact was great too!

  2. Oh I no push they can dive mid I need risk myself to gank so they no gank mid. Now this is the guy that plays for the team and not himself.

  3. ik i sound hella racist but i actually can understand impacts english now lmaooooo (but it just shows he has become a good speaker)

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