India's rubbish mountain may rise higher than Taj Mahal by 2020

India's rubbish mountain may rise higher than Taj Mahal by 2020

a mountain of waste this is where 2,000 tonnes of East Delhi's rubbish is dumped every day people living around the site say it's affecting their lives as you can see the smell here is unbearable if the wind blows towards us then it's difficult to food at home it is such a mess here the rubbish dump doesn't just smell bad it's also dangerous methane gas from the waste sparks fires releasing toxic fumes da seafood began as a land for the 1984 but reached its capacity nearly 20 years ago like an engineered landfill it means that you have a big hole which is dug out and then it is lined with non permeable layers so that you're toxic leachate of chemicals which comes out from garbage does not leak into the soil and cause water pollution but in Gaza poo there is no such thing trucks continue to dump rubbish here despite Delhi's governor banning them after a part of the hill collapsed two years ago killing two people this is a cruel joke this is contempt of court the people responsible continue to them garbage in this site they haven't stopped for a day after the court order we asked the East Delhi Municipal Corporation why this is happening but because of the no alternative land was available with us so we continued to dispose of our garbage at this landfill site it's estimated delhi produces 14,500 tons of waste every day the problem of waste isn't confined to the city's rubbish dumps though around 3000 tons or a 1st of the rubbish produced daily isn't collected leaving it lying on the streets and other open space Jayco cash child 3 manages this recycling center and says waste isn't just the government's responsibility we feel that waste segregation should begin at home if people start segregating waste then waste can be recycled properly and the direct consequence will be that garbage mountains like the one at gossip or won't be necessary at all the East Delhi Municipal Corporation has started testing a recycling program in three areas this year they hope to roll it out to the rest of the region within one year they also say they'll start clearing gauzy pool in September and some of its waste will be used to build a national highway Elizabeth puranam al-jazeera East Delhi


  1. Need number count for people who living unacceptable living conditions in the richest country like Qatar 🇶🇦 and killed by Ella our exploitation for mission 2022 🤫 al jazeera will not show it 🤣

  2. There’s more people in Delhi than all of Qatar, if Al Jazeera wants to get snooty, they should remember that they are funded by their government whose wealth came from petroleum, the bulk being brought by India.

    If India wants to invade Qatar, it will only takes a day or less, and the wealth can clean up the cities and, of course, make India just as beautiful as Qatar.

  3. At least they dump their own waste unlike western countries shipping it else where and then pretending they are clean

  4. That's Aljazeera, when entire world is looking at chandrayan 2 which is the first mission to South Pole of moon, Aljazeera is looking at slums and showing it. Wow what a great coverage and great channel. I think Aljazeera should concentrate on positive side of India rather than always focusses on dirty things in india.

  5. I don’t understand countries that have ridiculous populations DONT HAVE RECYCLING PROGRAMS. WHAT THE F**!!

  6. Only Technology and civic consciousness can change these problems,surely it can be done.Many countries have done it and India will clean these too. 100% hope for a Swachh Bharat for all of us. Let's start making Swachh Bharat initiative a election issue for clean future.

  7. These guys are a joke. Going into space and the moon and cannot sort out the waste. They are pre-occupied with cricket, Bollywood and amassing wealth at all cost. The mindset of all these people, billion of them must change.

  8. Pollution has been distributed through out country in same way…. Fresh water body banks are used now to dump this pollution,poluting water ….. Don't know when will it b taken care of…. Govt is doing nothing…..

  9. Its not India's.. Its only of Delhi's rubbish. India's condition is worst then this…… Shame on indian people

  10. Saudhi: wahhabi, kids executive.
    Pakistan: blasphemy, nepotism, govt corruption.

    Al jeezra: let's show dumping ground of india.

  11. Whenever you type the keyword : dirty, poor, rape, smelly will automatic direct you to India. Youtube is amazing like GPS

  12. Omfg Pakistan's-Kashmir fault again.. classic blame frame, plant's again…or islamophobia anyone's….

  13. hilarious . the father of all rubbish or kings of rubbish led again. OR DESTROYS THE ENVIRONMENT ETC AGAIN.. VIA PAKISTAN'S & SOUTHERN ASIA AGAIN! .. held accountable & RESPONSIBLTY again

  14. superpower lol. meanwhile in fake space agency, racketeering, offshore, fat MODI statues or lavish parties & other's too.. lol!

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