Info Hub Extended, July 11, – Orealla Health Outreach

Info Hub Extended, July 11, - Orealla Health Outreach

On June 27 and 28 a total of 200 persons from villages along the current een river were afforded the opportunity to benefit from specialized health care delivery this is part of the Ministry of Public Health's plan to create access to health care in far-flung communities in Ghana welcome to another edition of info hub extended Delicia hands now tells us of a recent outreach of the communities of Orianna and separator and how the services provided have benefitted residents are you ready to embark on a truly epic adventure to an undiscovered corner of South America where some of the most spectacular natural attractions are unveiled within a beautifully diverse landscape from the wetlands and savannas to the ancient mountains magnificent waterways and lush and rich in vain Christ we've invited a vast playground for some of the most exotic and breathtaking creatures on the planet including many of the worlds of child species this untouched land of mystery and wonder slopes up an exclusive experience for travelers so are you ready for a new or inspiring adventure welcome back to nature welcome to Diana Ariella a river in indigenous community is located just over 50 miles of the current in coast and has a population of approximately 1200 persons separator is nearby with a population of 450 persons together the health needs of these two villages may vary which means residents are forced to travel great distances to access specialized health care services along the coast residents who have been living in the two villages for a number of years noted that it is costly to travel to skelton Portland or even new Amsterdam for health care we're always really helpful because they outreach that came to Oriel we don't really have it often and we have a lot of like sickness like like the extraction of tooth this one the blood pressure so sometimes when the hospital is not working something you have to walk the work on the doctors on the little helpless optical old so he just didn't face the great disadvantage at that area it is very many Fisher because because they due to the poverty and people have money to really pay for these things after the cold say to the very valuable services so it should be done regularly so I believe that the government is a fair government looking all over the country each and every Amerindian village this is the last summer in a village in Guyana and I believe that we should be looked more look get some more thoughts on us for a long time doctors ever come in and do such things that were we i tests and whatsoever you know all people who sick and so we our council is trained for us but he can be another government the Ministry of Public Health's Regional Health Department's collaborated with the region 6th Health Department to deliver a wide array of specialized health care services to the people of oreonna and saputo these services include VI a screening ultrasound screening and HIV testing all the services included chronic diseases general medicine and services director of the ministries regional and clinical service dr. kay Shaco explained I want to tell you that in terms of our VI a testing we had four persons tested and out of that four persons we had three that were normal and we still have one that was inconclusive and that person needs follow-up when it comes to our voluntary counseling and testing we had about 36 persons who would have been tested and we had no one that was positive when it comes our dermatology that is the skin the doctor that deals with abnormalities of the skin as well as the eye doctor or the ophthalmologist we had four to five persons each that would have access such services and of course they would have had some abnormal readings and they were referred for further follow-up in terms of dental we had about four to six persons that would have received services in those areas meanwhile in separate are close to 60 persons took advantage of the services within a three-hour period taken advantage primarily of the ultrasound service and seeking assistance for general medical complaints referred to as a one-stop shop for a quick checkup residents were happy that this initiative was taken to the to villages persons with children from as young as a few months old to the senior citizen in the area made a special effort to turn out and access the services bought to them free of cost to get the car over tonight that it goes to get attention for things like skin is very difficult for persons within this area the traveling and everything would put them off and wouldn't it be beneficial for them so coming here to Orianna would actually help in that we to get these things fixed the ultrasound well that is something no the ultrasound system that we our mothers mostly will have to travel out the Kaurava time to get ultrasound other persons will have to travel to confer time to get these things you're already sick when you get how dare you travel sick because of the public transport system it's not like the most comfortable journey to get out the carpet and the outreach is a great help to the village great priority towards our health and my opinion I'm so happy for this because the past the past years the first first outreach I experienced the auto auto ultrasound the dermatologist the outreach was initially planned for the village of Oriel oh but after hearing that super auto residents also faced similar difficulties in accessing health care it was extended to that village I really appreciate this outreach because because plenty people that's thick they're not able to go to or ele became really hard something we don't have a boat and so fetch something something you're not gonna don't walk and we're really happy that that's always happening anything you come toriel please come to support so we did separate the answers feel like separate the left out like most of the time because on the oil are pushing forward and yes I'm so happy like a resident up here that you make it all the best effort to come to check all the tests like HIV most likely interpreter dr. Fago expressed that the ministry's vision is for dianese to be among the healthiest in the Caribbean exercises such as these sets out to capture those lagging behind in poor health and to ensure that they are properly treated and diagnosed as necessary indeed we are very happy that a lot of the persons from this area came out because they would have heard of the services that were being brought here by the Ministry of Public Health and even as I was speaking with one of the residents they said that they were very pleased with what would have been achieved here today and some of them are very happy because in cases like testing their blood pressure and their blood sugar some of them they had to be taught lifestyle practices in order to improve their blood pressure as well as their blood sugar right now as you look at me my face seems different from what I am because right now for a week no I was in a terrible cold and being in my body in my joints and so forth and I was just deciding to catch a boat to go to court on to see a doctor somewhat and that of course merely about twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars so I'm very thankful for this old riches helped me a lot I never never no say that I'm I have sugar but because I never go and check no doctor and but I know today is my deep no I have a disease or what they call it into my body and I I could get I could I get help them from the medical where I could try my best what the doctor tell me not to do I could try my best if not to eat or to drink anything because I need a good health for my body I went to do a scan and I get to because when I went to Amsterdam I get pushing to endear for this sickness what I have and I done God for this doctor who treat me and he don't find nothing inside my womb last October a fully equipped state-of-the-art water ambulance valued at approximately 22 million dollars was commissioned this was much needed in the area for the transport of emergency cases to the current in cost for further medical attention at that time Minister of Public Health while the lorentz who traveled to Horry ala to Commission the water ambulance noted that there are plans to expand healthcare delivery in remote areas in this regard priority will be given to infrastructure and human resources the river ambulance is just about one of the services that we would like to provide so not only the polluter Orianna but also all our here to live community we are presently reviewing all of our health facilities to see what upgrade we need to provide to these health facilities so that we can services this fits into a wider vision touted by the ministry to ensure health services in Guyana are accessible and adequate every person regardless of their location ethnicity or religion the ministry's policy is to have Guyanese to be among the healthiest and Caribbean so with that in mind we have remote areas so what we would have planned from the regional services perspective is ensure that outreaches are being done within those remote areas and you would have seen Orianna was considered one we have other areas that we need to go to in the different regions like 1 7 & 8 we need to go to places in region 7 like come along and kikes on and the different remote areas in even region 9 I shall turn and it's catchment areas all the areas that are challenging when it comes to accessing the services at a Regional Hospital so our plan is ensure that in most or all of the remote areas we meet the people there and that is why we consider outreaches to be pivotal in helping us to achieve that goal in January last two similar teams were deployed to wiper Ankara Sparrow in region 8 specialists are scheduled to be a part of outreach teams the Cameron Lima Suns and all the far-flung communities shortly this has been info hub extended thanks for joining us good bye for now

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