INSTAGRAM Fitness Influencers best tips to get BIKINI READY OVER NIGHT

INSTAGRAM Fitness Influencers best tips to get BIKINI READY OVER NIGHT

huh you run the beach tomorrow you want to know if I can come um yeah alright yeah yeah I'll be like I'll be there what are you gone on a month vendor II did nothing but pizza I haven't been said Jim I'm so bloated I've been living in sweatpants can I wear this to the beach I don't want to be in a bikini I'm not ready I have not done any boat workouts I'm gonna have the flattest butt on this Beach okay step one I'm gonna change I look better now I'm just gonna wear this to the beach no it still shows the bloat and I can't wear this what am I going to do I should have started working out a long time ago I have 24 hours now I'm gonna look good in a bikini Kate what is in my fridge oh it's gotta be a miracle care no hot sauce it raise your metabolism maybe I'll just like eat only hot sauce on my food will that do it liquid diet liquid diet only for 24 hours that's got to work right spinach I did not eat any greens for last night so I should have done that walk off all the fitness people do this is that a thing just and chucked this entire bottle well that give me bikini I don't know this watermelons raw and I should not have eaten that I should have started a while ago what am I going to do I got an idea those fake girls on Instagram – ow ow ow ow we're just gonna go in there they figure this out okay what's that one girl's name Kenzie yes she always has workouts I'm just gonna follow one of her workouts I'm gonna ask her slider damn my first tip would be like I never ever trained ABS but I'll go to the gym the day before and I'll do ABS for like 30 minutes or an hour just pretend like I trained ABS every single day but like realistically I should have started training ABS like three years ago when I started training but for some reason that one day I'm like I pretend like a tree naps every single day of my life up is getting a spray tan or myself tan or anything like that is like I went to go get a spray tan I just like you feel like a different person like I go in there feeling like I'm gonna go come out and I'm like oh I feel so good right now got like flexing in the mirror like this with a feeling a ten makes me like a completely different person if you go from potato to victory I instantly do a 24-hour juice cleanse so you're gonna do you're gonna go to one of those juice shops and you should come in like a prepared little kit you're gonna have like five or six juices a day and you're gonna drink those every few hours and then the next day on the beach like you just I guess you just do another one so you're just two days in a row of drinking juices and like I get instant ABS attention I'm interrupting the middle of this video on the skit to let you guys know that all proceeds of the Adsense this video are going to Canada's eating disorder foundation well touch base about that at the end of the video so stay tuned to the end for that but back to this weird skip thing I'm doing it all makes sense Bend as that always has bikini body I am going to reach in her damn slide in they hey hey Beth how fix me as she says this she's not tend to kill shots deep going on beach tomorrow you're going in a bikini you have 24 hours to get bikini body ready what do you do three tips go very high mix exercises for around thirty to forty seconds I wear a bikini that is not too tight on my hair I wear bikinis and and final tip is I would say it's all being agreeance I think what Beth was really trying to say is just drink so much that you're intoxicated and then you don't care what you look like what about YouTube YouTube Blair I'm gonna go on her account she always has like celebrity diets I'm just sure he's got everyone for him do that how'd it get a bikini body overnight take your body put it up bikini yee-haa an actual tip I have is to not eat McDonald's a night before because anything with a lot of sodium will bloat you and make you puffy like a puffer fish third tip is drink a lot of tea and poop all day then you can't even go to the beach because you'll just be pooping great there you go bye oh I love Katie's Instagram she's gotta have workout videos how I could bikini body overnight Sarah I follow her YouTube she was lazy done she does yoga probably should have done the yoga three months ago star but when her she has got like some spiritual things stretched it just like gets all the water out of me how to get a bikini body overnight the answer that I would be most comfortable giving acceptance accept your body for what it is accept your body for what it looks like accept that your body is a vessel that is here to serve you and protect you and the state of your body is reflecting the state of your life you're exactly where you need to be in your life if you're having a hard time acknowledging that then consider what else is telling you otherwise and likely that is your Instagram newsfeed the media every era has this like ideal body type 1990s it was like this waif in 2010 what do we have we have this like Instagram super curvy figure half the time is edited we are sitting here on our side of the screen wondering well why don't I look like that something wrong with me no nothing's wrong with you and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with any of these body types I think that all the bodies are beautiful and all body types are beautiful I think what's wrong is that we are showcasing one at the top and saying if you don't look like this something's wrong with you therefore by my product and then you'll feel better and that's what's happening if you feel that way yeah you can make lifestyle changes that over time can give you the healthiest version of yourself but there's no overnight fix no let's not play that game let's practice acceptance self-love self-care because you have more important things to think about then the stretch marks on your tummy so I hope you guys got from all that that no there is no miracle cure to get bikini body ready overnight it is really confusing in this day and age with Instagram photos you see this you see this body type there's never been a perfect body type it's always changing this in body types those out body types I hope you saw it by all the different girls to show there's multiple different body types all these girls have been called goals before none of us look the same it goes to show that what your goals aren't always someone else's that anyone can be confident in their body what's the say just because you're the juiciest peach in the world there's gonna be people who don't like peaches remind yourself there is nothing better out there than confidence if you walk with your shoulders head high go out on the beach have fun laughs you're gonna look so good that was my only trick anyone laughing always looks their best most beautiful self in a bikini so do that know when you see these photos on Instagram guess what they probably faster the night before maybe several weeks there at the perfect angle they're making sure they're not bloated we all get bloated the Kardashians of the world get bloated the Victoria's Secret models of the world get loaded those body types are beautiful those are both polar opposite body tips in so many different ways there is no right body type there's no wrong by type there's just your body type and you've been blessed with this amazing body that allows you to go to the beach so embrace it gonna be the only instant beach body ready there's two things first a spray tan let's not even do not in fact you know what you have a spray time you're gonna feel a little bit better unless you really like the pale look you do you I'm not gonna judge and get it's just walk with your shoulders back your head held high and a big big smile on your face and trust me you are gonna be BP he and your body ready and do not feel guilty if you're feeling a lot of pressure to feel other ways because we all feel that the biggest influencers here people like this with thousands of following who are known for their bodies still feel insecure still uploaded days I blow today's the trick is you just got to go and embrace it and we got to support each other and love ourselves and it's not easy confidence is not coming easy the pressure society the pressure you put on yourself you are so hard work you know that but no extreme is ever worth it all that matters is that the end of the day you wake up healthy and happy then the best thing I want to do is just to give back because of the pressure we have put on society just there's so many confusing things so all proceeds of this video will be going to canada's eating disorder foundation so i would really love it i don't know ask you guys to share my videos i don't ask you guys to like very often but if you could get this the thumbs up comment below it helps it grow and then share this with your friends or family that might be suffering just the adsense will go to help the foundation and so i don't ask for this often it's the best way i feel i can give back using this platform i know if you're struggling that you are worth health and there's nothing more beautiful on earth than a healthy individual it's crazy the negativity we have in our mind I'm not a therapist but we're all there we're all just take the time to rip ourselves apart we never take the time to be like I love this part of me so after this video I encourage all of you go look in a mirror and go point out three things you love about yourself and repeat that every day go to the beach smile and have fun lick your kit again because no kids running around on the beach feeling self-conscious we all need to get back to that and trust me you will look great in that bikini thank you for tuning in like always and if you are having a hard day and nothing is going right and you just need to pick me up there is one solution go pet a dog love you guys thank you for tuning in


  1. Much needed video for a lot of us in summer! Sometimes we need to remind each other and ourselves that we are beautiful no matter how we look 🙂 Donating the proceed from the video is such a lovely idea <3

  2. Im crying watching this. I’m battling an eating disorder. I’m not winning… yet. Thank you for this Keltie 💜

  3. As a long time sufferer I cannot express how much I loved this video and the way you went about showing it! Also love your channel x

  4. This message came on a perfect night, I've been struggling lately n I needed to remind myself of this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! you are fricken awesome❤❤

  5. I absolutely love this video ❤️ definitely going to share it on my social media platforms. More young girls and women need to hear this message

  6. Spray tans definitely make you appear smaller! This video was awesome and more people should accept this bodies 💕

  7. That's right. I'm not just pale, I'm transparent. And I own that. Also am lazy and can't be bothered. Same reason I don't dye my hair.

  8. I clicked on this video while eating del taco. I was expecting to feel like a dirtbag. I feel like a beautiful dirtbag now Haha

  9. never thought i would cry in one of your videos(besides crying with laughter). thank you for this, i didn’t know how much i needed to hear this until you said something.

  10. Omfg Keltie!!! This. 👏🏼 you. 👏🏼 is/are everythinggggg. WOW! ♥️ great message and cause.

  11. Keltie, this video was not what I expected and I loved it. You are such an awesome individual for sharing this message. Made my night. Peace and blessings to you. ❤️✌🏽

  12. I love you and your channel. I so appreciate that you focus on wholistic health and don’t encourage unhealthy standard. Respect and love always!!!! Keltie clan!!!!

  13. I appreciate that you choose to give back to both your physical community through donations and your YouTube video through inspiring videos like this. You are an amazing influencer.

  14. Love this and you!!!! And my calves, my sense of humor, and my work ethic 😊 what do you ladies love about yourselves???

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