1. Im my experience with fitness I believe in discipline more. I think you're advice is great, but I'm unsure if you were ever obese, such as I was. I believe discipline is important when making the transition because bad habits die hard. I grew to enjoy it over time, but it took awhile. Hope you don't criticize this to harshly if you disagree lol.

  2. To be honest I really respect the effort you put into all of this. From all the series you have made for all aspects of body building to just nutrition. I personally hit my lazy plateau a while ago; after starting this year by cutting my addiction to sodas and losing 55 lbs (starting from 255 at 5'9" and being a shit ass 16 yr old) I started to regress lately. After watching these videos, your humor and general excitement towards exercising, reminded me of my goals of why I started and why I need to keep going. Thanks for everything scoob you're one of a kind.

  3. Hey Scooby. If you really wanted to be an inspirational fitness motivator, you would go vegan.

    It is the way of the future. Your body and our planet will thank you.

  4. I don’t think I did it right. I had two tuna sandwiches with mayonnaise and zero spinach/egg meals. You made those bad meals sound soooo good.

  5. scooby, my work is killing me. simple as that- if i just could sleep without an alarm. i am alreaedy sleeping 8h+ and im still tired since the tireness is cumulative. so honestly, work is my problem. i was jogging yesterday after work, but i have no power in me left to truly live in the moment.

  6. I finally succeeded in stopping using sugar replacement in my coffee, it was hard but Necessary to keep my Omad diet

  7. Scooby how to get motivated when need to go to work 9 to 7pm you need 30 minutes to drive each way do the shopping, preparing meals, exercise and still be able to go out have some fun with people ?
    Otherwise if I don't work I can do all that and I'm always motivated and 10 times more happy .

  8. Amen to what you said! It is fun when you work out so when you want to play a sport and enjoy it instead of being miserable. I did do a physical challenge which was to swim 1.5 miles the day after a friend passed away unexpectedly at 25 years old.

  9. Very inspiring and I play 14 hours of tennis every week, I play 2 hours after work for the last 2 years and yes cardio makes you sleep so well, I eat very clean and it makes me smile so much.

  10. Scooby, great video man! If you're anywhere near a decent size body of water you need to to get or build a sliding seat rowboat. You know how great of a workout the rowing machine is in the gym but is as BOOORING as the stationary bike. Same thing x10 for a sliding seat rowboat. I built a simple skin on frame design called the "Ruth" by Dave Gentry and it is AWESOME. Give it a try.

  11. Scooby do you think golfing 18 holes would be great cardio? I want to start doing more cardio and hoping golfing will be good

  12. I'm a fan of beans.
    Cannellini, kidneybean, butterbean, chickpeas. brown beans.etc.
    Along with millet.
    And also some chicken and fish.
    Full grain bread.
    Simpel but good.

    Great video Scooby.
    Working out is as Arnold said, like having sex.
    Nah, not really like that. But it is really good as well.
    That's for sure.
    I love it.

  13. Scoobs, have you ever tried One Meal a Day? If you haven't you should try it. For me, it does not negatively impact my ability to exert myself or work out. Makes me REALLY enjoy each and every meal.

  14. Today was my first day lifting and using your diet plan! Thank you scooby hope I can look better in a few years

  15. Love your vuds being an early 50's guy good to see an attractive guy showing how to be good n exercise correctly xx

  16. I actually realized this a while ago but I didn't think of it as motivation because my sleep is ok. I do sleep so much easier when I'm tired after running or playing basketball.

  17. I started doing daily cardio around 3 weeks ago. I'm sleeping so much better and it already doesn't feel right if I don't get exercise for the day. It's crazy how fast things changed.

  18. I feel that motivation comes instantly when you do the task, especially for exercise. Mentally pumping myself up with motivational videos, is just a form of motivational masturbation; it doesn't really do anything as far as results go.

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