1. "Wipe Israel off the map"
    Google it and see how many times the Ayatollahs have vowed to exterminate Israel.
    And you folks want them to have a 'monitored ' nuclear program.
    The Obama deal was just the roundabout route to nuclear breakout.

  2. Iran to be punished by EU and US as long as Israel and most Jews want/demand it? Yes, the Israeli and the Jewish fascio-nazism, is one cause for punishing Iran; The other cause being US-EU fascio-nazism.

  3. No deal is the only result in view.

    As if the EU can persuade the USA to rescind what are illegal sanctions by designating a nation's Army as a "terrorist organization", bunch of crap not adherent to International Law, theft and freezing of assets, the whole mess begun by the USA, Iran has always been in compliance.

    End sanctions or no deal, instead of 7,000 nukes we'll be back to 70,000 as it was before the deal.

  4. EU has to do everything for the Iran nuclear deal for all the people and US has to back down and say we are wrong and renegotiate the deal.

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