Ironite vs Liquid Iron for a DARK GREEN LAWN

Ironite vs Liquid Iron for a DARK GREEN LAWN

What's going on everybody welcome back to the lawn tools video I wanted to explain a little something in this one So this is just a little intro here. I did two different iron applications I did a granular iron application with ironite and then about a month later. I did liquid iron from Southern AG I'm going to show both of those in this video and compare the results from those Because I just didn't want to make two separate videos and I had the footage sitting there from one for a long time Just want to clear that up because I thought it might be a little bit confusing because I'm wearing the same shirt During both of the applications. I guess I just love anyway, those applications are separated by about a month and I have a favorite but I'll let you judge for yourself and then I'll kind of come in at the end and tell you why I preferred one over the other. So we will go to the granular ironite first and after we see the results of that we'll go to the southern AG Liquid iron and the results might be a little bit hard to see on camera, but I'm looking at it on my screen It doesn't really do it justice and so at the end I'll give my opinions on which one was better At least according to me in real life. So here we go All right. Today, we're gonna try this out. Got some ironite high an iron for a deeper green a deep green lawn without excessive growth Except I'm gonna throw down some fertilizer with this. It's about time for my application to put down half a pound of nitrogen I'm gonna do that throw down the ironite see what happens. I'm kind of curious I've seen some pictures and videos of the results with this stuff. I'm a little skeptical, but we'll find out I'll keep you guys posted on the progress with this stuff and see just what kind of deep green we're talking about It says that the bag covers 5000 square feet I got two of them one of the one in the front yard Which about five thousand square feet and then I'll put one right here in the back So you asked how to get a deep green lawn Well, let's go let's go let's go let's go Finished up just in time sun's starting to go down check that out So as you can see ironite worked the grass got darker but spoiler alert It's not quite as good as what you're about to see again. I don't know how well these results are showing up on camera exactly But I just remember being a little bit unimpressed after waiting a whole week for the granular ironite to do its magic So let's check out the liquid What's going on everybody? I've got company coming over tomorrow evening. So of course, I'm trying to get my lawn ready for a party and How do you do that? How do you get your lawn ready for company to come over? Of course You want it to pop you want the lawn to impress everybody and you want them to say things like oh my goodness Right tool your lawn is so amazing and Yo dude. How'd you get along like that? You know, I mean, it's it's not a big deal But anyway back to the lawn so I've got an uneven lawn here some scalp spots I just mowed it fresh mowed this morning. Got some scalp spots got some thin spots got some lighter spots And so basically what I'm gonna try to do is to get this to get dark and at least a little more uniform before tomorrow Night, the plan is to put on some chelated liquid iron. I got the southern AG brand on Amazon I'll probably throw a link down in the description for that in case you're interested. Let's run through some of the highlights So with the chelated liquid iron, you don't want to get on the concrete stain stuff. So be careful getting it even on like the fence Your clothes whatever it stains backpack sprayer, rinse it out. Really well spray it it is foliar absorb So it just needs to be on the actual tissue foliar tissue. foliar tissue So it actually needs to be on the grass blades for a little while and sit there and be absorbed so don't water it in You don't want to mow right after you put it down You leave it on the grass blade and let it sit there for a while. There's lots of how-to videos on this I'm just mostly going to show you the results of the chelated liquid iron on Bermuda grass in less than 48 hours Anyway, let's get to it Okay, so we're going one pint per thousand square feet you like my fancy measuring cup? So I need a 5,000 square feet worth five pints It's not fertilizer it's stuff that's going to make the grass really green So when our friends come over they can see how awesome our lawn is, is that a good idea That's what I'm talking about nice dark lush green beautiful Good job chelated liquid iron from Southern AG two thumbs up So in conclusion liquid iron definitely works faster, and maybe that's why the results seem betters because it happened overnight or over two nights I guess because after 48 hours is when it looked the best whereas with the ironite I had to look at it every single day and I was basically like getting Desensitized to how dark it was getting I don't know I'm making stuff up But I do think that the liquid iron worked a little bit better Definitely worked faster and again, I'm not sure how well you could see that on camera I'm not the only person who's pointed that out. Actually I feel like in like four videos I've seen recently people keep saying like I'm not sure how well you can see this on camera Because when you look at your own footage, it doesn't look as good as it did in real life So take my word for it. The liquid did get darker In fact austinite did a video on feature So if you want to see another iron product in action Go check out his video and he was smart enough to take his drone up and show his results compared to his neighbors that was actually kind of cool because He said the same thing you can't really tell this on camera wait until we get the drone footage And on his normal camera was like yeah, like look at that It looks darker and kind of shiny like what he's describing when we took the drone up You could definitely see how much darker his lawn was compared to all of his neighbors because you're seeing it side-by-side Should have thought that out So make sure to go check that video out if you're curious about the cost of liquid iron versus ironite so the southern AG liquid iron You can find online for about 30 bucks and that is for a gallon which is 8 pints one pint four thousand square feet is a thousand square feet worth if you do the math, that's $3.75 per thousand square feet. Whereas ironite You can find it online for $20 a bag and that bag says that it will cover five thousand square feet So again, if you do the math, it comes out to about $4 per thousand square feet Similar, but the liquid iron is a little bit cheaper work a little bit better But it does require you to spray liquid. I do prefer to spread granules if I can. I feel like it's just easier So there's that just depends on your personal preferences and what you like to do better Well that about wraps this one up So make sure to LIKE the video and subscribe if you haven't already and I will catch you later all your lawn tools Alright Alright first shot first golf shot from the front yard tee box here. This is going to be epic. Oh He's too strong I'm working out too much Divot the yard, huh? He's aiming for the green here To your credit you didn't even look on the other side of the fence before you hit it Try to put it we're at like half an inch and that was This is gonna be a little bit sketchy grass is too tall The thing I've seen a golfer's is that one oh, yeah it's aiming for the green cap over the smaller green cap Left tool lines up for the putt Little fast Is that your warm-up swing There we go golf clap, do you can you golf clap show me your golf clap So we should go Oh Golf shot. Oh He lined it up. Oh, that's why we're gonna helmet He got me right in between the eyes, oh, no, they're gonna leave a mark So people have been telling me like that's so beautiful, how did you get to look like that I'm like, I don't know I'm gonna screw it out for a little while and it just you know, kind of cool There's other people who are like, oh you better enjoy the long full luscious hair while you've got it cuz who's gonna be gone? I'm like, yeah, okay, whatever


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  4. I use Scotts GreenMax(granular) with great results, it takes a few days to work but when they do it really pops! Last year I also tried liquid iron and it turned my lawn dark brown (DIDN’T Read the label)😂 I ‘ll give another go tomorrow.

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