Is coffee healthy?

Is coffee healthy?

well caffeine is the world's most widely used stimulant drunk and that's what it's for it's a stimulant drug now there's some problems with caffeine because the breakdown products tend to stimulate insulin and there's a you know always growing controversy say well but coffee is good it's not good well coffee the thing about coffee is that it's colorful it's brown it's dark it means it contains polyphenols so for most Americans most of their polyphenols come from drinking coffee because no one eats fruits and vegetables salt from that standpoint drinking regular coffee okay you get a stimulant that has some problems but you also get polyphenols so what about decaffeinated coffee well we take coffee and then you basically usually soak it in methylene chloride this is what they soak your laundry in at the at the laundromat when they dry clean it and to pull out the caffeine and then they basically try to get add the flavors back from the try to drive off all the methylene chloride and then add the flavors back okay this is but there's other ways there's the the swiss natural way it's more expensive that you use hot water to pull out extract out the caffeine because caffeine is more water soluble than the polyphenols are and the best way is called supercritical fluid extraction that pulls out the caffeine but that's a very expensive and so usually find most decaf tea and varieties are the dry cleaning varieties so you know so he's saying well that's not so good and a lot of people basically don't do very well well coffee decaffeinated or non decaf tea so at that point then I'd go to teas and the one the one tea I like is green tea the reason why the green tea is exceptionally rich in polyphenols the black teas are fermented green teas that have only maybe one order to one-tenth the amount of polyphenols this is why green tea tastes more bitter than black tea because it has more polyphenols and therefore it's better for you so what do you do to knock out the taste you add lemon or sugar yeah it is but not as rich as coffee tea is about 1/2 the caffeine as coffee so if you basically are going to you can go through life you know drinking hot water which gets a little boring after a while but so I'd say I've thought I think my personal choice I use green tea and I drink a lot of it now remember we had our ORAC values a day one cup of green tea will contain about 600 ORAC units which is about almost twice the amount of one glass of white wine


  1. Caffeine and Nicotine aren't bad.That is very black and white.
    These two stimulants even help Dementia.
    Fact;Black and Green Tea contain loads of calcium which our bodies need in moderation
    but not if you want a healthy thyroid.
    Calcium competes with iodine which most people are deficient in thanks to fluoride water from the government!!!

  2. coffee is good in little quantities without sugar my family here in Brazil drink coffee all the time without problems but for you feel the flavor you can try drink without sugar is very good unfortunately many people around the world use the sugar that' mix with caffeine brings risks to heart health and bone, the coca cola only hurt healthy not because of caffeine, but because of the sugar, here in Brazil produces too much sugar from sugar cane and the people here have more problems such as cancer, osteoporosis and high level of glucose because of the excessive amount of sugar in food

  3. I disagree..tea by weight has more caffeine, but we use less of it….. Additionally polyphenols are antioxidants, and antioxidants are bad for You… oxidation is what drives our immune system, antioxidants speed up lung cancer development for example and oxidation therapy like ozone, are anti cancerous

  4. I would't take any healthy advice from someone that isn't healthy …    or doesn't look healthy….

  5. Coffee is healthy. It is filled with polyphenols and antioxidants. Just have pure espresso or a long black. Adding milk or sugar adds to the calories and causes weight gain. Dairy milk may also causes prostate cancer. We all know sugar is bad.

  6. Intersting fact that I didn't know is that you need to add lemon to coffee to reduce it bitter taste 😉 But on another side you didnt mention alot of more health benefits of coffee like it can lower the risk of many diseases and cancers.

  7. Everything is bad if you excessively drink it or eat it .every food it has a limitations of consumption per day ..

  8. As far as the green tea goes. Does it matter, organic or non organic?
    What is a good brand, because I go to whole foods and it's like a million selections? Lol

  9. You guys are all fucking stupid! let me guess, you all still think god is real too huh? nothing from the earth is bad lol, it's the sugars we add idiots!

  10. Actually, going by someone who is obviously out of shape is very stupid, and I have great grammar, just didn't feel like writing a dictionary lol..just trying to make a point you fucking shmuck!!

  11. Ummm… excuse me dumbass! i'm not trying to have a grammar match here, just trying to prove a point..

  12. also he should mention that drinking lots of green tea can lead to development of renal calculi aka kidney stones.

  13. well I think everyone prefer to listen to a guy who goes to university everyday rather than a guy who goes to gym with poor grammar !

  14. Overall good presentation by Dr. Sears, but there are a few errors. (1) coffee is not brown due to polyphenols, it is brown due to the prod. of melanoidins during roasting, (2) methylene chloride is not used in dry cleaning (3) polyphenols are not the reason green teas are more bitter, these compounds do not impart bitterness.

  15. dumb asses ! nothing that comes from the earth can make you fat coffee is a fuckn bean dumb idiots im a body builder and i crush coffee on the daily coffee actually helped me cut fat believe it or not, just stop being lazy and work out drink lots of water and eat every thing in moderation stop being so stupid,if you think about it most people that drink coffee are skinny lol..being lazy and eating too much sugars and fats is what makes you fat ,im sorry but i hate dumb people who know nothing.

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