Is Fermented Food good for us? | #aumsum

Is Fermented Food good for us? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Is fermented food good for us? No. French Fries are the best for me. Alright. Now, listen. Fermentation is a process in which natural
bacteria and yeast. Breakdown the sugar and starch present in
the food. Producing lactic acid and other compounds. For decades, fermenting was a technique to
preserve food. However now-a-days, fermented food is getting
lot of attention. Because of the benefits it provides. Firstly, as the fermented food is predigested
or broken down by bacteria. These foods are easier for us to digest. Secondly, fermentation increases the nutritional
value. By producing beneficial enzymes and vitamins. Thirdly, as microorganisms breakdown lactose
present in the food. Lactose intolerant people can eat yogurt and
other fermented milk products. Lastly, fermented foods contain probiotics
which are good or friendly bacteria. They improve our gut health, thus leading
to a healthy immune system. Why does airplane food taste bad? I don’t know. Wait. I will explain. Our ability to perceive taste is affected
by a few factors such as humidity, air pressure, etc. In an airplane, the humidity is less as compared
to that on the ground. This makes the air in the airplane quite dry. Also, to maintain the air pressure inside
and outside the airplane. The air pressure inside it is decreased. Decreased air pressure and dry air, dries
our nose and mouth. Dry nose cannot properly smell odors. Ya dude. I’m not abe to smell the burger. Now, smell of food helps us to understand
the flavor and ingredients of the food. Thus, the food which we cannot smell properly
appears unappealing. Also, dry mouth reduces the sensitivity of
our taste buds. As a result, we cannot perceive the taste
of food properly. Topic: Diffusion. Why can we smell hot food from a distance? Hey. Looks like you have lost your way! No. I know the way. Fine. Don’t listen. See, I told you. Now, listen to me. There is a restaurant next to your house where
hot sizzling food is available, right? Oh yeah. Yummyy. Follow its smell and you will reach home. Yippeee. I have reached home. Do you know how the smell of that food reached
you? When food gets cooked, it releases some aromatic
gases into the air. The molecules of these gases spread and mix
with air molecules. When this air reaches our nose, we get the
smell of food. This process of spreading and mixing of a
substance. With another substance is called diffusion. But then, why couldn’t I smell the food inside
my house from a distance? This is because that food had become cold. On heating food. The molecules of its aromatic gases gain kinetic
energy. And start vibrating faster. They spread and mix easily into air. Leading to an increased rate of diffusion. As the food gets cold. The temperature of the aromatic gases decreases. The kinetic energy of molecules decreases. And they do not vibrate as much anymore. Thus, the rate of diffusion decreases. And we cannot smell the food from a distance.


  1. 0:05 Is fermented food good for us?

    Aumsum: No. French Fries are the best for me… 🤣🤣🤣

  2. As usual, well done and definitely keep it up! Additionally (side note), I'm an ultra lactose intolerant, but sometimes I eat chips (french fries) as well, like our friend (HAHA).

  3. Fermented foods are a hot health topic—and for good reasons. These good bacteria—particularly those in our gut—may improve digestion, boost immunity and help us maintain a healthy weight. … Fermented foods, like yogurt and kimchi, are rich in probiotics. The good bacteria grow during the fermentation process.

  4. This animated character (our dear friend) really makes me smile. Really compliments to those who had the idea of ​​inventing it/him and animating it/him every time!

    EVERYONE !!!!!

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