1. Italians are always so judgemental when it comes to their food… Like, I love Italian food and I understand that Italian-American food (and whatnot) does not taste the way your mom/grandma/country makes it but come on… Don't act as if you'd not eat that if you were starving and that would be the only thing you had on hand… Just saying.

  2. Do American VS Romania. Look for the snack called Happy Hippos my mom went to Romania and brought them home 5 boxes of 5 I tried 1 they where gone the next day

  3. A toaster over would have boosted these ratings by a ton! The only way to reheat frozen foods to make them feel as good as it could get (or oven lol)

  4. This seems to be leaving out a lot. I mean, Trader Joe's has actual pizzas, for a start, not to mention ravioli, some pretty decent lasagna, and probably more that I don't know about. Seems to me that this is not truly representative of their Italian food.

  5. That stuff thats already frozen is going to be overcooked because I’m pretty sure it gets cooked before it goes in the bag.

  6. there are much better items you guys could have chosen than meatballs (which arent consumed in italy) and pizza bites…like maybe one of their 20 good pizzas or the penne arrabiata

  7. I'm not surprised at their reaction ( someone overacting that by doing jazz hands 🤣🤣) but what really surprised me is how their American accent is quite good omg they can speak English very well, it's not usual for Italian people speaking like that 🤣🤣🤣

  8. These Italians be makin me feel like crap if I eat frozen because they know exactly how to cook a good dish I also like how they know exactly what spices are missing 😂

  9. They should rate Olive Garden! I’ve always thought a lot of their food tasted like boxed and canned foods, but a lot of people act like it is a top notch restaurant.

  10. Would love to know what’s in the meatballs, beef, chicken, etc? Italians make meatballs with beef, pork and veal and we use grated cheese too.

  11. Highlights how over-industrialized food production is in the U.S. From beef to dairy to bread, they could tell it was behemouth scale produced in a factory from ingredients that are also produced in behemouth large scale.

  12. Being an Italian American I can definitely agree my relatives from Italy would definitely judge Trader Joe’s Italian Lol

  13. All Italian are really picky about their food & they don’t like anyone’s food other than being made by Italian shows that the food they make is of extremely superior

  14. Trader Joe’s is great. Love the frozen Indian meals and dried juicy mango slices. If I’m feeling for Italian then I’ll go to Eataly.

  15. I got question to Italians… would you say the men there are bisexual or gay? Or more straight? What if they work as models..? Can you find a straight Italian male model ? Help plz

  16. Modern day Italian food is really cooked by Mexicans and other Latinos lol … Or should really be called Italian food cooked by Latinos .Look inside an “Italian” restaurant kitchen, you won’t find an Italian cooking . Trader Joe’s is awesome . These Dagos reviewing the products are super annoying , snotty, and smug!

  17. They were nicer than the asian people reviewing the asian items, but honestly what do they expect, it's frozen, quick and easy microwavable food, not to mention cheap. I love trader joes, but no it's not the best, most authentic food ever for any region of cuisine.

  18. This video was good. Usually when you compare the parents to the food they are interested but the younger people are complaining about everything

  19. Up next: Spaniards try dishes that people on the internet called Paella.
    After that: Breaking News: Spaniards go on killing spree in Youtube studio.

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