It's a Good Thing Gina's not HOME when I am building the BARN we bought off the INTERNET

It's a Good Thing Gina's not HOME when I am building the BARN we bought off the INTERNET

good morning modern standards I don't think the pig slept inside last night is it nice and warm out and got that filled up perfectly Oh Joe over here forget your bucket it's gonna be another great day to work on the barn today that Suns coming up it's gonna warm up again it's good for the soul you girls hungry you're always hungry go ahead he's such how he's so hungry there you go y'all still sleeping this morning on the fly rafters for the barn that's the next step it's gonna be getting the 10 on the roof guys the main structure and then we can start adding the overhang I want to get the whole thing dried in as soon as possible and then we can finish up doing the doors the window is it all the trim work that way when it's radio plenty of rainy day projects we all know we got plenty of rain in here and went out to a family movie last night we didn't get back till 10 o'clock so I didn't separate the baby goats from willow and rest of the herd so later so we got a little bit less snow this morning that's all right it was Mercer we found out too that they're gonna be premiering the movie the biggest little farm in our area Frode here the other goats don't know it they're too busy inside I put it outside on you today girls see old CWC hanging out New York City now you got a bug on you guys I had a bug on you what are you doing over here CWC Hannah doesn't want to come down the field this morning he knows if he gets all wet he's gonna stay in the basement till he dries off he doesn't like staying in the basement when he's wet that's silly dog now they've got some nice clean bedding [Applause] [Laughter] what's the matter tenant you didn't want to get wet from the grass this morning this morning we're gonna be working on installing our fly rafters we're gonna make them and we're also gonna be installing these three boards for our eave overhang if we weren't doing the eave overhang I wouldn't cut off my rafters shorter I'm gonna let them extend and then we would have had an overhang but we didn't we cut them off so I need to get these three boards nail them on and then those will be the nailer for our eave overhang rafters right here all right let's uncover everything I moved back all of the eave overhang lumber back here and I kept it separate you got one eave overhang material here and the other eave overhang material there and I tried stacking it in the order I thought I was going to need it my guess is right here is what we need yeah 208 1200 so 1 2 3 o h2 so we're just gonna move a few boards yep so we go right to the edge of the four-by-fours we don't do the siding we don't do the fly rafters good to know so we can get those up first and then build our fly rafters all right I want to lower down it should be a good height right here gonna learn from last time they put the rafters on and we're gonna put up some strap and set our two by eights on all right so we got all marked out kind of curious this is gonna prove to be the interesting part at first let's do let's see what's the clamp our level in place there you go that'll at least free up one set of hands and then we can do this we don't want this fort routing over so if I mark this like so yeah get a baseline five and eight now let's do this you can always go a little low I push that end up there everything with the level that's good on that rafter that's good on that rafter let's do it here so I'm sinking these in low instead of going into the rafter we're going into the top plate of the 4×4 I'm gonna go right on the side of where the rafters gonna go I like that let's check this last one and I like that one we go let's come down this end just gonna pop a smidge here move it on down the line move it on down the line doo doo doo doo de doo their copper smidge gotta come up a little bit and see how we're doing on the ends for a length I don't want to be sticking past this – bye oh we're flush perfect guys perfect I like it I like it a lot right there's good nice all right let's get a screw started actually you know what there should be I'd like to clamp it and use the clamp suck it down there we go I like that right there perfect let's take another one nice your bits don't want to come out tap them on the face gives them a shock break some free gonna take down our strap in now we can go to the other side and do the same thing awesome that part is done now let's get working on the fly rafters how we need to find for 108 13200 we don't need the 108 1300 ones and then we also need for 106 is 12 6 1 2 so 1304 so there's a bunch of stuff I put right here these are the 108 1302 so what do I say 4 of them 108 yeah 1 2 3 4 so that's those we need to find 106 12 6 1 2 I believe is in this pile 104 104 104 I'm guessing it is these and it's just labeled a little bit different one – there's gonna be two of them over here right here and right here the new to our channel this is a pre-cut host and being barn kit we bought off the internet I'll have links in the description down below there all right so because we are putting on the eave overhangs we need to cut back our fly rafters all right so now we want to go from long point to short point a hundred and eighteen inches let's cut it a hair long and felt like one through but it did all right so we're just two here long now we can make sure we get it right gotta grab our hose and no we have not got a new one yet the repair is holding up these let's try doing this this stay with me guys stay with me you got this all right so now that we've got that let's grab the nail guns real quick take the top one swap it over set it in place now we just want to move this so everything winds up on the top one and everything is flush same with this one nice that we have layout on top and bottom so we know where to nail make sure we're flush top and bottom again oh that's one done do it the same way as last time seemed to work out really well all right so this rafters gonna go on this side like so and then this one it's gonna go in the go on this side like so dark clamp clamp our fly rafter in place let's go over here and check her Center yeah yes that's perfect I like that guy so before I nail it let's take a longer clamp I like that smoke this one down a smidge get it set flush here yeah I like that that we go let's go over here check our two peaks and how they meet that's low that's good right there alright let's do this just one week good here haier can come up a smidge so that's gonna come up guitar strap it in place go up and see how are doing we are too high let's see how we are up higher – hi okay yeah alright still too high up there it looks pretty good though let's nail it off up high because I like it right here let's do this then it's high from here on down we take all the weight that's perfect I like it nice it's time to move the pigs see we can get it down before it rains you guys want to get moved put that up and in it's up there there's your food go get it I've never closed them in the trailer before guys their first time the door shop not sure if you can see them in there but I hear them let's kill the juice to the old fence aroni disconnect it all right you got the soil looking so nice it wasn't mostly shade I'd say this put the guard a garden here well we get so much shade here during the day Walter planted two grass the pigs first ride all right can't tie it off here goats don't like the rain [Applause] bada-boom bada-bing there's an old firewood bin I think is what's supposed to be that we found on the side of the road somebody had plywood on and it works perfect no I put some screws in it and it works perfectly to be a mobile energizer for our fence the ground rod will going on this side just to save battery and I will attach our wire to the fence I know what I didn't grab help to grab it the tester before we let him out it's like it was made for it telling you they made it just you helped they made it just for us all right me go grab the tester and I'll be right back let's check it and see 8,000 volts oh yeah I I know I'm funny all right but you think the pigs are gonna think huh hey Peggy's you think you gotta don't run me over pilot dirt right where I want to drop it look at that you got a new area what do you think guess some new ground to work some new grass and brush to eat leave you poop over here and help fertilize I parked the pasture pig mobile on a slight downhill angle to help capture as much water as possible it's supposed to rain today in the next couple of days gotta come over here after with a rake and some grass seed and man that looks so good pick up the big rocks and just smooth it out this is the second year the pigs have been down in this spot you guys are watching this the day the video goes live happy fourth of July happy birthday America let's keep this country great it's nice to see the pigs finally being moved I'm excited to move went well they're gonna be digging up that new area that we brought them over to him be able to get that raked out and get that receded into pasture that's the goal right now I want to be able to move the pigs I don't know every like week and a half two weeks to a new area but something that's a good size and manageable so after I move them I can go behind them pick the rocks break it out and get some grass seed down and get the new pasture growing in nicely so I think it's gonna be quite a bit going on between finishing up building the barn and working with the pigs and all the other animals then we got another big project coming up shortly that's going to be a surprise so thanks for coming along on our journey with us guys you're a huge blessing to us in our homestead have a great fourth of July and we'll see you right back here tomorrow at Lemna acres a guide to modern homesteading self-sufficiency and freedom


  1. Love seeing how Hope is doing! Why don’t you guys get a flow hive or 2 and get some fresh honey?

  2. R u going to plan a rain catchment system on the barn ahead of Tim for any future animals that may have in there or just simply a sink to wash your hands and buckets ?

  3. I miss egg collection. I know building the barn is great, but I enjoy guessing the amount of the eggs, when I watch with my husband. Please, please bring back the egg collection

  4. Hi…… AL thank you for sharing your video homestead chicken farmer garden bye 👋 bye 👋 👨‍👩‍👧👸👕👓🐩🐈🐔🐓🐥🐕🐖🐐🌱🏡🎥👍👍👍

  5. Happy 4th bro… as you say lets make America great… however we are grate no matter what others say..!!

  6. Amazing progress on the barn. Your land is beautiful. What are the white flowers I see all through your pasture?


  8. What, no garden updates this summer ,Al? I love the barn build, but I like seeing your garden too.

  9. Happy Independence Day! The porkers are filling out well, and seem to be taking their move in stride. Thank you for sharing all you do!

  10. I was wondering why you didn't have an eave overhang but you explained why, thanks….I really love watching this come together.

  11. I was wondering what the song/artist we hear at about the 12:00 mark.

    I really like the vids!!!


  12. Really enjoy the barn build wonder if you could hang that hog feeder on the side of the ppm then you wouldn’t have to feed twice a day just feed the left overs from the kitchen

  13. I'd like to see your build videos, but the first two I've looked at – I can hardly see what you're doing when it's the camera on your head, and it starts to cause a seasick feeling. Have you checked some of the other channels like The Outsider or My Self Reliance? It's so much easier to see what's going on in those videos – they put the camera farther back so you can see the whole building and how it's coming together, and what the work actually looks like from a viewpoint I can understand.

  14. Hey guys, how's the new pasture you had cleared? I haven't seen if the grass ever started growing. I'm really curious. Loving the barn build by the way !!!

  15. I think you have a great drone piIot. Hard enough to watch you on here but if I was there, I would have a cow . Prayers that you stay save.

  16. Since I got to this video so late today….. ** REMINDER – Close up New Yolk City and separate the goats… *

  17. Happy 4TH of July to ya'll also!!! That area would make a great shade flower garden!!! Plant some bulbs for spring and summer blooms!!! Can't wait to see the finished barn and what else you have cooked up.

  18. I keep waiting for that moment when Al says "I don't like it" and proceeds to take it apart…I know I've had those moments.

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