baby I welcome back to my channel I'm J liqueur jaan if you're new make sure you hit that subscribe button so you know when I post new videos even back in New York I haven't been working out I feel terrible it's been like 2 weeks 3 weeks 2 weeks 3 weeks ooh that hurt even me saying it so I was really just really really busy working on a lot of stuff working on some behind the scenes things new projects like all of that good stuff and I just neglected my body so I'm have some free time today and I'm going to the gym I actually was in my closet B room everything room extra room because I was like hmm what dog want to wear back to the gym I'm like Oh first day back first day back so because of this I was like let me pick up the camera and talk to you guys I'm excited to do legs I am very excited I think at one point I was addicted to doing legs it just felt really good like I everyday I just wanted to go and do legs and then be out like that's all I wanted to do I need to go shopping for some more workout clothes I like in rotation 6 but I think I going up that you know I should have more and I haven't worn these sneakers to the gym have you guys seen these super cute baby i'ma wear these just cuz I really want to and I feel like I have some workout clothes I need to do wash let's see oh I do have workout stuff well I have this brown one don't know where'd that go okay this it is specifically focusing on everything my body taking care of my body creating a great regimen for my body and that's kind of what I'm into right now so I thought I would you know share what I'm trying to share my tips and stuff this video is sponsored by care of I have worked with them before they are a site that let you take a quiz it's just a problem in a quiz and it will tell you the proper vitamins that you are supposed to be taking and my grandma is someone that will call me especially in the wintertime and block Jayla are you taking your vitamins and you know with my lifestyle I'm so busy but vitamins are very important to your body sometimes with the foods that were eating and the process and the things that they put in food you're not getting all the nutrition that you need all the nutrients for your body that good stuff so I got my carrot of package of this month so these are my mom supply of vitamins they come in a box like this that easily lets you take your little packet of vitamins out and you can put them in your cabinet so you can just reach for them so mines fit perfectly in my cabinet I can close it up so your doorstep will also be a little packet like this this has made for Jayla because when you take the quiz they will recommend vitamins specifically for you so my packet is specifically for me it says hi Jalen on it and they actually come with a quote each day so each day you take your vitamins if you need some help you know I want to know what clothes it is today and can take you because I know I'm like that I'm weird like I don't like taking vitamins so I thought I'd make it fun so they definitely make it fun and in the package it says what five minutes I had in my package the three that I was like when I took the quiz I was like yes this is exactly what I need so one pill which is like a clear peel it supports endurance and recovery after exercise I got a calcium plus field sports a bone health really like milking stuff so I guess we need a fish oil the heart health bird helps maintain be hard I have a black pill that's supposed to support cognitive help and then the last pill I have is a deep complex with busy bees and it's just a dietary source and concerns so don't was recommended and you guys know I am working out so definitely the clear one supports endurance some cover you have to exercise now you know the first time I did this for 30 days it was like you know kind of weird taking so many vitamins but and my body felt really good so if you're interested in vitamins specifically for you that can help you in your body every single month go to care of I have 25 percent if you use JLo 25 and make sure you click the link in the description box so thanks so much for caring for sponsoring this video and this is what I ate for dinner so I had salmon broccoli potatoes and this was on baked so going to the gym now but this is what I have for dinner and I'm still eating some popcorn when I come back period as I'm doing legs I'm gonna be thinking about that popcorn how do you go to the gym thinking about food alright guys so I put on the outfit and I just went ahead and put on my bright neon shoes because I really wanted to wear themselves like it's whatever I did want to hop on the scale this is important because I'm trying to gain weight I think I want to gain like 5 pounds so you know I guess I'm starting to document it now I feel like my weight like in college and over the years was like one between 113 and 115 that I was like in that area depending on what was going on in my life maybe I was like 115 because I was happy and then maybe some of like my lower moments like you know college life I think I did like kind of lose a little bit of weight being like 112 113 so the last time that I got on the scale because I just you know I don't get scale like that the last time I got on the scale I believe I was 114 i was 114 and now i'm hopping on the scale right now to see what my weight really is so let's see and you guys the camera is probably weighs something too so i'm gonna be on again but 121 i have never in my life been 120 pounds like ever so like this is like big for me I've never been 120 pounds so I would love to be 125 I feel like I that would be like the happiest weight-wise seeing myself at 125 I know that my face tends to get cooler before my body so I'm gonna have to watch that I don't know if I want five pounds added to my face but you know just being able to gauge it now and work towards the 125 I'm excited I'm excited I'm excited this is why I've got so bad I didn't I was its need before I stopped going to the gym but oh my god I've been eating somebody's spin so fun [Applause] y'all can come easy for us I'll be still laughing the vanilla know you know was oh this is me just getting a tee up today mmm mmm what's going on what are you talking about what I'm walking about reading I forgot how cold it was breathe he's not breathing I'm from solid you know how to nigga to bed I love that song I haven't listened to his album I don't have time all right guys the mission is target target is the mission you so I want to get a smaller and you want to get a big one you might as well get this mom what did we come here for pp pads this is see when you get bigger cards this is how you walk out the store with stuff in it I know that's the problem came here for two things I want to go down all down so let's get the big room because it's just gonna make sure case if you see something that you want and I'm getting all right guys I'm looking at organizational stuff for being more organized throughout the week and handling all the things I have to handle so I found some of these and some are in gold so they have the weekly and then they also have the big calendar that I got both and markers in the new mouse pass on my computer alright guys I don't like this stuff what I got to do it is you know what is the worst that's supposed to do what is how is this gonna help me help you I don't like chocolate it's not only vanilla I see vanilla cream oh shit well it's mixed very nasty it should mix very you think that's probably nasty I mean why would they make a nasty product my blender broke I need another blender so let's see which one I shall get I actually use my blender a lot I would get a like actual better quality one that little poke bang I think it was something like you know these ones I am back from Target and I actually found these circular mirrors and I think they are so cute so I got three of them to put right beside each other originally I was thinking like straight up and down on a law but now I think it'll be perfect in the living room okay so these are the three mirrors that I think will look perfect right here yeah it's going to be off center because you know the light it couldn't be like directly over the couch but we'll figure that part out I did get a new blender this is the Ninja Blender and actually it's touchscreen so I did get a new blender and this is the calendar stuff I really want this to go right here on the black cabinet and I got the command strip tape so that this can be put on here and this is how I'm gonna do my planning for the month and then the next one looks like this and it is seven days a week morning afternoon evening so this is gonna break down my everyday week and like detailed stuff that I have to do and I'm excited about getting more organized the circle mirror was gonna go on this wall the three circles up and down we'll see if they do end up over here at the end of the day I guess I can bring one over so we can see let's step back and look Harlem what do you think about the three circles right here or the three circles over here a handyman this is like a legit like real winter mission [Applause] hi guys morning workout completed I did get these gloves last night from Target just because you know doing the weights of stuff was get some my hands that's hurtin so I got these matter oh come on legs come on body you can do it you can do it come on let's come on buddy get down no pets allowed in the grocery store see you later Harlem mommy's going to get smoothies stuff for smoothies okay bye bye Liam my flowers guys don't they look so pretty I can't wait to put them in the house I love flowers and these are so fresh these are like perfect and this is my favorite color too so got lunch can't wait to put these in the house I love questions I don't have


  1. No more salads Jay. Brown rice , oats with peanut butter, quinoa, healthy fats avocado, coconut oil! U got this😚😍 snacking is good too. Rice cakes with nut butters , allthatttt and then some sis lol

  2. I think you put on muscle really fast because u had been looking like you gained weigh, and in a good way not saying that as an insult , u look better than ever

  3. Don’t drink those shakes. Grab a bag of vanilla Mass Gainer. Blend a scoop with fruit, yogurt and V8 splash. It’s a 700-800 calorie smoothie. 💖

  4. Hi Jayla. Finally you got the circular mirror. Lol. You made me proud. Bless them as well as yourself. Also your going out and coming in. Im so glad that things are going well for you. Just take one day at a time and be you. Peace and Blessings. Sincerely Florence

  5. Omg I know I’m not the only one that be checking everyday for her to post! & I can’t believe I could’ve bumped into her at my reg target 😭 maybe one day even though idek how I’d react lmfaoo

  6. Girl if I can see 125 again lol I weigh 175 after having my kids lol I’m still in shape though. I’m 5 ft 10in so I feel perfect! Lol

  7. Cute workout outfit Jayla! If your weight gain is muscle maybe your face won’t get fuller. Keep hitting it girl! Your body looks great! How you gone eat those Oreo in my face. I try to limit my processed kick food and processed sugars so I ain’t had an oreo in a while.

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