IVF కి వచ్చినప్పుడు భార్యాభర్తలు కచ్చితంగా ఇవి పాటించాలి | Dr.Jyothi Ferty9 Hospital | Health Qube

IVF కి వచ్చినప్పుడు భార్యాభర్తలు కచ్చితంగా ఇవి పాటించాలి | Dr.Jyothi Ferty9 Hospital | Health Qube

hello name dr. Joe team and Sartana reproductive medicine specialist representing team 49 erosion Bonomo IVF your Chetta pro couple 820 energy agriculture scholary they matter condom so IVF Aneta blue it's a procedure which has made very easy now went a mundo compared say say if IVF procedure has become very simple and easy and also affordable and approachable uh not in the contain the proved we have some protocol called as short protocol I hunted proto colony d-ii protocol just took her 10 days 10 to 15 days only anchor pick up on Eddie man of gigantic thumb so and also the side-effects of these medicines are very less costly side effects labia I put a HSS free cleaning clinic on IV my EP protocol voila side-effects Lake understood them not to sew procedures tasted up to Jagannatha lay 20 at this quality holla sorry patients who injection by am totally and Zytiga very gaunt are but a procedures etc we don't know medicine so Gani injections Charla painless anituchi luna insulin syringe rope is thermo so they don't have to worry much though important things say 20 they're not they occur take for the green chick una so what I as a doctor I would want to suggest is chala for Dewey diet that is quali Intifada finally nad and thunder IVF normal routine go under info it went in a food thing taro they can definitely have the same food but chinnough chinnough the atlantic they should not have more of a carbohydrate diet and also fatty food injections the okok sorry patients keep consume bloating sensation octagon Matta so definitely couldn't you protein content a coaches thing what happens is the digestion CUDA munching out they and then gastritis lacunae couldn't other not to so there is no special foods like OE 10 days though they have to go for a as a doctor what I would suggest his happiness is more important so Charla Palli MJC Eastham lena food Matheny again he I we have procedures to set up flow if they're worried also all this adds on to the negative we they're not too so definitely Munchie quality of food tastes to compromise for our strongly though oil consumed tangy Charlie and even outside for the fast food low what happens is gastritis sir and then the area of any common on taken matter so II Connie follow chess Connie Yentob aku normal food under thinner take diet disco knee and avoiding oils oily 1hs content definitely there is nothing much to worry about food green tea and not only food most important is patients should always feel very nice when the procedure is done new he proceeds allah jalla Monte Monte barrio town Tara Hanseatic wanted it bring contain the cost to pretty therethis accessory in TNA these always the concern but as a doctor and also counselors mana counselors are very important patiently positive malady yen Tohoku successes ultimately fifty fifty five percent but he success una Tohoku their journey also should be made very nice patient ki Comanche comfort guy ten days if there is no much of negative attitude success also improves and also it is a feel-good factor for the patient so after embryo petting throught the kuda IVF low part b we call it as luteal phase support a luteal phase support kukuda pregnancy maintain shaitaan key connie progesterone hormones tablets laura and injection Guara good he is the man of my via flow so a time you look at a patient click on chew gastric problem bloating problem on out early so better at this time also to restrict fatty food place oil based food regularly under thinner take they can go ahead and take the food so this is how they have to plan for an IVF thank you


  1. hi Madam egg collection taruvatha
    yenni rojuluku garabam lo ki transfer chesthru. plz mam reply evandi…..

  2. Na age 35 2nd pregnce I have 8yrs kid nd mard life 9yrs so pls reply mam. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Hi mam I have 6month tiffa scan done. In scan bilateral intra uterine resistance with no dilostic notch ani chepparu so deni valla prob yemi vuntundi chala tens vundi.. So pls reply ur my lovely fan mam ur advises is very good nd nice answers so pls reply nd save my pregnce with healthy baby..

  4. Hi madamm good evening Naki Brest milk ravadamm ledu mam food Muttan and fish and vegitebls Anni use chesthunna 4 days lo full Brest milk padavi but Nipcare ointment use chimannaru one time use chesa full millk antha lekha poienavi yanduko madamm plz Epudo two months lo undi baby girl ki plz chepanddi mam

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