Jason Momoa Dad Bod? The Truth About Fitness Pictures and Before-and-After Pictures

Jason Momoa Dad Bod? The Truth About Fitness Pictures and Before-and-After Pictures

greetings youtube i recently stumbled upon our picture of Jason Momoa aka Aquaman and apparently he has gotten body shamed for this picture and I thought to illuminate the ignorance of those who say he looks out of shape so we have two pictures before us at the moment we have one to the left where he looks great we have the one to the right where he looks good but not as great and now the first thing we all have to keep in mind when we talk about anything physique or fitness or aesthetic related or bodybuilding related is that it's highly visual it is a lot of different factors that creates our picture if you want to see what someone looks like it's better to watch a video or to meet them face to face a picture can be completely misleading so for example this picture we see for us these two pictures they could have been taken the same day it could have been the morning to the left and then the late afternoon to the right in extreme cases of course it could have been a week apart or it could have been a month apart too but my point being is if we look upon the picture to the left he is in the gym he has a good pump he takes the picture or his photographer takes the picture from a good angle he tenses his ABS now the picture to the right he might have drunken a lot water he might have written a lot so his belly is protruding a bit he is unaware of that a picture is being taken so he doesn't flex or anything it's from a bad angle and it's bad lighting so if you compare all of these different factors it becomes quite natural that people's bodies look different from time to time it doesn't mean he is any less well-trained in the picture to the right on the contrary he might as well be more well trained on the picture to the right now I don't think that's the case but it could be the case perhaps he is actually stronger on the picture to the right perhaps he has better cardio perhaps he has improved his martial arts game I miss making up some examples here but that's to prove a point and that is just a picture doesn't really tell all too much now of course if you want to look great on pictures it's required of you to have a good base to be able to build from so if we're talking about sculptures you need good raw materials to carve out something from and if you want a picture where you look great or Lukas Tarek you need to have our an aesthetic physique but you can enhance it quite a bit just by using good angles good lighting good pump and not eating so much beforehand so to take an example of myself I took this picture the other day and I could have done something similar if I had taken a picture four or five hours later where I had eaten and someone took a picture of me in bad light from a bad angle and with me not posing and flexing I would have looked perhaps like I didn't even lift so that is something to keep in mind and also for talking about before and after pictures you can do the same thing here you can have a an after picture where you look great absolutely great but it doesn't really tell the whole truth because it might be mostly angles and lighting so I just wanted to have that said and also to aware everyone of the fact that don't judge a picture George videos judge if you meet someone face to face that is how they look and also be mindful that no one goes around being ultra shredded with ABS all the time you look different depending upon when and where the picture is taken so if you see some model that's how he looks at a few minutes during a day basically where he tries his absolute best to look as great as possible same thing from my old modeling pictures so yes I hope that was enlightening for you all and I wish you all a high testosterone day head xxo boom you


  1. I really like to know your opinion on Generation Identity, which has now been titled “right-wing extremist” and is under surveillance by our so-called “Ministry for Protection of the Constitution” (sounds Orwellian).
    The overtone window has shifted so much to the left that peaceful activists are now deemed extremists. Unbelievable.
    Greetings from Germany.

  2. Feminists flip shit if someone body shames a female land whale but it's okay to body shame a male whose ripped for not flexing his abs. Perfect 👌.

  3. Theres a pretty good vid from furious Pete about just that topic, its named 5 hour transformation, i can only recommend

  4. I love the morbidly obese women on twitter shaming him for not looking like a classical depiction of Zeus

  5. The only differences between those pictures are the pump, the angle and the body fat but he still has the same amount of muscle.

  6. People really see what dudes look like in movies and think a) thats what they look like all the time, and not just when they're shredded and b) they're not largely using steroids (not saying Momoa is, idk, but tons do)

  7. A photo made for the social media with all the things that make him look better vs. the exact opposite.

  8. Jason momoa has fuckin god tier genetics and is incredibly charismatic… But then most people that are THAT good looking are super charismatic haha, i think because they are constantly given positive feedback from a young age

  9. I love Varg but I do agree with you 💯 that women should lift weights too. Now I think women don’t need to go with heavy weights just enough to be toned

  10. He still looks better in the 'after' picture than the vast majority of men talking shit about him. Everybody is striving for such unrealistic goals these days in the gym. The irony is that women don't even care that much about muscle as long as you are somewhat in shape. They care more about your face and job/personality. Only cringey losers obsess over their body all day.

  11. Oh glorious lion of optimal wisdom, I'm saddened to inform you that Jason Momoa is a peadofile, there is a video of him online touching his daughter very inappropriately online, I implore you to watch it, he also boasted about raping girls on the set of game of thrones as he could get away with it, he is not to be held up as an inspiration.

  12. The fella's on holiday, he should be able to relax and let himself go.

    The irony is of course, all these insecure Twitter users fat shaming him, have probably never looked anything like Momoa is in his holiday pic.

  13. What is this kind of content? Who cares about some actor and his body, except for women? I dislike seeing this on my feed. I want to watch glorious culture, fights and bodybuilding, not girls chit-chat like what kind of body star XYZ currently has.

  14. Waking up and you always feel like a terminator. By the end of the day you’ll gain mass so it’s only natural!

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