JI Fitness| Visit to the Chiropractor| NPC Nationals 2015

JI Fitness| Visit to the Chiropractor| NPC Nationals 2015

so today we are heading to the chiropractor to get Janice's body right any decent Fitness youtuber should have his equipment in a backpack yeah what's her name Amy loose hi I'm good Rach he's mark from Denmark yeah yeah you think either that most of my fitness seminar without their I know so I don't know what it it was that paper through than handstands we're going to nature I have to wonder for this moment so here we are yeah so I dropped off my bags at the mall because there's gonna take us way too much time to go at home and then try to make it to the gym before the Jim's clothes but they close early I think it's Saturday yeah and so we decided to just train minwu's Friday this Friday Canelo's the 8th yeah yeah so we decided to train into the pinging out one of the day doctor and then history mmm gonna cage and I'm working my ass off just like my body doesn't have not topically just call me the laser is a cold laser yeah so it's an anabolic laser so like with surgeons they use a hot laser which is catabolic yeah that's gonna cut through the tissue with the anabolic lasers it's going to rebuild tissue okay so it increases the rate at which the cells can reproduce by increasing their energy source was essentially the setting it's on right now is for pain and inflammation so it's just gonna help to decrease some of the pain and inflammation he's got and to increase the rate towards those cells okay so the ultrasound what's this one yeah okay this yeah look at what I was using it for at that very moment is just to warm up the tissue so to get some blood flow into it and isn't listening it up okay mom it puts really deep sound waves into those muscles yeah that kind of helps to loosen everything and start breaking no any spasms or anything going on now we're gonna go back over it with the graston and we'll go in and we'll break up these scar tissue so that dish and that's gonna hurt it's usually not the most comfortable thing it's okay is it anymore now this isn't a back button and normally and upper body you feel enough having every and that's why it's just a not-so stomach just go around the block mmm Oh Oh Oh oh my god this is helping to put a fast stretch through the muscle just help people get a lot of stretch marks it's just essentially breaking down someone's boundary and just spending a really fast twitch into that muscle so they can release okay I'm getting hungry now that you I feel it too how do you feel relaxed yes start to get out of place that's the definition yeah I might try baby makes me


  1. What a scumbag. You park in the handicap parking spot? What your big buff ass can't do a little cardio and park in a normal spot

  2. Are you doing any stretching/foam rolling normally, or are you just relying on going to see your chiropractor?

  3. I'm not questioning her professionalism, but I wonder if she ever enjoys working on swole ass men all the time.

  4. "No trolling or negativity is allowed. Any bit of it will get your comments deleted and blocked INSTANTLY from my channel. I am here solely to motivate and inspire so let’s keep things fresh guys and gals!" There goes our freedom of speech in a non-democracy, guys and gals.

  5. Great video – perhaps I could use in one of my next chiro compilation videos? Incredible training mate, well done. I am starting again after several months of shoulder problems.

  6. I wonder if you can smoke this….. * don't smoke essential oils* Lmaoo I was cracking up! Nice video guys

  7. ahshaha the words appearing on the screen here and there killed me.. Anyway i've been manipulated by a doctor like this after a bad Parkour fail like scorpion fail and that stuff has worked πŸ˜„

  8. definitely something different that the fitness YouTube world needs to see more of. we all think gym gym gym macros gym macros macros but there's definitely more to it. and with us men we hate the doctors so yea…this is great bro. preciate the clip

  9. what's the name and location of the chiropractor? I'll be out there competing in the Jay Cutler show, rolling out there with Chris Darby, and I wouldn't mind checking her out. Thanks in advance!!

  10. This was an awesome video. I need to find somewhere to go because i know for a fact my hips/flexors are tight.

  11. Why not just use a lacrosse ball a foam roller and stretch lol… Or maybe that's becoming old school with these constant changing times

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