Joe Biden Draws Line Against Progressives On Health Care With New Proposal | TIME

Joe Biden Draws Line Against Progressives On Health Care With New Proposal | TIME

in 2018 I went in to campaign in 24 states for 68 or 69 candidates we went back the House of Representatives with 41 votes we ended up picking up a lot of governorships you know why because all of a sudden with the fulsome attack on Obamacare in health care generally people said oh I didn't know that was a mama care I didn't realize no I'm serious


  1. Have you ever seen a more spineless, cowardly candidate? All I’ve seen old Joe do to this point is pander and apologize to the woke scolds on the far left.

  2. The progressive are gone. Democrats are socialists or idiots or the senile.
    Once these people get their hands on our money do you think you will get healthcare or they get mansions like Castro.

  3. What the f##k Obamacare is a new idea? At first I thought Creepy Joe was crazy now I see he’s nuts! Trump 2020 it a sure thing!

  4. Wow. Marxist Dems are fickle folk. "Uncle" Joe Biden was beloved by all during the 8 years of the Obama administration. He was Obama's biggest supporter and backed him 100%. He didn't run in 2016 because Hillary had been chosen as the party nominee way back in 2008 and was groomed for 8 years to follow Obama but couldn't get elected. Now, according to the party, Joe's a closet pedophile, a misogynist, a racist and corporate shill. Dems have no morals, no integrity, no honor, and certainly no loyalty to their own much less the nation. Do they eat their dead as well?

  5. So the 1% is going to tax the 1% and use such resources on the unlimited undocumented people that are going to flood the country with open borders while the floods have decimated the crops that feed such country…. Guns loaded,bikes gassed up.

  6. DNC,
    White Liberals were promised diversity & hope in 2008, I'm sure they'll take the Globalist bait again

  7. Looks like he's speaking to about 8 people, in some donors backyard, for 27 seconds. Joe "Go small, or go home" Biden.

  8. why is this pedophile even running for president- oh ya that's right America's will only vote for pedophiles to run America

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