Jordan's Fitness Photoshoot – Behind the scenes

Jordan's Fitness Photoshoot - Behind the scenes

hi I'm Andrew from Andrew profits ography and today I'm going to be showing you behind the scenes of photo shoot with Jordan he's having his fitness portraits taken he's started the online fitness business so yeah I just want to show you my setup and some behind the scenes today so this is my backdrop it's a ham painted canvas backdrop also we have a beautiful soft box here just natural light from the window and I'll be using the curves just to cut off light if I wanted more definition on his on his body just quickly the cameras should say camera we've got the d810 plus my 50mm 1.8 when we use in the 85 million eight for the more tighter crops yeah the jordan be arriving any time soon so stay tuned so in terms of the list you have yeah this is just give me an idea oh man you sent me your sample picture so rough idea yeah I was like a rough one here so two different back ones just to say it our way Froylan cool handsome sides so one 120 there is so I can have a photo of myself and then be like but this will training the cost of this so just trying to show various muscle groups yeah on to the side as well to talk about posture head shot clearly for you know to have as my avatar yeah of course and then outside I've got fuse or different bits just speed of movements okay so yeah so there's more stuff outside really so once we get these shots and we'll get your portray assembly outside yeah perfect and get those ones sounds good let's cut off just the warmup we can even start with your back talking then we can do the head shot what is the camera clicking and so we get met so with the lighting of example natural light coming through the window I'll show you the back of the camera if you feel you want a more dramatic and start closing the curtains to get more more contrast and more shadow along the body I can also do that in post production as well so this is just a back to the phone shortly and but then you can do by yourself back before you can spend rest yet it's gonna say yeah so these are gonna be more like from though yeah that yeah okay so you want to chop up a couple okay so I'm gonna get my stuff it's not the back okay so also I have got a mirror behind me which is which is helpful all your things I said just make sure and have a look at the back don't show your shorts are straight and it's don't want patching yeah yeah that's that's why okay perfect so this is so good – that's looking good okay so just say it take half a step back sorry towards me yes it yes it keep going towards winter so you got too close to the back up okay so to show you just the light in disable sort of see where we're going with the with the contrast so is that how do you fit that together okay okay so let's let's go over that and then we can work from here okay okay this isn't much fun okay go to check and make sure you have proved the faucet it is against ready Buster's block okay yeah we do that one and then you can also do one facing the light as well so if you want to do once facing this way and you've got the option of having and okay okay oh then do more on that front one okay just take hop step so with your head so just just mirror me so you slightly tilt it that way so finally you to go towards like that if you remember me like this and down oh so then see you go – okay sir okay sir yes I um that was lucky okay that's nice I said if you want even more happy gorgeous uh-oh serious I get news message okay that's perfect okay cool so I guess one be installed into a class of one yeah that's nice yes to take half step we get just what that drug let's have a look yeah so what were you – just need slightly more forward towards me I said it's going to feel with but the more you lean out the more I kind of choose withdraw pocket cool there's a lot of us squash packing on this isn't a snow-clad okay so yes I turn your place is a bit more this way to the light yeah zoom them and just tilt your head this way that's it eyes at me okay three two one that's nice I'm just straightening the top of the best slightly just once put in more to one side okay yes because somebody so you want we do make sure of serious I'm not serious just case you want to be more you might it don't scare people okay that's nice and it was so small nothing yeah maybe just change the hand position maybe background yeah let's get that smoke that's good and it's maybe different hands maybe we will put them yeah you can send them yes sir with this yeah so you want to keep you're gonna face slightly bias there but eyes at me you got nice mom oh no no no I use trying to hide that but well sometimes it isn't it natural that's why no I mean what I'll be the natural eyes when you come out the smell so you can you can force up and then then you've kind of small on my side okay well you can laugh at yourself as well as help you if you like that loud then you end up laughing itself times people for yourself because that we gave I think why did you yeah yeah sure I guess how many phone system actually receive at the end hundred twenty twenty okay cool so I can come right yeah do you can thinking too so then you got Sonia – robbery like this just just so like I've got some nice lines for myself with a just for your website or just for your person endures Santa cool okay so I'm gonna change my legs because this one when it get bit more tight art-rock se yeah yes that mom's cross again okay so these these don't have to be is let's make up one looking out the window see that's nice and let's maybe do some do some hand on the hip possibly yeah just a receiver see we can make it bit more bit more edgy so just light touch yes yeah that's it why don't you what do you don't want yeah yeah maybe just keep your face slightly positive right just I'm going to get him a good face is it that's nice oh just show you soon so you can see the shadow really showed us like the contrast that game is your depth yet having perfect okay cool so if you we can go outside if you wanna do some more time outside yeah sure that's a definite Marty mentioned you didn't have any change or best that you want to do a cool trip with different best just so you can okay yeah yeah just give me a second just to get my sayings right because you'll be moving quite quickly so hello did you wait for me to pray okay okay so give me two seconds okay whenever you're ready okay yeah if it's gonna be a matter of like okay keep going keep going until we get the best ones okay sorry I start going statics maybe come across this way yeah okay have it three two one yes they're more 90-degree deficit cool okay whenever you're ready okay my workout quite suppressive join image now thank you boom I have to do one more just gonna the timing it's not time you're grabbing with one shot so those it's a wait to second just said the background is okay so whenever you're ready [Applause] get that Felicia we'll start one second okay whenever you're ready okay so this is gonna be a short short burst talk yes I'm gonna catch you it as you do that and then you can sort of choose what angle you've got there so maybe hold it then you get to the top as well tell me where now okay maybe bring y'all arms slightly higher – sighs that's it have it one second go back a bit okay nice give yourselves well yep you know it's nice that look is anything you can see your face more okay that's nice okay damn relax that's funny and they have once again are you happy of those yeah I should be fine Plus primitive we just finished from the photo shoot Jordan was a really nice guy to work with as you can see for the behind the scenes video so yeah hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for more

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