Journey to Better Health RV

Journey to Better Health RV

what's this all about tell me about it we're here to explain and educate inform for the travel let's take a look without clinical studies new treatments wouldn't be developed and provided to the people who need them sis grip is the Center for information and study on clinical research participation and we help the public make informed decisions about research participation I'm really hoping to hear what are some of the innovative programs that sister Pat's if you get to the community and chewbacca our goal is to develop educational events where we can create even more of this personal connection they're not considered guinea pigs or lab rats they're humans that are giving their gift of participation to help improve medical knowledge and public health your body is just very important and these trials can help save lives and help in the future there are a lot of misgivings about the pharmaceutical industry as a whole that is something that distracts the public from the good we are doing by developing new medicines based off of historical adverse events among different communities there are many barriers to trust it around what it means to participate in the clinical research process a lot of African American have stayed away because like the Tuskegee clinical research that they had many years ago by having people with more diversity in their background participate in research it can actually lead some more pathways for people of a more mixed diversity to get better healthcare as well everyone's a little bit different that's the great thing about us as human beings the studies need to reflect the same thing it can't just be status quo if I can do anything and help I would might inhale thanks they're stepping aboard our mobile unit you call this the journey to better health we want to inform you about what's gonna go on so that you truly understand what's going to take place we have here steps where you learn to become aware of clinical trials if you don't know what clinical research is today people want to see their families be able to get taken care of so I'm so so big on clinical research I want to see that continue it's about going to where the patients are and meeting them in their communities meeting them where they live there's all sorts of questions that you should ask the doctor or researcher that you're getting involved with the more you learn the more at risk you won't be I just had a heart attack this last Monday and so I'm here to learn how to prevent that from happening and get better so I was just hoping that maybe if I'm eligible for any clinical trials it might help research with the problem I'm experiencing if they do decide to take part in a study they may become ambassadors and be able to pass that along to others and it's just a heightened awareness we want to address concerns we want people to ask questions and we want them to feel inspired to look for resources that are relevant to them health will not be improved and without that conversation I think this is wonderful I want to learn about this so I can spread the word because of the youth that's where the future lies so if we can go from this point forward and help them to learn that's what we care about you


  1. Congrats with this initiative! Trial participants of all kinds of origin and background are very much needed to advance medicine!

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