July 2019 Young Living Monthly Wellness Box

July 2019 Young Living Monthly Wellness Box

my name is Holly welcome back to my channel I'm gonna be showing you guys what came in my July wellness box from young living and I'm sorry that look like a hot mess today I'm actually gonna be going out in the yard we have a garden that we have to tend to and also I'm going to be planning hopefully some pumpkins and some some flowers today so I did not feel like getting all dressed up to just go out in the hot Alabama Sun and start sweating to this first thing that I want to show you guys what I've got this month yes bergamot I love this old so much it smells so good it's a citrus smell I did not know honestly what bergamot was the only reason I got bergamont because there's this lady on Etsy who makes the most adorable little labels for my face cleaners and she makes just all kinds of stuff and her company is called bergamot and lime and so I was like let me try out the bergamot oil anyway so I had to Google what bergamot even was and let me tell you it smells so good I love the live and off the citrus oils anyway so I was super excited to get this with an en so this one is great this one is the vitality line from Young Living what I will be doing it not only diffusing it and putting it on my body but I'll also be dropping it into my Yeti Cup I always have my Yeti cup with me full of water and I love using the citrus oils and I love the lime oil and now be using this bergamot in my water next one I have I got awaken my cousin Brittany got this one and it smelled amazing it has a bunch of different plants blended together for this one this one's not so good in the diffuser I actually rub this one on me yesterday because I was just like tired from the long weekend fourth of July so this one helped me out a lot just to kind of get me going it's in a really pretty bottle I love this blue color love this one this one would make a very good perfume also I've got five different herb collections from Young Living I got oregano basil rosemary sage and Tom you can actually cook with all of these now most essential oils they tell you do not digest so you definitely have to read your labels and honestly young thing is the only brand that I know that is fda-approved that you can actually cook with these put them in your water like you can ingest these so all the ones that are the vitality line they have been FDA approved and so I will be cooking with these and also I recently just heard that oregano was a really great all to have on hand so I'm super excited about five new herb collection oils so they have more herbs in this but this is just the ones that I got to get started with I was spearmint I have peppermint but there's a lot of blends on Pinterest um with me making mine like candle scents now as I've been calling me in spearmint has been an a lot as if Anna actually had one of my subscribers miss Melissa she is great she is loving her old and we talk all the time and she gave me the idea about spearmint so I had to get spearmint on my order to try it out because she is just loving it next thing I got is what I want to show you guys next I guess we will go with these orange blossom face wash now I have swamped over like my body products but I hadn't swapping for my face wash yeah and let me tell you this one smells amazing we got the you saw my last video for last month I got the charcoal orange blossom soap and now I have the face old walk facial wash and the orange blossom and this one it smelled amazing I love watching my face with this definitely in the morning time because it's just like a burst of energy can smell it young lady has like a whole skincare line and I'm hoping they get it all so they even have makeup and I'm hoping pretty soon I'm actually gonna be purchasing all of their makeup because I'm so anxious to try it I've been going to bloom studios would you say place in Birmingham Alabama and it is like almost set up like a storefront we go to a lot of Vince there so if you follow me on instagram you'll kind of see how that place is set up so anyway they have the makeup there and I'm actually going to a party for it when it's called beauty school and they're gonna be teaching us how to use the young with a makeup and have like matching our face so I'm super excited so hopefully I'll be showing you guys that soon but love this face wash and next I got this these fruit and veggie soaked during I like I said we've been doing the garden and we actually directly harvested some squash last night so I was going to use this on them drew and I don't use any kind of sprays for our garden we just kind of let it grow let God take care of it and so it has done great so far the last couple years it's done great and so we don't have to worry about putting on those putting all those chemicals on our garden to make make the plants produce but whenever we run out and we start you know going to the grocery store and getting some fruits and veggies I definitely love the idea of having this to get all of those nasty chemicals off of our fruits and veggies I'm still going to use this for our plants too and it's super concentrated so you only have to use a lot one capful but I will show you all that at the end of this video how I use this and the next thing I got I've been wanting this for awhile and I'm finally broke down and got it I got this beautiful Lantern diffuser I'll show you how it works at the end of the video but it is just kind of set up like the desert mist you just put your water in there put your oles in there and then it does like a flickering candle light I love this have any my for you but I'm hoping to like be able to take it outside also because I saw where people had this with citronella and here instead of using citronella candles because we all know that those are terrible for you now I am so glad that I've actually been attending all these classes and learning how toxic those things are and instead of using the citronella candles I can use this and it will have a beautiful glow to it keep it outside have my citronella oil because that stuff really works let me tell you so most of those citronella candles like I was getting mine from like Walmart and our general they didn't even work anyway but this citronella oil actually I'll go ahead and show y'all I got another citronella for free so I will be able to keep the mosquitoes away from me this summer love this stuff so I'll show you how this works up into the video during our order twice a month and it's kind of confusing so I'm not going to go into too much detail but this is why I got two free products because like you remember last month the citronella always free last month so I've got another one of those for free at the end of June and then the beginning July my free press was the group chapstick which we love I have already stopped pile of these excited to get another one we love the grapefruit in the lavender and they have a sentiment that I'm hoping to get really soon so I can have that for the fall and winter months but I just do one video is here to doing two separate wins because I order twice a month but I just combined them if that makes sense anyway so I got these two products for free plus I got two peppermint and tangerine for free because any time that you just buy just say diffuse or any kind of diffuser from Young Living not the kit but just a diffuser whoops you get two ultra free and they have been peppermint and tangerine and we use peppermint like crazy and tangerine we love it too and actually this who blended together in the diffuser smell awesome I really have not blended any tools together two or three or four rules even and the diffuser that does not smell amazing so this is awesome I love this that was four products that I got for free take y'all to show y'all how I'm gonna be using my fruit veggie soak and then also the new awesome winter that I have and I have it in my for years and I love it I wish I would have had it for my fourth of July Home Tour but I forgot about ordering it in time so it didn't get here but you'll be able to see it on this video so here's this awesome diffuser and I have the watermelon crawl if you've watched my fourth digital home video you'll see what's in there and it smells amazing it smells just like watermelons love this I have it sitting over here with my star-spangled banner son some fireworks sparklers love it in here with my four year and so you can see right now it has got a flickering candle there's a little button on the back and you can change its colors just like the desert miss diffuser that comes in a starter kit off and it's still running if you wanted the candle or the light to be off so there's the bright white and then the light white and then my favorite the candle flicker it's so cute to me I love this one so again this one is the lantern line and I love it at my 4-year but I will be taking it outside with this whenever we're outside hanging out in the evening times I'm gonna put citronella in it okay and then here is our squash that Yuri just got from the garden I'm gonna soak it right you can have this open it up put some green beans and some ham and so I'm just gonna pour a half a cap full of this into this hot water with this squash and it's supposed to be one capful a gallon but this is obviously not a gallon so I'm just doing a half a capful here it is we'll just cut that all soaked in there now keep this in the sink until he gets home this evening and I'll get them out I'll be all clean it's that light but this doesn't have that sly meanness to it because there's no chemicals no anything like sprayed on these plants it definitely helps the ones from the grocery store that are disgusting and here is where I lined up I had this piece of wood that they drilled the holes in I got this from blue studios in Birmingham where I was telling you about and they had pre-drilled those holes for me and so I had just enough holes to put all of my new herb collection on so if you guys are interested in getting started in young living or essential oils or want to know more about them please email me at simply like in lace at yahoo.com and I would love to help you out I've actually made so many amazing friendships with you guys who decided to start this journey with us I love talking with you guys on the phone hearing from y'all monthly we do the Marco Polo out where we talk back and forth through video communication and they show me what they're getting every month what they love y'all give me awesome ideas on what I need to purchase monthly to help drew enough and I am just loving and I am loving this only life it has been such a blessing for us so it was good to see y'all again and I'm so excited about finishing out the summer I hope that y'all are having a wonderful summer staying cool by the pool running around in the sprinkler or even just sprayed each other down with a hose pipe whatever you have to do to stay cool because it is hot here anyway I hope that y'all have a great your day and I will see you soon bye y'all


  1. I absolutely love your videos! I actually joined young living and have been gradually detoxing my home after watching your videos! I would love to be added to some Facebook pages to help me out but can’t seem to find any. Could you direct me to some! Wish I would have signed up under you😢

  2. I have used the Art cleanser but not the orange blossom. How did your skin react to it? A friend of mine said it didn't agree with hers so I've been hesitant to try it. If you haven't tried the Bosweilla cream it is amazing! My new fave YL product.

  3. Love the video Hollie. Awwww thanks for the shout out lol. Going to have to get more of the vitality line. Be talking to you soon ☺️.

  4. Have you thought about getting 100% pure organic natural beeswax pastilles to make candles using your citronella oil…just an idea. 💜💜💜💜💜

  5. In Jamaica we had bergamot trees and the fruit and leaves are amazing such a sunshine booster it helps lift your spirits and brings abundance and oregano is good for healing

  6. Love love love my oils to. I’m a young living Oiler also and I’m loving your videos thanks for sharing them. Have a blessed summer

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