hello beautiful human beings of the Internet I'm Lauren Elizabeth and yes I'm wearing the grout fit beep hmm I'm not gonna change who I am at my core just because I turn on the camera you know also my face is bright red I don't know why I'm having a lot of it shoes Wow today I wanted to get into my current obsessions it has been way too long since I did one of these and it's kind of one of those things where it honestly just is up and down you know like sometimes you're literally not obsessed with anything you hate everything you feel ugly as hell and then sometimes you're obsessed with everything your lifestyle is great you're eating well working out you're wearing cute clothes and like life just has meaning again and that's like a little bit where I am right now I mean I don't know if it's gonna last any longer than this week but like we're fully in it so let's jump right into it my first obsession is healthy lifestyle I feel like I was off this boat for so long I obviously talked to you guys about it in my videos and I just feel like I'm a new woman but like right now I'm in this really good swing of things where I go to hop Pilates at least like three to five times a week and I've been eating like all my dinners at home and I think like just a combination of working out during the week and cooking your own meals during the week is like the biggest thing for my health that just makes me not only feel good but like look good and just you know feel good from the inside out so I've been working out a ton so the easiest way for me to be able to cook at home because I'm so busy I haven't been to a grocery store I can't even remember the last time I've been to a grocery store not even getting so what I do is I use hello French obviously us already know that hellofresh makes conquering the kitchen of reality with deliciously simple meals it does all the meal planning shopping and prepping so you can focus on a healthier you and a happier family so for me it's like if I have to go to the grocery store and figure out what I'm eating and figure out what ingredients go together and all this stuff it causes me a little bit of stress and hella fresh just takes all of that away so not only is it simple but it's enjoyable and easy with hellofresh you get fresh pre-measured and greedy in an easy-to-follow six step pictured recipe card delivered right to your door each week in a special insulated box and everything comes together in 30 minutes max there's three planets to choose from classic veggie and family with the option to switch between for one year taste change and hella fresh is now from $6.99 per serving it just gets me out of my comfort zone his meal that I made the other day that you can see me eating oh my god it was so freakin good it's something I would like never order at a restaurant or think to make and that's why I love it so much because it it's helping me you know become the wife I deserve to be one day and then mom and then grandma let's backtrack if you guys want to get hella fresh as you should cuz I know everything alright you can get started with eight frame meals that's $80 off your first month of hellofresh all you have to do is enter a code Lauren Elizabeth 80 hello French comm enter codes Lauren Elizabeth 80 what are you waiting for so since I'm in the swing of things I'm really doing it I'm doing it doing it doing it well I also got on top of my stuff and my next obsession is having to do with all the working out and stuff and it's my workout bag you guys saw this on my Instagram if you follow me on Instagram if you don't this is really awkward I'm just like I've never had a workout bag because either like I'm just not invested I've never needed one and now I'm just like really in this routine and I started like needing certain things and wanting to bring a couple things along and like all of a sudden I had a friggin workout bag it's life-changing but not only is it about like the idea of having a workout bag that I'm obsessed with it's like the actual one I mean are you getting me are you kidding me are you kidding me are you kidding me you guys this is a mini duffle bag from a died us yes that's how you say it how cute is it I'm it's literally so cute it obviously comes with a strap but no no no little backs are in I'll get to that later in the style sense but this is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life she's so perfect she's so adorable and like I get so sweaty when I work out so not only did I switch bags to have a dedicated workout bag I just didn't want to be touching any of my nice bags with all the sweat I mean that's disgusting I don't want to put on a crossbody fanny pack on top of all my boob sweat you know so this is amazing I'm gonna do an IG TV of what's in my workout bag because I just think it's like a smaller video and there's like a ton of stuff in it I mean we're full-on taking care of business in here and so basically what I do is I have my crossbody fanny pack that I wear during the day all I do is I take out my wallet so that I have my money my ID and I throw it in here and my car keys obviously so I keep my keys and my wallet and my phone and I you just transfer them to here go work out do my thing come home shower and then if I ever leave the house again I will take my stuff and put it back in my normal back so I want to get into fashion first because obviously I just uploaded I get ready with me I think I'm gonna actually be uploading a couple more like Beauty skincare makeup related videos so just in case like you don't have the bandwidth to watch a whole video I don't take it personally yes I do let's jump into fashion before I lose your attention all right like I said we go on phases right or at least I go in phases and sometimes it's like I have nothing to wear I don't like anything I in my life etc and right now I'm adding over and over over all of like there's so many things I want there's so many trends that like and when I say trends let's just get this straight really quick these are trends that like are starting now that are still gonna be around next summer so basically I start wearing a trend right when it starts cuz I love it I see it I get it I'm here for it and then I feel like it's still lingers for the next year so like don't be afraid to like go out and try this stuff obviously I've just dropped my summer collection of XLE and I'm absolutely obsessed with it it's just like everything that I wanted to have so it said I'm gonna be traveling this summer we're going to Europe me my boyfriend his best friend his girlfriend who's also one of my very good friends so I'm so excited that I just like already have like a total wardrobe ready to go but there are some like accessories and stuff like that so the first thing is mini bags I also posted this on my Instagram story majority of you said to return this bag however I got so many d-ends from girls that had this bag or totally got the trend not saying it was inexpensive it was definitely like not overpriced because it is incredibly made however it's a little expensive for what it is I mean look it's it's it's tiny it's smaller than my head but it also does have a straps so you can wear it like a crossbody which i think is great because obviously you don't want to be holding like this all day but I think it's so cute if you're going to an event or like for instance I'm going to a wedding and obviously I'm not gonna wear a crossbody so this is gonna be super cute it's easy to just have this if you need it so this is from by far they're so on-trend right now obviously they're just a total trendsetter I'm obsessed with their stuff and not only did you guys DM me about the bag you guys also DM me because Khloe Kardashian got the same bag literally two days later and everyone's like oh my god you have to keep it now a Kardashian has it and I was like can you guys just like take my word from the beginning like just cuz a Kardashian has it now do you think it's cool I had it first like maybe I'm just cool like I know I'm not like actually cool but I think I know cool things you know and my absolute sense of this you're totally gonna be seeing cheaper versions at more affordable stores soon because the trend is catching on fast like I said this is by far I'm obsessed with zebra print right now I just love animal print I've always loved animal print and so zebra is something I've never gotten into and something that can totally look cheap and tacky but everyone's rocking it right now and I'm absolutely obsessed cannot wait to wear this bag I need another color but I don't want him to buy it Zara can you please make this bag more vertical Thanks speaking of Zara another trend I'm obsessed with that I actually saw from by far another shoe designer and just some bloggers in Europe I was like oh my god those shoes are so cute I don't have anything like that I love that and it's just like edgier trendy or chic style of kind of a classic open-toe small heel and I've never been one of kitten heels or anything like that I'm so in I'm so here for it a quite a few new pairs of shoes from Zara to are in the mail to I got on sale today at the Grove this is the first one you might be thinking ORN what is that cuz it looks weird on camera I get it so it's snakeskin as you can see it is a square he'll see not normal not rounded not cheap very fashion-forward edgy and it's tiny its little so not only is this so on-trend and so cute and so chic your feet aren't gonna hurt incredible so slingback is really in right now and it's very obviously everything you know from past generations it's coming back slingbacks flip-flops all that stuff is coming back for summer right now and so I got these most of us they were on sale I have another white pair coming I'll put it right here then I'm obsessed with because it's all about that strappy really low just squared off heel right now so thank God for Zara for being on top of the stuff because there's so many shoes that I've wanted to buy that I just don't have spend money on in Zara is not doing me dirty that way so thank you white and also obviously white shoes are totally in for summer I love white so much I love wearing a white dress I'm literally like I said going to a wedding this weekend and I had to buy new clothes because everything I have is black and white either I look like I'm going to a funeral or it look like I'm trying to upstage the bride so I have to go shopping these are total square toe like I said really cute crossover detailing right here a leopard print that's kind of different it's more blown out it's not like super small or super like modern modernized it's just very much normal animal print which a lot of people are doing like a certain type of leopard print right now and this one is not really being utilized as much so I think this is actually gonna be really good for a night look or just like a chic or day look and like I said they're really tiny see tiny tiny tiny tiny so cute love them and I just like love how feminine and dressed up you feel but you're not wearing like a huge heel so you don't feel awkward like I'm the only one wearing heels hmm there's going to be a blog post on Lord Elizabeth inc.com of all this kind of trend and styling of shoes a whole shopping list so you guys can go shop as well because obviously I can't buy every pair of shoes but I also have a hot pink pair coming in obsessed I will link everything on the website if you didn't know we started a separate Instagram for Lauren Elizabeth ink because we have so much content going up on the blog we have so many things that we want to dive into detail about whether it's trends or tips or interviews with people that I just felt that it was time because you know I post pictures of me and my friends and my boyfriend and just my dog all I Instagram but there's so much more that I'm interested in so I figured why not start as another Instagram it's just at Gore Elizabeth ink you can follow it and we just highlight all the tips tricks it's kind of like that Facebook community that we have where we all can chat and talk about all these like web style fashion Beauty wellness all this stuff that we love you will love our Instagram in our new website then lastly my fashion favorite I have to do a shameless plug is Lauren Elizabeth ink know accidentally is XLV summer collection but our denim I'm so obsessed I literally went and bought those shoes from Zara and I was like oh my god this is gonna look so cute with my new denim from xle everything in the collection is so freakin perfect right now we have so many white tops we have so many little dresses and I just like I don't need any tops like literally I'm so set for the summer and why I love these so much is because we obviously have the little xle tag on the back which just makes me feel the jet but also the gold detailing I talked about this on Instagram so I'll save my breath but I absolutely love our denim I just think for such an affordable price I love it just as much as my more expensive denim so I actually love this it has like the perfect little rips at the bottom that will obviously grow over time not like growing crazy but like some of them like have no strings at the bottom so this is gonna look so hue with just a little heel I love it I'm obsessed and the gold detailing is perfect because I wear all gold jewelry and it just makes it look more vintage and I just think there's nothing else like it especially at this price point shop XLE now we're gonna jump into my final Beauty skincare favorites you guys know that I've been going to Sephora so much lately and I've been posting it all on Instagram so I wanted to touch on some stuff that I've actually been using and loving because obviously I did my get ready with me literally love everything in that video obviously but I didn't want to like to talk about it again because you literally just watch that and then I also bought a few new things but I'm gonna film them in a later date once I try them out so my absolute absolute obsession right now are these dr. Dennis gross alpha-beta globe as so I use them for the first time in the video that I shot for you guys and literally all weekend long I was in shock I've never used a tantowel that i loved so much it is not even like a self tanner it genuinely like obviously it gives you color but in this like glowy fresh way where it doesn't like it doesn't like streak it doesn't look like you have color on your face and obviously you know it has amazing ingredients so it's actually good for your skin I I literally was in shock and obsessed all weekend I like I just felt so good I felt like honestly after that get ready with me video I felt so good so fresh so clean and that's like my favorite feeling ever and I love that with this my skin felt so soft it didn't smell like did it feel like I had tanner on but I was glowing so I was confident I didn't took these on my trip to Hawaii and I just used it on my face so I will still use this on my face and just gives you that natural glow I hate wearing makeup I'm having serious skin issues right now kind of things too working out because I didn't realize I should probably wash my face directly after sweating in 90 degrees for 55 minutes we'll get into that on IG TV so absolutely obsessed with these if you've ever used the dr. Dennis gross alpha-beta pads you know how incredible they are this is a no-brainer to go out and get try to either if you want to glow still a no-brainer absolutely obsessed then I forgot to show this in my get ready with me video because I couldn't find it since I packed it or did I show it I don't know don't sue me I'm obsessed with this new product from olaplex it's the bond smoother it's a leave-in reparative styling cream that eliminates frizz hydrates and protects I got extensions I got my hair colored and I got a Brazilian not what you're thinking a Brazilian hair straightening treatment I know there's a lot of the things about it but as long as you go to someone who knows what they're doing you have a great consultation it doesn't damage your hair and it is truly truly incredible same thing with bleach in color they take such good care of my hair at DP hue how's that I'd be able to get blond I'm able to get Brazilians in my hair and and extensions in my hair's never been better it is so soft and so healthy it's a great shade of blonde I've never been happier with my hair and their products are amazing I love all the DP hue products but what I'm using right now is the old bucks if you don't know what olaplex is it's actually a hair treatment that a lot of times you can get done at the salon and for a while I would just always get it done at the salon it was like haircare 101 for people who were dying their hair blonde because it really bonds your hair and really helps treat damaged colored hair so I always get it done then I realize you can do it by yourself at home then they launched this product recently called the bond smoother so this is basically like a leave-in conditioner it makes my hair so soft so smooth and just now that I have the Brazilian obviously I don't even have to blow-dry my hair I literally let it dry and it dries pretty much close to this this is from a blow-dry and I kind of just like messed it up honestly if you're someone with damaged hair olaplex is already such a reputable incredible brand I highly recommend getting this new product I'm obsessed with it a little bit goes a long way my husband Chloe used it she was like oh my god what is this it's the main thing yo yo yo two more products I'm sitting on them I maybe have mentioned this before but I'm really because I forgot that I had it classic me this is drunk elephant the D bronzy Anne type Lucic anti-pollution sunshine drops so you fortify and Browns if you can tell I love putting stuff on my skin that's actually good skincare like those pads this is an incredible brand and incredible formulas so it's not just like oh I'm putting makeup on and clogging my pores this is skincare that just happens to have tint in it and the tint is cocoa extract and it has platinum peptides so it's so good for your skin you can use this with or without makeup I'm absolutely obsessed with it so you can see it looks like that and then when you rub it on its kind of tanning you and making you glow so it's literally like imagine that on your face I mean you can literally use it on your hands if you need to but it doesn't even feel like makeup it doesn't look like makeup it's literally feels like a face like serum if you let it dry for a second get it off my other hand it's literally just soft it feels like you just put lotion on that's it so it's really nice for in the summer when you just want to be glowy and you don't have a lot of makeup on and a little bit goes a long way but also you can put makeup over it so if you have a spray tan but you don't spray your face and you don't feel like going out fixing your foundation color or putting too much makeup on this is an incredible solution but also just for everyday if you have like a day job and you hate putting on makeup on for her like you're annoying employees at work just do this you'll feel good about yourself you'll feel pretty but you know you're taking good care of your skin and not wasting your expensive foundation finally my last obsession is my finally perfect nude lip combo I buy so many different shades of lipstick and lip gloss and for some reason I finally figured it out it happens to be Mac it is stripped up lip pencil by Mac and I'm obsessed with lip pencils because I have a weird lip line like I told you guys I also like having the control I also don't like wearing too much lipstick so it's nice to be able to line your lips go in a little bit rub it around take some lipstick Pat it on put your chopstick over it it's a maze so this is the lipliner and I love how it's not too light it's kind of dark but it's still nude it's not like purple or red or anything so you don't look dead but you don't look like a corpse my mom always said don't look like a corpse put something on your lips and then this is yeah SH and it's a matte lipstick by them and I like the look of the liner being a little bit darker because I don't put too much liner on so I don't look like a Kardashian I make it all blend together but it still gives that natural depth and so that is the combo right there they're just absolutely my favorite colors I think they look so good on all different skin tones and I just had to share that with you guys because I forgot to in my last video as well you can't tell not much changes about me I love nude colors I love being tan I love I don't know I'm just like I'm growing and evolving but like keeping Who I am at my core you know what I mean thank you guys so much for watching this video and just letting me rant about things I'm obsessed with it feels like therapy because I'm genuinely so obsessed with these things and I want you guys to have them like I've so many my friends have gone out and bought some some of this stuff because they just trust me that much and I hope you guys trust me that much because I would not sit here to waste my time telling you things I wasn't actually obsessed with so go head to the description box make sure you check out hellofresh make sure you check out Lauren Elizabeth ink comm excel in the lingual comm and all the deets will be on Instagram and the site I love everything I talked about oh my god thank you guys so much for watching make sure you subscribe like I said I will be travelling in a couple weeks I'm very excited so I hopefully will look like a fashion blogger but I'm Way too lazy so that probably will not happen at all but follow along because I'll probably post a lot of pictures of pasta I love you guys so much


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