okay she's gonna make herself comfortable where we get started here hang on just a tuck the blanket just right okay we're good what's everyone welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a June favorites video and I haven't done a favorites video in quite some time but because of the cast situation it makes it very difficult to vlog with one hand and then I can't do anything else with the other so I feel like just at least for the next two weeks because the cast comes off 2 weeks from today and I am so excited if you have no idea when I went to go get it checked my bone was healing perfectly which I'm very excited about because that means I don't have to get surgery and he said I could get the cast off in 3 weeks instead of 4 at the time which was you know last week so now I don't have to accept it today favorites video we are starting out with food but sadly I did not branch out and try a bunch of new food items this month I feel like when I lived in Florida I was just so close to Trader Joe's close to Target close to Whole Foods that it was I could just go to any of them all the time and now obviously being an hour away from Trader Joe's and having no Whole Foods near me I just feel like my food selection is limited so that's why I don't have too many but we are going to get started so alright first thing on the favorites list we have new go nutrition dark chocolate protein bars now if you did watch my protein snacks and protein bar review of these work in there they are absolutely amazing I if you like want to know what type of protein bar taste I have I absolutely hate 1 bars and I hate quest bars I just think it's so disgusting the sugar alcohol content is through the roof destroys my stomach and 1 bar is kind of the same way and they also have that like really chewy grit texture I just I don't know not a fan so that is why I tend to reach for protein bars that are more granola like in texture and the reason why I specifically like these guys not only because of the macros this is not the flavor that I like the best that they didn't have it time today so this is a close second but this is the peanut butter cup one and this has seven grams of fat 24 carb and twelve protein the regular peanut butter one that I really like is only three grams of fat and with the same carbon protein and then this flavor the salted chocolate pretzel is so delicious like they just managed to get these really thick coarse sea salt drizzled on top and it gives it such a nice salty and sweet combination which I love and the cool thing is the bars are coated completely so my thing back in the day when I was in like middle school in high school I love those chewy granola bars and then they came out with the coated ones and that's what these are my Mia they just have a little bit more of a hearty texture to that but that makes sense like they're not flimsy they do not have a gross aftertaste they're not chewy and they have awesome macros so if you are in the market for a new protein bar these are also gluten free and vegan and they are delicious I get mine either at high V or this is a Trader Joe's item that I've been savoring for the last month because like I said is an hour away for me but these are these little peanut butter and jelly bites and they're not a health product in any way shape or form they're just chocolate-covered peanut butter and jelly bites and I'm gonna open one and show you because they're amazing I have like one after dinner cause like I said trying to ration them but the macros for three of these pieces are twelve fat and nineteen carbon three protein it's kind of just like a Reese's you know dark chocolate piece or something but it's just a little square like this oh god please don't look at how disgusting my cast is right now but I'm gonna bite into it and show you the enzyme mmm-hmm oh yeah so go if you're the kind of person that likes to have something sweet after a meal this is perfect for that because they're just enough but they are pretty rich in my opinion like I personally wouldn't eat multiple of these a time oh it's really delicious they have them at Trader Joe's one of their newer summer items I can't wait to go back to traders get more stuff lastly and sadly my last favorite of the month are these enlightened dairy free of monkey business ice cream bars okay I think that out of all the dairy free items that I have tried and whether it would be halo top Newt not a Moo anything these bars are so good it's basically like a banana I don't want to say banana flavored ice cream even though that's what they say because it doesn't have that weird banana Laffy Taffy taste you know it's more of like a banana vanilla if you're in the Midwest and you have Whitey's near you the banana gram ice cream is what this reminds me you know the description that they have in the box is banana bar with swirls of peanut butter and chocolate chips and it's only 100 calories 4.5 fat 18 carb and for protein so this is also another like one of those things that you could have after dinner for like a late night snack that still satisfies your sweet tooth but it's not totally like eating a full pint of ice cream or you know obviously if you're dairy-free a lot of times ice creams do not taste as good and this one like you literally could not tell that it's dairy-free so delicious and I don't know if you can really tell by the packaging but I'll kind of show you a little top also came out with these ice cream bars these bars are so much bigger in comparison to the halo top ones when I first saw those I was like oh those have really good macros and then I opened them and they were legitimately like this bag you could eat it in one bite and I was like well yeah I have to in micros it's like an inch big these are really filling and I just feel like they were to create such a yummy ice cream bar with minimal macros and dairy-free on top of that so if you are dairy-free and you're looking for some ice cream I do know that these are sold in Kroger and I don't think Publix but you'll have to check the enlightened post or finder so you can see if they have it in a store near you but highly highly recommend these stay right there and that stuff beauty favorites and I am so very excited about these next two products from Tula because they were brand new this one was sold out and it's not anymore so hopefully when you guys are seeing this video you can get it does the glow and get it even though I always call it glow and get lit it is the cooling and brightening eye bomb I think I talked about this before I personally put this underneath like after I put my moisturizer on and like my serum but they do say that you can add this throughout the day the only reason why I personally know is because like today for example I have a highlighter on and so I just don't want it to mix and look like it's got a weird texture you know but this is great like on days where I don't wear any makeup and I'm just wearing like moisturizer and a serum and I still want to have like that glowy look to me this is fantastic and this I am so pumped about they literally just came out with it and I'm like halfway through the model already this is the face filter blurring and moisturizing primer so the reason why I think they absolutely killed it with this primer is because typically and I have rather dry skin especially now living in the Midwest when I use any type of like blurring or pore filling primer anything like that it tends to leave my skin like I don't know it's just like a weird texture that doesn't make my skin look supple if that makes sense like it's just kind of like a layer of gunk and it doesn't set into my skin and I guess maybe that's kind of the point because it's supposed to be like a pore blocker or whatever but I always wanted to find a primer that when you put it on it makes your skin look glowy but it's also like an evening and pore refining blurring primer finally there is one and I was so surprised when it came from Tula because you know they just usually do skincare but this is amazing I have this underneath my CC cream right now and I love it and because it's summer they also created a summer state of mind kit which is great like if you've kind of been on the fence about trying to LA but you want to get a little bit of everything this kit does have a lot of my favorites in it purifying cleanser the so polished exfoliating sugar scrub which is also new and I would have shown that as well except for and completely out of it the aqua infusion oil-free moisturizer which is what I use during the day just because I don't like to have a lot of thick moisture on my face during the day when I'm sweating at the gym and then the major Glo cooling and brightening hydrogel mask and the cosmetic bag that it comes in so basically it's that whole all of those things combined it's like $150 and the kids 88 and then my discount code Mandor works on top of that so if you've been wanting to try it I would definitely go for something like that or if you're just looking for the basics the purifying cleanser and the glycolic toner are like my personal staples in the tulo collection next up in the Beauty category is another CC cream I have been on the go with these CC creams lately I've been trying out a ton of different ones and you guys know I love my bare mineral ones it's just so light weight and glowing and somebody recommended that I try the it's cosmetics CC cream ago which is so bright sorry it cosmetics CC cream with SPF 50 which i think is great anti-aging and hydrating serum I'm all for like the tinted moisturizers and the CC creams that offer hydration and it just doesn't look fake I do not like wearing a ton of makeup on my face I don't like to look cakey and so this is just kind of the perfect mixture of color the reason why I don't have this one on today is because it's too late for me right now because I've been sitting outside a lot but this is neutral tan if I was gonna get one that wouldn't match my current bronze just say right now I'd probably go up one more bare minerals one though the tinted moisturizer is I would say my number one it's what I have on my face right now and they offer a wide a variety of shades so if you're kind of like in-between I would definitely go with that one but they're both really hydrating and I did mention this in like a ready with me video that I did one time this oxidizes and very differently so like even when I put this on my skin at first the color is so different within maybe like an hour's time frame it will get so much darker on me for some reason I don't know that has anything to do with the sunscreen in it I'm not really much of like a beauty guru but just my experience then lastly I got this little guy speaking of bare minerals from like my points at Sephora and I usually just grab those randomly but sometimes I have found like some of these little hidden gems in there and this is the bare minerals do mist why is my camera not focusing I'll have a picture because the bare minerals do mist setting spray now again I'm all for the glow and the dew eNOS and this one does not have a sticky or weird smelling smell to it I think this one is like so refreshing and it just like it doesn't ruin your makeup sometimes I feel like when I've sprayed setting sprays on my face before it kind of like freckles almost and this one doesn't do that at all next up is the fitness category which to be honest with you is just shorts I said I don't really find myself buying a lot of new fitness gear I mean the only thing recently that I could even say I like splurged on was like my weightlifting platform in the basement like I don't really buy gadgets and a lot of fitness clothes I just have too much of that crap and so I try really hard not to buy new Fitness clothes but every time I post my workout videos or things on Instagram so many of you asked me about what my favorite shorts my workout shorts are and because it is the summer I love love-love-love flio shorts I'm going to show you guys three different types of styles of the flio shorts my personal favorite is the contour so these are these I believe they're 3.25 contour this is not correct on top of what this actually is on the screen but this is just so flattering for my body type because I have a very square body type and I just don't really like super like midline things they do not do anything for me so these are a little bit more low-rise and they don't write up on me I mean Greta and if you're doing like a hundred burpees and you're rolling on the floor and stuff that's gonna happen no matter what you wear but for the most part they don't and they're really good quality they keep everything in place I was just squatting in them yesterday I just actually love the pattern they're so cute these are like the new summer ones and actually all three of these are new summer ones so I'll show you them all three of them and these ones are their original shorts so these ones are a little bit higher than the black and white ones that I just showed you guys and I just think this pattern is so adorable for the summertime and seriously like you think you've seen all the patterns in the world until you've seen the flio website like there's so many I'm not sponsored by them I don't have a discount code I just absolutely love her shorts Babs the owner is legitimately the sweetest human being of all time she's like this big and you just like want to hug her and put her in your pocket she's so cute so I love supporting women and their businesses and that's why I recommend flio to you guys so if you're in the market for new workout shorts I love them and this is this these shorts are really cool and very special to me because they are a collaboration between mcCargo who is the red woman behind the necklace I always wear if you guys don't know the story on my necklace I will link it below if you want to check it out it is made by mcCargo though she made a collaboration with Leo shorts now these are more coverage than both of these other shorts I can't hold them up to show you but they are a little bit longer I mowed my lawn in them yes sorry the last two things on my favorites are actually things I've never talked about on a favorites video before and I'm so excited about it the first is a book and this is kind of a self-help slash like I don't know how I say empowering but it is a book about attachment styles and it is just called attached and I saw this being recommended a lot recently on social media so I ventured out read the back of it and basically this book discusses in depth the three attachment styles in your adult life like they stem from childhood but we also have different attachment styles and it is anxious avoidant and secure basically just talks about how to understand your attachment style and things that can benefit you if you're you know trying to understand someone else's attachment style or how to work cohesively in a relationship when you have two different attachment styles and just things that that nature it throws like some scenarios in there there's lots of research and just all kinds of stuff like that and that's always very interesting to me so I really found it amazing I also thought it was interesting because at first when I read about the attachment Styles I was like I feel like I kind of have a mix of both but then as I learned more about it I was like Maui I'm definitely anxious I'm have an anxious person in general so it was kind of nice to like read about it and understand how to help yourself in certain scenarios like that but Austin is definitely a secure attachment person which is so lovely and I I was interesting to read about his attachment style from somebody he's a secure point of view and I see it in our daily life you know just because things like him growing up in a household where his parents loved each other and how that really like it's just so different when you're a kid whose parents I don't want to say didn't love each other because I know my mom would kill me if I said that but like it was just not a loving environment if that makes sense and the difference in what we think about love and attachment as children how that translates into your adult life is so interesting depending on how your parents treated you with their own attachment style sin recently gave me another book that I really want to read so if you guys want to maybe hear more about the books that I'm reading or any recommendations I would love to hear your recommendations as well and if this is something that you're interested in definitely let me know I'm not like an avid reader who reads a book in a week or something but I do enjoy reading and so I always like to hear your guys's recommendations especially if it has to do with anything anxiety related relationship mental health and self-help I'm all about it so and the recommendations please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and now on to the best part of today's favourites video we are do we talk about security camera I said I feel as though I am a security cam pro at this point now if you did not see my video about the car thieves I will link it here for you guys to click and check out because it was quite the show but it led me to be a very informed buyer about security cameras and so I already had a home security once before I had the ring which surely wasn't like home security it was just a doorbell cam that you could two-way audio and it would notify you but it only was at your doorbell and I do have a living room camera I had it in my old house and I kept it just because it was expensive and I didn't really want to just throw it away that one is simply safe I do not love that as much simply because simply because the quality is not as good as the ones I'm going to talk about next so I do have a little bit of experience in terms of quality and user interface and things like that and it was funny because once I started posting about these cameras it became like a meme generator like my security camera debacle was so funny with how many of you guys were sending me spongebob memes and all the stuff it became a topic and people were asking me like what do you think of the cameras what's your favorite camera so I was like you know what let's include it in today is the favorites video the first camera that I'm going to talk about is the cam home all the s now this one is an indoor camera so I'm gonna talk about two different types of cameras this is the OVA s and I don't really understand the name or why they call it that but I do like that it is very small and I think the coolest part about this is that it's tilt so when you're accessing it from your application you have panning tilting and zoom which a lot of securities don't carry cameras don't have full 1080p night vision you have 24 hour local storage but then obviously you can upgrade to the full cloud storage motion detection and two-way audio I just feel like if you are looking for an affordable but reliable indoor camera they kamme home is great and it's also not obnoxious like I just feel like if you set this somewhere you wouldn't really even know if that's what you're using it for and the interface is really great we'll put some of the application stuff on here setup is really easy I don't have too much to say about it because this one in particular I don't use too often because honestly I just don't have like I don't need to watch the inside of my house you know what I'm saying I need it to watch the outside you can put this outside if you wanted to but because I already have a for security cameras outside I didn't really really need to add a pistol to tight shirts I don't know as much about that camera as I do about the Arlo pros simply because I bought the Arlo pros first I have two different kinds of them and these are the ones that helped us recognize the car thief and I just used them more frequently because they are outside oh goodness people have asked me this I said the wrong thing okay so these are the Arlo pros and the ones that I have on my front door and the garage are Arlo ultras now the biggest difference between these two is the Arlo ultras have a 4k and colored night vision you may be thinking why the hell would you need color night vision well when I first bought the Arlo Pros I was like these are very expensive they're gonna do the job and then when we caught the carjackers on these cameras it was in black and white because obviously night vision comes in black and white and we didn't see the color of the car or the color what the kids were wearing and I was like well great now we just have footage of people trying to steal my car like it didn't really give any information so if you are looking for just like cameras for a deterrent factor and really good quality 1080p and really quick motion notifications the Arlo pros are great like the second that anybody comes in the view of the camera it notifies my phone immediately and it takes two seconds to open up the live feed the problem I had with the ring doorbell was the delay was so long that like you know for example somebody would come to my door to drop off a package and get the notification after the person was already driving away and when I opened the live feed there was nobody there so that was a big like downfall in my opinion about the ring cameras and I've heard that from other people as well these ones are really accurate like even you know when Austin comes home the second his car touches the driveway it notifies me and when you open it it is really really live so I love that now I have to our lo pros and I have to our lo ultras let me show you the Arlo bold show really quick as you can see the Arlo ultra is just a little bit bigger and I think the two biggest positives about the Arlo ultra number one the 4k obviously you get crystal-clear images which a lot of you guys were commenting on in my stories but number two you also get the color night vision alone I guess there's three three positives the third positive is something that I have not seen before on a security home system when you are getting emotion at night the second that you detect motion this turns into a spotlight which I love and this thing is bright like often always jokes that when he goes out cuz he leaves so early in the morning for work that it's like paparazzi there's just lights going on everywhere I mean this even activates when the cops like drive by because ever since we had the carjacking incident the cops will drive by like every single night and they shine their flashlights and as soon as they drive by this thing lights up all at the whole front yard so I think that's amazing I have this one has the spotlight and like I said the one on my garage has the spotlight as well so if you have one on either side you're getting a very well lit colored night vision view if you're looking for something specific at night now I use these in the wireless because quite honestly I did not want to be bothered with installing hardwire security because I just don't know what I'm doing number two you can move them very easily because they're wireless and because they hook on with a magnetic like to the mat the one of my garage is a screw in one but this one is just use sit right on the magnet which means it's really easy to charge and I get about a full week of charging with both the are low and the are low ultra so overall I've had absolutely nothing negative to say about these cameras they're amazing the lights are really bright on the AR lo HDS or ultra HD whatever the 4k is awesome and if you haven't seen my Instagram highlight about the car sleeves definitely go check that out because there's not only like security footage from these Arlo cameras but it also shows you like the images that I caught on the Arlo pro as well so you can kind of see two different types of footage if you're looking to pick between one or the other I say that my lawn mower is a favorite I found new lawn mower this month us a favor it's a Toro Toro I don't even know just Midwestern things you know that is the end of this video I hope that you guys enjoyed as always please leave me your monthly favorites down in the comment section below because I feel like you guys know me well enough by now and a lot of times things that you recommend I absolutely love so I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and I or it's Monday when you're seeing this never mind hope you guys are having a fabulous Monday thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you in my next video


  1. I also have anxious attachment style! I really enjoyed the book “insecure in love” and am reading “love me, don’t leave me”. Highly recommend!

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    I gotta get PB and j bites! Thank you for letting us know! 🙏🏼

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  6. “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero is the best book I’ve read by far! Very empowering and funny at the same time

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  10. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**K by Mark Manson, Adventures for Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser, basically all of Cheryl Strayed’s books, and Jamie Tworkowski’s book He’s the founder of To Write Love On Her Arms. But if I find any anxiety books I’ll comment again 😂

    I would love if you did a video on what novels or podcast or apps you use for anxiety.

  11. my super sweet roommate got me the Attachment Theory Workbook and so far I'm really enjoying it. You can read more about the attachment styles, but there are also little prompts and quizzes to write within the book.
    I'm not a big writer/journaler but I like this book since it's so interactive. I'm also reading The Body Keeps the Score. If you're into case studies and the body's physiological responses to trauma, you might like that one too

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