KALE: The Healing Miracle Properties to a Long Healthy Life – Dr. Alan Mandell, DC

KALE:  The Healing Miracle Properties to a Long Healthy Life - Dr. Alan Mandell, DC

hello everyone dr. Mandel with you hopefully you are having a pleasant day or night I want to say welcome this program is going to be a dynamite program I'm really excited to share some really great news talking from someone that preaches this as well as practices for many years we're going to be talking about the healing miracles of kale and the properties on what it can do for us physically it is quite astonishing I have put and put many hundreds of patients on smoothies different kale nutritional drinks and recommended many interesting types of nutritional when it comes down to keeping the right enzymes – right minerals making our body alkaline this is known to help cancer this is designed to help cardiovascular disease reducing cholesterol let's get right to it I want to share a few things with you we're gonna kind of go quick through this but a lot to a lot to say right here we're looking at the beautiful drink of kale I can tell you that you're looking at someone that drinks as every single day the the the scientific data and the studies behind this particular vegetable is astonishing if you look here we're looking just at the food facts just to show you the amount of vitamin K in here is astronomical vitamin C vitamin A astronomical just to give you a little bit of basis as we move here I'm going to just kind of monkey around here so I can try to move this up a little bit because I can't get it on the screen great for digestion and toxification this particular vegetable high and iron high in vitamin K great for the bones blood and brain antioxidants great carotenoids al flavonoids helps protect against various cancers which I'll show you in just a little bit anti-inflammatory because we are dealing with omega-3s here autoimmune great for the heart I'll share that more about just a second how it can help cholesterol how it can lower your LDL s raise your HDL s extremely good and vitamin A when it comes your eyes your lungs vitamin C calcium if you see here that this kale has more calcium than milk that's right cows that kale has more calcium so it's kind of amazing that if you are asked your parodic or you are osteopenia or you are having problems with joints or even fractures this is probably the best the best vegetable you can eat great for your liver as you can see that right there I'll take that off let's move right here and it just just gives you a little more benefits here because I'm kind of moving through this I don't really want to tear it apart too much but the kidney liver a long D congestion people just who are congested a lot try kale drink the kale throw some ginger in the kale kale juiced with ginger will cleanse the mucus audio which is clean you're right out hangovers I don't recommend just trying it because you were drinking too much great for anti-aging because it works with DNA it repairs the DNA DNA is the blueprint of ourselves a coronary heart disease I'll explain we'll get to that just a second how approves cholesterol and inflammation because again this is a great anti-inflammatory if we look here we're looking at the acidity and alkalinity we know that cancer cannot take place in an acidic I mean in an alkaline environment only an acidic environment just like bacteria viruses and pathogens but we're looking at the junk foods and we can see how they become very acidic we look at the alkalinity and if you look to the right you see chlorophyll chlorophyll that's what this particular healing kale is about it's the core of film if we move up here we're looking at other benefits you can come back to this on your own I'm just bringing up because in some of these slides it doesn't really talk about all them so I keep mixing it in there so you can kind of get some understanding on things that can do for you as I move over here we're looking at the alkalinity different kinds of foods we know those greens are the best most alkaline the most chlorophyll if you look all the way to the right you can see lower alkaline you can come back to that on yourself I'm not gonna really spend time on that this is just education for me to share with you now this is the key thing you look at chlorophyll you ever notice that your breath may smell your gums your odor just toxins inside your system this is one of the best cleansers you could ever have there than any drug but then anything is kale kale is just filled and loaded with chlorophyll this cleanses your system you know we all heard of auto and toxification Auto intoxication is is toxicity from waste toxins that get into the bloodstream that sit in your colon for long periods of time because most people are not regular if you're not regular that bacteria starts to breed inside your intestines so you can just see here what chlorophyll does it's an internal cleanser it's an alkaline ER this keeps you nice and alkaline it cleanses the liver gets rid of heavy metals it just prevents the growth of that the crazy bad bacteria that goes on into our intestines and we've got to make sure we're still taking probiotics which is very important and it actually helps heal wounds it helps heal you quicker so let's say you're a diabetic you have diabetic peripheral diabetes or neuropathy or let's say you have the problems healing whatever it may be because of whatever you may have peripheral vascular disease chlorophyll is a healer so just keep that in mind as you can get that through these miracle foods just through the kale it's a powerful fighter against cancer and heart while I'm right here on cancer let me just say a couple of things about this when we look at these anti-cancerous of vegetables which is probably the number one thing here we look at kale this is when I say amazing it's pretty amazing this basically is known to help prostate lung ovarian breast cancer this really is up on the list so I just you know I don't want to go into all the research and spend all the time but as I'm reading this research I was kind of blown away ovarian bladder cancer this is really a beautiful thing and people who are in remission or people who have potential weakness of the immune system this kale is a must I would recommend this to everyone in the entire world very very important when it comes to heart cardiovascular a few things I just want to mention about this cardiovascular thing the benefits of this helps lower the cholesterol it's increased the HDLs lower the LDL s decreases cholesterol obviously it helps prevent the clogging because there's fiber in there and there's plenty of cases and research which you can google about clogging the arteries arteriosclerosis the platform ation within the walls this is known to help cleanse remember this is high in vitamin K vitamin K can the body can turn it into k2 not in the highest degrees but it can make k2 from k1 k1 mainly is blood clotting but this is excellent for heart disease for cardiovascular disease for cholesterol problems and you know I don't want to start reading these and going through this because I have pages and pages but this really does a major job when it talks about the concentrated source of the antioxidants and anthem taury nutrients remember that cardiovascular disease is just not about cholesterol not about clogging it's about inflammation so this is known to reduce inflammation because when you have inflammation that's when we start developing the plaquing today you know you can look at my video on eggs you know in people I'm looking at people are you know right in these videos these vegetarians and just knocking eggs knocking X or saying cholesterol that via eggs are bad for you there's still no known source of food cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels there's no correlation I can tell you that in my family so when I'm thinking of right now eats eggs every single day and has the lowest cholesterol you could ever imagine so figure that one out remember when you add too much cholesterol your your liver makes less and you don't have enough cholesterol your liver makes more but again there is genetic in everything so we're not going to kind of kind of falsify anything like that okay so we look at the green juice here and just look at I'm a big juicer here and I really love the green juice of this particular kale and you could just read here what it can do for you but I really like to smoothies more than everything and I'm gonna go and share a few things for you but remember that the chlorophyll is the major healer here now I put this together here I pulled this up and people say well you know it's a pain in the neck to juice because it's so much work and yes it could be work so what I've learned to do is when you cut your your veggie your veggies you have mouth care and your fruits and we're never gonna do just put them in zip locks you know if you if you do a hole and they throw it in the freezer your vitamins are still there you don't nothing to worry about you're freezing fresh vegetables those vitamins are still in there you know people say no don't freeze it well don't freeze it if you don't want to then cut it fresh every day but for those who have tight schedules this is a good idea I picked it up from a juicer here is just a kale strawberry pineapple smoothie my favorite by the way is pineapple mango kale a little bit ice water and ginger to me Wow I had that almost every day now you can play with it cuz people who may not like to pineapple or may not like whatever fruit you may not like you can play around with it there is no right way of using smoothies as long as you're a little creative which I'll show you in just a second here is another kale pineapple mint you can just look at this a cucumber and apple pineapple kale leaves and lemon lemon seems to go good with kale seems to fight that bitter taste which I'm gonna show you something just a second I think you'll gain it from here here's just another little smoothie here here is a another smoothie you can look at this here a green kale smoothie you can look at this on your own now here they use almond milk you can use water but when you use like yogurt it cuts the taste of the kale bananas I definitely a must I love bananas use bananas in there but if you notice here this says flax seed now you can use whatever you want you can use chia you can use flax you can use almonds you can use walnuts whatever you want you can be really creative I'm not the most creative person in this but I'm a simple guy and I'm really kind of known to my own habits this is just a little information here that when you add citrus to a smoothie and you have greens in there the citrus kind of masks that flavor like if you add a little lemon or lime if you had something creamy to it like coconut milk or yogurt this seems to work good with greens as well because that kind of cuts that flavor that that bitterness in the Greens bananas are actually good and I talked about the frozen fruit the golden rule here they say 2 to 3 2 cups of greens 2 cups of liquids 3 cups of fruit if you use that ratio you're usually going to make that smoothie come out right that's just something that I learned I think that's something I wanted to share with you here is just a kale berry smoothie you can look through this as well just use a little information I'm just to get you started so then you can kind of be creative on your own now I just wanted to share this and the reason we wanted to share this with you because I think this is really cool if you look at this are things that you can add to your smoothies be a little creative a lot of times when I go out and get my smoothies I like to add you know almond or Chia or like that you know some walnuts but you could these are just some little things that you can add let me unlock this little bit so I can come up here give me a second okay it doesn't want me to move it let's see if I can move it it doesn't want me to move it here let's try it one more time okay almond butter flax seeds sesame seeds now you got a you have a lot of stuff laying around the house almond blood or sesame seeds hemp seeds pistachios raw cashews the chia seeds oats hazelnuts arugula and again you can see back here down here the apricots coconut flakes passion fruit wheat germ these are some things you can be real creative not come back up again here alright but don't be afraid to throw this stuff in you look at the like the flax seeds and you look at the the hemp or you look at those other a LA's that are turn into omega threes those are actually really really good so don't be bashful and don't be afraid to add those things in there here's the last thing well almost at the end here is something I also wanted to show you here look at this this shows you the combination of things you can do from the liquid to the greens to the extra so what I was just talking about the sweet if you want to make it sweetened up with stevia or extracts and those are the different fruits on the side it's kind of a cold chart that you can look at that will kind of give you a little bit of leeway because I think the hardest part for people right here is the kind of what do I put in it what do I put in it this is just some interesting kale dishes they made with mango here I really love that you can look at the pine nuts and and berries these here's a garlicky one I like the Dakar like garlicky kale all the time when I go to like Whole Foods out where I lived here I think it's really good I love that just you feel so good after that and that's your best friend I hope now I hope you made some friends with this but let me tell you this a couple of quick things before we end up I know we've been a little time just some personal things this took away my acid reflux I used to be on prevacid for at one time they couldn't figure it out but I tell you when I started going greens and they started hitting chlorophyll it just went away I can take a hundreds of patients of mine are off their medications because they're on the greens no more acid reflux they don't get sick they don't get colds they don't get mucus it's it's really fascinating and I've seen cholesterol levels just come straight down not that I'm against a little cholesterol because I still think higher cholesterol levels are still good for that person this depends a pound it is but when I talk about cholesterol talk about the ratios just really start getting into the greens the chlorophyll is magic it really is magic and there's nothing more that I could really recommend better than what comes from life from Sun from chlorophyll and you're looking at it right here so kale is definitely to me one of the greatest superfoods in the world and for not only me personally from experience but from hundreds of patients and I'm hoping that those hunters can turn into hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through this internet I really appreciate by the way I didn't say at the beginning but we've been broadcasting live in our chat room here as well and I want to thank our chatters for being here thank you so much I hope that you benefit from this this particular video this reminds me how important it is and really just get on your greens because when it comes down to cancer fighting in cardiovascular fighting an immune system this is where it's at you got to get away from the acidity keep your body alkaline and it will really make a big change in your health and you will help a lot of diseases a lot of problems because when people are sick and they have cancer what do they do they go to the wheatgrass go there spirulina they go to the chlorella they go right to the greens stay with greens it makes a big difference I promise you all right so I ask you to subscribe if you haven't to my channel so you can get great videos like this get or notifications leave your messages here as well as over there at motivational con Facebook give me a thumbs up if you don't mind and leave whatever I've used if you don't mind over on Facebook for me and I really appreciate our chatters to be here and I really hope this helped you this is just a reminder and please share this video I really think will help a lot of many thousands of people out there much love to everyone out there prayers to you and may God continue to bless you bye-bye now


  1. Thanks doctor I Love your vedaos health and benefits thanks again IAM Somalan I don't know how to write English so much don't be sorry for me kkkkkkkk

  2. Great, thank you for sharing with, i learn alot, like to & apply to myself too. Gob bless for doing this.

  3. Humans have been eating beef, pork, fish, eggs, milk, and meat of all sorts with fruits and vegetables forever.. The problem is the refined sugars that is killing us and causing all of our unhealthy problems. Sugar is not a reward or helpful to your body. Sugar is simply a poison !!!

  4. Dr. Mandell,,,hoping u see this and are able 2 answer my question regarding things I've heard about eating Kale and Spinach, ,,what I've heard is that it can create Oxalic acid and can be bad for kidneys /can also create kidney stones… Is there a way 2 avoid this while eating these items? Also, ,,truly appreciate your videos. God bless you and your family and thank you…

  5. Dr. I really appreciate your efforts and helping others, you are always there for us, once again thank you.
    Can you please talk about moringa leaves? What are the benefits of moringa, is it good for our health!!!!!!!!???? Thanks

  6. Great video! Thanks for sharing! I love kale, and I have a special recipe! I have a video to prove it! 😉

  7. I really like your video, they are well done and easy to understand, I have a cellulitis infection ,I got that $ months ago, do you have any advices ??? Thank you , keep-up the good work ,,,have a magic day,,,

  8. I drink Kale juice almost daily, it's a great tasting drink. Thank you doctor for the benefits of this amazing vegetable.

  9. Try a low cal smoothie with almond milk , frozen blueberries and a handful of Kale, not bad. And add some kale to your salads🤗

  10. i just wash and blend my kale with water and down/chug it. 2 bags a week over 4 days. just a top up to my usual vegetable consumption.

  11. Thank you so much Dr. I am excited to try eating and also making smoothing with Kale. I bought some today because I have high cholesterol and I'm on a statin medication I want to get off of it. I don't like how my muscles ache. I want to eat healthy and get off of it. God bless you so much for helping us all.

  12. I have been taking Kale smoothies with Avocado, cayenne pepper, chia seeds, fresh coconut water. So yummy it makes me feel younger and fantastic

  13. I have chronic insomnia and started juicing 2 bunches of kale with a beet and carrot in the morning and at night. That's a lot of kale (organic is $10/day for 4 bunches). I CAN SLEEP NOW! But please research or ask your doc about "too much of a good thing" with kale, i.e. if you have kidney or thyroid problems or on blood thinners. I am just one testimonial to CURE MY INSOMNIA WITH KALE. Sleep is huge, nice to have it back.

  14. I like to grind to a powder steel oatmeal when I use my smoothie as a meal replacement. It gives me a sensation of fullness.

  15. When I have a hard time falling asleep in the middle of the night I juice some celery and kale and fall asleep soon after.

  16. Thank you for confirming my thoughts. I was going to start taking the acid reflux medicines but now I'll continue with the kale.

  17. I Love Greens ! Wouldn't Eat them as A Child My Parents did
    My Health is so much better eating Greens.
    I Aso Eat Collars Green Cousin of Kale. Love Them
    Healing Plant. Thank Love How You are Helping Us with Our Health Journey. Thanks. Clo

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