Kamaru Usman Gives Update On Health Status, Eyes Return Before End Of 2019

Kamaru Usman Gives Update On Health Status, Eyes Return Before End Of 2019

I'm in my fighting here with Camaro huisman at the UFC 2019 Uzi Hall of Fame ceremony we're calling it the red carpet even though there is no red carpet but well first of all we want to ask you how your health is doing I know you when you had some surgery is there any timetable for when you want to return how are you feeling now are you even training at all yeah health is good oh man back to your question yeah the health is coming along good I had a pretty evasive surgically aggressive surgery and you know the doctor told me there would be months before I was able to at least get back to activity and so now I'm on that you know that cusp I just got off now I'm being I may be at least trained do some things so I mean like I've always said I need to fight again before the years over for sure I'm shooting for at least one more fight before the years over so you know we'll see you know these guys have to draw straws and see who's you know who's willing to get their ass kicked by me for the years over that was my next question after your last fight someone brought up Colby Covington and your exact quote was I can't I want to beat up that dude so badly now he has a fight against Robbie Lawler there's no easy win you have another big fight at UFC 239 as a champion are you happy that you're seeing all of these matches being made that you will have probably a legitimate normal contender after all this um actually I don't care for me it's it's never been about you know picking the fight picking and choosing the fight that was never the goal for me you know I wanted to fight and so I was always that guy who you know I deserved the top five guy but I got guy out of the top 25 and I still went out there took care of business and so it doesn't really matter who comes up next I don't care you know when it's time for me to fight stepping then fight I'm gonna do my due diligence do the research and make sure that I'm prepared to go in there and face the opponents because you know everybody knows what I love to do best when I step inside that Octagon and that's to dominate the fight from start to finish now as a champion and as a prizefighter are you happy to at least see there's a lot of talk about your vision a lot of matchups that people want to make they're like oh I would want commodified this guy wouldn't want been askin if I this guy do you enjoy seeing that at least yeah I do actually because uh you know the one thing that you do you don't want to do is run out of you know run off guys the fights will you're sitting for a while because they're trying to build someone up to make them a legitimate contender you know that's what you don't want and so as long as God permits and I'm healthy and I'm able to fight like that there's never gonna be a shortage of contenders that I can just run through and that that's my plan I want to run through this entire division to where it's not even close you know for a while there it was just tiring kind of sitting up there and people trying to figure things out once the GSP left but now it's me sitting up there and Tarun's up there too and then it's the guys trying to figure this out so we'll see how it goes and as a champion like you said you you worked your way up you you took fights that you maybe people might not have expect you to take but now that you are champion is anything been unexpected that you I'm sure you've seen how champions act and they've told you stories but is there anything that you're like well I didn't expect this to change in my life that's changed yeah I think as a champion one of the biggest changes is and my I always decide you know what I got to do this extra stuff I got a I got a talk on social media I got I gotta try to build this and do that you know I'm always busy doing this you know now I'm like man when I become a champion all that's gonna calm down that's gonna slow down and then you become a champion and they want you to do this go to this place go to that please do this appearance do that so you know I would say at the time because that's something that's very precious to me I have a daughter you know who's gonna be five in the end of this month and so you know spending time with her and really being able to be with her on the daily and make sure that she's you know I'm horn into her as much as I can is extremely important to me so I would say yeah the time is probably one of the biggest things that I didn't expect to change for the negative as a champion here at the Hall of Fame ceremony and Rashad Evans your good friend is getting inducted he was also a former champion has he told you anything like hey like I didn't know this coming and I wish I had known when I became champ you know it's not necessarily what he told me it's just not me the thing that I was blessed with I was blessed with the opportunity to essentially just be an understudy of this guy you know towards that you know that the height of his career and towards uh you know him phasing out was because I was able to be there I was able to go to the all these events with him I was able to go through the open workouts when I was able to go to the fights fight week with them go to the training camp with him you know and so you know being able to see that go to interviews with him it was basically just seeing how he was able to conduct himself and just seeing the right and the wrong things to do and so I mean just from you know from start to finish them I started my career I mean he was just kind of pouring into me so you know I'm honored and once again you know he's one of those guys you had to one-up one-up me you know he was altum a fighter champion I got that you got a UFC belt I got that now he went got the Hall of Fame so that's something for me to shoot for I think can't think of a better way to end this thank you so much to the time and have fun tonight appreciate you


  1. We all know why people hate Usman. He is a great guy. They just mad he is very outspoken and confident. None of these clowns talking online will say it to his face

  2. Before woodly fight no one liked him after woodly fight everyone like him now hes kinda back little more likes but still getting disliked. Sad unloyal fans

  3. I honestly really like Usman. Gets interrupted after the first question. He doesn't need to re-ask it, because he's there. He's present, and he's actually showing respect to the reporter. Great dude.

    edit: Didn't realize everyone hates him honestly. I guess that's kind of irrelevant though, because he's probably going to be champ for a while. Do us all a favor and give ESPN 1 less PPV buy.

  4. I find it funny when a fighter becomes champion they get injury prone and just waste other fighters time and fans

  5. Anyone notice that when any fighter represented by Ali wins the belt they immediately need a major surgery to put them out for 8+months? It’s very obvious this is a planned tactic to hold as many belts as possible but it’s really making it hard to watch UFC when you know the belt holder won’t be fighting the top challenger any time soon.

  6. Tony vs Usman would be fun.
    Usman could control Tony but there’s very few chances that Usman KOs Tony

  7. I got my opponents in the back,
    Usman lookin sad
    Can't talk all that smack,
    When i knee you in the backkkk,

    And I want that belt
    3 peat for the champ
    I'm just getting started
    And you boys ain't got no chanceeeee

    Can't no just tell me nothing
    Im el cucuyyyyy
    Can't no just tell me nothing
    Im el cucuyyyyy


  8. Prediction: Tony Ferguson will run through Kamaru Usman to become Welterweight champ just like he did at 0:38

  9. His fight against Woodley was extremely boring, he's a black Khalabib, but fair play to him for winning the welterweight belt

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