KETO diet plan Indian & detox tea for weight loss | Lose 10 kgs in a month | Full day keto recipes

KETO diet plan Indian & detox tea for weight loss | Lose 10 kgs in a month | Full day keto recipes

Hey guys namastey how are u all doing? Today, I will do my full day keto diet meal prep plan One month I did a video sharing my Keto diet experience. Today I will again do a full keto diet routine Currently, I am not following keto anymore coz I dont want to lose anymore U dont feel very hungry on keto coz u intake lots of fat, so eating 4 times is enough. I urge u to watch the previous keto video of mine to actually judge this diet. It takes time to develop its taste. Have lunch only when u r hungry Clarified butter(ghee) has played a major role when I was on keto Squeeze lemon juice into it Adding black pepper to it Mix well. U can take more chicken also. Now add chicken breasts to ghee. Let it saute for 3-5 mins(each side) It will become little red.Cook well U can add any of ur fav veggies. I am taking my TEAMI skinny tea now Teami COLON & Teami SKINNY tea. They come together in a package along with this useful tumbler. How to use it and its benefits have been mentioned. I have ordered a purple one U can order any colour of ur choice. U can see this useful product. This is the strainer. This is the detox calender to maintain ur challenge for u to follow and manage it It is very well explained and easy to read. Take 1 tsp of skinny tea and add to tumbler. U need to have skinny tea in this. This is a 30 days detox plan. It controls bloating,gives more energy, lessens ur sugar and food cravings, calms muscle spams & tightness, flushes toxin out of ur body, improves ur skin condition.Overall makes u feel better. I am taking this for more than 20 days now I am anyway a fan of detox tea Pls check the description box below for link to avail the 25% discount code & go to Teami Blends website Although, today I am doing a keto diet but this tea can be consumed with any diet. U can do this with ur regular diet everyday. Since keto meal plan for whole day was requested hence I am doing it today otherwise I consume teami tea with my regular Indian staple diet Now with this,I will take some nuts In keto, it is necessary to count what u r eating – the macros, the carbs. U can find many such keto diet apps/ charts on google that will help u track ur diet. If u r taking any keto supplements, pls consume them only if u r on a keto diet and have full knowledge about them. If u take supplement for 30 days, pls do keto diet also for 30 days. Many supplements are available in market Cut veggies.Heat butter in pan Add veggies & paneer and saute them in pink salt Let veggies cook well and then add one slice of bread(pieces) in the salad Skinny tea to be consumed everyday and teami colon to be consumed every alternate day 15 tea bags in teami colon Take a mug and keep colon tea bag Add hot water to it. Steep for a min. Then take bag out & drink it Lastly, I would say about keto that this type of diet depends from body to body, person to person. If u suffer from some disease or weight is stuck specially for people with diabetes, this is a good diet. if indian staple diet doesnt help u, such people can try keto for a month atleast. This diet runs on principle of lowest carbs high fat and moderate protein. to know problems of keto, check description box for my previous video. In that video, u can also see people who CAN & who can Not do keto diet. If Indian diet has worked on my body, the same might or might not work for ur body. I dont do keto now coz I dont need to lose any more weight. U dont need intense workout on keto. For 7 days, when I tried keto properly along with my intense gymming, I could see my abs nicely defined. Ofcourse, I still see some cuts but high fat diet made them slightly more precise Keto should be done for a month to 45 days even if u take or donot take supplements It is a difficult diet for me and does have some hassle


  1. Click on CC for english subtitles. Hope u guys enjoy these simple keto recipes ( Dinner : veg and bread used is keto bread & lunch : non veg). All the veggies used have been calculated by keto calculator so the carb intake for the day was between 25 gm.Instagram –

  2. I m strict vegetarian. And also doing heavy gyming but my weight stuck. I don't want to consume non-vegetarian food. Plz give me some tips for weight loss.

  3. আপু লবণ ছাড়া চিকেন কি ভাবে খাব?? লবণ কি দিতে পারবো

  4. Hii di….mujhe bhi fat loss krna hai but bullet proof coffee naturally grm hoti hai to mujhe grm taseer vli chize suit nhi krti….plz give another option…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz didu

  5. hi from kolkata.amr khub gastric problm so ami ki keto diet flowo krte parbo?after delivery vison mota hoe gachi dear.amr hight 5 r weight 63 so plz ami kirom diet krbo amy help kro plzzz

  6. Iam thin but my tummy is bulged out and also my weight is perfect with my height. So can i go foe keto diet? Please reply..

  7. Hi….its been a week i started keto bt m struggling wid hell lot of acne emerging on ma face…i dnt understand whether its coz of diet ?Help me

  8. But you cant eat bread in keto… it has carbs but it has flour which is exceptionally prohibited in keto…

  9. Hiii mam ek question hai kya yeh died roz follow karna hai ki week me ek din…bcoz mam mai middle class family se hu roz possible nhi hai mam but week me ek bar kar sakti hu plz mam reply jaroor karna it's urgent for me….love you mam😘

  10. I am starting a weight loss challenge tommorrow! If anyone else wants to join in can reply. I am going to follow anwesha’s keto. Diet plan and core workout plan. My Goal is to loose 5-8kgs in 30 days.

  11. Jab Ham kito diet per Chale Jaate Hain Jab Hamen usse Bahar Aana hota hai kya use Samay Koi Tarika hota hai kya please reply I am waiting

  12. Di, pls ekta full video banao keto diet er opar r after keto diet kivabe maintain korbo?? R ami 10days challenge nite chai, pls help koro….

  13. Mam bullet coffee is added for brown suger to taste isn't the right way of weight loss plz reply mam ur videos are too good and excellent I will try to keto Diet

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