Kids Try Funeral Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Funeral Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] Do you believe in spirits? – Yeah. Like, I have this body but
maybe inside, I’m an adult man. (playful music) – [Interviewer] Hey! – Hello. – Hello. – [Interviewer] Do you know
what we’re here to talk about? – No. – [Interviewer] It’s related to death. We’re gonna have you eat funeral
food from around the world. – That’s why I’m wearing black and white. – I’m scared. – [Interviewer] Why are you scared? – I’m scared the food might be sad. – [Interviewer] Are you afraid of dying? – Of course I am! Everybody is. – No, not really, because
I will be reformed or I’ll stay in the
underworld for all eternity which is pretty cool, I guess. – [Interviewer] Open your eyes. – That looks like sort of like a cake. – Why?
– Here you go. – Is it like a cake? – [Interviewer] Be careful. – For the deceased. – [Interviewer] Yeah, the
family of the deceased makes this together and
it’s a mixture of grains and seeds sweetened with honey or sugar. – What’s the white stuff,
the powdery white stuff? – [Interviewer] Powdered sugar. – Yes! – Mm. – I can’t actually bite down. – Wait, they’re almonds. They’re like colored almonds. – It looks like a cross. – [Interviewer] It is, that’s a cross. So, the grains symbolize everlasting life. The raisins in it, they
represent life’s sweetness. – And wrinkles? ‘Cause raisins are wrinkly. – Num, num, num, num. It tastes strange. – [Interviewer] I’m gonna
take that dish away. You didn’t seem to be
the biggest fan of that. What do you think happens
after someone dies? – When people die, they go to a place like the underworld. – They might go to heaven
or a different place. – [Interviewer] What’s
the different place? – Hell. Heaven is up, hell is down. If they’re bad, they go down. What is this? Hm, this looks strange. – [Interviewer] There’s bone
in there, so be careful. So that’s goat, you just ate some goat. – Goat. Why’d you do this to poor goats? – [Interviewer] In Jamaica,
they celebrate the deceased on the next night after they passed away and the idea is on the ninth
night, they believe the spirit will eat some of the food. – It’s complicated. – [Interviewer] It is complicated. When they lay out the food on the table, no one is allowed to eat it until midnight because it’s for the spirit. – Hm? Is this shoot gonna go on til midnight? – [Interviewer] Did you
eat some of that food? – Yes? – [Interviewer] I hope
the spirit’s not angry. You weren’t supposed to eat that. It’s for the spirit. – Heck naw, I’m hungry! – [Interviewer] Open. – Eggs! – Eggs? Why do they eat eggs? – Is this eggs? – [Interviewer] Yeah. (cracking) – Why is it like that? It’s not supposed to be like that. – [Interviewer] That’s what
happens when you boil an egg for hours and hours. – Ehh. – Cool! It looks different but delicious! – Um, why is it– – [Interviewer] This is a
really ancient technique. – Ancient? – [Interviewer] A very old technique of boiling an egg.
– So, this is old food? – [Interviewer] So, after a
Jewish person is laid to rest, a family will partake in a first meal. – Definitely not my favorite dish. – It’s kind of bittersweet. Inside, it tastes like a nutty meat. – It tastes like ham, yum. (interviewer laughs) – Oh! That looks like macaroni and cheese. – [Interviewer] Do you
have any Mormon friends? – What? – [Interviewer] Do you know any Mormons? – Mormons? – What am I looking at? – [Interviewer] Mormon funeral potatoes. It’s got potatoes and creamy sauce and– – What’s this? – [Interviewer] Cornflakes on top. – Cornflakes! What the– – That’s cereal? – [Interviewer] Yeah, it’s cornflakes. – Num, num, num, num. – It does taste really good. I should get some Mormon friends. – Ah! – Whoa. – [Interviewer] Who is that? – My cat. She got ran over by a car/truck. – [Interviewer] This is Pan de muerto and this is something you would
have on Dia de los Muertos and it’s to be shared as
an offering to the spirit of loved ones. – This one right here is Aunt Sue. She died when I was six. Aunt Sue, that’s for you. – This is for you. I love you. – This is Ming Ming. Ming Ming was a cat that loves
oranges, oranges and grapes. – [Interviewer] Do you wanna offer some of the food to your cat? – Here is some for you, Ming Ming. Come back, we miss you! – [Interviewer] All right, how was this? – It was fun. – Should we talk about death more often? – Yeah, it’s part of life. It’s really on your mind,
you should talk about it to get it outta your
system and then you’ll feel more loose about it, like loose.


  1. Hey friends! Life isn’t normal for anybody right now, but we’re doing our best to upload regular content for our community of fans and friends. That means we’ll be editing as much as we can from the videos we shot before we went on quarantine–and pushing ourselves to make some fun new things to keep you company, wherever you are. We love you guys!

  2. Orange marigolds are traditionally used when doing the offerings along with the pan de muertos. Fun fact: Those flowers are called xempacutil in spanish and are also known as "the flower of the dead"!

  3. I've been waiting for the funeral food of Philippines the unique biscuits in timba(container) HAHAHAHHAHA.

  4. So sad when I see kids this young regurgiating out the crap they were indoctrinated to believe. Nothing better than to instill the fear and fantasy of everlasting torment early to on keep the sheep in line.

  5. If u want to go to heaven u just have to truly, with all your heart believe in jesus and build a relationship with him by praying,reading the bible,and worshipping him. U don't have to be religious and u don't have to go to church. And once you've learn don't forget to tell your friends and family so they can go to heaven too

  6. “Or i’ll stay in the underworld for all of eternity which is pretty cool i guess.”
    It’s not cool, you will rot in the depths of hell.

  7. Eso que presentaron como pan de día de muertos. ES TOTALMENTE HORRIBE ASI NO ES COMO SE DEBE DE VER, NO SE PERCIBEN LOS ADORNOS DE HUESOS QUE SE LE PONE, Y LO BLANCO NO DEBERIA SER AZUCAR GLAS, porfavor cuiden su presentación y más cuando hablan de tradiciones tan importantes como el día de muertos

  8. Well, if you go to someone's funeral in Indonesia esp in Aceh, you will get a buffet or a feast for a week.

  9. It made me sad when the little girl said her cat loved to eat oranges and grapes. they can both be toxic in dogs and cats. grapes can cause kidney failure. oranges can cause nervous system damage. i hope that’s not the case for her cat. it’s not always fatal.

  10. I was almost the first viewer on this but I saved it to watch later then I didn't watch it bc I used M3 tiktok

  11. Imagine all the national shaming this video would have gotten had they filmed a group of boys and excluded girls and called it Kids Try. What complete hipocryts females are.

  12. I like Sweet Potato 🍠 Mashed with Grated Cheese & Cornflakes on top & if you want add little bit of pineapples & Bake it in the oven tell golden

  13. I was raised around mormons and I've been to several funerals of theirs. I have never heard of Funeral Potatos in my life ahahaha

  14. Funeral food in India is whatever the dead person liked to eat when he was alive so if a person died of diabetes you can expect some sweets

  15. “Ming Ming was a cat who loved oranges and grapes” well now we know why Ming Ming be no more😶 (don’t get mad at me, I’m sure Ming Ming died old)

  16. 0:41–0:46

    little girl: maybe I’ll be underground for all eternity, which is pretty cool.
    Guy in the background: awkward laugh (what is wrong with this child, get me out of here)

  17. "I have this body but maybe inside I'm an adult man" OMG this little girl is killing me… And she was just so matter of fact about it! That's what I love about kids, the ease with which they can understand the things that make no sense to adults no matter how many times you explain it to them! With kids it's just simple!!!

  18. Kids eat what their parents may eat at their funeral because their parents were stupid enough to take them outside into a building full of people during the coronavirus pandemic.

  19. I don't know the name of the first grrrl but I LOVE her!!
    Also, funeral potatoes are a very Midwest Lutheran thing, too. But it's hotdish

  20. man: do you Belive in Spirits? girl: yeah, its like i have this body but, inside i feel Like a old man me:WTF ps:i forgot what she fully said

  21. 5:11 “Ming Ming was a cat that loved oranges and grapes”
    😳 Cats aren’t supposed to have either of those fruits..

  22. I from egypt and we eat boiled egg for breakfast or dinner not for funeral actually and it doest look like that its just white from the outside and im not Jewish im Muslim

  23. Actually (religious) Jewish people eat Hamine (which is a slowly cooked meal the eggs are sometimes a part of) once a week for lunch on Saturday since on Shabbat you're not allowed to light fire or turn on electrical appliances, so you can put the dish on the stove/in the oven and let it cook by itself until the meal.

    As for funerals, we do have something called Shiv'a, which is the first week after the passing of the deceased, where the family (usually) doesn't work and stays at home, and people come by to visit and say nice words about the deceased. There's usually some cookies and fruit for the guests, but not a meal.

  24. Naming a cat Mingming is so Filipino! Shoutout to my Filipino peeps, please follow instructions regarding the quarantine and keep yourselves safe. And everybody around the world too.

  25. Sorry but us jamaicans call it curry goat not goat curry. Caribbean/Islanders understand the difference. And curry goat is not just for funerals lol we eat that on a regular basis.

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