*KILLER* FLAT BELLY + ROUND BOOTY Workout | No Equipment

*KILLER* FLAT BELLY + ROUND BOOTY Workout | No Equipment

[Music] welcome to today’s flat belly around booty workout this workout is killer kit learn I hope you’re ready to work we’re gonna do a quick warm-up of plie rolls it uses your first workout of the day pause the video check the description get a proper warm-up in because after this we’re going straight straight to war that was so unnecessary we’re gonna go straight into our exercises not war okay first move of the day are you even ready for this you’re gonna start off in a plank position and pull your knees in in all three directions one leg at a time okay start in a plank position pull to the far side to the middle and then to the next side switch legs pull to the far side the middle next side there you go when you extend that leg you want to extend it as far out as it will go your leg doesn’t go back on the mat until you have completed all three crunches that was awesome that was really good give me some commandos you’re gonna go into an elbow plank position crawl forward stop crawl backwards this is a survival skill everyone needs to do commandos at least once the timer is just a suggestion do your best keep your core tight keep your hips as close to the floor as you can very good listen just the fact that you are attempting this workout makes me proud less than 10 seconds to go you’re almost there almost there and time that was intense we’re gonna flip over and do a glute bridge hold this is a good bridge that has been to Paris a glute bridge that’s not–that’s just become so refined it doesn’t even know how to act anymore are you ready let’s do it you’re gonna go into that glute bridge position and just hold squeeze your glutes it’s a long one too but the timer is just there as a suggestion just make sure you are in position when that timer is on zero and it counts make sure your ankles are underneath your knee your arms are nice and relaxed you’re doing good don’t let your hips sag raise your hips as high as you can oh yes I know you’re doing good just squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze I need to be stopped Cole I needs to be stopped turn over we’re gonna do hamstring raises next just one leg at a time nice and easy don’t stress just relax raise that thigh as high up the mat as you can one at a time focus on squeezing your booty and the back of your thighs focus focus face forward good keep raising three seconds two seconds you did it you nailed it that was just wonderful you’re gonna flip over to your side now we’re gonna do leg pulses one leg at a time do your best not to let your leg touch the floor let’s go try to keep a 90-degree angle between your leg and your foot meaning try not to point your toes as you do this keep your foot flat you’re gonna feel this burning both in the side of the thigh that’s moving and the leg that’s not even doing anything keep going you’re almost there raise that leg up you’re doing amazing that was so good flip over to the other side we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side because we’re not trying to have one side of your booty looking voluptuous and the other side looking like it was abandoned under a bridge you want one leg bent let’s go that leg that’s bent try to keep it as relaxed as possible the leg that’s moving keep your foot straight not pointed and raise that leg support your upper body try to keep your upper body as stable as you can this is your last movement 10 seconds this workout is done oh I’m so glad you made the choice to work out with me today thank you so much for doing that I’ll see you in my next workout video hi just a kiss you’re new here I’m Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now we live in Texas I love pizza with no tomato sauce I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in nutrition and I wanted to personally invite you to check out my website kabocha fitness come on there you can find an all-inclusive all-access pass to all of my workouts and this includes premium 30-minute workouts that are not available on YouTube my eight-week booty program my 21 day belly fat focus program and get this your whole year of workouts planned for you January through December you never have to think about it ever again you can access all this content directly from my website by logging in or you can download the iPhone app or the Android app and just have everything in one place in your pocket it’s so convenient go ahead and check out my website we’ll go NASSCOM it’s totally free to try so give it a shot see if it’s right for you [Music] you


  1. Awesome workout! Lol you're so funny and motivating. Thanks for the workout. I will definitely be doing it everyday 😊.

  2. Ms Koboko, you motivate me every time I watch your videos. My issue is 'Belly ugly waistline". Hey, now I know ur name🤣🤣🤣Kola.

  3. I used to be that girl that could eat whatever and how much they wanted to and never gain weight (1,70 cm tall and I weighted 50kg) I didn’t look underweight though and I never really worked out so u could say that I was “skinny fat” because my body was skinny and I did have abs but my body definitely wasn’t toned. In October I started my Aupair year in Australia and during the first month I ate a lot more due to time difference, I was always very hungry. Over the past almost 4 month I gained 6 kg. I noticed that halfway through and started going to the gym and reduced my portions and since a month or so I’m eating low carb and I try to go to the gym every second day. Everyone doing low carb told me that they experienced weight loss in the first two weeks but I haven’t lost ANY weight really. In fact I feel like I put on weight even though I’m only eating around 800 calories a day and work out.
    It just frustrates me so much because normally I would loose weight so easily and without even really trying and now that I’m trying and feeling so uncomfortable in my body nothing happens. The only part I felt I lost a bit of weight is around my hips.(I mainly gained weight around my hips and a lot on my thighs).
    But my thighs just won’t shrink and I can’t really fit in my shorts and I’m just really sad and it stresses me out a lot because I’m not used to being “chubby” and I feel like no matter what I do nothing works.
    Now my friend told me that the reason I’m not loosing weight could be water, as in my body putting on water weight since it’s new to working out and also due to the huge temperature difference.
    Do you think it could be water weight ?
    I just don’t know what to do anymore because the weight on my thighs just won’t go away and I’m getting so self conscious 🙁

  4. I wanna have a flat tummy by my holiday in May, is this achievable if I only do this workout regularly, what do you recommend? How often should I do it?

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