KITCHEN GADGETS Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S2 E4

KITCHEN GADGETS Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S2 E4


  1. Honestly, doing this again with James would be PRIME content!

    Just to see his reaction to the gadget selected for him tbh

  2. Order: alpha by your mothers’ first names (would love to hear about the Sorted Mamas!) and in order of who had children first, down to who you all agree will have them last (if ever!)

  3. In case they eventually run out of ideas for this format – they could retry old episodes that they failed and see if they can pass with the same order.

  4. Friends, you need a win, so the next video needs a helpful twist rather than a crazy one. I say boys get to pick the order AND each boy gets a one-word spoken clue to the boy they tap on the shoulder going in!

  5. You guys at least did the best you could do under such a limited time allowance, not knowing what in hell the previous cooks had done or were aiming towards, and incorporating some gidgy gadget into the plan. it is semi funny that you ended up making just a burger and chips and it didn't even taste good. But isn't this the whole reason for these relay challenges, to see who fails? It also points out who important Mr. Curry is to the whole recipe of Sorted. What's that saying–"too many cooks spoil the broth"?

  6. Why did they think a whole ass pineapple would go well with cheese? We've never settled on pineapple-on-pizza debate now they're adding burgers into the mix?!

  7. Challenge: Mystery! All ingredients are a mystery. Ingredients are written on a piece of paper and put into a bag. Each person has to pull one ingredient and it has to be put into the final dish.

  8. Pass It On using only ingredients allowed on a restrictive diet like keto or anti-inflammatory.
    My favorite would be using gastroparesis guidelines. Note meat is allowed only if ground well or pureéd.
    Obviously an average size meal for the video.

  9. Serious question. I always thought this but now I’m second guessing myself. Is Janice just mike doin a girl voice?

  10. Gotta say Bazza looked pretty disappointed that what he had made once again did not make it to the plate. Also it was completely not his fault, he was given a bloody microwave gadget. considering they knew it was a gadget video checking the microwave would seem a logical act.

  11. Yo, I know you guys are British and all, but if you just called them zucchini and eggplant you wouldn't get them mixed up so much.

  12. Too bad, at first glance it looked like you guys put together a solid burger. Definitely need to do this again, I love all the pass it on episodes!

  13. A suggestion or idea for the next pass it on: after your turn, you form a human chain with each person that is done. They can't see or hear aka they have to put on a blindfold and their headphones. The next person has to hold onto their hand and take them along.

  14. Here's an idea – put magnets on the fridge and microwave and when someone has left something in it move the magnet to the cutting board!

  15. I would love to have a valentines pass it on
    Theme: Romantic Dinner
    Order: person whose been in a romantic relationship the longest to shortest

    Though the order could be reversed…I don’t know which would be funnier

  16. Is there a rule against setting timers around the kitchen? Like the way Jaime heard the microwave, it'd be a great strategy to at least get everyone looking around. Like hide the timer behind whatever step is next

  17. I thought it went ok other than the missed burger until Ben said it had curdled. I didn't realise how overcooked there chips were though

  18. Love the effort but y’all shouldn’t have counted all the gadgets that didn’t make it onto the dish… (so the poaching bag lol)

  19. I think Jamie should have been 1st and 4th, that way he doesn't have any control over the finished article and is still at the behest of whoever goes last 😁

  20. Guys it would be fab if y'all stepped up and think strategy for next one. Would love to see the normals be at Chef level thinking – be ambitious and instead of a shaking my head reaction be a W O W reaction! absolutely love yall!

  21. I love pineapple on my burger, not sure why it caused such whining. Maybe it's cause I use canned slices and actually give them a second on the pan before I put 'em on. But then I also use real cheese which one would think is more vulnerable than a processed slice.

  22. Could never decide if these videos help or hurt my anxiety because in my life I always have to ask "what's the worst that could happen?" and now I know; it's this video.

  23. A total failure. The entertainment factor was over the top! I would like to see it repeated with the three “normals” doing the same together. I think you owe it to the device manufacturers. 😸

  24. oh, poor fellows…. James, if not ill, I would have it "Sorted" minus a leg ….but I have an extreme bias, as I find Ben, and James perfectly lovely and instinctively, instinctive, (bad joke)and (at most times) well-composed chefs…. sorry to the rest of you sorted chaps, who are taken…. But I do enjoy you all…. my little CHU CHU and myself watch you way more than we should… children, lets practice on science, math, and engineering,.. and foods!!!!! XOXO LOL….btw my little son and I practiced his maths, whilst we were preoccupied and consumed by a slurpy…. and your shows

  25. there should be a board or something that says whether the oven/microwave/etc has something in it, that way the person coming in knows to check while they're trying to make sense of it all lol

  26. I mean most of the time they give crap to Jamie but he does great mike and barry leave out and add pointless stuff I mean the chips would have been nice if barry had checked the oven and he added eggs just to mess with mike and he could have left microwave open for mike to smell and see the burgers and then Mike didnt hear loud beeps from microwave and then added pineapple to the dish for slaw which Jamie coildnt have made in one go wothout worrying about burgers and egg and the entire presentation but then jamie should have put the whatever veggie that was on top of the burger and the pineapple on the side as a sort of dessert of fruit

  27. Each of the lads had a brain-fart moment tbh: Jamie at the start did really well, but couldnt tell pork from lamb. Ben: courgette? Really? I'm all for more interesting vege in a burger other than lettuce, but courgette? REALLY?? Mike: made new burgers cos he didnt check the microwave, Barry: poached egg in a burger?? Isn't it too irregularly shaped to pile up with other ingredients?? There's a reason there are special moulds to make eggs into round and flat shapes to fit into burgers! Jamie: didn't cook the cheese, and more importantly, didnt cook the pineapple, letting it curdle the cheese. Well in consolation….it was terrible execution but class A entertainment!

  28. I think it’s now obv that it’s time for a Pass It On with pretentious ingredients! Order is most to least pretentious!

  29. Pass It On: Making the perfect drink
    1.Order is: Chef, normal, chef, normal, Spaff. Longest to shortest.
    2.Every participant must make an unique contribution to the final product.
    3.Banned: Gin/sloe gin, whiskey, espresso

  30. pre pick ingredients. Everyone writes a ingredient but doesn't tell anybody else when its their turn they have to incorporate it into the dish.

  31. I honestly feel like Jamie did really well, he literally thought of a dish that could include three gadgets right away and if it hadn't been for mike it probably would have turned out amazing (no hate against mike btw but not checking the oven or the microwave and then leaving Jamie with a pineapple was just utter bs)

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