1. My prayer is that everyone made it out safely. Please post here if the community needs to come together for those who might be in need. I noticed alot of damage to vehicles…hopefully, no lives were taken.

  2. Wow. This explosion must have been powerful. Maybe more than one gas tank exploded. Thank god no one is hurt. There could be a leak though.

  3. Sounds biblical to me 🤔 I can only expect more of this as this one doesn’t surprise me. Nor did Americans burning the American flag in D.C or the manager at McDonalds saying they were closed after taking an order people the earth and Yahawa is fed up with the foolishness order will be brought back into existence.

  4. I live in apartment complex about 2.5 miles away and I felt the impact in my glass sliding window I was so confused I thought someone rammed into it. I can only imagine how it was for people right there! I will keep everyone in my prayers!

  5. I live about 2 miles away and my entire house SHOOK. I was so scared because the explosion was very loud and I was home alone with my 2 kids. I legit thought a plane crashed or something.

  6. My family lives down the street and all the sliding glass doors rattled – about 2 miles from this location – wow. Please pray for anyone that has loved ones !!

  7. Hi there, I'm a journalist with Storyful news agency, which helps other news organizations (such as the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, Yahoo, and more) find content they can use. Did you film this yourself?
    If so, may we share it with our news clients with credit to you as per https://storyful.com/clearance/?

  8. I was working out in LA Fitness when this happened I thought lightning hit the building. Very scary and unexpected I hope no one got hurt.

  9. My mom works at plantation florida at nail spa and the glass got destroyed in the entrance and luckily my mom didn't work today

  10. Please read description for more details.

    update: several injured and it was indeed a gas leak that occured.

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