Layne Norton Peak Week- Nutrition

Layne Norton Peak Week- Nutrition

so what do you need to know about nutrition for your peak week nutritionally we're going to talk about what you need to do with your protein carb and fat intake during peak week in order to come in looking your best now I want to emphasize and I'm not giving you a diet to follow but I am going to give you our principles that you can take and apply to the diet you've had success with in order to help you peak better on show day in regards to protein I typically recommend keeping it within the normal range of what you've been consuming during your contest prep diet with some slight modifications in order to help you come in your best on show day I like to reduce protein slightly at the beginning of the week at the same time you're loading carbs so I will reduce protein by about 20 percent starting Monday and then slowly add in about 5% per day until show day this allows you to maintain your muscle mass fill out glycogen they're not going too heavy on the calories on days you're loading and getting excessive calories from protein while you're trying to fill out muscle glycogen probably the biggest point of confusion during peak week is what to do with carbohydrates carbohydrates are important because they help the muscles lie kitchen makes the Roth muscle have a rounder and fuller look too many carbohydrates can cause you to spill over which gives you a watery and soft look to a few carbohydrates will make you look flat I mean the muscle does not look full and looks kind of stringy and thin traditionally carbohydrates are depleted early in the week and then loaded anywhere from Wednesday until Saturday or Thursday to Saturday the problem with that if you've loaded too much or loaded too little you have only a short period of time to fix it in my experience front-loading earlier in the week tense or better because you fill out muscle glycogen but you also have time to recover either way if you load too few early in the week and you end up looking thin or stringing too flat you can add an additional carbohydrates at the end of the loop depending on how you're looking or if you add in too many you can taper them down as the week progresses and allow yourself time to tighten back up in terms of dietary fats typically recommend keeping them within the normal range of what you've been consuming during your contest prep dive the exception to this would be if you've been consuming a very high fat diet so if you've been consuming a hundred grams of fat I might drop it to 80 grams of fat now if you've been consuming a low or moderate fat diet I would probably keep it right at the same you don't want to get too much fat during peak week you're gonna have too much of a caloric load and you could actually put on body fat during peak week which would not be optimum nutritionally it's important remember not to get too far away from what you've done during the rest of your contest prep it was worked for you for 12 16 20 weeks it'll continue to work for you for more detailed information regarding my theories and philosophies and contest prep dieting and peak week please see my article below it bodily nuts


  1. What are your thoughts on artificial sweeteners. Do I need to cut them out. Use mainly in preworkout and bcaas/Intra workout

  2. What if you're cutting on a keto diet and for some personal reason can't eat carbs? During peak week can you in fill in muscle glycogen with fats?

  3. Hi my name is Altaf from France,what about milk i used always milk even in preparation time,now I'm just 2 weeks out from French championship, I need your advice what I do can keep continue or should I stop?please tell me because I'm in very crucial time thank you.

  4. What about water. I'm starting my peak week a little early, 9 days out. Should I cycle water or keep it the same? I'm afraid if I drink too much, I'll flush out the carbs I'm loading. Currently drinking 2 gallons of water a day.

  5. adding protein in last week ? if my macros were protein 150 carbs 190 fats 40, how should they look one week out ??!! please answer because i have my first show 16 this month and i dont want to do magic things like you said

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