Le DT3 Tag ft. Mathias ! 💑

Le DT3 Tag ft. Mathias ! 💑

Hello everyone ! We are very happy to meet you in this new video … haha! But no !! Hello everyone ! We are very happy to see you in this new video. As you saw today it’s not Elise next to me, it’s Mathias, my friend. Because we are going to talk about type 3 diabetes. And in fact, we created a game called the “diabetic type 3 Tag” where we created 10 questions that I will ask Mathias, related questions. with my diabetes. And we’ll see if he’s just answering these questions. Let’s go ! For those who are wondering what is the type 3 diabetic: So we call diabetic type 3, it’s a word a little invented, there is no type 3 diabetes. Diabetes is the person who accompanies a person who really has diabetes, whether it’s a type 1, a type 2, or other types of diabetes. So no example, Mathias he is not diabetic but as he is in a relationship with me who is diabetic, suddenly, he lives as much diabetes as me, who have diabetes. And people with type 3 diabetes can be spouses, parents, children, siblings, etc … cousins, all the people who can surround a person with diabetes. So for the game, I created 10 questions, of course you can do it at home, so if you want to play this game, do not hesitate to do it at home, we invite you to do it. It’s a fun game to find out if the person really knows the diabetes you have. So I’m going to ask Mathias the 10 questions, we’ll try to record the results down to see if he’s answering questions or not. If Mathias responds well to questions about my diabetes, we will put points on his side, if ever, I answer well we will put points on my side. And we will see if he managed to answer the questions well. So the first question is about different types of diabetes. So what are the different types of diabetes that exist? And what is my type of diabetes? So, the different types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Okay. And my type of diabetes? Type 1. Okay, so that’s not necessarily true, we’ll give it the point because it’s the first question, but there are several types of diabetes: there is type 1 diabetes, type diabetes 2, LADA diabetes, gestational diabetes, there are many types of diabetes. Good that are not necessarily known so it’s normal that you do not necessarily know them, because there are not many people who are affected by these types of diabetes. But suddenly, you’re granted because it’s true that my diabetes to me is the type 1. Bravo! The second question, what is the brand of my insulin? What do I have as an insulin brand? So I know that on the cardboard, there is marked “rapid”. Yes. After I do not know more. And you know what color it is the bottle? I will say blue. Ha no … In fact, we live together with Elise, so in the fridge, it’s true that there are two insulins, the bottle of Elise is blue, and there is my bottle to me , which is orange. And me, my insulin is Novorapid. Okay. So, we are going to say that the answer is not necessarily correct, he does not know my brand of insulin. So 1 – 1. The third question, what is my last HBA1C? It’s a difficult question. Sincerely, I do not even know what it is. HBA1C? So I can not even answer that question. I do not know if I already said “HBA1C” in front of you. No no I do not kings The HBA1C is the blood test that I do every 3 months at the doctor, and in fact it is the average of all blood glucose 3 months. Okay. So, I never told you my result, maybe not, I do not know. I do not even know if I remember, I had to have 5,9-6,5 something like that. And it’s good ? Well a diabetic person to be well, it must be between 6 and 7, we will say HBA1C. 7.5 is good too. That’s about, so it’s not bad. All the better. The point is not granted. The fourth question: What do I like to take as sugar? Apple juice ! Ha, you know that. I know it because it’s me who does it. It’s true that every morning, Mathias, because he wakes up before me, and in fact he scans me with my sensor, he scans me, and if I’m hypoglycemic, he gives me a juice of Apple. That’s why you know that I drink apple juice, that you know. Fifth question: How many carbohydrates are in 100g of bread? I will say … I will say in pieces of sugar, I will use this unit of measure. Yes, a sugar is 5g of carbohydrates. I will say 4 pieces of sugar, maximum, maybe even less. Perhaps less ? Yes I will say less even. So for you there would be 20g of sugar in 100g of bread, 20%. Yes here, 20% it seems good. He no, in the bread, there is … to tell you, when you take a wand, you cut it in half and half of it is sugar. There is 50% of carbohydrates in bread. So in 100g there is 50g of sugar, carbohydrates, which makes 10 sugars. Still, it’s a lot. How much is the score there? I am a little in competition mode. This is the fifth question and for the moment there are 3 points for me and 2 points for you. But all is not over, you can still catch up. So we go to the sixth question: What is the name of my blood glucose sensor? I almost said it earlier. It’s Freestyle! Well, you know it, because he scans me every morning so it’s okay. Well done ! So we go to 3-3 of the shot. The seventh question: what is the biggest hyperglycemia I had? When we were in a relationship anyway because I do not know before. Yes if you want. I think it was rafting, when we were in Samoens in Savoy. Oh yes, that’s right. And I think it was almost 4.00g / L, I remember that there was written 4.00g / L I think on your Freestyle. 4 and some? Yes that’s it. Yes, it’s true. That is true. The answer is right then I’ll give you the point because I think I had to have other much higher blood sugars. Because on my drive when I’m over 5.00g / L, before he put you on an HI. He put you as you were at more than 5.00g / L. But it’s true that when we were together, we went rafting together, I do not know if it was the combination that pressed my pump and that prevented the insulin from passing, but suddenly I had spent rafting in hyperglycemia. Well I was not great during rafting but it is true that I had a big hyperglycemia at that time. It is not false. The point is granted. This is the first vacation in addition, complicated. Bah complicated, it’s fine ! The eighth question: Where do I get my injections? Where do I put my pump? On the arm, any, and this summer I think I saw you on the hip. Down the back? Yes behind the back. Yes it’s true, bravo, the point is granted. 5 to 3. It’s true that most of the time, I put it on my arm, sometimes behind my back, and sometimes, maybe not necessarily the summer, rather the winter, I put it sometimes on the belly too. And it’s good to change zones when you put your pump, the little message and more. So here, there are 5 to 3 for me. Normally you won or you can tie. We’ll see the last two questions, but normally you should win. The ninth question of the blow: what is the name of my insulin pump? Omnipod! Haaa! It’s okay. I know it, I know it because it broke down at the Paris marathon. Ha it’s not wrong! Well done ! Besides, it’s true that you, at first when we met not necessarily, but as and when the time, I was a little tired of changing my pump, well I do it every 3 days, normal, but suddenly, I was a little tired of changing my pump and suddenly Mathias, he learned to change my pump in my place, and suddenly you do it sometimes in my place when I not necessarily want to do it. So yes, that’s good. At least he knows the mark of my pump. So a point for you. So I won? Well, you won. But we will still make the tenth question. The tenth question: How many injections I do a week? It must be calculated. How many times do you fill your pump? Yes that’s it. Nearly. I gave you a clue earlier so good … I’ll say twice a week. Yes, that’s it. Where was the index? Because I said, I change my pump every three days. So I change my pump three every three days, so it’s true that it’s about 2-3 times a week, maybe see 4 when it comes off or there are pump problems but hey that’s something else. So the point for you. So you won, 6 to 3, 7 to 3. So, the diabetes type 3 Tag is over. Of course, you can do it at home, do not hesitate. Finally Mathias he did pretty well. It’s true that you had 7 points against 3. So 7 fair questions out of 10 is good anyway. It is true that at the beginning I had a little pressure, before starting because you have to know that I did not know the questions at all. But suddenly it went well, I’m pretty good out. I’m not that bad. He even tried to cheat before we made the video, he tried to know the questions to be able to cheat and answer before. Fortunately we did not let him do it. So, we hope you enjoy this video, do not hesitate to play the game at home and to comment on the results that your spouse, your brothers and sisters, your parents, your friends have had. To know if they know well diabetes, if they had better than Mathias, 7/10. Do not hesitate to tell us all this in comment. We will be very happy to know it. Also feel free to subscribe to the Facebook page and YouTube channel to receive notifications in case of new video. Thank you for watching this video and see you soon!


  1. Perso mon chéri ne s'occupe pas de mon diabète et heureusement car je veux pas…. c'est ma maladie pas la sienne et je ne suis pas juste diabétique donc heureusement ont en parle pas mdr

  2. Bonjour est ce que tu peux nous faire une vidéo sur l'hémoglobine glyqueé et est ce que t'as déjà une hémoglobine élevée ? bisous Et bonne continuation

  3. Slt je suis une mère de deux enfants diabètiques ,des jumaux,du maroc,merci infiniment pour les vidéos . Bonne continuation !1

  4. Moi je remercie le mien chaque jour , il me pèse mes aliments, me change mon Dexcom , m'apporte du sucre si besoin et je sais que c'est difficile pour lui aussi, beaucoup de stress notamment à l'étranger . Mais il m'a motivé à me reprendre en main et faire des stages à l'hôpital pour améliorer tout ça. 3 ans plus tard mes résultats sont au top et 6,09% d'HG sans trop d'hypos.
    Bref pour moi il est un pilier et m'aide à rester focus et sur le droit chemin !!! 🙂

  5. Excellent thème. On parle peu de ceux qui vivent le dt1 par procuration.
    Le rafting comme la muscu est un sport hyperglycémiant. C'est un stress pour le corps donc production de Cortisol +++ = hyper. Je fais de la musculation a chaque séance c'est l'hyper +++ assurée !

  6. Vraiment top ce quiz ! Petite anecdote, il y a quelques années j’ai dormi chez ma meilleure amie et elle avait un lapin qu’elle aimait bien laissé en liberté et un jour ce lapin ( sans que je ne capte de suite ) mais avec un soupçon, à manger mon cathéter sur l’extrémité entre le cathé et le réservoir du coup je ne l’ai vu que le lendemain matin … je suis monté à plus de 6.50g/L alors là c’était l’hécatombe ! Je me sentais vraiment mal.. enfin bref ça fait du bien d’en parler ! 😜 vos vidéos sont vraiment cool ✌🏻

  7. Ma femme a fait un très beau 8/10, la question sur la teneur en glucides ou la marque de la pompe même moi DT1 j'ai eu du mal à répondre !

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