we're gonna hit it hard keep this simple there's some workout for beginners let's get it alright y'all so just workouts the beginners hit some squats so make sure alright so let's jump right into it first off I totally forgot to stretch so make sure you do that before you perform this exercise so we're gonna start off doing squats make sure that your back is straight and you control the weight the most important thing is the form because I hurt my back plenty of times doing squats so make sure you're doing it right and controlled and remember the form is the most important thing when doing this exercise and since we're doing on a smith machine I want to go past 315 just because it doesn't feel like a natural movement now when you're squatting with free weights that's a different story but Smith machine doesn't really feel like a national movement and you don't want to hurt your lower back in my opinion all right so let's happen to leg extension this is a workout that I do every leg day now the most important thing is making sure that you control it positive and negative when you come up you squeeze control away and I guarantee you're filling in your quads I love this exercise and I think you'll love it too let's get it all right so now it's time to work on them hammies this exercise works out your hamstrings the leg curl machine you'll definitely feel it in your hamstrings it's all about the stretch make sure you control the positive and the negative it's all about the control I see a lot of people swinging the weight back and forth just make sure even if you go light make sure you control the weight that's the most important thing with all these exercises all right so now we're gonna happen to one of my favorite leg exercises the leg press now this is actually a good alternative to doing squats for people that have lower back problems with this machine you can actually add more weight as well so try it out I guarantee you'll love it get suited three sets of 10 to 15 reps all right last but not least we're gonna hit some calf raises this is actually gonna work on your calf muscles so pretty much how you do is exercise this you lift from the balls of your feet you come up you squeeze the calf muscles and you come down but you don't don't let your heels touch the ground so pretty much just follow what I'm doing in this video I don't know how to explain it but just do this exercise that you love all right so I appreciate you watching this video you know the last set we got to go heavy make sure you get three to four sets in between ten to fifteen reps each exercise and make sure you watch it to the end I appreciate y'all viewing this video all right yeah this is my birthday make sure you always get critical assessment I'm going heavy it's on board I'll have nine else to do but it just your way this company to you that's the most important thing go ahead I know I can do it wouldn't be a way we've been this worked out if I didn't finish it off with this I appreciate you on this video make sure you comment like speedo subscribe make sure you hit up my histogram my lady Fitness hit the waist are today with hit legs had to finish it off with some disks with you know how I do wavy fitness checking out [Applause]


  1. Can you do a vid about proper stretching before working out or doing a particular exercise? Much appreciated

  2. Good video 😎👍 I train at Planet Fitness and the women and young bloods like your self seem to be what PF was created for. You use good weight and great form. My complaint is with the old dudes who are getting back into lifting or think they are the biggest guys there. Omg, it is PF , and not a Golds gym. I see guys who are there for attention rather then to really workout. I wish more guys respected the gym like you do.

  3. I now getting cellulite on my thighs and butt now PLEASE help for what equipment to use thank you Stacey

  4. Yeah I'm not going to lie, not a fan of planet fitness but I do go as my brothers guest.

    You did all the workouts I would @ PF. I hate that there are no barbells and trap bars.

  5. I really fw your channel bro it helped me set up a workout routine at planet fitness, almost every video i find on youtube shows a workout that I cant do at planet fitness. I workout sunday to friday with this order push, pull, legs and abs then repeat again the next 3 days. I only do cardio on my push and pull days. I just started out thanks for the help.

  6. I squat with shoes off and I would say turn your feet out a little more but like you say it's a Smith machine. Hamstrings are everything for me.

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