Leo Love & Health July-August 2019

Leo Love & Health July-August 2019

[Applause] [Applause] léo hello welcome to your Midlands love health and sexuality reading I do readings in person here in Orlando Florida you just want to go through my website to book those so thank you I do a past present future for this in the past Leo for your live life two cubs so I you're the second time you get this I always get this card and I'm for clients when you had a loved ones ahead love and it was a gas and you really loved each other you really did care about each other but I see them and the champagne glasses this for some reason you were separated you were either separated by distance or separated by sexual dysfunction I just still always see that they can't quite get it together um something separated the two of you even though you really really cared very much about one another um I even see they're there holding hands but their body languages they're leaning back from each other you know what it means so it's um for whatever reason your hearts are really in it but the you couldn't you don't make it work so mid-july through mid-august 10 of Wands mm-hmm so 10 of Wands is the end of a fiery creative passionate journey in your life and it is feeling very overburdened and like I can't take one more step it's not recognizing that you're at the end so whatever ways in which your love lives or just this is not just for love it's for any kind of relationship so whatever ways in which your interpersonal relationship lives that sucks um it's over Mitchell I through mid-august you're going to see that ending but it's not really going to feel like it but it's going to feel weird as you think oh here we go another one ghosting on me again it's you're going to not care as much as you used to or um you know here my relationship is breaking up but I'm okay it's it's something like that because this chapter and the way you've always been is ending um I will also say she feels overburdened like she can't take one more step but what I want to say to her is I know it's been a long trek through the desert but look ahead sweet pea there's the the beach and you got a beach scene beach card in your general spread for the month of July so definitely go watch that there's the beach there's your friends that got coolers and hot dogs and and and drew and sodas and um beer whatever you're into sunscreen they just keep going it's it's right up over that little sand dune there is what I'm hearing so just you know keep it together Mitchell a through mid-august all the ways in which it hasn't been good is coming to an end and mid-august or later the death part mm-hmm this is the end of this is a massive transformation it's a slower moving energy you do typically see death coming for you so if it's been like I really just rip sucks but I'm gonna put on a plastic face to pretend it doesn't cuz I'm afraid to move on it's coming to an end you know it's gonna get too burdensome mid-july from it August and it's coming to an end for some of you an alternate message is Scooby Scorpio coming in bring on the Scorpio Nick energy so is the death card is the major kind of signifier card for Scorpio there is that if this is Scorpio or not as someone new coming in they have been through the same kind of a Shazz you and they get it and they are in it to win it and I freaking love it there is that um also I just see it as um as yeah in your I'm sorry I dropped the card and it's throwing me off on sorry sorry so um I see a lot of Leo Scorpio couplings by the way so that doesn't make oh I know there was something coming me you took to say this and you're in your general July spread I did get a message as someone might be passing away do not panic it's someone that you've known you've been like well it's my uncle's had cancer three times and he's 82 like you know they're sick you know and so just really um you know what that what the message I give their I'll give it again is what why would we ever need that message because like if you want to like pop down $5,000 on a cruise next fall but it's gonna cost you two thousand two roughly for you and the family to go to that funeral you know I mean Lea just make your plans um or if you were like I'm gonna go to Europe for six weeks and they just entered the hospital I would maybe you hold off you know it's it's something like that so just tiny tiny tiny money it's just them getting the same message like again so there's that um let's go to the health message um I am a medical intuitive I've been an RN for over 17 years most of that and post open heart intensive care and heart and lung transplant team it's like being a psychic you man x-ray machine they can go in and just take a look at everything and see what's up with any of your medical or health or um physical concerns and those readings have been super rewarding so in the past for your health I see revelation I see like you received your breakfast very interesting I am getting itchy on my crown and everywhere um almost always for a client when I get this card the health problem either began or got way worse when you had a revelation about a relationship of yours when you realized that your partner wasn't who you thought they were that they were doing things behind your back whatever that's been very different for everyone um you know maybe someone passes away and you realize you were cut out of the will it's usually something big if you really think back to when this health problem began think about if that's what was going on so there's that could have also been that during the death of someone very very significant in your life that was a good good person in your and that was very hard it can because the the bat their mid-july through mid-august friendship so the answer to your health getting better is partnering with someone else in that show I don't need any help go into the gym I think I'm good however like I've lost 90 pounds Yass and that's been hard yes it's taken two years and um you know I've been like skipping my workouts just like maybe like one a week but if I skip one of my three workouts a week I'm only working out twice a week and you know do you know I'm saying so and then sometimes I'll skip a second one well now I'm working out once a week so a friend of mine asked if she could go to the gym with me and I was like okay I'm not into it I'm very independent and it sure sure as you know what I want to go back to bed but I agreed to meet her at the gym like it is working so you might need um hey friend my my food is really out of control could we text each other every morning saying here's I'm going to eat today and every night and say you know either I did that or I didn't and and support each other in this or my health really sucks and I need a ride to my medical appointments and tell them the some family members or friends and I need some help or getting a reading from from me or going to the right doctor it's you need a partner you need a partner in your medical health situation and given several examples is when I'm getting a mid August or later Deception so it's like having a revelation that I've been deceived or something or just you know like I've said all of that and then um I also need partners in my life people in my life to be very honest with me I was listening to an Oprah podcast recently and um someone was interviewing Oprah and Oprah was like yes I have several people in my life who no matter how much they know it's going to hurt me they tell me the truth and if I didn't have that I would not be where I am and she named one person she was like he tells me that he makes me cry and I have one of those friends as well so it's again it's just you need an accountability partner you need some who'll be super sweet oh you ate french fries all day oh it's okay it happens but you need someone I'm really talking about myself it happens but you also need someone who's gonna be like you know what Leo let's get real you're skipping your workouts do you want me to go with you into the gym your your french fries all day you did that two days ago – and one day before that and three days before that you're eating more french fries than anything else you know it's something furnished wines are good okay it's all right do not eat all the fries sometimes I'm just saying but then you really do you stick to your workouts right enough enough all right sexuality message this is a short general video so I'd usually just pick one sexuality message and we go with it if you were dealing with someone who was unsure about their sexuality I got this message way back here and it wasn't the right time to say it if you or someone you love has been dealing with being unsure of your sexuality so I was with someone for a white a for a while before they were like I'm sorry but I'm gay and um actually sorry I'm blinking that came later we broke up and then they were like I'm gay and I was like aqua Oh much just making so much sense now and then I was just like I have no problem with gay people and you just tell me you know but it's hard it's like hard it's hard coming out of the closet right and that was they had to go through their process um and I still had a right to be hurt and angry about that there's that you know what I'm saying like I sought a right to feel my feelings about the ways in which our relationship wasn't working because they couldn't be honest I don't blame them I don't hate them but I have a right to have some hurt feelings because I really really really love this person so much kept thinking it was me and trying to make it my side of things work and you know what I'm saying so that is hard for both parties involved is what I want to say and um it's it's you know let go of the burden of that whether it's you or them or both let go of the burden of that I've also seen more and more situations where people are like I'm gay of damn gay and then all of a sudden they have a opposite sex partner and here's what I want to say I'm sick and tired of global shame about our sexuality you know and saying like whatever you think you are it's okay and go with it and beat it right I'm getting a little like choked up about it but it's like um I just don't believe in shame and I believe that like all communities can be shaming like whoa whoa you've been gay for your whole life and now you're dating an opposite-sex person yeah because sexuality in my opinion is not something that can always be put in a nice neat tiny little box and sometimes people step outside of what society says the boxes should be and oh well with your big fat beautiful life as whatever you believe you are right now today and go with it you have my permission and that is all leo um thank you so much come back in two weeks and watch your August message from me your general spread and be well nah but bite


  1. My dad is dying and my boyfriend wasn't there for me
    My health is really suffering as fell out with family over will too
    I'm rock bottom

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