Letting Fast Food Employees DECIDE What i Eat for 24 HOURS! (IMPOSSIBLE FOOD CHALLENGE)

Letting Fast Food Employees DECIDE What i Eat for 24 HOURS! (IMPOSSIBLE FOOD CHALLENGE)

hi there hi could you just give me one second I'm just having some trouble deciding hi there um is there any way you could just pick something that you like for me for breakfast it'll be on visa Thanks thank you all right so while I try and find a parking spot to start this why can I not speak after doing this for nearly seven years while I try and find a parking spot holy spit I did it twice so while I try and find a parking spot guys welcome to today's video in today's video I am going to be letting fast-food employees decide everything I eat for 24 hours before we have let the person in front of us decide but we are now putting it into the hands of the people who work at the store the people who know all the best items and also the people that probably hate their lives and they probably hate my annoying ass for asking them to do more work than they actually have to and usually the only way I can complete these challenges by finishing all the food they give me there's usually no other rules but today we're spinning it up a bit spinning it yeah that's we're spinning it up hey guys I'm also challenging myself today to go to ten at different places and get ten different employees to choose Maya meals forget ten different meals there's only breakfast lunch and dinner and maybe a midnight snack that's four I got six more than that I'm gonna be so full for jumping right into it we already have one place crossed off the list and that is Tim Horton but it took me a while to explain to the employee what I was doing and how I couldn't decide what I was eating and she eventually picked all of my stuff for me and she must watch my videos too she got me a small copy I don't know what kind of cream or sugar they put in after the last video I don't have coffee for the entire day I will take anything I can get that's a that's a hot chocolate the employees at Tim Hortons nine o'clock in the morning lady Tim Horan who the hell gets a hot chocolate this small this is smaller than my originality with videos after making the same video three times in a row at least it's hot I mean the word is in the name so it better be and I got a peek at this when they were handing it to me she also got me a powdered jelly doughnut which is one of my favorite doughnuts at Tim Hortons but my car is gonna be covered with powder because it's impossible to eat this donut and not make a mess and something smelled like maple syrup and I saw the advertisement yes okay this is their new this looks actually really good french toast sandwich first they didn't give me any ketchup so thanks a lot to the employee for you know being an idiot yep that's delicious okay that is really oh my god so as you guys know I'm quite a slow eater and we got to hit 10 different places today so I will see you guys once I am finished my food can't believe they gave me a goddamn hot chocolate alright my hot chocolate is done and now I'm going to do something that I really don't want to do but I cannot go another full day without coffee guys so please just try to forgive me for what I'm I'm sorry is so right now I'm doing this thing where I am not allowed to pick what I eat or drink and I have to let an employee pick it for me so is there any way you could just pick a couple things for me to eat and drink yeah alright she said she was gonna do it and I had to get Starbucks guys because I all my already embarrassing enough that I'm going to Starbucks of all places but I mean to have that all over my face would have been bad thank you okay is this is this some sort of coffee beverage take the frickin caramel macchiato baby let's go all that matters is we have some sort of caffeine going into the rest of the day I will see you guys back at the d-pad the place where I live the comments in the other video someone commented saying the d-pad sounds like a feminine hygiene product like for your when you're bleeding of the oh my god sensor that pull you so we got a caramel macchiato macchiato karana Donato I don't know how to say it properly the last video you guys are roasting me for saying the word jalapeno the way that I how awesome ice wasn't saying it's not Jala penny oh is it if I've been saying how the P no wrong is in jail a penny oh do you guys keep leaving comments roasting me I'm gonna get Jala Pena business and have to reply don't roast me for replies okay that's not how this works you have a caramel macchiato and we also have a bacon Gouda sandwich but on my way home I actually stopped at one more place cuz I realize if we were gonna hit ten spots today I gotta start banging them out right now and the place that I went to was booster juice so I'm pretty sure this is only in Canada correct me if I'm wrong but I went inside I went up to the employee and I said hey what should I get I told her and I'm not allowed to decide anything today I tried to get some good footage but I didn't have my little pocket cam so I just had to hold my phone of my chest very awkwardly and I thought she was gonna give me a smoothie but because it was so early what she gave me was a ginger shot so this is a lot of ginger some lemon and a bunch of stuff that is really really good for you but apparently it tastes really really bad I haven't smelt it yeah let's give it a quick little sniff oh this is supposed to wake you up here's all my balls before we do that I just want I know you guys are all saying right now in the comments that I'm wearing a hat to cover my bald spots because if we pull up my last video right here and we hit speaking of likes do you guys have not yet like this video let's see if we get this video to 50,000 likes and maybe they'll be another bald spot on Derek's head at the next and of course the video got over 50,000 likes and I'm supposed to reveal another bald spot but guys my hair is luscious and honestly I'm a lot more than just a bald spot it honestly makes me quite emotional to think about the fact that you guys are objectifying me as this bald spot and that I'm represented as the bald spot on my head but I am so much more than that guys I am a human being who cares about that Derek just no one needs to hear that okay stop whining everybody in the D squad loves the bald spot so much that if this video can get to 60,000 likes I will personally print out a picture of your bald spot and put it up in your apartment Derek so be sure to do that guys I mean I'm going with all the power here look I can go like that and then Derek's just got it it's just us and if you are new be sure to subscribe join the D squad so you guys can see when this video hits sixty thousand likes and that art goes up on the wall all right let's bring Derek back it's gonna be great when every single person who comes in can see that big bald spot on the side of his head I'll see you guys very soon all right we have to finish it all and then we have to take our ginger shot that are leaving comments right now saying Derick you've changed Derick you used to hate Starbucks what happened guys I of course I hate okay I am right with all the insider Starbucks employees and they always know to give me tears coffee and no Starbucks cup now I am quite worried about this ginger shop but tomorrow I am running the Sun Run in Vancouver for those of you who don't know I am from Vancouver British Columbia one of the most beautiful cities on the planet but today is the most important day because it is the day before so I hope this ginger shot is gonna kind of help me by the time tomorrow comes around there's no way this can be worse than the Buckley's and this will be our third place before frickin lunchtime so I have to do it here we go ginger shot morning booster is supposed to wake you up I feel like I wanted like like maybe I need to do a little bit of a dance break or something all right so you guys holy crap running ten kilometres to war I can't dance for five minutes to light head my head my ears are ringing take it oh okay but because I have to go into ten places today this is my sister Neela I forgot to introduce her in the video so yeah this is her Instagram is at real nila Maria NGO and comments spaghetti on her latest photo okay I have to go to ten place that's and also where I got a little before McDonald's snack for both of us hey watch your mouth on my channel and family-friendly now please open it I don't know what the lady did I know she gave me their newest items okay with eating McDonald's at this time I'm not literally jerk I vomited oboes when I filmed the video trying to copy this I have to finish it now so onion down there's so many hot peppers that's so gross the crunch I know it smells terrible I have spinach in an Academy McDonald's right now and you know I said yes to this monster freaking fans harassed me bill this morning IBM's going so I am prepping for a video I'm gonna be filming tomorrow that I know you guys are gonna love but the thing is I need my sister to be in the video and a lot of the times when I asked her I feel bad so if you guys ask her I know she'll say yes so tell him Els needs to get lunch with me tomorrow that's just if there's olives in it oh you can ask me if I wanted to drink or anything just hand me the sandwich you know funny she need to offer up sizes and appeal guys I want you to comment down below with which employees do you think would be the most savage like how to Paulette what's wrong smells bad Dunkin Donuts employees would be the worst but we don't have one here Dunkin Donuts is the worst yeah like the word imagine what chick-fil-a would do for you they like oh my god I think the nicest will be chick-fil-a I think McDonald's will be the meanest if I wasn't no pickles on my cheeseburgers which is pickles you don't like McDonald's pickles hi so me and my sister are really bad at deciding what we get from McDonald's so is there any way you could just pick two meals for us just two different meals yeah anything that like you like or that you think we might like $24 so we got one to two pies she did it supersize it she gave us regular size fries you want the coke or the spray oh look at the straw I don't want to share with that straw there's freaking lipstick all over the strong it's the same burger from when I think so so I got the Carolina barbecued Angus burger neela got to the seriously chicken tomato mozzarella crispy burger people need to see you take a bite we now have to eat all this McDonald's we have a burger fries a drink and up high each neela has to take at least one bite of the Subway sandwich it's just a subway sandwich okay it's not that bad okay okay and then we'll get ice cream but first we have to finish all of this McDonald's neela doesn't eat a lot but when she eats like a compost starve yourself and laugh at the same that is all the McDonald's complete if you have a little bit of our drinks up old I wish I knew how to burp like you neela just burped off-camera if you I'm play right now actually we're at my apartment and I could like we're gonna finish our drinks on our way to get ice cream because that is where we are heading next no I didn't know I'm gonna finish whatever the hell is in here you know I thought you'd be a good sister to help me eat it but no you're just sitting there Neela can show what she got and it raspberry and you got it in a cup which I love I love a cup of ice cream but for some reason I got whatever the hell what is this it's great it's a gray was it black sesame or something look at the comparison what is this ice cream guy knows me so he just gives me what I like usually when he sees me I'm never filming with you is it disgusting it tastes like rotten peanut butter yeah you're gonna cheer me on vomiting okay first it was a subway what's with you and smells I don't know exactly how you think it would taste and then times that by 10 and then poop it out and then put it in a cone that's any little kid that goes in there mom yeah with the black water it's like inside the head as much as we can then I gotta drop me a lot off before this melts and I'll see you guys say goodbye to Neela because last time I actually just thought of a super original idea she posted a video that is letting the person in front of her decide I don't know how she thought of that I don't know either I just like came to me randomly so we are back at my apartment after a very long and tiring and just full lunch like I am very very full right now but we have accomplished five out of our ten places that we have to go today and we're about to accomplish our six right after I dropped off Mila I finished my ice cream cone in the parking lot of the place that I was about to go to and the place that I was about to go to was Booster Juice and yes I had already been to Booster Juice but when I went back inside it was a different employee so technically we're still sticking to the rule of ten different employees the reason I went back to Booster Juice is because I am so full of salt and fat and sugar right now that I can't handle any other food and I know Booster Juice has smoothies and I would love a smoothie but when I walked out of Booster Juice I didn't walk out with a smoothie I walked out with a freak with this for those of you who don't know no this is not Shrek's okay this is not true stress is a double shot of a wheatgrass if you've ever seen someone make a wheatgrass shot they take grass they put it through a grinder and then it looks like this and you drink it and it's supposed to be very yummy I'm good good for you but not yum-yum actually gross gross poopy poop mcpoot gross and I told the person behind the counter at Booster Juice I can't decide I need you to pick something for me and she literally said oh we have a lot of wheatgrass right now so why don't you take a double wheatgrass shot there's no way I'm gonna put this inside of my body without it coming out of my body from like that yeah there's no way it's a beautiful sunny day and I'm inside my apartment drinking a frickin green sludge that smell like in my life recently I've been doing this thing where I count to five and by the time I get to five I will do whatever I am thinking no matter what like if I have to do my dishes or I want to get out of bed I just start counting to five the second I think about doing it and I will go and I will do it I'm gonna start counting to five oh my gosh one two oh my god I don't know so it is now just approaching five o'clock we have finished six out of the ten places where we have to let the employee does I am never going to booster juice ever again so at this point after finishing the wheatgrass shot Derick has actually been to seven places therefore only needing three more but his dumb idiot brain thinks he needs to do four more so he's probably gonna go to four more places more content for you guys I guess I have to go and eat from four more places by the end of the day and right now I know that's not gonna happen considering how full I am so because I have to run this mini marathon tomorrow I'm gonna go to the gym maybe practice a little bit sweat some of the freaking salt out of my body and then maybe I'll be hungry enough to go to the next place I'm so full that if I just sit around I'm not gonna be able to eat for at least another two hours so let's see if this works so I went into my bedroom and I changed into what I thought would be cool to wear to the gym but it turns out I just looked like a box of crayons exploded onto a human I was running ten kilometres the next day and I'd never ever run professionally so I really needed to make sure I was up and ready to run so going to the gym was gonna be perfect I walked in went up to the stairs where the treadmills were took a long good look at the treadmill and I started to second-guess if this was a good idea my stomach wasn't feeling the courageous but nonetheless I took one step towards the treadmill and then I came straight back home because I realized if I took one step on that treadmill I was going to projectile vomit black sesame ice cream and wheatgrass all over the gym so I thought that we want young why don't you avoid that today so I currently have way too much food in my stomach but it is almost 5:30 and I have to hit or more places before the end of this challenge and I think the only way I can do this is by doing something I do very often which is having two dinners as well as two desserts which I'm using on that crazy especially not the day I respect the art of the YouTube challenge and like I said before guys the d-squad doesn't give up we never quit and will always finish our boosts don't watch the last video cuz then that one was special ops it day there's this one place downtown that is like subway but four feet so so I think that would be a perfect place to let the employee decide everything let's drive there get that done then we'll figure out the last three afterwards so because the pizza place I had in mind was about a 30-minute Drive I thought hey why don't I go to this local bubble tea place right next to my apartment and get a bubble tea for the ride – with this place I told the cashier that I was not allowed to decide and she had to pick something for me to take with me she was completely okay with it and she picked me something that cost $10 and I'd never actually paid $10 for bubble tea before and I had to wait quite a long time but when they walked towards me with what the thing I bought was I realized why it was a fricking bubble waffle ice cream parfait all I really wanted was something to drink for the 30 minute ride downtown but I instead got this majestic ass freaking all I wanted was a drink to have while I take the 30 minute drive downtown Derick I just said that and I knew in order to finish this challenge I had to eat at 3 more places so I started chomping it down my mindset was that if I ate this down to where the cup started I could at least drive and eat at the same time without spilling it all over my car I mean this thing was freaking delicious I was just so freaking full I put on my seat belt and I started the drive downtown which was probably the most dangerous drive I've ever done because at every stoplight I was shoving ice cream down my throat so I somehow made it downtown alive I took off my glasses took the last bite of my parfait and it was time to head out I put my glasses back on don't know why I took them off in the first place and I took the walk from my car all the way to blaze and pizza so this place is like subway but for pizza you get to choose all your own toppings so what I told this lady as I said hey there's anything you like here or anything you think I would like can you just give that to me and she told me she loved the veggie pizza at this place so she selected that one for me and they started putting together my pizza I mean this video is not sponsored but it's pretty cool how they just put the pizza together in front of you you can add whatever you want and then they throw it into this freaking oven that cooks it super fast and then you get your pizza and you sit down and you will regret it immediately because you are so full and you have to finish all of it at first I was quite excited because the pizza looked good and the lady gave me ranch sauce which I love with pizza but after I took one bite and then I took another bite and I kept biting and biting I realized that my stomach was getting to its full capacity and I still had to eat this entire pizza I took the last bite of the crust I was so freaking full I've said freaking like twelve times in this voice over already but pizza was complete and I was so this is so sad but I took a little nap inside before waking up and realizing hey Derek you got two more spots to go to complete this challenge get leave let's go and being that I was so tired I needed something to wake me up and I also loved checking out the local Derek's coffee competition I went to blend so I told the guy hey I'm not allowed to decide anything you have to pick for me and he pointed to this blue latte I didn't have a same what was going on so I had to say yes I grabbed the latte through the lid on top only to realize that this latte has no caffeine full of antioxidants anti-inflammatory and good for your skin and hair I don't know if you saw my bald spot maybe he knew that I've been having freaking wheatgrass and ginger shots all day but all I needed was some caffeine and instead all I got is this freaking Smurf milking and that Smurf milk had to go right down my throat because this was a challenge a youtube challenge and the d-squad never gives up I threw my glasses on for the fourth time in this video and started to drive home because I could drink the latte while I was driving and now all I was thinking about was dessert the tenth place was going to be a dessert place so I went to 7-eleven I stood outside and finish my coffee therefore only needing one more place to complete the challenge but going in to 7-eleven would be my biggest regret I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier about the employees at 7-eleven so I probably should have thought a little bit more about my last place to go because I thought in my mind 7-eleven the place where I usually just grab a Slurpee a nice little drink or something to have for dessert on a random day of the week I totally forgot to think about the 7-eleven employees and how they will always try and sell you every last piece of food that has been sitting under the heat lamps for the past three days crusting over there probably doesn't look very bad so let's let me grab the camera and come on over here to see what disgustingness this is the smell that's coming off of this right now is actually making my butt like it stuff's coming out of it that's all I'm gonna say so we'll start off with the 2 liter of Pepsi the lady gave me after deciding about all this food because I really needed something to wash it down with exact words and then we come on over here to the meat teriyaki meatballs I don't even know if I want to call the meatballs considering I don't know what kind of freaking meat that these are and then we go over to what is supposed to be corndogs but they're on the colors umm it's very dark for my liking becoming over here to the nachos which honestly aren't that bad definitely a diarrhea giver that doesn't like to call them right there we come over here we have a single taquito and then two pieces of fried chicken so this so this is the last minute so this so this is the last so this is the last I'm gonna try my best eat all of this food complete it and then do the out so for you guys to complete this video here we go [Applause] as Eric was going to sit there and finish all of this food even if it kills him and it it kind of kind of Vic kill him – yeah um he didn't even film an outro he just laid there with his head in the nachos thank you guys so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed it and if you guys want to see a part two where I let employees decide everything I buy for an entire day my clothes my food literally if I buy something the employee is going to decide let me know in the comment section down below I merch is just around the corner I will see you all in the next video have a fantastic day and always remember the motto of do good and die great I don't know if they are really completed this challenge because integrity did finish ten but then he didn't finish the loop at the end of the day it's all about having fun literally what I heard


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  3. "Im much More"

    Say's The guy whi went through the trash just so he knew what to eat..

    Btw i love ur vids

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