Livestream – Raw Meat, Ketosis, Gut Health, God / Existence,

Livestream - Raw Meat, Ketosis, Gut Health, God / Existence,

hey hey hello what's up by the way you know what show this to Perry doesn't run out yeah what do you want to plug it in yeah it's still 60 votes hey hey yes here we are sunday sunny day today in love lovely day innit innit innit farm from London London is where I got arrested for eating a squirrel oh I think I just I can't remember ah it was such a weird experience I put it somewhere in it in it mate she's Africa earthling edge for president yeah you will like that earthling had that exposed by Bobby's perspective that was a cool video if you haven't seen it go watch it people thought it is paranoid of this perspective and nah it's just he just made a dramatic video out of not much material it's just good video making think that he's parent a lot makes sense for sure I always wondered what's up with him just cars man who'd it's like $6,000 a month on patreon dead like 80% of it is from some billionaires who promote veganism and Monsanto or something and then it's a few fans I 80% yeah maybe a few hundred dollars is from actual vegan fans and the rest is just it's just obvious I normally would pay 6,000 if you had a guy to sponsor to sell well butter of course no life without butter man chicken liver is good right what you would recommend it if you can't find beef liver more folate like all livers have some differences but they're pretty minor all in all makes no difference except if you're specifically deficient in a specific nutrient that's what is polyphasic sleep that you wake up more times of nights or oh no I didn't see it I don't see anything interesting where are you even in their lands on Maryland's Oh interesting so you sleep many times throughout the day not necessarily in the evening I guess I didn't see the questions on I would still sleep a few hours at night though just to make sure you're gonna enough sleep just see how you feel works for you do you want three the sort of look at the Marlins yeah it's super jet fighters Isis seems like a joke thanks for $2 with you good blow is raw cream always sour no not necessarily there's if you were unlucky I wouldn't say that I mean you can have sour cream it can also get sour eventually with you have sweets or neutral cream at all well why do you like blackmetal if it's supposed to be satanic supposed to be but it's black panel isn't like that at all all genres of music are just expressions of humans which are all natural of course the work which they create the music is not natural because it's man-made but blackmail isn't satanic it's just that even worse sambar bickerness said it it had nothing to do Satanism never did basically these are pagans for the most part who oppose Christianity but because they oppose Christianity the media said they are Satanists that's the whole story then you had a bunch of posers with black drug boots a long hair tattoos and posing the Satanist look in the 90s it was this big thing you know Western Europe especially Norway friends so you had all of these posers and they thought that it's all about Satanism because the media said so so they don't have a thing to do with original pagan Blackman or which was against Christianity because they know the Christianity is destroying the society their culture in Norway Sweden and so on so it doesn't matter what the poles are say it is it never has anything doing black metal it's music made by humans who have at least some connection to nature and most of the time but people call Satanism is nature everything in life is the opposite almost everything I got is one their plans said though the opposite of what them hospitals tell you the mainstream medicine and you'll be healthy it's not only medicine as everything like Christianity is satanic it's exactly the opposite way and they are against nature so when we see blood and killing and everything it's seen as satanic because that's natural so what they want you to see nature us is satanic and you know to put it short that's that's how most people live nowadays now so that's why people see black males is satanic it's not satanic at all and I just like it because I would like to hear these sounds and expressions which you don't hear in everyday life because it's been repressed so that's one of the reasons I was simple and Aisha's super amazing it gives me such euphoria and just happiness to be alive okay so that's there you go cuz you're gonna sling this yeah what's really pillow what's at the edge of the world's world ice wall well he means the earth round the world because the world was just a man-made idea in the head there isn't world also like your it's your world yeah right it's your created the world it's like society is part of the world but it's a man-made concept in your head how much do you that's why we have a worldview it's not the earth view so what's at the end of the world that question doesn't even make sense if you mean at the end of the world that's a completely different topic right and how much of your worlds fuel do you accepts other people's ideas in their little dispersed epsy what are your thoughts on smoking tobacco weed or anything in general I've made a few videos about it but sure we can talk about it weed firstly you understand eaten well done yeah it's definitely damaging to the brain well again I don't want to talk about this for hours but to put it in short about weed and all of the drugs which they are whatever cold which one I don't care anyway what they do is they they the toxins in there which make you high are actually there to in some cases also paralyze humans from different plants but in the case of feed it's supposed to make you hallucinate so that if you would eat the nature or smoke it you would a loose neck it would be all out there of course in society as slaves we can do that we can smoke and be idiots but in nature you can do that if you would smoke weed or eat it you would get poisoned by the plan because it is toxic and poisonous so it would make you high which is detrimental because you would die you would either be eaten by an animal or just because you're all haze because like people who do dogs are depressed and suicidal because they hate themselves everybody who does drugs hate themselves like they have no respect for their body so this is why you've got so many drug addicts of course because most people on earth are suicidal and depressed and as far as tobacco goes hmm nowadays in cigarettes they put in a lot of there's their sugar even in cigarettes it's ridiculous yes the whole concept everything there's so many toxins if it's tobacco alone is it as bad as typical cigarettes that we have known least no of course not but is it good for you well no because any small to do inhale is toxic smoke in general does not belong in humans that's why when you smoke for the first time you cuff because your body doesn't like it after a while you get used to it and then you don't cuff as much that's about it your body adapts to you being suicidal it doesn't like it literally burns the little hairs in your lungs that normally protects you so these hairs can protect you and if you would quit smoking they would grow back so when you start again then again you would have to cough and you'll get like sore throats and stuff like that also in most weed products I think they even put the glass fiber so make it heavier so you pay more because you pay for cramps or whatever so it's just you know so if if you do it at all then at least grow it yourself I would say that's also thanks for the 99 cents okay that should pretty much answer it yeah what I have videos if you search my channel Matt Mariana weed you should be able to find them very talk more about it but in essence that's about it i smoke tobacco then do whatever you want man I don't care I'm not bothered by people doing whatever I know some people who get into Romney they say they go to the shop and they see people shop for all the German food and so on they're like so bothered by they've already slaves eating oh I'm so cool I eat better I don't care I see people shop and most people shop absolute I don't care I can sense it they're unhealthy but I know that I'm not gonna talk them into it anyway there's no point in me bothering about it it's just whatever they smoke the bankers it's your life do drugs whatever it be a bodybuilder Daniel 4 he is doing steroids but if you want to do that ok I really wouldn't care as far as you as a human seeing you different or you be my friend you know I would just want like if I see something that I don't like about somebody I will say it once and then if they listen to it and they don't want to change that's their life that's that's it tips for growing what I don't know what you want really to grow taller a drop fat eat liver vitamin A yeah I don't really know what you meant hmm someone said they got married medicine medical medicine medicine ol or medical marijuana from the government and so of course that well that's another thing side effects are insane major wrongdoing infertility the government also people will think oh yeah when we smoke we go against the government like the government forbids it man like how can I'm still not understand that the government ships in the drugs the government wants you to use drugs it's just so stupid it's totally promoted by the government hmm what I think about Islam what do you think about this long I mean I don't know it well enough to comments in the first place yeah as far as the actual religion goes I don't I've never read the Quran so I can say that is probably not what you meant oh yeah obviously this is a obviously yet if you have seen my videos you know what I think about the religions in general I would say Islam is one of the worst and then again they're all in their own way and I only know what I see I only see how people portray it so I don't actually I'm ignorant about Iran because Islam because I have never read it so I couldn't even comment on the actual religion itself but obviously all books are man-made because they're written in a man-made language yet this is the definite proof that they have made made beliefs and usually Commandments which you should live by so who makes them well the slave masters that's what the religions are about with that and I don't care to argue about somebody who's religious because we're never really gonna convince them of anything there's very few exceptions I've had people quit Christianity and such because of my videos and they really thank me after because they realized it was all but that's one out of a thousand or something maybe maybe even less it's whatever yeah I've had friends or Christian and we get along perfectly well I don't care if somebody was part of Islam actually I've known people we get along well too yeah as long as they don't push it on me like vegans do because it's also really Jeremy the thing about the religions is essentially the biggest problem is that people who are part of a religion push it on other people and don't accept others who are not and you know I don't have the problem I'm not part of our religion so I can be friends with everyone most people are part of religion they can't be friends with is excluding yeah well it's not including yeah it's very separating religions all right you the people are part of the religions such as veganism also we'll never really see you anything always promotes like dualistic thinking there's always bad and there's always a good right always yeah also it separates people yeah also tells you that no meat eaters are bad right I how many death threats have you seen from vegans towards meaty there's natural humans Christians also you know a lot of times end up hating other people which the Bible's say they should hate and like the people with the science I hate on God hates I'm having a baby in December I'm not sure the general native culture do you wanna answer you can start I think it's cute yeah why not um I wonder where you're from because god this could be a weird name in a different country it's like the most common name in Latvia it's like Joe or whatever everybody has the name but but it's more original though instead of you know like most common names here I also like that's for sure you will never see it anywhere besides but yes that would be a first round even thing anybody outside of lucky has ever had the name Lou Anna is more more common I would be honored Oh dr. sexually yeah that doesn't a meaning it means a strong and manly man just strong and dominant yeah the origins are unknown I looked it up it possibly comes from German but maybe from Gustav or something like that but it's it's not certain it may also not be so because Germans had to take an over Latvia for a very long time so who knows all the genes are mixed up there in the language and everything look you see anything interesting you can read it yeah Luna is lovely Thank You Luna yeah I guess I like short names in general just easier most names are pretty sure so why we make them shorter write names like Christopher Chris it's just easy good because you just say somebody's name so often right especially if you have to call them if there's an emergency you don't want to say some super long name yeah all the long names are considered shake right folks on Honeycomb man : yeah by the way Bob some honeycomb is really nice it's yummy so bad here it's not so easy to get actually in chaos it's everywhere for example Yankee of it was super nice : I've used them but I mean it's not that tasty like would you really eat it like that I don't think so that's like one of our vegan super place I mean but when you're almost like Glen bass vegetarian whatever but then yeah goji berries like a super poison really something it would eat especially in such quantities in nature no no way how would you even get it our reactive game-changers the the vegan documentary I'm a I don't know if I would watch the whole documentary if you haven't seen it Shaun Baker made a really good video about it just completely debunked it wrecked it did you see that I showed you a little bit it was like a really good yes I bought the first guy in the end his conclusion was that it just wrecked or destroyed his career veganism and I said stay put this bodybuilder weightlifter from the Olympics as if he's lawyer even vegan and got all stronger he got weaker as he proved Shaun Baker and actually it ended up ruining his career nobody has heard from him and this guy's in the documentary like veganism is awesome and then Arnold Schwarzenegger who's just an absolute tool anyway he's because he's friends with James Cameron he's promoting it you didn't know um yeah because I've terminator and all they work together but James Cameron just looks no Norrish as hell oh it's just some kind of weird big mental illness delusion going on there with that movie and Tim shieff was of course in a talk yeah and I still can't believe that he actually quit it but he did it was pretty surprising I would say some people quit already they just don't tell you like fully or Christina I bet all of my life that she hasn't been vegan for a while already I mean I guess you could say that's the life regenerator is life life regenerate a raw meat he has said it in some videos it's just like people like come here it on or haven't listened to it so cuz he still calls himself raw but he doesn't even say raw vegan because he knows that he he maybe he is completely raw but he's raw meat Olson who knows what else there's a lot of fake people also out there as far as the next one admitting it I don't know man obviously nobody does we'll see but we'll be somebody they will they will all come out or take a lie to take it that's who is our Creator how do you think it all started because everything that can be random like the Big Bang should be a I do think there is like a sort of minds behind everything yeah okay good topic to get into so who do I think is create or was the question what is it that I don't believe in a creator I believe in creation to a lot of people doesn't make sense yeah my belief whatever doesn't really fit into any category because all the religious people can't stand me because I don't like religions and I don't believe in the Creator all the evolutionists hate me because well they they are also part of it I just make it clear evolution the evolution belief is theory is also a religious belief people religiously believe it it has less proof than Jesus it has no proof whatsoever at least about Jesus yeah books about evolution you never had anything it's just completely made up like it just completely ridiculous anyway but they can't stand me too because I believe in creation so I don't fit in religions even though I believe in creation but I don't believe in God or any religions because they're all brainless so that's where I'm at so I'm not that I care I don't want to belong anyway I wouldn't even want to belong anywhere because most people are that brain-dead and I'm glad not to belong to them anyway if I would believe in anything at all then I would believe you there is if there are souls and I would believe that we ourselves the energy which keeps everything alive is what created it so we created ourselves not some one creator because the portrayal of it is usually a man which just implies that hey the Bible is man written which y'all can't understand like I said it's all in a man written language so I'm not part of any of that now what do you think about it I wanna has completely different beliefs I think oh yeah like I said I do believe there is some kind of intelligence I should say yeah this is clearly intelligent design and everything I just don't believe in one creator or anything that any book teaches thought it could be many creators anything that makes anything the only thing that makes sense to me that it's it's an energy which keeps everything alive and yeah I don't know if animals are part of this energy or if animals are NPCs like BOTS well don't worry animal I think it comes from like bad soul meaning they don't have a soul if there would be souls out probably believe that animals don't really have a soul yeah but then again something would have to keep it alive like everything at the core like you said the moon and the Sun are obviously not coincidences right and it's just ridiculous to believe it and it's nothing to argue about but whatever if you want to believe in so there's such a thing as a kid I always just thought okay I don't know and I can say it's like this or try to convince me it's like that we don't know and you do neither yeah don't and let's just accept that yeah well you can cherish your spiritual experiences there's nothing wrong with that just acknowledge that it's yours very that's all um that's like the problem people don't really want to believe it they don't know what's going on because in one scare ya it makes them scare so people want to believe in their religion or evolution or anything I accept it I don't know and I just explained to you what makes sense to me now from from all of my experience in life that's what I conclude from my deep inner feeling you know I believe in intelligent design creation that possibly there's an energy keeping us alive it should be a soul or however you want to name it because that's the thing it will never honor well it exactly is anyway whatever name you put on it or you know and we yeah the only thing that's can do with language is that we get through is communication about it and that's why we need to ask these kind of questions instead of asking it to ourselves there was a but they delete okay I don't know what that was Lana please do it what I eat in a day video no not please do an experiment to you also that's from if I remember everything which I don't then maybe maybe you suck writing down stuff so you can like have a slit but it's just there's such a long story around it behind it before it's I wouldn't even know where to start or and when I I want to do it justice you know I oh we didn't we didn't see this one I don't necessarily believe with everything you say but I would like to chat with you guys if that's okay with you if so where could I reach you email me admin at swear yet calm it's on my about page when you go click about and you will see my email and then we'll go from there yeah also thank you also yeah right um also to come back so someone was asking like why I'm not Christian and the Jesus is the only way well first of all I wasn't raised Christian I wasn't raised anything which I am thankful for um and on the other hand I mean I I have always been curious to answers my whole life so I did even do a Christian course so to speak here in the Netherlands and it was very interesting I actually did have some so to speak spiritual experiences and it captivated me for a while although it also induced fear which I don't think is a good basis to you know decide your your glasses on or your your way of life it's it's control which you should you should be in control which is already hard enough being grown up here and everything no I want to say something about that yeah anybody who believes or says why don't you believe in Jesus why he's the only way this thing about one thing I if you're really true to yourself this will really make you think how could somebody in nature believe that Jesus is the way if they are not exposed to a main written book which tells you to follow him how it's impossible nobody in nature would ever hear and never did hear about Jesus because it's man-made most people on earth have never heard had never heard and at this point they of course have about Jesus until it spread because there was no internet television it's a man written book that was put here to control specific people so the scary thing is you're not following Jesus you're following someone's idea yeah which is a human and humans are scary enough whatever they want you to this is why there's no Jesus people in China Turkey Japan and so on because they had their own religions you see was specifically there to control you and you know a lot of Caucasians but also other people most people go to into denial to really think about this that should really snap out snap out anybody now step them out of the religion it's not natural that's anti nature actually it is satanic what no dancing shoes yeah I mean you don't need to hurt people about the Bible I mean I can understand people that it's important I don't know what you mean hurt people but then again people will get hurt you know that's just well right you can hurt somebody physically but you can hurt somebody's feelings except if they have a religious dogmatic belief you could as far as beliefs go you could say anything to me I don't care because I don't have a stable belief which my life depends on which I base my life on because I'm not religious in any way Hey yeah I believe in creation but if you say you believe in evolution it does zero to me it's absolutely meaningless you can believe it am I wrong whereas if you say that the Christian pool no it's not so well some believe that the goat's milk is even better than cow's milk easier to digest it probably is it's closer to human milks well logically God smelled the casein can be a problem and the sugar and the fat ratio is also different now obviously it's completely molecular structures are completely different that's encouraging what's your favorite country honestly and I had joking technically I would have to say the United States simply because as a country it's so big that you can travel to like any climate I can't say that I like the climate of any country so if the United States was only Florida I wouldn't like it would be too humid for me throughout the year but as if you see that as a whole country and not not the state separately then it would be pretty much perfect climate wise there are countries in nature yeah I agree now so I mean whatever this is just that's just what we live in countries not so what area you're like basically or what weather do you prefer or what's you know color people are the only the only climate become prefers the Canary Islands it's it's even ranked as the number one best climate on earth because it is it's the best climate there is every every day of the year is perfect climate there's no San Diego still gets cool in winter well we were their mentor but still very nice I didn't know it's not cool I guess they cool cuz you've got a bit of hoodie but that's about it that's what I mean oh I sign up for cool some Diego sure so I'll say Canary Islands in San Diego and pretty much Los Angeles is almost the same just a bit warmer but San Diego is almost the same other as the Canary Islands throughout the year so 75 Fahrenheit 21 Celsius that's great who can complain about that doesn't get hot or more no idea what it means bill enough okay no really my short-term memory is really up unfortunately I used to have excellent memories words damage is it natural to lick your girlfriend's feed yes what's natural I don't know what else you want to hear if you enjoy it yeah enjoy I don't know what's more natural than then but meat is recycled protein rods a vegan all right cuz the Siegen deceiving concealing to him finding headless chicken airplane and you're in the head head like a headless chicken stuck in the kitchen could you must get feather just a cracker I just could random sentences it's a very catchy right thanks for again someone said licking feets is a good probiotic oh you get sexual b12 if you log in the dirt before right I'm so she ate so you drink bovine colostrum it's really really good it's really hard to get here unfortunately we got calls from from the guy episode amsterdam event right that was almost a year ago no it was frozen though before like fresh yeah hmm that's all I had the frozen one she has a better one but before I want to begun and I even ate raw liver before I went see again yeah that's pretty crazy huh and I'm and then and then I saw and then I found this videos and you eating raw meat it was like wow I've always wanted to do it it always looks so much more delicious is there something to lose I never tried that I can't exclude its and then my mind was all crazy but morals you know it's morally wrong okay so celery juice I have if you want to hear more about Syria video but anti-nutrients on sweaty on the channel so if you search and the nutrients you will see it in the middle of the video it explains how to zentai nutrients and make you photosensitive light-sensitive so you will get eczema a lot of people who work at celery farms who harvest it take it eczema everywhere from the celery there are all vegetables of anti-nutrients some just not as bad as other celery is one of the worst so drink celery juice what the details are something absolutely not that's absolutely not good at all now and then go for something no no reason but I just there's nothing good at all about vegetables maybe in some weird way somehow overall no I couldn't possibly recommend it at all so an anal I thought about this I don't know Irene I guess it's possible do I does not show me do you as in do you naturally want to do it or is it is it a natural thing to do yes because as possible and as in some ways and obviously the man has pleasure for it from it the woman sometimes in some cases I suppose I couldn't possibly comment on that's just from what I've heard if you mean men each other yeah well it's it it does stimulate men more than women supposedly so that's so it is interesting yet it the men are able to get pleasure out of anal sex and live is so I don't know it's just how nature may the tide in the nature make it like that I know overall I'll say yes it's natural whatever that you guys like there were like kind of loud okay one okay juice all our raw food and is at least fifty percent water typical muscle which would be fifteen of course most muscle meat sold in the shops nowadays is like two three weeks old most people don't know this but when if you could actually fresh me this it's very watery from our fresh kill anyway and without milk and juice well obviously the first one beaten blood needless to say after that raw eggs blind them up drink it all interesting thing though actually I've been drinking only Roy yolks for two weeks cuz minute when I ate a lot of eggs I was eating a lot of eggs every morning eggs and then in the evening I was getting this weird feeling in the stomach like it's not right and obviously I understood that it could be the anti nutrients in the egg clear the plans to buy it and there's others also that inhibits protein digestion it's also in the egg clear not the egg yolk so without the clear you can digest phone that's that was was sitting in my stomach switched it add this constantly for days because I was overusing the eggs my stomach was just liking it stopped it boom first day gone so it's definitely day cleaner anybody has was any discomfort with a clean a whole eggs just removed clear so without a clear just do like ten yolks it's pretty hydrating is it enough in summer I would if you have nothing against fruit I would eat something like watermelon it just really works or well you said that I would use it probably meant that you don't want to eat whole truth I think some probably but the thing is that when I had the two cups and I look how much it is it's so little egg yolk so much a queer so that really can sit in the stomach in the anti-nutrients can i really say because then we gotta understand that the egg clear is there to protect the egg yolk the baby so it doesn't really want the animals to eat it is that like you died from it obviously but it's like you gotta get to the good thing right I just filter it out in a separate glass and just drink the yolks from now I mean actually gotta go drink something uh if you can do the next one so here here's a question before the other one I don't like fish raw or cooks when I try to ease on the throw-up can't brainwash I never like fish well maybe maybe you once got sick from him without knowing like as a kid for example like fish and you associate it with its I've had it with mussels 70 years before cuz ever considering aids again I mean I've heard of more people that are just not that much into fish it's very minimally rich kind of salty like low sodium well there's definitely such thing as the seafood allergy it's something that them this is certainly all people would eat and mostly people would still eat land animals and also if you think about it if you live more coastal lands and that's where your ancestors came from maybe you just didn't have access to a fish I don't know where you're from but oh it's that and of course and there's just a typical thing of the leaky gut and then getting allergic to something specific as a child that can be you can see the hay fever and react to the pole and you can get to a lot of foods yeah I've had to deal with food allergies when it comes to fruit and vegetables all my life as I explained in the one after what I did videos as of winter now again surely it's strawberries and watermelons which have a specific pollen which I should react to but I don't anymore so you can also heal those allergies I guess if you get lucky if you just don't stress your gut anymore and remove the allergens your body you know it depends like what exactly his problem is he wants to throw up and doesn't really sound like an allergic reaction oh yo Birds is also good yeah oh right like probiotics for also if you want to eat fish oh no I might not heal the gut yeah I mean should you push yourself to eat nice because there's no there isn't there's nothing that you specifically need there's more Omega freeze then in most animals except if you eat the brain then you get enough anyway so it's really irrelevant what about oysters do you like stuff like oysters or is it also like shellfish else on months because that could be helpful oh yeah anyway I wouldn't even bother I red meat is better for you anyway as a red meat animal if you're asking am I not getting the specific nutrients on fish yet forget about us we don't we stem from animals in the water weren't we fish and we have you were little squirrels also evolved the humans just that like evolution is just my favorite seafood or fishes Oh what's up incidence tuna is really hoist turns right away we have some as we have shown in the videos we can get oyster as many oysters as we want here there's literally thousands ten minutes away by the ceaseless yeah it's so perfectly so we eat them a lot to Adam get sick of them at like Six Sigma also sick of them I just yeah I can get as many as I want and they are really good like yeah yeah it's the thing like even in the shop you can buy good oysters these I think they wash them maybe with something chemically mm-hmm Paul in California and Sonoma County when we visited the couple with the baby they had bought us see the toys there was really good that one it was really big and great thank you for that in case yeah watching probably not yeah yeah baby was killed yeah and he was like he was like an amateur baby he was like yeah it was it was a baby but he was like like a old white man so this is very interesting and that seafood mom so for me just to finish icers and lobster lobster you've never had raw lobster I've had it and it's just so good you can taste so good raw lobster expensive as hell yeah it's really nice yeah I just I killed it myself and they did the killing was fun also and I guess you just enjoyed more if you do that yeah any other fish and that's super a super big fan of five eight all kinds every nice every now is that crazy really good yeah yeah well looking at this what is this have you shared your age get Bofur glowing but look mature I'm 29 yeah I'm almost 27 that's her birthday soon yeah why's alcohol beds oh no it's just of the nation thank you British Pound innit oh this was something else where was this thank you for answering my questions earlier now I just need to convince my mom to stop juicing celery I was about your mom yeah just get her into and just explain to her anti-nutrients it's really something people don't understand and overall does she only juice celery itself does she mix it with something especially if it's something sweet because also your natural senses will tell you what celery tastes like so if she listens to it I've never met anybody which should enjoys they usually mix a bit sweeter stuff so that it tastes good so again it's just like please tell her hey mom listen to your sense like does it taste good and hey it has these anti nutrients like why do you adjust it because some YouTube videos say that it's good for detox or something well there's no proof for it there never has been it's just a religious belief that's about the best you can do alright wait no there's another one there's a natural to kill babies and drink their blood mr. Feeley oh yeah sorry if I missed any others let me let me answer from from the top if I miss something else now I can't really be this should be the top on fastest way to lose toxic fat asses reduce its so star of course not I'm not gonna recommend it but yes fasting that it's the same a starvation as horrible that they renamed starvation and fasting like when you see all these lectures all the benefits of fasting intermittent fasting changing to intermittent starvation the benefits of starvation completely different it has a completely different sound to it I it's so retarded to call it fasting they call it or what it is you start it's never been healthy never will be whatever but it's just ridiculous anyway that's it if you want to do it in a healthy way eat raw meat without carbs and little fat you should still get some nutrients from the fat now carbs at all all cards are in slow genic it promotes growth growth is aging growth is gaining weight so you cut that out that's why bodybuilders inject insulin they want to grow that's why they die in their forties insulin is there for a specific reason and specific seasons it has a purpose but all your own know if you want to lose weight never always keep the genic optimally zero carb if you can't do that mentally let's just say which is physical but yeah yeah and it's not nothing you gotta eat raw meat it's just as the healthiest meat you can either eat it cooked if you really want but pretty much zero carb and some fat and mostly protein because then you will have to eat your own fat as long as you eat fat you will maintain weight because usually eat burn and that just the fact use it as energy the one that you eat you got a switch to eating your own body fat okay that explains it next one thought somebody building naturally doesn't exist if you mean as close to nature as possible just bodyweight training oh yeah I don't know I don't know what you mean but the bodyweight training obviously is the best because you you don't use excessive amounts of weight and who the hell needs such big muscles anyway muscle growing is just a reaction to the stress so you know nowadays of course we see bodybuilders some people even see them as healthy they're pretty delusional but some do but let's just say we see them as strong that's true they are strong there is nobody healthy just makes you more and healthy when you get stronger because yeah off all the stress because you gotta grow so a body that's like very muscular like we see in bodybuilding shows you're naturally it's very disgusting to look at it because it's a pumped-up unnatural buddy you're stressed inflamed it's like information like yeah it's just yeah just pure sickness illness coming out just yeah just looking at those bodies just ridiculous anyway you know don't do that don't do over-the-top crazy weights it's not yeah eventually ten twenty years later gonna look back at you think okay I got sick from it I'm super weak now I probably have adrenal fatigue and chick from working out this hard and you will lose the muscle anyway you'll probably get a huge cut from all the insulin you will just have an insulin value like beer drinkers and you don't think what the did I do this for did some girls or something that'll never be worth it it's meaningless just do your body weight maybe a bit over the top okay you bench you wanna off your chest okay to do a bit more but you don't go over the top and as far as food goes raw meat all the way that's the best you can get for sure and there's no point in talking about food you don't use protein powders anything it would mess up your digestion now tons of cases use protein powder couldn't digest anything in their thirties forties it always ends the same you're nothing no none of those powders are natural stuff is ever gonna get you anywhere I mean raw meat builds your raw muscles your raw meat muscles it's just read me the most perfect thing okay so that answer says I'm sure next one is a natural to get baby syndrome there God okay we had that in the natural isn't natural i yeah it's all natural i you can do it and obviously Hellfires you benefit from it I don't know it really your question though what would you want to hear from it actually funny I was like you know the videos of angular miracle the new ones are she shaking you know whatever she has and I have the top comment was oh yeah the baby eating elite or whatever getting sick you know her or some disease such idiots I know rate at any no way that a politician is the elite or the Illuminati and eat babies they're losers that there's even documentaries about politicians food they'd bread and they it's taken eight good caviar lobster but he date absolute like all the slaves they're not enlightened they don't know anything and these are not people who kill babies and drink their blood those people are on some Island super tanned with long hair super strong natural humans who you will never get to see that's not the elite man now is the question was probably related to those claims about the drinking bud and killing babies you can do it but it's just stupid and there's no no point in talking about it nowadays because you would just go to prison it's just you know it's irrelevant it's kind of an irrelevant question because one second oh that's a good question I felt some horror films why are people obsessed with getting skirts yeah goodness Channing is one or two also like going into like ghost rooms or whatever Oh No well for one thing is just something that people don't get to experience in everyday life that's why people go and watch slasher movies people use this not that popular now they say these 90s it was and in nature this is stuff you will just experience there's no avoiding it there will be slashing now people will kill each other people will kill a lot of animals then we plot everywhere it's just normal you grow up as a kid and that's it nowadays people are obsessed with horror films because they don't get to experience it anymore as far as getting scared goes I don't think it is that much about getting scared it's just something that you miss in your life and what do you think yeah right it's something you're missing your life I also think it's like kind of you need to feel like you're almost dying to feel a life thing true also like looking up a sort of an edge obviously you know you're not still as for simulation that's kind of a sign of depression suicidal tendencies which I think everyone has I think everyone in society is suicidal not even just depressed suicidal we want to answer this or should I just delete I can't even answer delete ok thanks thanks for the dollars but don't I say weird questions like that so but um yeah no I mean we're daily trying to kill ourselves technically if you think about it in every way like yeah he's gonna want to make a video but yeah every morning to four years actually but especially this topic actually good reminder also mm-hmm but yeah I know it's definitely interesting everyone is afraid of dying that's all so question there's no use in asking something like that you can say I'm not afraid I'm then then you're lying you wouldn't be here she weren't afraid of dying you would have died before already that's how you keep yourself a life you are intrinsically afraid of dying this is you know how it is I'm not afraid to die yeah well yeah you are maybe you know one to believe that because it's like you gotta admit what you perceive as being weakness which is actually a strength because of that is why you are here right now I would say that I don't care about dying but sure in that moment let's say yes so like I know that I'm about to die in a few seconds on I'll probably scream or something it's just in it's just instinct it's a cry for help and panic it's just natural because you're going to die like any animal that you're about to kill or you know they're gonna a scream or something and I'm certainly not thinking about in everyday life or so thanks for the donation Nick dents I guess Dennis that's where we had our meeting last year great country I like it well it's great but there's also different something but there are weird questions the same guy are weird questions there are questions sure the only natural law this language so no question in that sense is natural but I get what you mean questioning stuff question yeah not the asking questions in a man-made language and a circumcision natural all different topic thanks for the donation and so I mean if you would want to do it the reason we should have like a rational choice in that sense you know you should be old enough to decide for itself without any indoctrination of your parents to you know that's all go demons sunburn my favorite YouTube channel no joke I'll answer it in a second let me answer let me answer the circumcision so obviously no it's a natural the I don't want to say their name those guys they do it and they they maybe they didn't have an inter smock but they they get the skin and they suck the baby blood out of you know the German words oh oh interesting interesting thing kind of don't know if I should get into this topic but okay the schmuck right the baby's skin which is cut off by them yeah when they drink the blood they think because it's just controlled oh it's just I'm not saying it in general I'm just saying because it's so twisted and it parents allow it to happen I dance the sick part they're like oh yeah well it's okay to drink my baby's blood from the penis it's fine no problem he's the master let him do it anyway it's called schmuck in German which is jewelry and jewelry gold well let's not say it but what are the first three letters of jewelry okay yes you get it okay just write it down first free whether it's of jewelry yep so that's who's in control and stuff like that yeah yeah that topic anyway so that yet they they started circumcision everywhere and in the United States they also did the circumcision and it's not popular in Europe whatsoever one second yep and yeah that's pretty much any and a lot of Muslims do it especially in the mesial so did a lot of people in a Africa a lot of the countries also do it that's about it the Muslims and Americans and the people who brought it to the u.s. it wasn't Muslims yeah man it's really not good and then you get the consequences guys who are circumcised can't enjoy sex as much anymore of course they live in denial and say that is so fine yeah millions of reports that it's not but of course they wouldn't know how real sex is supposed to feel like that's another problem when you've been new too late that is mutilation you know when you get a body part not the body part exactly what you get it no you're gonna mutilate that you didn't get it exactly cut off you get part of the cut off which is it has to be there to keep your penis sensitive and it's gone and it always rubs all your life and you lose a sensitivity and it's just sex is ruin for life and that's that's one of the things that is worth getting reconstructed and getting back at it on if you can get surgery that's actually interesting against creation oh yeah absolutely it's satanic in every way so that was dance that's the dancers circumcision scouting Weaver and pieces swallowing it count absolutely it will digest just as much it you technically don't start the digestion process which starts in the mouth and creates the enzyme so you will have more enzymes because you taste the food it travels down and mores sit in the stomach but let's say you I don't know why maybe you don't like the taste of the liver which shouldn't be like that the liver is going on good so this is something you should work on to get a good liver but let's say you just let's just say that's the situation you're in and you should eat raw muscle meat in between so you chew it and get at least taste then everything going the digestive juices and then swallow it overall you will still mostly digest raw meat is perfectly digestible so yeah do it if you like thoughts and smoking natural to Bach on cannabis we actually already added I don't even know what's the point of answering again and natural Oh it's irrelevant if it's natural quickly you can skip at the start of live stream but quickly smoking is unhealthy general smoke is in every way unhealthy it's not good for long you would yeah in everywhere that's why you know cough when you start and you could use to call everything a nobody in nature would take a wild plant and smoke it yeah it's a it's a I will suggest how do you know Jenny because it's supposed to make you hallucinate it's supposed to make you high because it's toxic they all drugs are toxic and they make you somewhat schizophrenic actually Luke made a great video about this it's in my life video Sansevieria it's really good like he basically describes perfectly how it is when people take drugs and they actually vomit and shipments really strong because the same with alcohol because it's sell toxics so it's all toxins all drugs are toxic and they make you mentally ill slowly that's why a lot of people in psychiatry's come from drug use background a lot of them I they get schizophrenic after a while if they can keep using it like all it's all toxins in the brain that you up so it's irrelevant if it's toxic and I mean it's around its natural it's toxic it's about call so yeah I could get really shitty tobacco and of course the natural stuff is better but it's bad so it's just a better I just stopped the altogether okay the times that I also go Njemanze sunburn yeah yeah man just great channel the display pictured the name from epitome for I'm gonna give us expose when I saw that I thought of like it's just go demons oh yeah world yours what is god yeah god we already talked about this tool I don't believe in a God God to me would be the one that created the conclusion we came toward what I've come 24 years is that I don't believe in one specific God and that's all I can say to that so basically thinking that the world revolves around yourself right there so that's what if that's what you're asking not unnecessarily we are all as I explained before when he talked about it we are all connected to the same energy source so no I don't believe in your world it does just that's how it is and then we are connected on a larger scale yeah yeah or just a belief that life starts when you're born or stuff like that like some people have I also don't have that so so no I don't believe in it yeah that's not my worldview okay that's it something really – it's like going inwards looking inside yourself which might be considered egocentric why is that a bad thing maybe is that how we can get answers ask ourself questions and Louie Danny oh no we got to learn to look without right outside a person we almost missed this it almost disappeared various salami raw and good to eat it's not there is actually raw versions use 99 percent no it's not raw in the shop nice I'm gonna be wrong but if you live in maybe Italy or somewhere oh no no okay yeah it's just it's almost gone and so yeah so it's not rawness is a good tweets nose no bra meters with the best it all sausage any kind has additives Stolte almost always salt is toxic I mostly is beef and drink milk but I'm skinny and I always was same why am i skinny maybe genetics or the thyroids some people have a hard time gaining weight so what's the most nourishing food Norrish boring yeah that's what do you mean blood has every no three no three ends and it's easy to digest if it's if it's not if it's clogged you later the sugar if you drink it freshly right away from the animal maybe the milk actually avoids that you can take in the nutrients cause it irritates your gut so all the nutrients but did you say it does no but if it would I mostly drink milk if it would if it doesn't raw milk is great for getting weight and the problem with the problem the problem the problem is raw meat eating naturally is that you will eat until satiation which is easy to reach it's perfectly easy to digest so you don't eat a lot really so you just see it as much to maintain usually so you got eight extra through with a lot of carbs you'll get the insulin going the growth hormones honey honey with Karina when you are when you are finished your meal with beef and milk boom cup of a ball of honey and thick cream that's how you gain weight you don't gain weight by eating until satiation you're gonna overeat and you have to have a pretty like full stomach like oh not that could you push your limits yeah not you know that's that's growing I don't really grow by maintaining it hurts what do you mean well if kids grow they grow anything I'm also the same as if something if you would go to the gym you get muscle soreness you grow if you mental you want to go through a barrier you know like push through which also hurts I think yes you know it wants to you know make sure you don't harm yourself but it is sometimes also inevitable in a sense yeah yeah that should answer it yeah are you saying they are the jus that I just don't want to read it because I don't talk about it Dobby yeah well I don't have to say about so yes yes that's what I meant but yeah you feel empathy towards baby cats could I kill them that's your thing you feel like do I feel because I never see baby cats I couldn't even say I really don't like cats I wouldn't mind if they would all die so I mean do your job yeah be careful with them especially the baby so the kittens they're even more able to infect you with toxoplasmosis but that's my two cents on it I wouldn't come too close to them if I were you yeah I mean that's not nothing to do with baby cut so it's just cats in general unnatural they kill our birds they shouldn't be here they're not part of Europe or again I don't know where you live I was just kind of thinking about Europe so that's our euro centric vision how would you recommend quitting as I was introduced from very okay well I don't have all that stuff it's kind of normal here in the Netherlands almost which is obviously isn't really you got a when you doing when you have the urge to do it barred or smoking for it matter it doesn't matter it could be drinking could be anything if when you in a moment to feel the urge to do it ask yourself the question do I really need it right now could I not do it well and then just see for yourself obviously the ideal answer would be no you could you could decide not to do it but then the whole thing about it of you being strong in the moment would be gone because then you think like oh that's what's being said about it so that's what works and every time and dudettes and then you will be a cigarette further and further and further and before you know it's you quits for days weeks months years and it's you you don't even think about it actually becomes something that's disgusting to you because that's also common people who really finally quit smoking it becomes like you get an aversion against it so true eventually yeah this is pretty bad addiction and addictions in general or all connected to the gut and being depressed unhappy you know when you eat like a perfect diet as perfect as it can get nowadays raw meat everything a lot of addictions as I know from experience from people they just stop so that's another thing is you would have to eat a really good diet there's methods and stuff out there to specifically stop smoking and so on but I'm not informed about that so I couldn't possibly say that but those are the suggestions that we both can give you isn't it know what she said and really just to do the diet and that's really good and thank you Kyle McDonald for the donation thanks for the vids you said yeah thank you for watching I like making them so that's great anything else about smoking it really has to be your motivation to stop it and also never think oh I'm never gonna do it again because obviously that's something you're not gonna keep up otherwise she would have done it many times ago so that feels like a too big of huh you know like a limit on yourself no that's also the thing about girls who get pregnant they usually stop smoking so did you can you yeah absolutely Ben you are motivated and you have a reason and your everyday life is 9:00 to 5:00 each and blah blah life is kind of depression in the weekend you go and have a one-night stand or something go to a party bla bla bla bla bla if that's your life smoking is just kind of part of it you generally depressed and suicidal life yes someone something like that changes as I said it with the example then it's just also the motivation now having a perfect perfect just having a good welcoming brain chemistry would really help to get rid of any addictions yeah yeah that that should give you something to think about I was circumcised and I feel absurd about it yeah and my mom refuses to admit she made a mistake well that sucks cuz she she just admitted she made a mistake just man up a little speed kind of don't like my mom anymore she'd salads too it's not if you're if you're saying hey is it normal to not like my mom no she is your mother she gave her life to you but like any human you may not like her and there's mothers and fathers who beat their children and they won't like them obviously because as the people you look up to and you want them to protect you if your mother brings you to the doctor to also vaccinate you and you hate her later it's absolutely understandable as same its circumcision she really up she yeah and especially if she doesn't admit it she even if this was my case I think abdomen to do with you anymore cuz you can't even admit that you made a mistake that it's it debts life-changing for men I think that makes all life completely different yeah man I make the best out of it sometimes if you can have six anymore the stupid saying but think about it there's people way worse off there are I just hope that none of them suck your blood out also this that would suck literally that would suck see what was the last one I'd like to see no footage of the get paid a dollar to watch a four-minute video vegan actually saw him in real life when I was in New York it's pretty tall by 6 foot 3 4 maybe I don't know 190 something in centimeters meters yeah nature doesn't make any more videos he wanted to do an event haven't heard from him since then are you ever gonna see him again I don't know man somebody would have to do an event in New York City and I don't think it's gonna be milk sure and it's probably not gonna be me yeah now someone said they want to see more footage of to get paid a dollar guy knows what he does anymore at this but in the u.s. it's funny how someone so annoying can be so entertaining in the end huh hmm oh you wrote something else Madrid raw meat from a supermarket Sainsbury's if it's organic my local butchers are not organic and but they are grass-fed when we only okay so yeah I eat organic meat from supermarkets all the time if I'm travelling we did not go to Sainsbury's but we did go to probably the Whole Foods for sure where else Froese well in the US but I'm in the UK is in the UK I don't know yeah well but even in the US we went to sprouts and Whole Foods a lot because we just sometimes had no other choice tons of I would say it's maybe better a bit in the US the needs no I'm not saying well I think at first I thought that the labels in the u.s. don't have much more meaning because they're overly advertised grass-fed Asher a blah blah like because people really want to buy a lawyer Paley or whatever but then I kind of realize it actually is pretty good neither anyway that's just my opinion of my from my experience there and they okay it could be more grass but just because there's so much grass yeah where do you get it in Celtx yeah that's the thing what does even organic need in Europe to get that certificate organic you get yeah you got to vaccinate the animals to get the organic label this is also green sonic Oh Ethan yeah yeah because if they don't have yeah I think yeah they can agree in this right and that can also use older chemicals which aren't even listed anymore so technically it's organic cuz it's not it's stolen since organic fruit the that's like the labels of like feeling well go for that but also ask the butcher vaccines under the warmers yeah that's also important people don't ask for that antibiotics free things and then as an extra what do they eat if it's some grains somebody says grass-fed so some people not concerned right so even if it was some grain sometime it would in a matter if it's grass-fed because a lot of places really do have or get purely organic grains but that the scene is better because as the getting label then of course Bradford is better what the was it the last one well sometimes you don't see somebody don't appear okay anyway ah so are you pagan no I'm not I'm not in any real part of any religion and yes mechanism is a religion I don't care to argue that just is thoughts on porn made a video about it caught some porn absolute brainwash destroys relationships gives the false image of men and women owned by them same as Hollywood if they want to destroy it's especially targeted in like in the West in the US and Europe to destroy couples and their relationship so they don't marry they don't have children so they get plastic surgery and everything to just have a false image of everything it's just absolute and uh what about Oreos interesting oh yes vegans always say that Oreos are vegan right but supposedly Nabisco or something is behind Oreos and it's like it supports porn and it sponsors porn so you could say it's animal exploitation it's absolutely animals and humans are animals and human exploitation such animal exploitation they don't care of course then do you work out at all yes I do I post workout videos my patreon but I do it very little 30 minutes every three days running around unhealthy and I do it because I for one thing when I go to vegan events I can't stand they're all skinny and weak I have an actual I don't know what to call image to portray in a sense but most the main reason I workout is because I was 43 kilograms three years ago I was a skeleton because of veganism the whole story I don't know if you have heard of it so that's when I started working out months later and I started eating raw meat that I wanted to get strength again that's my whole story it's unhealthy I know it I know that it decreases longevity but I do it because I was traumatized by being a skeleton that's yeah in a nutshell yeah so that was it no but there was more to it now notice quite an improvement regarding diet okay yeah good good for you if I make sure the being tested on going to can't get better which format video over an hour that's probably why you're a social / how social owner we actually did that in San Diego and then ill in LA at the events a little bit a little that's for fun yeah Prem does the video do was also saying in the meat of the matter his videos he still does being in events yeah and what do I think of starving yeah we already talked about this like 40 minutes ago yes you called fasting but it's another word for starving there's it's exactly the same it's just yeah okay one thing always in life when you notice that one word as the two exact meanings there's probably an agenda behind it because there's no reason for it you don't just rename a word so why was fast starvation why did they start calling starvation fasting well it's to make you believe that it's healthy and now you they come these lectures and and studies which prove nothing there's no studies about it all to prove any benefits it's somewhere good all oh it lowers cholesterol it lowers your life span oh I'm in short it's a note never in any way go to star misogynist Underpants proved if you don't eat after five hours already your cells start cannibalizing yourself your body always needs to eat something if you don't need something you will eat yourself none of the people who enter who do intermittent fasting starvation ever lasts after a while maybe months or years they eat themselves they'll eat so much of themselves they will get sick yeah that it's veganism like fasting is veganism is starvation and like that dr. Natasha Campbell said it's a slow way of starvation so otherwise you talk more about it you can check back if you watch the stream it's also funny thanks for the donation update yeah okay what did you know she looks good without makeup and then obviously there are some I assume women's she's wearing makeup right I don't always do so it could also be a compliment to when I don't right have you considered that also just let people be you know probably how do we know if the milk we buy is wrong yeah no what do you mean if you buy in a supermarket milk it specialize 100% I'm organizing all kinds of right you buy it from a farm they will tell you if it's wrong I don't know what country you live in you should may be mentioned and Germany in the Netherlands I thought saying most of Europe you can buy raw milk and not easily maybe but you can in the UK you can the United States California it's super easy you can even go to sprouts and powerful of maybe has it whatever I know definitely we bought a lot of stuff in the sprouts yeah from the organic pastures pretty expensive though but whatever it's just an expensive state California yeah it's funky of sugar are there temporarily otherwise I gotta I feel like not even even 3 euros for kefir here yeah and then oh hi animals yeah like 12 dollars select 10 euros for kids here it's like three four times more expensive as pretty bad and creme creme was like 16 dollars or something remember green and Bella for it was the most ridiculous price of diversity someone said you are wearing so much makeup supplying yeah but I wasn't in the last livestream so blocked by by other like who cares it's a natural makeup I use only fruits big months of makeup I checked all the ingredients really I make my own makeup what are you talking about exactly konima give us it's also just yeah right exactly go yourself there's no-one else probably fasting is unhealthy it doesn't you yeah you eat your brain when you starve you look at people who do fasting they're super unhealthy all of the people on the on promoting like a lot of people probably ketogenic diet promote intermittent fasting as they of all cacao so yeah I gotta just starve also so let's just like eat a good diet but it start I gone they look vegan like people are interesting look vegan yeah it's trash there's nothing we talk saying there's nothing beneficial whatsoever about it eating a lot is healthier okay just making sure I'm having a hard time getting enough calories on the raw diet I've been eating a lot of sourdough rye bread what is the safe limit of saturated fat why would you get more calories if you eat the bread doesn't make sense doesn't even have a lot of calories the most calorie dense food is if you compare calories you know for and the foreign protein and carbs sugar I'm nine and facts obviously if you want calories then you'll need fat are you trying to gain weight or what do you mean by calories what's a safe limit of saturated fat there's absolutely no limit and your cells are 50% cholesterol saturated fat at least depend on you need a lot of saturated fat is there a limit absolutely not your limit is your satiation and there's no numbers there's nothing who will tell you your actual limit there's only your body that's all you gotta listen to yeah you eat I I just had my meal I just started to livestream I eat a bunch of meat and the beef heart and I don't know how much fat diet maybe this I don't know exactly but I all I did was eat until satiation and butter has a lot of saturated fat the saturated fat has fat soluble vitamins A the k2 technically also the Omega freeze here and there something but me it's part of the saturated fat it's there's there's no such there's no pure saturated fat there's always some poly or mono the battery so great and animal fat because it's mostly saturated unlike the plant oils that are there liquid so this is stable saturated fat and saturated fat is great it's good for you and it just has a bad ring to it because of propaganda from the mainstream so absolutely there's no limit and you didn't say it but if your goal was to gain weight and boom combine carbs with saturated fat and you'll be sad fat like how did we get through them all at last well cool ok there we go thanks for all the donations of interesting topics and interesting to talk about yeah sure now that there's no questions left we also wanted to announce something do you want to say it Luna is pregnant some of you guessed it I think I think some of you yeah thank you such a big deal not really sure still trying to find out there I've never always never liked the redhead so I always saw them the same as blacks or minority I'm full French and blonde blue-eyed only like blue-eyed people yeah preference that's okay thank you so much I thank you for the donation and Congrats yeah yeah and I'm all for those so thanks for the congrats yeah I don't know what to say about the redhead thing I think we have a red reddish beard so did you say I don't know if you can consider it the redhead but I definitely have some genes like that tool I wouldn't say that's a red well no I also wouldn't when I see a record I don't I don't I never thought that they look bad or anything I wouldn't know anything special to say about it I know breakfast great guys whatever it's just generally the right head Lucas there's no problem what do you think about them the guys they're rare the guy in Scotland Glasgow Olympics good good good I guess it's really again depends like if you're healthy or nuts basically so but yeah if you're not the resident yourselves a lot of Records like each other obviously it's just nature you like consider killing the baby endure I already told you trolls are gonna get blogs what do you not understand is you're you just that's whatever you're banning yourself it's stupid you're not going to ask any more questions I don't think they give a mm-hmm thoughts and southern Europeans ever been on the kids thank you thank you yeah Spain Italy Greece and I've been everywhere as I've said before I don't how do I say I don't like southern Europeans I don't really see them as European like mean I see a southern European I see two dark-skinned and two dark hair that's all I see I see the more towards Africans than Europeans yeah I can't identify in any way with the southern Europeans it's too hot I don't like the weather it's nice minty like their winter is almost like summer here so that's what I like yeah that's about it I don't like the language also I really really don't my yeah but I've had friends from there and whatever like I don't I don't care general I have submit some super cool people like Albert from Barcelona super cool guy like some one of the coolest guys I've ever met in my life and he's he's Spanish so not not that I have something against them or something Congrats on the small one wish you all the best much thank you yeah also he was asking what are you politically Oh I'm not into politics whatsoever at all I don't yeah I don't have any identification but a community can be interesting that's the thing it's a trap you know yeah I still divide you've got the left and the right it's too narrow how to bead redness on face I get better eyes Asia yeah yeah you got a definitely fix your gut it's a gut issue it comes from the inside how do you heal your gut will you stop eating all grains all seeds in general you know I you may have leaky gut again you gotta repair your gut how do you do that well you get a gut out and technically it works with collagen and such with bone broth it works I don't think it's optimal raw animal foods would be best such as raw chicken raw chicken legs and shut it off the skin and everything but early in everything but a lot of different animal parts not just some stupid muscle meat some muscle or something that's not that's not gonna do the deal although your gut also heals itself so really healing all agzam of any kind is about not penetrating it anymore and not damaging it rather than you know trying to eat the healing food so much because it will heal if you give it any kind of raw animal foods anyway well as I said also all seeds definitely have to go you just have to you like them all you can do you want rosacea with your life no but then you have to stop it'll be a visual result it was the he said slow process well let's do something no it doesn't there's bigger donations so there's something and they stay there yeah I'm vegan and then one must chew it in every single one of you for sure yeah that's about it about the river and my dad also has a red beards records were cool hmm and anything about the rosacea anything more are you really is no stop eating all plans together really that's the thing that helps people in the most diseases that's very much a zero carb it's irritation for sure and the only thing that is tolerable in some cases with some food but why why would you do it except if you were super underweight or something there's no because all food also as an adulteress there's no point to really eat anything yeah there's no point to really even damage it a little bit it's best to just really cut it out now obviously you need good sources for food and if you could get blood and such it would be even better but just go with what you can and most likely you shouldn't eat dairy a big thing that people don't understand right it also usually penetrates and also like I was talking about before in the live stream they're clear also in you don't you can't have any irritation in the gut whatsoever like pure as good as possible raw meat perfectly easy to digest your slimy stuff that he will heal your gut your stuff that doesn't rot in your gut yeah so it's about healing your God if if you were looking for topical answers something to put in your face dreams or something and not gonna get it from me it masks the symptom it's it's okay if you have like really bad and you gotta go to some interview I get it I could leave the understand if you use makeup then at all we're all to heal it in the long term Oh heal your gut okay that's that will you do a home birth that's that's lunacy uncensored oh no no yeah maybe I mean you never know what's gonna happen preferably yeah of course yeah proof you're pregnant somebody said you'll see proof it's kind of hard to know I scroll through all of them I don't think I miss anything can you debate was that you know he made a video passion you okay never heard that can look it up quick I can't even find a YouTube channel oh is that the being Zambia means that his name maybe or I don't know who you means I know if you mean the zombie I didn't watch the video I couldn't even bother to watch such a long video I don't even think you mean him so I don't know what you mean because he was just trying to predict and that was funny he was trying to protect himself like he doesn't Maxima standing there with eczema like everything here was red with eczema you're saying I don't have eczema this is such a delusion I'm not gonna respond to that if that's what you mean because anybody who's sane sees it he has eczema you think nothing to even argue it's like is the sky blue like how do you not see it oh you have to have complete vegan delusion not to see that here's example I was just wanting maybe he'll answer Oh have you even noticed $1 gotta smile yeah I did yeah we said thank you yeah thank you a lot we definitely appreciate everybody he said yeah we did search for it we can't find it I even typed in this video nothing which is less harmful rice potatoes or sweet potatoes the rice is the worst because it's a grating obviously it's a seed oh yeah probably no thank you you can even eat sweet potatoes raw no you can't eat potatoes right they're too toxic so that long tells you determine their toxins that are too strong sweet potatoes supposedly don't have them like that never tried it don't try it at all that's just what I've heard though some people even juice them I'm very sure for the carrot to get yellow skin orange skin my grandma it's carrots I work though but she was she was a redhead she was like a real redhead so please visit UK again this summer I'd love to meet you this summer it could be that I'll neighbor come back to the UK court date is in like less than three weeks which will decide what happens to do the other guy who was eating the squirrel with me and they will then decide if they give me a fine there will be a warrant for arrest in the UK for me so I can never go back to you okay if they decided we are not guilty which I kind of don't believe then I may someday go back to the UK I don't know slightly I'm never going back to the UK so we didn't yeah we didn't see a lot this trip so I think that's it I lived there for two years I saw enough of the UK for my wife Oh Chris Donna thanks Shirley schuk the Dutch mr. BA yeah actually it's pretty clear that he isn't he's probably Swedish oh yeah you yeah you ever gotten on this Beach I have meant many many times in Berlin well it's a beach at the lake actually when I went there quite a lot here we haven't really found anything good they have it's hard to reach but they are like nudists beatriz's yeah definitely very important to get Sun on your genitals welcoming we can get it here inside oh yeah it's good that we get sunlight inside me just like naked but outside is better go in the water yeah sure it really is seniors child to school I don't want to talk things about the future and stuff like that I would say right now my I had a child and it was whatever four years old would I want to do it of course in no way whatsoever in some country an aside the problem I would go somewhere whatever it costs so in France you can homeschool kids in many countries you can and then once you pretty sure I think so well that's the that's the thing my parents also said they wouldn't send me to school if they did worst decision ever yes it's it's legal within certain restrictions in Germany you can't at all homeschool having certain restrictions and means you it can be homeschooled and also the time but it's partly has to go to school also which is yeah in China and it may be his I need to see his back in Russia you can homeschool in the United States you can in Canada in Australia in some places in Africa oh lucky if you live there but yeah are in Spain you can import to go in France you can in Austria I guess Austria is the better Germany anyway it's like Germany just a lot better a lot better understand why you won't come back here anytime so on what are Lunas thoughts and current current Britain cachoeira salt British I mean what is there to think get from money but I don't even know what well how did you like it just overall how did you how did you like it right now when you are there well I like I like the environment I like most of the people we match but that's kind of where ever we go because it's just so obviously what's happening there anyone know what's completely ridiculous like I still until this day don't even believe it's like it's that's ridiculous so you know um but like I said there's also some beautiful nature and there is interesting history I mean it has its charms that's what I can say about it is okay he's said the full name and yes I somewhat it was somewhere I I can say they're like some girls I just like the Sun too much did I lay a bit too much yeah I kind of know my limit but I do get the song I just like the feeling of heights like no you get a little bit of Sun burn just like sorry no no like like full-on I got a long time though so that's the film this fool YouTube name so let's see okay I can see him at all like are you joking there's no such YouTube channel and there's literally much less going on let's probably that's probably him that's asking these questions so with with another name I have no idea there's no such YouTube channel we try this really actually let me put instead of videos channel there's not even a channel with that name I think it was the one you saw before this is it the fist is it a black guy sangria let's see if you made a video about me in the night meeting baby I've never seen him before oh it probably is him okay so I guess I found it but I know why you called him that is a different name but maybe he changes his channel names a lot of people do it I don't see a video about me there's various as specific variants the most nutrient rich diet spiritually advanced are you are you are going to hunt wild animals well technically we have even in the video via wander the Frog and it's an animal insects those are animals that I get I get it you mean deer and wild boar and so on totally it's illegal in most of Europe super expensive to get a license every time is generally illegal for a normal human being you can get a license to make it legal but like I said Smeg expensive long training just a lot of steps to get a lot of steps to go through to get thick sheet weapon to arm is just really really complicated to do it not worth it if I live somewhere in Kentucky totally all the time that's what I would eat my own hunted need yeah some people said that if we ever go to Kentucky or somewhere they would take us to Hanoi my friend Sam from there I could probably do it with he hunts but also other people so yeah totally if you ever go to a place where you can hunt yeah totally uh absolutely would be fun yeah have you ever seen a UFO money actually no I haven't I haven't identified it as unidentified flying object oh yeah UFO can be anything right I didn't fence I want you yeah let's uh I mean I've seen some weird things in the sky yeah I didn't identify it just anything I could identify ERDs what else have you all right yeah yeah in it it's purely not an edible photosynthetic bacteria hmm Oh interesting someone said my father was an Air Force and so you fell close near Anderson we're actually talking about this yesterday why they make most mouths but definitely most of the sci-fi and such movies about always one force fighting against the evil and like brainwashing people predicted programming to go against this one evil force which then would be Project Blue Beam and such is true now let's say it would be aliens if there would be other planets they would invade us and all humanity with us whether one world government and to protect us all yeah so everybody would have to unite everyone you know yeah yeah why don't I see you it's fish we actually also oysters seafood sukham yeah so shellfish sukham yeah do I have a big stomach yet yes I do I had growing quite a lot of course said that with a baby and in the last month quite a lot yeah yeah it's definitely visible is definitely very pregnant looking drawing and making art if it's natural I think so yeah definitely if you're a human being for sure yeah absolutely whatever you could find for pigments in nature I think you would use if you're anything creative to create some visual illustrations you will do that yeah definitely to capture those like we actually sometimes joke I was wondering does happen I think the people yeah but there's even twins I am in genetics they mean like a weird genetic thing or do you mean the sighted I mean that's the craziest or Blackburn's but if there's if there's a black couple and the woman cheats with a white guy the baby would still look someone Brown and husband you know he would probably notice but maybe not at first when it comes out but for white people there's probably been cases where girl cheated with a black guy on somebody their white husband and then he's waiting for the baby and it comes out black just imagine that I what could be any worse than that that's crazy but yeah supposedly it happens what's the story of being in games they are complement for you Thanks hmm being Vince is cheap like a shame oh no it's not a joke she's really pregnant I know it's just I guess he came too late he announced it like 21 or 20 minutes ago thank you some people are late there maybe it's good that the live stream takes a bit longer what country will you're either kiddin don't know you kind of talked about a thing do you play the lottery now are you gonna have kids maybe so how long do you plan on breastfeeding I hope long has kind of stuff you can really answer yes you never know what happens you know I mean I've heard more stories of people around me you know things can just help on you you just never know really so it's hard to answer that but yeah if you intend on doing something yeah for sure should I go to college that's up to you do you want to go I would say no yeah me too but if you think it's gonna be a lot of fun you would creatively all school is just about the bang and just listening and absorbing is this about getting the paper and then having that stupid paper and having a so-called career being a slave yeah but some people right now I'm gonna say some people like okay maybe maybe in some ways some people do good thank you here the last time when they were also asking like all the time NASA well they can do that too I think someone said to try to then your channel because you keep saying the name or something about something that doesn't make sense they said no they said if I would go and play the video on the screen which I can't even do they would copyright the livestream that's what it was about right I can't even show I don't know why he does but anyway I'll check out the video we'll see em again respond we probably not usually respond to more popular people except if it's really interesting which I kind of doubt just from seeing a cursory amateur the videos but yeah thank you very rich Sierra ChaCha do you feel empathy towards your mother of course everybody's gone not everybody does but yeah yeah okay I have no idea me if it has to do with my last video and it's a whole different topic to talk about empathy and everything towards your friends family all different topic there does Luna have a youtube channel not yet maybe sometimes I do have fun but I don't make videos on them yes I also don't have a computer so it's kinda hard I wouldn't be able to edit it I can do anything I only have a song so why so she's so expensive I think it's mostly because of how the fish has to be handled and then how thing they slice it and it's like a lot work it's mostly like a little piece of art right and also you know like there's this thing around it you're not actually bro means it has to be really good so maybe if it's more expensive yeah my thing is really good you surely know it's just foreign oh my god I got sick from it it's in the US so you're gonna got a really good sushi place to get the frame good for I've never gotten sick from any sushi but I just oh I just handle raw means better he can eat like he's garbage sense I can feed him anything I can I can hardly eat anything if it's not perfectly fresh and but my gut is completely up I I've had so many antibiotics it's really really up unfortunately um one on each Channel pregnancy always I'm birth video all pregnancy updates yes I agree with that would be fun a birthday she doesn't know about that I don't think I want any filming while I'm being my most natural element in the moment yeah the sunburn bro yeah brah but tomorrow 10 outside that's the magic comes out how so we have the subscriber meeting in eight days I'm still organizing it right now yeah that's gonna be fun it's an friends this year there's gonna be 20 people in the house for a whole week it's gonna be fun as well looking forward to that a lot gonna be fun are you going to livestream to birth the lifespan actually jokingly thought the butcher today oh oh yeah also I may do the light next livestream with everybody at the meeting maybe maybe I almost Romney theatres man that's we also noticed um I guess social some women are girls alex is actually also to the meeting a girl from Belgium wanted to come she quit the carnie but she called the carnival died on a shade coke neither guess but mostly or only cosign okay so and then she said she had to quit because of pressure from friends society right that's how she felt that she had to so she's not coming to the meeting you're never in that toddler women are followers yeah well I would agree to a certain extent you know so had this so it's just it's raw meat even if girls eat cooked me this weird nowadays yeah but I could kinda understand I mean it's just like the sole vegetarian vegan agenda is so strong it's like weird so you've gotta eat the salad it's some great then maybe some and like tiny a tiny pieces of meat and cheese maybe in there I just very wrong mentality it's it's really bad actually it's you know like obviously when a woman doesn't get her into she'll meats he wouldn't even be able to reproduce because the body knows like okay well I'm starving I'm not gonna obviously not gonna make a baby right now because when you do it and then after you have kids you can provide for them and stuff like that so yeah really easily that's the thing you really easily lose your period I think I just said that promise I read today about somebody who was vegetarian right since 13 18 seconds and she had a daughter and her 20s after 5 years of being vegetarian it took her five she tried to get pregnant for five years that's how long it took her and then she's been trying for nine years since the daughter and she hasn't gotten pregnant yet as a vegetarian not even as a vegan I yes some vegans get pregnant but it's it's a miracle it's one out of thousands to do it's very rare I would most vegan youtubers have no children because they can't even have children and then they say they don't yeah of course but that's the thing they literally think they don't want so it's not an imagined thing like I mean I can't even confirm you know that smells like that's exists I even thought that you know maybe having children was not such a good idea because in this world you don't want to have children right so no it's that also but it is it is hard like the veggies are fruit and what quantity I've eaten asparagus that I was craving during the pregnancy vegetable said don't need whatsoever ever okay well I would eat ferment it's only Excel but I did that like once this year and you can't it's not something that like so many experiments in their raw and state and such or even cook now I don't eat fruit day I do but I already showed it in Hoffman what I eat in a day videos if I'm gonna cycle where I want to gain weight for example or in summer now and I sweat a lot we just bought this huge watermelon should I show it maybe it's pretty cool cuz when I told the doctor she is a carnivore basically this is our hydration right now so that this is pretty huge it's cool and it tastes way better than the small watermelons that are obviously modified but yeah what's well the seats are also black that's that's cool now any other fruit other than that I eat some other melons stuff with pectin fiber for example just easy to digest stuff nothing fibrous mangoes are the only exception which can be kind of fibrous if they're I don't like those I like softer ones yeah then your digestion is fine and everything berries some and it's also fruit the reproductive organ of the plant the truth that's what fruits are yeah but vegetables are they come from the sea the seeds super toxic it's already full of and then nutrients and you make the plant out of it the vegetable it's not healthy in any way it's just is toxic it doesn't want to be eaten it'll protect itself a toxin Santanu transition it's just what else can you say about it then um that I experienced morning sickness yeah I mean what I think is that when you have been poisoning yourself at any time in your life you're gonna get morning sickness because it is somewhere in your system and your body wants to get it out because one of the organs of the baby are being developed in the body it needs to get rid of that that's why it's a certain period of time when you can experience morning sickness oh it's not a natural thing necessarily it appears natural it doesn't happen to healthy natural feminine nature it's never occurred there was a even came out with this scientists prove found out they figured it out at last what morning sickness is yeah it's it's a modern thing vaccines antibiotics any medicine yeah all of that yeah thanks people for the nice phones it's really cool yeah thank you for the support guys great how long does healing the gut take is raw butter okay from a great source now it's usually not even raw butter is usually okay as I talked about in a recent video our genus he did recommend hot rod area support especially people who got problems how long does it take can take years should you be worried now it can also be healed in months or even beaks depending on how multivator you aren't actually cut out all the and really go like you're hardcore and really follow the regimen really hard it's hard it's butter like I know how probably it's better for me not to at all here you go good tomorrow I get a ticket to Amsterdam train to Busan Netherlands and go to the butcher and just fit there there's this butcher who sells his chest fat which is like like butter aside so good and of course you can eat brain a bone marrow those are better anyway but I just having the chest fit is so amazing and a lot of cows don't even have that kind of fat right so somebody can't even get it so I'm just mentioning that place as a joke because yeah so what else is that should you just see it meat and body only body fat if you want to lose weight yeah oh well if you had a lot of weight okay not your own body fat yeah yeah best fit sources brain bone marrow and animal fat bestest chest fit suet is kind of dry and people don't like it will some water drinking hurt the gut does it hurt to God no it doesn't it's just not good for hydration and most water I've even heard of water having small glass fibers in it and anyway even if it doesn't they add a lot of minerals like fake stop to it which cuts up your cut slowly is crazy but that's how this is known as without water companies and water is obviously a huge business all the time I've seen before and I never really but someone's sending poured and so I'm going on oh wow yeah and I've seen it before so I don't know if it's all the same name then it should all be no no no it's all different so it's really nice okay we go you can leave our control okay so that that should answer how long will it take you would just feel better and better after a while just cut out all the crap and the symptoms should get better monthly if not weekly they should improve so you should know that you're doing what's right for you love to you both thank you Tim in it mate yeah cool stream with you guys it's fun times at ridgemont high in it yeah I've never actually done this kind of a long story well none of us because I'm sure there's some people here from the beginning so we've never spent so much time together in an idea in it fun yeah you from London I are you retching de perros skip and emerge take a very porosity not sure what I don't care okay I think it's a joke oh yes I'm good all turtle program people so I could certain way and strike at us yeah for sure I mean it's every word actually I was thinking about it so almost everything we do with mind control almost everything it's magic mind control is magic and everything that this trick does is mind control every song we hear on the radio that gets in our head is – control cuz it's in our heads it's mind control like you're singing a song instead of thinking about yeah the people don't think that it affects some but it does yeah yeah that's why I'm always but you know like with watching stuff cuz everything gets in your mind's in your memory whatever is in your memory is in your minds if you know kind of decides wherever you're gonna have to as everything starts with a thoughts TV's biggest very washing – yeah I used to still to a certain extent agree with you I've been very very very anti television like I was I am anyway but yeah for sure um just observe someone watching TV how does it look and congrats on the kid what do you think the gender will be we don't know we don't want to know what do I think it'll yeah I don't know what to say to that really what would I guess I would guess but it means nothing that it's a boy but it's just my instinct which means nothing cuz I don't even have the baby in me maybe she could feel it I can't even say the worst thing is I don't know I really don't know my mom no when she got me that it was a girl and she was like buying girls stuff I guess and my dad says don't do that oh why why are you why do you buy all these stuff yours you're three months pregnant Ramone oh it's a girl I know I know she didn't know it so women I think I'm a man that maybe in the age if they're really connected to everybody even know I have a suspicion but I don't really want to elaborates on that because you know you will for certain though when the moment is there I suppose so any name ideas shadow of course that's the best name I've ever heard just the coolest name I'm joking but yeah it's still today the best I know I've known to people yeah okay that's all I've known to people who are called shadow and one was called his nickname was razor I thought the guy from San Diego hey what's our razor how are you doing razor razor is awesome Raz razor and do you think it will be very tall and smart yeah very tall maybe my height this kind of is usually genetic don't make sure they get a lot of vitamin A I would say breathe above average for sure it's funny I used to be like the smallest although I was also the youngest kid in class so technically that makes it mean my family in my family nobody is short anyways wouldn't even make sense but we'll see now yeah you never know now as long as it's healthy I'm strong you know stuff like that I'm smart of course yeah the child is homosexual would you accept it it's a good question I mean you would have to accept it if that's really the case like what else were you gonna do I mean obviously it's less ideal because it's not you know like maintaining I mean everyone wants to maintain their DNA that's just how it is I mean if you're gonna lie about that then it's up to you but my friend who was gay he said he didn't you know like being gay he just couldn't write this who he is it's not even there's a lot of gay people like that they're gay what can they do about it it's just a whole different mindset just who you are if someone said a little funny is your wife pregnant with your wife someone's that people are nearing a disease somebody said don't bring white children why not why not brainwash so once and ceaselessly same anyway anyway anyway we ever visit bones we have been recently we learn Poland how we're a month ago I also I just wanted to kind of mention ya that I wanted to do a lot of not a lot of but I I had like I guess in the interest I still had the idea to do a lot of events this summer so obviously because of the pregnancy I'm not doing any of them that's also why we made the video of the 2019 and therefore veganism to promote you guys so do anti being events people don't really have the motivation like people only really want to do it when there's like a leader there if I travel to a country and say hey let's meet ons do it so I did my best I tried to motivate you guys to an event oh yeah I'm really glad a friend there you go we did something and the guy Rama fronting or something the three guys here Prem ramped up and he are doing super 13 they're doing they're doing a great job in London so of course would be nice if there would be more people thanks for the nation by the way rich friends from the US so I know anyway yeah me I can't really talk about the future but anyway for now there won't be any events Oh because all in all you gotta understand that you know life the natural stuff like this a pregnancy a child is always more important than some events or fighting veganism so on said have you got a license for the baby boy probably so there will be a lot of big events like the animals rights march at the end of August so I hope that some of you guys organize some event so very interesting once the end of August like really worth it look into it and that vegan couple is gonna be in Berlin Germany I think at the time that's what I read online and they're gonna be part of it in London all obviously are together who knows what I hope that pram them go to it yeah could be risky hmm the vegans are freaks and they hate humans who knows obviously I've never is going to an event now with Luna being pregnant if you never know the vegans are the most human hating people there are there's no there's nothing there's nobody who hates humans as much as vegans so I it couldn't possibly do that someone said superjet is now available but I guess it's not available in Indonesia I'm sorry yeah maybe we don't see a lot of questions I usually read the superjet and I get caught up the deaths I don't read the other stuff not that I don't like we don't read any other questions just sometimes too many i-i just be called something random really so on said there are a lot of babies being boarded here in america or the given name Donal oh really I'm surprised that hmm I don't like the name don't know just remind you have done all the duck it's it's actually isn't it like the most American name ever Donald like Donald yeah even got the clown McDonald's yeah I'm Donald from Texas I like steak and potatoes now I'm gonna go to college get a degree and be a politician you year from now one raisin Austin well I'm from Austin but I've never seen you around I was playing poker all day long they're actually good day actually this is always yeah poker probably started in some may be like guys smoking drinking whiskey playing some dollars I don't know what they played for gold but then nigger killed during writer well consider it what's the guy's the real name Harley Harley yeah like because he's very much a fan of comedy actually yeah I'm from Texas I just kind of switched my accent in Europe yeah that's where I was born yeah I did DMT wants not a lot of your ideas being around game such and ascension and DMT made me convinced you're right he's all of a sudden a fan of drugs whatever if it works that's the only conclusion you can come to anyway whether you do drugs or not in the end you just come to a conclusion that life is a game and it's a realm well so that maybe that led you to it even if DMT in some way damages your brain you know the damage or the different senses that you get from it may you know – it may be beneficial but they may there are also other enlightening but the perspective because all you forgot the Sun guys I think chilly whites it's ray oh no he could have done it some days funk man you hate for your eyes we like ritually Sun gaze every evening all this cuz it's actually possible there's some temp trills yeah there's always it's very strange here it's very strange in June and July is like the most chemtrail time there is now there's like nothing anyway my point was that yeah whatever it did to your brain in that time it helped you so hey whatever condition like I said I'm open to everything and right okay like I said I can't called beneficiary enlightening but it gave you that different perspective which maybe help you in some ways it's called helpful it was helpful to you vegan and okay this vegan well it's one thing all humans are carnivores but you mean if they would I don't even think veganism will be around at that point that would just be the fake meat and the veganism already that religions such whatever we did that but but that time you cannot see a garden or baby yeah oh wow it's been almost three hours longest three Wow it's pretty crazy yeah whoa oh it's pretty late lordy you want to check who won the FIFA Women's World Cup isn't pretty sure yeah I don't watch it or follow it it was just interesting because both teams are not the main teams are not even part of it another fit women were in the finals last year and now the United States won all congrats to the United States yeah they kind of care a bit nowadays there's even teams buying people from other countries it's getting kind of bigger from what I heard play like though hmm but honestly looks to be Dutch yeah well that's for me I don't think women are supposed to feel insightful much about that I mean let's be able most men are just better at that's in general I mean we need somewhere and definitely have skills but I'm also not sure in how much it's good for you you know it's pretty rough you couldn't hurt yourself I don't know I mean it's good to get your mom yeah anything more interesting anything you want to ask guys I'll try to read otherwise you're pretty much done here it's getting late so there are those stuffed I mean go to bed so I meet up at work an hour a lift smell the pine miss Bennett yeah where is Luna from originally here are you gonna laugh at me now because we we lost but something what do you think I'm gurus best people in the world control gazing most of the days yeah yeah well my GoPro still upstairs I'm doing this it's probably all for ya know it is this Frank fun man what's a given man like a not the beta but yeah like he may be gamma but he but he's not a male Frank and they're just oh oh yeah that's quite interesting the charger is also as if the and okay on the church check upstairs project status and authority Oh believing it thinking for himself as possible and desirable what's wrong with that I don't see anything wrong with that here you can just choke it's easy first of all check status and authority believing the thing in for himself as possible desirable he only follows Authority and the government just enough so to land sheep so if that's the definition to know like I said he's not even a male gamma female also not even so congratulations the above what my goal there are out a few months is it okay to eat low carb or carnivore from all of my experience with people yes nobody has set a problem can I say that you won't no of course not if you don't need to write that that way right now just start slowly see if there's anything any pain or anything whatsoever any discomfort and just go from there mmm you can also email me about this let me check the name I'll remember your name if they're sending it the new horizon yeah okay yeah yes know if there's anything just any updates as far as that goes but yeah you should be fine in general hey got this me and cram finished our anti being rep song called agenda21 huh thanks for fighting against yeah cool yeah very cool thank you and you should also call up that Mario right pram and Mario at the meeting should do a song cuz Mario I guess I did Mario just did a song it's really good I should listen to it I can put it on like this he probably wouldn't want me to he said he wants to released alright yeah not a yeah well we shared a channel sometime you guys can see he has some really good songs and he also made some anti beatin reps now so yeah very nice gender 21 Prem has great thoughts is for sure he lyrically also it's all astrology well looking so it's I would say yeah that's about it the tenant do you listen to Mozilla crap I used to like are made on a little joke leaderboard some enough 69 Joey they're the same I don't even see the difference it's the same guy to see a singer the difference between us Marcus says I'm a Pisces cool one of the most intriguing pull you know there's a lot more to it than your self side so it's only a little forego hello there cool you guys are opposite sides for a go on Pisces let's make up paganism okay yeah by the way and drop drab Majesties new album is being released play Sunday there next week it's gonna be really exciting the two songs release already with the video clips are so good I have high expectations but I think they will be met I think it's only like eight songs though so very hard freeze there's only five more songs or nine or something so not many more songs but yeah FML one of the you know a nice place here only that's a good meat I'm so sorry no winter crying um I've heard it's pretty cool what if the child comes up looking like vegan games mmm nightmare can get to speak German fluently yeah claw it's been Amadou chovka box that's yeah oh yeah this yeah yeah this kind in Estonia in Berlin Zoo here because above the tree above the starch but the fishiest else was a soggy $50 I'm such a tarriest what does Luna know about that astrology consultation like Mercury's in your fifth house Venus is rotating around your axis and so your moon is in generally or like energetic like fiery passion Utz it's it's the philosopher so you know but again it's your something it's it's a small part I would definitely if you're at all interested check out your birth time and place and get your whole birth chart and look for your ascendant your rising sign and your moon sign and then yeah supposedly what we call this tralala djegal sign doesn't really mean much no it means right so it's a plan and that is the beautiful thing that is why people think there is nothing to them because they feel not associated with the sun shining and so it's just these anything else you can say about it hmm they are awesome such a serious troll true words in it Jupiter vegan expansion vegan menu just launched sucks man or girl Oh Brendan oi other thing if you in cement yeah oh cool hey Brendan yeah it's definitely spreading agenda agenda red alarm red alarm what stop it yep protest by saying is the big menu for free was I wouldn't pay for that throw it away burn it cut it up fire them all like I said they're very passionate and fiery people are raw oysters safe for infants absolutely man Roy you could only get football if they're good if they were toxic right plus in terms of them just they have a natural taste that's good if you had to get them from an unknown source from the shop and you don't really trust to just eat one yourself you smell as well neither any kind of of taste or smell should be sensible to you right I'm sure if you really shop you know that they're definitely closed oh yeah also very good point we had really oysters in LA from the sprouts probably probably or whatever it was same thing almost anyway yeah that we just gave back and let them get the money back all right if you really want to make sure then you would just have to wait 2 to 4 hours after eating and see if you have any symptoms whatsoever and that that goes for anything and I get how it is it's an infant it doesn't have that the immune system to fight the toxin soft so if you obviously how we grow up we still fear feeding babies raw food even though everybody nature does that's understandable because the production of food is offered food is toxic nowadays so always when you want to make sure it yourself aids like I said two to four hours maybe longer maybe wait a day if you really want to be sure don't wait too long you don't want the food to get old and then feed it to them yeah so yeah yeah I think that's about it they're cool cool guys you know it's fun fun times alright see you guys next time huh at the meeting probably should be for all one more question as grain-fed meat better than nothing yes of course very simple yeah absolutely you should much more important is antibiotics exceeds the warmers and such that's what makes it really toxic the grain fits doesn't stuff just means it not as healthy does the different ratio of fats they're omega-6 is for example and you know everything is kind of different especially in the fat grandpa muscle meat itself it's different but not really that much the fact is really where it gets different so watch out for that okay thank you bye


  1. I hope the baby spits out all meat and animal products you try to feed it and will only eat plant food!

  2. I Love how you are with me on the thought that most ppl are depressed nobody understood my thoughts about it…

  3. Dear Goatis and Luna
    This is your greatest achieving to have baby, because I think you guys could make groundbreaking to proof Primal lifestyle for pregnant and birth as if it Luna time to sharing her experience during time and baby feed!
    Congratulations you have my respect!

  4. What can be claimed without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. Such is the carnivore diet for humans.
    The carnivore diet uses the same mentality as The Flat Earth movement. They have zero evidence for their claims so spend their entire time trying to debunk opposing views.
    Humans that eat meat are nowhere near carnivores, more like necrovores.
    Know the difference.
    Carnivores stalk their prey, they run them down, they pounce, they kill, and they eat blood dripping flesh from fresh carcass meat body temperature.
    This means that humans can't be described as carnivores, better described as necrovores or eaters of rotting flesh.

  5. Clearly Sv3rige doesn't want to talk about the elite i think it understandable since he would probably kick of youtube and it how he get is income even if youtube never allowed him to monitize is content he still fear to lose the plateform i think)he controlled by his own need he depend of Youtube to live.I hope one day he can grow out of that and be able to move on but i also think he here because people need him here to.

    Point aside with a baby on it way they will surely have to make hard decision in the coming month i hope that both of them can make the right choose and remain as free as they once were but i think responsibility will certainly push them outside of there comfort zone.

  6. I love how stupid and delusional you are sv3rige 🤣🤣🤣. Keep making more entertaining videos.

  7. Gatis come on, ask Luna to do a video! She'd have a lot to contribute and it would be so interesting for the female audience.

  8. Nutjobs. 1:22 fears toxoplasmosis from kittens – eats raw and rotten meat. "Logical".
    Totally wrong on salt, cannabis, god etc. Idiots. Mentally deranged.

  9. Phew, yeah I'm doing zero carb 'starving' I guess. With raw liver, slowly trying to get into some other raw foods.
    *I'm fat, I fast for 3 days and then eat a nice meaty and slightly fatty steak, or ribs, etc. The next day I eat a raw liver breakfast and fast for 3 more days. Every day I have lots of energy, and I'm losing about a pound a day.
    Yes, it's not good long-term, obviously.
    When I get close to my ideal weight, I'll stop. I'm particular on eating just one meal a day tho >.>

  10. John 6:47 Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes [j]in Me has everlasting life. 48 I am the bread of life. 49 Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. 50 This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. 51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.”

  11. Deine Freundin ist wunderschoen und schlau! Sie sieht wie ein lieber Mensch aus. Take gentle care of her, we like seeing her here.

  12. FYI when you see twins one white one black it means sometimes the mother had sex in a very short window (usually 24 hours)with two different men and fertilized two different eggs the babies are not technically twins but sharing a womb. Documented many times. 😮

  13. Of course Luna is delighted to be a mother so very happy for her but I’m enjoying seeing Gatis so clearly excited 😊 very cool. Curious to see how Luna’s pregnancy goes. Hopefully smooth as can be.

  14. Dude you have the perfect kind of girlfriend, actually the only kind of girlfriend that's worth having. I know this because my uncle's wife is also like this, she is loyal, beautiful, supportive and a great mother, they've been together since they were 14.

  15. Yay, I knew it! pregnancy glow is a thing. Shame nobody mentioned it during the stream, could see you wanted to reveal it so bad.

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