LIVING OFF GRID – A Day In Our Life | Making Our Own Furniture – Ep.33

LIVING OFF GRID - A Day In Our Life | Making Our Own Furniture - Ep.33

well hon she won haha so our yurt is right there I've had this mirror in storage for almost two years I got it back in Arizona for a good deal and haven't seen it in two years let's see if the cats can see the reflection [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well hon she won her job you could say oh yeah she won y-yeah oh hey say whoa whoa you can say this whap oh yeah yeah she she won one so you're saying like I also like it I said I like to drink tea oh and you said I also like it jintan woman sure tygo the font okay today we're eating Thailand food and it's like a yellow Thai coconut curry yes we actually had this last night for dinner but we felt so bad that we didn't film it because it turned out so good you're so good so we made it again and we made it again cuz it was so good you're at the garden and we got the garlic scapes and we just had to show you guys our curry and then add the garlic in it so but one thing they didn't see that I forgot is that I did add tofu to this so you guys got to figure out how to cook your tofu but what I do is I buy extra firm tofu I'm he's even Hayden I just said that I by coming up we will be growing soybeans and making our own tofu full-time but for now I bought this tofu extra firm and I put it in a pan with some onion salt pepper maybe a little bit of garlic and then I fried up till I Brown all the sides and then I add that to the curry and exciting news we are putting together a cookbook and off-the-grid cookbook and we're really excited it's not available yet not for a while but it's coming soon because a lot of people have been asking for a cookbook or recipes so we're putting that together what's gonna be called like off-grid cookbook something like that yeah that'd be cool where am i really like officially thought of a name but like off-grid cookbook or Jake and Nicole off-grid or chicken Nicole eating off the grid taking the co-op cooking off the grid anyway ComNet table TV I think that you're not better than last night honestly yeah it looks pretty good hey guys hope you guys are having a wonderful day we are starting this vlog actually in the middle of the day we just finished up a delicious lunch it was so so good the first half of the day Jake and I just went on a run and then we stopped by the garden and picked a bunch of stuff and kind of cleaned it up a bit and came here and I picked a bunch of flowers from the garden borage flowers desertion flowers and stuff like that and then we also picked some raspberries oh so good and strawberries we have so many strawberries they're delicious so in the last video you guys see me make the Sun infused rose tea it was so delicious so good if you guys go to my Nikhil istic YouTube channel which the link will be down in the description I talked about everything that I put in it all the ingredients and how I make it it's really simple and it's really fun and it's super delicious so I made two more batches I also made a different one so this isn't rose this has mint from the garden borage flowers and has sisters Encarna which is a type of flower that we got when we were in Portugal and honestly I think that's it so we'll see how this one turns out it looks really good so I'm gonna take these inside and dump them strain them and give it a try so I'm gonna take these and I'm gonna strain them through you guys seen in the last video so later on today Jake had a run down to the cabin but when he comes back we're actually gonna work on our next project while we've slowly already been working on our next project which is the washroom but before we do the washroom we have to cut down a bunch of logs so we're cutting down a buttload of and I'm going to be making a shelf a bookshelf we have so many boxes I don't think I can see the boxes back here in the corner there's tons of boxes not tons I'm being a little dramatic but there's a lot of boxes and we got two new kittens as you guys have seen if you guys didn't watch that video go check it out our two new little fur babies are so adorable they sleep a lot but which is good I guess so I'm gonna make a bookshelf because we really need one and we have so many logs and material out there and I'm gonna make it from pretty much from the natural material that we have so that's what we'll be doing Jake and I are gonna go out into the woods and pick out a couple trees and then we're gonna plane them I think that's what it's called check out this cool like wood saw planing that we're gonna make our own shelves and I'm gonna take some logs kind of what I did with what Jake and I did with the cat post how we took the natural wood and we just pretty much shaved it down and to use for the post so I'm going to do that for the bookshelf and I'm really excited I think it's going to turn out really really good so stay tuned for that but first let me show you guys alright delicious borage mint sisters incarnate eat so I had to change my outfit because I'm going outside and the mosquitos out there are just vicious so I had to cover it from head to toe even though it's really warm out today and it's sunny and I feel the Sun on my skin the mosquitoes will eat me alive like eat me alive now I am just gonna go down the driveway and pick the logs that I want from my bookshelf Jake cut quite a bit already so I'm gonna see which ones I think are more suitable and I have an idea of how I want the bookshelf to be well let's see at first I wanted the bookshelf to be like a bunch of crates like wooden crates but there's not around here in this area so I'm just getting creative and I'm gonna use the logs so now let's pick which ones I want okay so here are the logs this end one right here is the one that we used with a cat post so honestly I'll probably use this one and this one for the legs and the siding of my book though they look really awesome and I'm just gonna shave back this bark obviously cut it into the size oh look this kind of looks like a heart alright this is what the siding is gonna look like and throughout the bookshelf that's really awesome alright let's cut our pieces okay here we go into the forest hey you know something what this is going to be a thriving garden and fruit tree orchard in less than a year yes I was actually kind of cool in back here it's super cool back here yeah okay straight up just needs to be cleaned up whoa the big guy fell this is the big guy couldn't get to fall I even asked a chainsaw expert mark Chisholm on Instagram and he had all these ideas for me but I can't get a car in here to fall it and it just fell in the wind it was stuck up there in those streets of some time while we were sleeping this guy fell down mmm this is the one I'm gonna build the washroom out of the log cabin cool and then a lot of these guys want to use for raised beds and other little cabins so our yurt is right there so we're just like right in the front this would be like the front yard you know when you have like a board and you got to cut a circle and you can't just cut through you drill a hole in the middle and then start from the hole that's where we got we're in the hole right now and then so we got to just shape some of these guys down and find out which one you like the pattern for the indoor furniture yeah join us next time on jake and nicole living off-grid as we harvest trees to mill our own wood to use on furniture decks and upcoming log cabins live welcome back to another real time


  1. This vid brought me joy after work today. I appreciate you both. We love our two cats and they're always entertaining. I'm remembering when our cat first saw herself in the mirror and thought it was a new cat.

  2. Olde Meck Nick Cole had a farm, in the woods, EIEIO, and on this Farm in the woods she had two cats EIEIO, and on this Farm in the woods with the two cats she did build her own furniture out of wood EIEIO

  3. a good trick for flies is a crumpled paper bag blown up to look like a wasp nest then hung from something close to where you are.I also made a burn barrel so that you can make smoke(which you can walk through)flies hate smoke(so do grizzlies….)hope this helps

  4. With all the wood available to you, I can see many products possible: Off Grid / Coasters, Bird Houses, Serving Trays….on and on…make them and add to your product line to sell!

  5. I wonder if you will be dehydrating foods, veggies, herbs etc to store long term to use all winter? I bought a Chefman Dehydrator last year and LOVE the dehydrating/long term food storage activity! SO worthwhile.

  6. A natural repellent is to use any citrus fruit Orange or Lemon or the like, scrape the skin so that the oils weep (use your finger nails) and then rub the oil over any exposed skin. It not only make you smell nice but the bugs don't like it. This is used often over here in Cyprus

  7. Yay!!! Cookbook please. Your cooking videos always inspire me to make a fresh and healthy veggie dish. More cooking vids please 🙏🏻☺️

  8. yea can use this off you're solar Panels you have A Miniture washer's spinner dryer lol

  9. Hey Nicole! Your tea looks so yummy…where did you get that tea pot infuser from? Love your channel 💕🌙

  10. Nicole you do yoga I was wondering if there is a great one that will release pain in my lower back dew to a pinched nerve by my tell bone???

  11. Hi jake and Nicole love your life style just sore Nicole making book shelf’s with all the timber on your block you should think about getting a timber mill to make your own lumber just a thought all the best Wayne

  12. 7.1 magnitude quake struck Searles Valley Friday at about 8:19 p.m. local time along the same fault line as the July Fourth quake, authorities said. Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, from CalTech, called the quake on Thursday a foreshock, ahead of Friday night's even bigger quake. there a 1 . 20 Chance a Bigger one gonna hit in the Same Place In the Next few days maybe Sooner

  13. Grow Soy Beans yes!
    Two suggestions.
    Hold your draw knife at an angle to the direction of the cut.
    A shaving horse might be reasonable to build if you are going to be shaving a lot of logs (I need to build one myself).

  14. Be mindful of widow makers when your in the forest cutting trees! Always keep an eye up when your tree is coming down

  15. Can’t wait for the cook book. Everything looks so delicious. Thanks for the tofu cooking tip. I usually buy the Szechuan tofu at Tans Kitchen. It’s amazing if you ever come for the elliptical we can order some lol.

  16. Those rotten mosquitoes!! Plant lavender and vanilla, they hate the smell. You can make your own oils and use it for a natural repellent.

  17. I'm just as amazed that Jake speaks Chinese as I am that you are eating white rice!

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