Now the dessert for weight loss is multigrain porridge with fruits let’s see the ingredients for multi grain porridge with fruits Brown rice100 grams, oats 50 grams ragi flour 50 grams Brown rice flakes 50 grams papaya 100 grams, guava100 grams sugar 25 grams, skimmed milk 100 ml cardamom 10 grams brown rice 100 grams oats 50 grams, ragi flour 50 grams brown rice flakes 50 grams papaya 100 grams guava 100 grams, sugar 25 grams skimmed milk 100 ml, cardamom 10 grams now going to preparration to begin with you’re going to be taking skimmed milk that is back freemen Kim before it come entitled it’s just a test cool people already tagged back away them yes called boil them together boiling brown rice interesting before we could stop government rebbe
bread with the boys downright its wait for the
milk morning accused long milken aptly even calling limited waiting for the next step is called for next record as you drop the powder keeps churning toward and then add to cart whole card it’s for the cliff hero mother to get
started and if their arms try and week tomorrow and now yep acting over brown rice thing with the brown rice flakes more and
women me thinking it’s time to beat out all
the items that has been created in the mail next yes and then the next week act all sports P the basic basic the ballroom is almost
ready and now the board down die born added brown rice me number I think
all downright board and then shoulda it depends you can ads artificial sugar but we’ve used to run some sugar here could be think may softball israeli and
restricted of now we want to the field bad chop-chop top while and top by and let go through also morning along
with the partridge and get the flavor in the board and now we charge for the Pirates
incumbent chic Flowerz and enjoy it’s more of a pond a search of ahead lives at its best eaten when it is cold so we
keep it in the fridge and that it called I think with it’s totally ready mind taking part in Japan what’s home usually when %um made last added that is a strict no on there’s a lot since means but this
isn’t interesting admission that he could actually suggested meaning into used in your diet yes it has a different home and greens used in or who
didn’t know then will have some wouldn’t added to it
sleep the corn could be made you get a really large in fear said the foods that they used in
it can stop by and while well was buried it in with them see one
on the highest home with them in but troops which is region wouldn’t see are next on now I
made an order fine but we did in this thing and it happens up I on the other hand is
urging them to me has any less calories that means every
100 grams abusing you anything began this actually gives you
an hour and a half mile friends you doesn’t make you feel hungry within then
when I’m communication calendar icon so as a who’s this is a bondage orgasm
is a myth people means see as an evening snack you could use
this a preparation and then feel comfortable in
that it does not banning any home annisten calories and therefore
haven’t yet including it has a mind of Sonoma many
less funding should know 502 with eyeball to the talking candidly fun kind of thing is and recorded now
put a snack is being comfortably feeling neither too high not
to know by Brown died in a pressure cooker and
keep it at home in a boiling had many nicely board life and value flower and blighted everything gets good when
are the teams that cool add sugar cardamom and the cut wife a
few minutes and fell hard are called


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