1. This gotta be my favorite song by Mac man. In any situation you can relate to this song big time. He was a real one who died too soon . Rest easy bro

  2. "so like September I fall"…. He died at September!!!!…..and Ariana said on Instagram on the 7th September 2016 that they are in love…. Mac Miller died at the 7th September….. I think he killed himself… On purpose….

  3. God I ask you to remove any ill will I may have in my heart because I know how strict you are. God bless.

  4. He was sadly a blood sacrifice for the Baphomet worshipping Gay Satanic Kabal that controls the entertainment industry and so many other things .Tons of rapper have done interviews exposing the the gay satanic contract you sign for your fame and money in exchange for you ass and your soul. They're known as the Khazarian Mafia but you've never heard of them by that name. You may know them as the Freemasons but even they are puppets to the Khazarian mafia so are all politicians but Trump ain't following his orders so they're doing everything possible to take him down .❤🇺🇸WWG1WGA
    God bless you all

  5. Memento mori means reminder of death. He punches it showing that hes fighting death …fuck guys he died after a few monthes fuck!!

  6. Woahhh, I'm hella late. These past month have been the worst. I've been stuck inside my own head and it constantly feels like it's just me worrying about bills and debts I owe. I ended up getting so depressed to the point where I could barely remember shit cause of depression. Mac was really the dude to just help me out through the worst times. His coffin is what told me that it really just be you on your own but aye we got this

  7. one time I watched this video while on acid and I realized 5:09 looks like he’s being brought up to heaven tell me someone else sees the symbolism

  8. We’re close to the 1 year anniversary of his passing. Time is truly something we don’t get back…Hope he found peace at least.

  9. It might sound dumb, but I guess I have a clue what he felt here. I didn't know him personally ofc, but I can relate to this song sooo much, like so much. I think about death very often too, and it's kinda killing me. It feels like I'm my own enemy. It's scary. Rest in peace Mac, I hope you're ok now. You didn't deserve so much pain. Love.

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